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It’s not ALL bad news

As we head into a very busy week, it’s important to remember that we fight together. Yes, O Best Beloveds, this is a fight. Some of our fellow Americans consider us their enemies. They will act accordingly. Now is not the time to take this sitting down.

But there is also some hope that the people clinging to Trumpism are about to meet a rage they never saw coming. And part of that rage has to do with this country’s changing demographic when it comes to religion.

On the Mormon Stories podcast, John Dehlin interviews sociologists Rick Phillips and Ryan Cragun about their latest statistics on rates of religious affiliation in America. As former Mormons, they are particularly interested in the Mormon church in Utah. They report that in the Salt Lake region alone there has been a decline of 6000 people identifying as Mormons since their last survey. This number is independent of the number of people who are migrating to Utah from other states. There’s a good reason Mitt Romney felt safe defying Mitch McConnell.

They also discuss the popularity of Trump among Evangelicals. Evangelicals appear to tolerate almost anything Trump does while he provokes revulsion in some Mormons who would otherwise vote for him.

Finally, I think we can see what is driving the millennials’ turn towards Bernie. There is a whole generation coming up who are enraged by the evangelical movement that will sacrifice everything for a single ultra right wing judge. They are looking for an opportunity to strike back hard. Democratic candidates might want to consider this when they make their case for expanding the Supreme Court.

This is a fascinating interview. It’s in two parts. The first part focuses on why Mormons are meh on the church these days. Part 2 addresses religion in America more generally.

Highly recommended.


For what it’s worth, I think it’s too early to commit to #bluenomatterwho. There is one candidate in particular that I will find myself hard pressed to vote for and that’s because he feels that it’s necessary to bash the party that is obligated to let him run for its spot.

But for the rest of the front runners?They’re all really good. Even in a contest where Trump isn’t in the race, they would exceed expectations. I have a favorite. I hope she wins, not only because I understand and support her vision but because she has an infectious enthusiasm and pugnacity that we need.

May the best woman win. 😉


Trump congratulated the great state of Kansas for the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win.

The Chiefs used to play at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO.

The Trump White House has issued a revised map.

The appropriate agencies will be notified.