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Good Friday and American Honey

I’m at an undisclosed location taking a (mostly) digital break when I saw that Paul Manafort decided to talk.

Listening to Lady Antebellum and Kurt Vile, drinking whiskey and enjoying Friday Night with friends.

Plea agreements, Friday Night, whiskey and music. Does it get any better than this?

75 Responses

  1. Does it get any better than this?

    Yes! Indictment for Roger stone next Friday; with Manafort spilling his guts, Jr and Jared fighting who gets to Mueller first while trump Sr. saying it was not me, it was all his namesake, the Jr, he never liked him anyway and on and on, every fucking Friday from now until impeachment…

    {welcome back!}

    • Ascended Madoka forgive me, but the sudden death of Vladimir Satanovich Putin would surpass it all. 😈

      • Seriously, that would be the equivalent, in our current struggle, of the sudden deaths of the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, and Hiryu near Midway.

      • Yes, I agree. He has become the world’s villain. The Darth Vader of our times.

      • Here is another, in Cuba…

  2. I’m very glad to hear from you.

  3. Just this little paragraph, if that does not tell you how big this is (for all of us), then you are not paying attention. I had heard a dozen members or so in the morning, more than 20, fuck yeah!

    • emptywheel also has a blog article talking about why Manafort plea deal is pardon proof. go to her twitter TL, if you like.

  4. Yes!!! So much cackling at the television tonight. Schadenfreude to the max!

  5. Yeah, it’s Faux Noise, but I think this one is safe. 😛

  6. Never forget:

    It’s NOT a “Conservative Movement”.

    It’s a 50-years-and-counting tantrum by Mediocre White Males who, deep down, KNOW they did NOT earn their (relative) wealth, power, and privileges. 👿

  7. I think “Sparkle Tits” would have rocked harder, but YMMV. 😛

  8. Watched some young woman on MSNBC whine that she couldn’t choose the “lesser of two evils” in 2016. Enjoy “The Handmaids Tale” for you and you daughters, moron. How does this airhead not know that HRC has spent forty years fighting for the rights of children, women and people of color? Good luck. I’ve got mine.

    • Was that Chris Hayes’ Michael Moore Michigan episode. I avoided it like the plague. I avoid Hayes’ program. There were many who bought the conspiracy that Hillary was as corrupt as the Orange buffoon.

      Now emptywheel has a blog post where she shows Manafort essentially used the same blueprint to run the buffoon’s campaign as he did in Ukraine. One of those things was to paint the criminality you will be accused of on your opponent. We may now know the origin of ‘lock her up’ chants. I can’t believe that the media joined in in painting the same picture of her and not a word of censure from them for those chants in the rallies.

      • Yes, it was Chris Hayes. He is smug and insufferable. The Media will never admit their part in the ascendancy of Trump. He was so exciting to them while Hillary is such a schoolmarm (smart and well informed) and that makes them feel bad about themselves. The world turns around how they feel about themselves.

    • Someone who basks in her own ignorance, blithely certain that Hillary was “a lesser evil.” I guarantee that she knows nothing about Hillary’s positions, her fight for universal health care in 1993, her work as Senator from NY, where she had a popularity rating of 70% by her second term. All she knows is what she heard from Sanders on a daily basis; that Hillary gave a speech to Goldman-Sachs, that she was somehow an enemy of the working class, while the utterly ineffectual and demagogic Sanders was its champion.

      Most of this is chalked up to her and much of the Left’s infuriating self-righteous stupidity and ignorance. But Sanders bears a sizeable responsibility for eagerly demonizing Hillary. And apparently Sanders is going to run again. He will not win the nomination, but how much damage can he do to the Democrats once again? And is Putin paying him for it, one way or another? Nader ruined Gore, and Sanders, with the aid of Russia and some of the FBI, cost Hillary an easy victory. And we got George W. Bush and Trump.as the price for it. I had thought that people learned something from 2000, but the Left never learns. I do not think they want to win, they just want to make sure that no one who is a mainstream moderate-liberal Democrat ever wins.

