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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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We’ve been voted off the island.

Mandatory evacuation.

Here’s the dilemma: the rental was insured but we have to file a claim to get the money back. We’re still on vacation until next Sunday. Where should we go? That’s inexpensive. And preferably not in the strike zone of a major hurricane.

It looks like the only place that’s going to have decent weather is NJ.


Bugging out momentarily. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below.


34 Responses

  1. If you are up for some serious white water rafting the Russle Fork is on the south western VA and KY border. Not sure if they are still rafting now, but as I recall I did that around this time of year.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I think we’re headed home. It’s a 10 hour drive and we’re stuck in traffic behind a bajillion cars.
    With our luck, Florence will take a turn northeast and Hatteras Island will be beautiful and sunny all week long.

  3. I heard the news about the evacuation order earlier today and I’m sorry that it’s cut your time there short.

    If you do decide to make alternate plans and you want to be near water, may I suggest one of the Great Lakes? Lake Michigan is entirely within the US, with a long shoreline encompassing Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, you would be able to find a nice place to watch a sunrise or sunset.

    If you prefer Lake Ontario because it’s closer to home and you go to Canada, the exchange rate is approximately $1.25 Canadian $1.00 US.

    • I left out the preposition as in “…the exchange rate is approximately $1.25 Canadian to $1.00 US.”

  4. Try camping in Connecticut! There are some cheap cabins and camping sites that won’t break the bank but you’ll be able to hike and go to the lake and enjoy the rest of your vacation

  5. I’m sorry. I was going to write earlier, “well, I hope you’re not on Cape Hatteras.” Rotten luck, RD.

  6. What a shame. Try to get more vacation time soon, and then plan another nice trip. It is depressing for you to have planned this nice trip for so long, and then have it shortened to only a few days. It will bother you, unless you can find a way to schedule another trip before too long. Failing that, use the money you get back to buy something nice for yourself; books or music, theatre or concert tickets, or whatever is pleasurable.

  7. Oh, RD… so sorry to hear this. Maybe go inland to the mountains?

    • Deep creek lake area in pan handle MD or I love Montreal/Quebec city and along the way Lake Placid area…

  8. Just stay safe, okay?

  9. Whatever happens, stay safe! Most important thing.

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  11. Just think, storm damage mitigation projects would be 6 years along if republicans loved their constituents more than they hated President Obama.

    • What was it George W. Bush said? Something like we’re all gonna die anyway?

      • Tragically, these hurricanes are going to get worse and worse, because of the oceans warming. A rational society would look at science, would have done so long ago, and done everything possible to ameliorate this. It is far more important than being the first to get a man to the moon, and yet nothing at all is being done. That is because the Republican Party is not only totally controlled by corporate billionaires who do not want to do one thing to limit fossil fuel emissions, but they also seem to have no interest whatsoever in preserving their descendants or the planet; they would rather just have the billions now. And far too much of the populace consists of stupid and ignorant people who are so addicted to this tribal idea of “winning,” and “liberal tears,” that they would rather suffer, than fix anything. And of course some of them hold to some perversion of religion which tells them that the destruction of the planet is good because they will be raptured. America 2018, from sea to shining sea.

        • Maybe the corporate billionaires already have their gated communities on Mars plotted out? Otherwise, William, it doesn’t make sense.

          • Contrary to what our Mammonolatrous society thinks, riches, even if one is not born with them, are more due to luck than to virtue or intellect. Hence, it is not surprising that so many fat cats are so stupid–of course, the current President* is the reigning example of that fact.

          • Sue, I think that a few of them actually consider that, they think that Elon Musk will transport them to Mars. Or else they think that they have so much money that they can live in some aerie far away from the tumult. But as my father astutely pointed out to me when he read Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” to me when I was a boy, the baroque tale is about the fact that one cannot escape, no matter how wealthy or powerful.

            I would guess that most of them lack the semblance of a soul,; they are like machines which are only programmed to gain wealth. Because any sane or even slightly empathic person with ten billion dollars, would finally decide that they had enough money, and look around to see what needed fixing in the world.

            P.S. I don’t read much science fiction, but I do love the stories of Philip K. Dick, which I have mostly all read now in the last few years. One I read recently, “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch,” was written in the ’60’s, but incredibly imagines a future where Earth temperature is about 180 degrees, and people mostly live underground, wear protective garments if briefly outside. Apparently because of overcrowding, the U.N. “drafts” people for forced immigration to Mars. On Mars,n they live in little abodes they call hovels, unsuccessfully try to grow crops in the barren soil. They psychologically subsist on the opportunities to as a group take a marketed hallucinogenic drug which transports them all to an idealized version of the ’50’s, where they can go to beaches and have romances. Then the drug experience wears off, and, they return to the bleakness of Mars. There is much more in this amazing book; the combination of imagination and prescience is remarkable. I often wonder what kind of novels Dick would write in this era.

          • Even if you think that Mars colonization is an important step for the long-term survival of the species (like it or not, there’s a Big Rock out there with our name on it), the notion that a Mars colony could be self-sustaining in less than a century is difficult to accept. I’m sure Louis and Marie thought they were secure in Versailles, as well.

  12. RD:
    Don’t have words…you have been moving…many times…
    Don’t have money to help out…SS pay check…
    But I have a heart that is with you…you have inspired me for 10 years..
    My Puma leader…
    Seek safety…
    You will overcome…
    Just thing Debussy…
    Clair de Lune…

  13. I think if we remove trump from office and leave that position vacant, we won’t be any worse. In fact, we may be better.

  14. Vote the republican motherfuckers out, every single one of them. If that is not the outrage you feel after his tweet this morning about PR and all his bs on tv yesterday, you are part of the problem. Get out of the way.

    • It was actually kind of strange watching the folks at the Other Blog try to justify that remark, “well, if they didn’t actually die *during* the storm it shouldn’t really count”.

      • Obama was berated and ridiculed for ACA website fiasco (and I fault him also for that, it was incompetent). Nobody died if the website crashed. But in PR and with his malicious policy separating families people/children have indeed died and his grotesque incompetence in course correction for that policy…. so much incompetence where people have actually died.

  15. Speaking of disasters:

    It’s been 19 years now, but I still miss the Moon. 😉

  16. Hey kiddo: when you catch your breath, how about dropping us all a quick post or a comment to let us know you made it out okay?

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