  9. Yes, I’m quite aware of the typo but I can’t fix it on wordpress.

    • You mean TurdPress, doncha? 😉

    • I don’t worry about typos or even grammar stuff (sometimes I change my mind mid sentence and relics of that left around) in these comments. I don’t proof read comments. These are informal settings and nobody need feel that they will be judged harshly for these things.

  10. Kamala Harris called Kavannaugh a political operative on MSNBC today. That is exactly what I called him in my message for Murkowski I left the day after the hearings.

  11. Screw you! How about if you had amplified your support for Hillary xxx times during the campaign instead of trying to encourage a draft Biden movement or called media treatment of her or Russian meddling or any number of things? You, Obama, Sanders and everyone else are complicit.

    • I may have to put up with Biden as Democratic candidate, because I don’t think that Harris or Warren can win. But I really don’t want to. I saw his rallies for Hillary; I taped and watched most of the Hillary rallies. He would say, “I know that many of you are not very excited about Hillary Clinton, but Trump is really bad.” He did that more than once. What kind of rally is that? It was saying, “Well, yes, I would have been a much better candidate than Hillary, but do me a favor and see if you can vote for her.” I don’t think he got her 20 votes in Pennsylvania. And now he is back again to lecture people about something or other. He was probably a good VP as far as that went. He is also a significant reason why we have Thomas on the Supreme Court, and why so many people are still in student loan debt.

  12. pm317, I agree with you absolutely. Saw that Michael Moore is predicting that Trump will be elected to a second term. Can Moore do any more damage to the body politic? I guess the answer is yes. Is Moore a Putin operative like Tad Devine? Or just a useful idiot? My husband just asked me what was Comey doing while all of the election interference was going on. I told him Comey was too busy hunting for Carlos Danger’s dick pix.

    • At some point, for the greater good, people who have the power should stop giving Moore like people a platform. This is so critical now. It is no longer that the journalists and TV media put everything out there and let people pick and choose. No, people have shown clearly they have no discretion or ability to discern or choose what is right.

    • I have at times during the past twenty years tried to like Michael Moore, but I never could. I don’t even know why he gets all this publicity; I guess he made a decent movie once about the auto industry. I saw 15 minutes of a town hall with him during the campaign, and very little he said made any sense, but of course that never stops him. Moore and Sanders and their devotees are the biggest threat to the Democrats winning the 2020 election. It may actually be that Moore, while acting like he somehow is a conduit to the voices of “disillusioned average Americans,” is playing some kind of con game wherein he keeps making money off them. More likely, he is a mostly inarticulate person who has no insight into history, social science, or politics, but owns a vastly inflated sense of himself, and thinks he is a social philosopher. He leads naive people over the cliff of perpetual political defeat.

  13. Then my husband asked “Where was Obama?” I told him that Obama was schmoozing and setting up his post retirement corporate board positions.

    • Obama was trying not to upset his “gravy train” at the very least. Imagine how he was schmoozing with Zuckerberg and the rest of the Silicon Valley social media motherfuckers without giving a second thought to how those platforms may be abused? On the other hand, the ever smart Hillary correctly anticipated the danger we were in as she left the State department. I bet my last dollar she warned Obama about it but he did nothing. Zuckerberg’s evil platform came into prominence during Obama’s 8 years. He, young, hip and the technocrat president they thought he was, needed to think about what it would do to our public discourse and democracy. Maybe he was afraid of Pootie too (he hid a bunch of things during his own campaigns, transcripts, anyone?}. Only person not afraid was Hillary because she had nothing to hide — they dug, and dug, what have they come up with about her? Nothing!

      {sorry, I know I have linked this article before many times but I feel like I have to link it every time I mention this fact}.


      But some did know.

      On a Saturday morning after I’d been in the job for two months—about four weeks after Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded Crimea—I got a call from the State Department operations center saying they had the secretary on the line. Only it wasn’t Secretary John Kerry, my boss, but former Secretary Hillary Clinton. I had known, liked and admired Clinton for a long time, and I assumed she was calling belatedly to say congratulations. I was wrong. After a perfunctory hello, she launched right into it: We’re losing the information war with Russia. She urged me to stand up a much stronger and more robust messaging machine to compete with the firehose of Russian propaganda and disinformation that was besmirching America’s image and undermining democracy around the world. “They’re using the old techniques of repeating lies over and over but doing so on 21st century platforms,” she said. You need to fact-check what they are saying and expose Russian disinformation in real time, she continued. We need to do much more. I remember how she ended the call: “The State Department is still issuing press releases while Putin is rewriting history.”

      She was right.

  14. So the Kavanaugh accuser has come forward, a CA professor. I think it was Jill Wine-Banks who was imploring her to come forward.

      • He seems nice. 🙄

        • Now we know why all those teenage girls were paraded at the hearings and the emphasis on family, his daughters, all that baloney. Creepy!

          • In general, I have mixed feelings about someone coming forward about something that happened 35 year ago which probably did not involve a legal crime. But I am pretty sure that this happened, and that it caused trauma. Kavanaugh is a totally obnoxious jerk. I hope people have read David Brock’s column about him; they were once friends and part of the same Far Right coterie being groomed to take over the country. Kavanaugh gave hacked Democratic documents to the Republicans.

            He worked for Starr; he wrote notes to himself or others, demanding that Bill Clinton be forced to recite every detail of his sexual activities with Monica Lewinsky. Then a few years later he decided that Republican Presidents must never be investigate for anything. If Gorsuch has even a shred of intellectual honesty, Kavanaugh is about twenty levels below that. He is a Far Right plant, plain and simple; he is there to overturn Roe v. Wade, gut the ACA, perhaps find Social Security, Medicare, and the rest of the New Deal unconstitutional. He is morally depraved. There was a time in America where someone like this would never have a chance to be nominated for the Supreme Court.

          • But–but he coaches girl basketball. Basketball.

  15. I don’t understand calling designs like this sexist. This is crazy. Bigger screen is better, period and not necessarily designed with bigger hands in mind. Bigger screens are made possible with improvements in battery technology and other things.

  16. And they would both be Republican judges! Why not say that? Unless we call these motherfuckers out publicly, they will go on their merry way.

  17. Houston, Republican party has a problem!

  18. Al Franken was forced to resign from the Senate after some women, the most vocal of whom is a right-wing pal of Hannity and Stone, accused him of hugging them, or in one case, perhaps trying to kiss her, though she avoided it. Led by Gillibrand, and supported by Harris and others, Democrats in the Senate demanded that he resign. Now his replacement, Tina Smith, is running ads warning that she is barely ahead in her Senate race, so we may possibly lose a precious seat; not to mention that Franken was one of the very best Senators we had.

    At the very least, everyone should bring up Franken when we hear right-wingers declaiming that the Democrats are trying to sabotage Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed; Franken is gone from the Senate, courtesy of Democrats who gain some measure of satisfaction by doing to their best leaders what they cannot do to right-wing Republicans.

  19. Thread… about what it was like at the time the incident happened. Also, Kavanaugh was Montgomery county, rich kid, and all that…As I linked a tweet above, his buddy (perhaps) at the incident appears to have turned out to be an alcoholic. The thing that raises a red flag for me is Kavanaugh’s finances, unreasonable and unexplained credit card debts. So where was he spending that money on (I think it was said to be for some baseball(?) tickets but was it?

    • People are not fully acknowledging this man will sit on the highest court for a lifetime and will rule on issues related to women, esp. R v W. May be the Rs are inured because they were able to push Thomas under similar circumstances. What is one more? If he gets confirmed, women have to abandon the R party completely. Boycott and show them.

  20. Woohoo! This dog is faster than gravity!

  21. So many red flags with this guy! He is the trump for the SCOTUS. We know he is damaged but malevolent forces are propelling him to it. We should stop to think why and then kill the nomination.

  22. Call *it a right and not a privilege. Everyone has a right to *it even when only some have the privilege of *it. So much of this insider/outsider conversation is going on everywhere. I was just watching an Indian classical musician who is making a mark as an activist (in India) calling everyone has a right to classical arts such as Karnatic music and not just the upper caste Brahmins. Pedigree/privilege be damned. Incidentally, this musician was invited to a concert in Maryland at a temple and then some controversy happened in India related to inclusion and diversity in music and in trump America, the temple (I hear one particular trump supporting Indian woman was responsible) cancelled his concert. Then fortunately another Indian group got involved and scheduled the concert at Georgetown Univ. for the same night and the auditorium was full.

  23. Look at this fucker worried about precedent. In a country where the smartest and those who can afford it become lawyers, the first and preeminent choice of any smart person for a profession, is it this hard to find a man or woman of character that one has to worry about ‘rejecting a man who tried to rape as a man of low character and unfit for the highest court of the country’ as setting some precedent? What are these motherfuckers made of?

  24. Hillary has written for the Atlantic. She is warning us again!


  25. I’m old and if I had a dollar for every time I had to peel a boy off of me when I was young-well, yes I’d be rich as Rockefeller. But none of them locked a door, turned up music to the max and clapped his hand over my mouth. I never felt that my life was in danger. And, apparently there’s another story out there?

    • Another story as in a second woman?

    • Yes, the key details here, assuming that we take her at her word, which I am inclined to do, is the trying to stifle her cries and drown out anything with loud music. That is insidious; and takes it somewhere much different than, “oh, they were making out, and he wanted to go further than she did.” Now, it is true that as Republicans will do, they will try to use this kind of thing against every male Democratic candidate forever. But I do not agree with Tom Nichols, whom I do not know much about, except that I think that he is a conservative who doesn’t feel comfortable with Trump. What Kavanaugh (and his buddy, who is a jerk right-wing writer but at least not up for the Court) apparently did, goes far beyond an aggressive but ultimately constrained male behavior. This has the scent of cold, depersonalized, arrogant rich boy contempt for women. I am somewhat concerned about the MeToo war on men, where any hug or pass is considered as of the same piece with rape. But what is described here is far worse than anything Franken was ever accused of; and people need to realize that kind of difference.

  26. This! Karma, schadenfreude… but in general the arc of his life appears to follow HS/college binge drinking/partying, trying to rape, joining Starr in his salacious hunt of a president, clerking for a judge who became known for sexual assault and concealed it (lied about it) for him, financial red flags … {I am sure I have missed something}

  27. And whose fault is that? You, Republican mfers keep nominating douche bags.

  28. Read this! This nomination is another Handmaid’s Tales redux. ‘Good’ girls who marry rich and proper and other lesser girls who must surrender/cater to the men they marry.

    • If I were a reporter, I would catalog the men those 65 women who vouched for this critter are married to and figure out if there is a pattern. Also, saw a tweet from a reporter who tried to contact those 65 women and only two stood by what they said and many took back or didn’t want to stand by their man anymore.

  29. Vote her out!

  30. You are the fucking journalist. What do you think? Find out!

  31. If there are more women, this is the time to stand up for your country and come forward.

  32. Let us not forget his judicial decisions.

  33. Please remind me why Senator Franken did not receive a Senate investigation which he was entitled to? And why Senator Collins, among others, say that she believed the accusations against him were credible, and very bad? Hugging women, trying to kiss one? And also, why did Merrick Garland did not even receive a hearing, the first time that has happened in 150 years?

    It is one thing to be partisan, it is another to be so willfully uninterested in facts or logic or getting to the truth of things, that you simply have two sets of rules to be used as best fits your political goals. This is not even a democratic process any longer; the Republicans have turned the country into something akin to a battlefield where the only point is to kill the other side’s soldiers, and win by any means. I don’t even know how to fight this: do we play as crookedly as they do? Appealing to some code of ethics and fairness, does us no practical good at all. We lose Franken, they keep Trump and Kavanaugh. And the lives and health of 300 million people are at stake, this is not some abstract discussion. You can’t deal reasonably with Republicans; they were all about denying Hillary any Supreme Court appointments if she won, and they were not a bit apologetic about it. But if their side “wins,” the Democrats are behaving badly by even trying to delay a vote. In sum, the Republicans view and treat the Democrats as if they are simply a bothersome impediment to Republicans getting their way about everything, all the time/

  34. “… do we play as crookedly as they do?”

    HELL, YES!

    These SOBs are fascists. We didn’t beat Original Recipe Fascism by playing nice, or fair.

  35. More Cap:

  36. Watching Grassley and Hatch (what no Presidential hopeful, Biden?) has given me serious flashback, rage headaches.

  37. Kinda like Daffy and Hitler. Stop it, IBW.

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