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Nuts, sluts and lies.

We’ve been through this before with Clarence Thomas. A Supreme Court nominee has a sketchy past and a history of sexual harassment.

What happened to Christine Ford back in the early 80s was very common. Sometimes you got away, sometimes you didn’t. Nevertheless, it can put you in a stunned state, ruin relationships and stay with you for years. You make decisions based on those experiences and they can affect you for the rest of your life.

I can’t say what was going on in Brett Kavanaugh’s Head when he was 17. But he does seem to have come from the well off asshole contingent of student males who think their lives are already set for them. Yep, prep school, Ivy League, law school, clerkship, judge. Oh and a little anti Hillary Clinton elving with Laura Ingraham and George Conway for fun. What the hell, they were only democrats. How dare they take the White House away from Republicans? That’s like a god given right or something. Who the f*ck do those Clinton’s think they are??

Anyway, this should be easy enough to clear up. Get Mark Judge to testify under oath or have both Kavanaugh and Judge take polygraphs too.

It’s not the assault that ruins his fitness for the court. Teenagers do a lot of stupid things. Let’s assume this was a one-off and he’s repented. If that’s true, why lie about it?

Why indeed. Maybe it *wasn’t* a one off. Maybe there are others. (I wouldn’t be surprised). But if this is the only incidence, it would be better for Kavanaugh to admit to his youthful aggression and apologize than to try to say it never happened.

Because if you can lie about this, you’ll lie about anything.

But does it really matter? This is all about the Republicans solidifying their power in perpetuity so even if they get voted out of office in November, they’ll still have a reliable guy on the USSC who will continue to curtail voting rights, vote against consumers and labor, and make women second class citizens.

It will be a lifetime of holding us down.

39 Responses

  1. When we take this country back, simply create as many extra judgeships as necessary. Also, investigate the hell out of the Federalist Society Ratzis–they’re modern, corporate-funded Rethugs; you KNOW they’ve broken one law or another back in the day.

    I am DONE playing nice with these fascist SOBs. 😡

    • And the next time the pendulum swings back, they’ll do the same thing. Where does it end?

      • Once we break their power to rig elections, the new majority, of non-whites and enlightened whites, will see to it that the pendulum no longer swings. The pendulum would have stuck on the Left side years ago, if not for the artificial (and often dishonest) advantages which the Right enjoys.

        • The thing is, IBW, there’s nothing preventing Trump from doing this right now – before the midterms. Why give him any ideas?

          The notion of a “permanent progressive majority” is every bit as ludicrous as Karl Rove’s “permanent Republican majority”. It’s not going to happen – and stifling dissent doesn’t look any prettier coming from us rather than them.

          • I said, “break their power to rig elections”, not “rig elections ourselves”. What in sulfuric HELL made you think I was talking about rigging elections ourselves (“nothing preventing Trump from doing this”)?

            They’ve only been able to keep control through cheating. If and when we can eliminate cheating, they are TOAST.

            And then, at long last, sweet fucking GOOD RIDDANCE to the Confederate culture, as its richly deserved oblivion claims it. Its own grandchildren will piss on its grave.

          • Also, I think I should break off this conversation. I suspect I’ll say something nasty if I continue.

    • I think that Kavanaugh if he makes it to the court and Thomas can both be removed from the court.

  2. Only danger in the notion that every woman should be believed, is the idea that Republicans are crooks and they will invent a Dr. Ford or a Dr. Hill next time around when Dems are in power. But we can get around that by nominating someone with unimpeachable reputation and also looking for false accusations. This article/thread lays it all out on how to identify a false accusation. Media needs to be on top of these stories.

    • This is an interesting article. The problem is that while false rape accusers might be easier to spot, false sexual harassment accusers are much less easy to discern. For example, the women who accused Al Franken. One was a Republican operative who had a set-up picture done for fun on a USO tour, kept it, and then ten years later acted as if he had done some terrible thing to her. One was a woman who said that when posing for a campaign picture together, he put his hand around her waist too tightly, which made her conscious that she was overweight. One said that after a radio show they did together, he tried to kiss her, but she moved her head away and left the room. These and a few similar ones had Franken abandoned by his own Democratic colleagues, and forced to leave the Senate.

      So that kind of thing is so easy to concoct.or greatly exaggerate, and virtually impossible for a man to refute. Some reasonable people, women and men, are going to have to reach some consensus about what is a very serious matter, and what is not. Unfortunately, there has been an all or nothing approach by some, which leads to some very guilty men getting away with things, and some very innocent men having their careers destroyed. There is a woman who was running for Congress in Kansas as a Democrat, and apparently would have had a good chance to win. But some man accused her of sexually harassing him when she was his boss in industry. The woman who heads the DCCC or some arm of it, withdrew support from her. The accused was very upset, said the allegations were false. But she is not the candidate, and a Republican will likely win that seat.

    • Ooh, now do Juanita Broaddrick!

      • Don’t be stupid. Even Starr and his deputy salacious Kavanaugh would not go down that route. Kavanaugh was like a hound dog drooling over all the excitement and you think Starr and the rest of the pervs would have spared BC if there was any there there?

        • So true.

        • Exactly. Starr would not have wasted time on a technical perjury trap if he had thought the rape accusation was genuine and provable.

          Niles, or another cr@wd@d, will now claim that Starr was a secret leftist mole in 5…4…3… 😉

      • The all purpose pedophile supporter who comes out every time this issue comes up. She’s been grifting people for years.

    • I am somewhat suspicious of this source. I read her article, followed her link to the the National Exoneration Registry (http://www.law.umich.edu/special/exoneration/Pages/browse.aspx) and searched the database for cases mentioning the strings “sexual” or “rape”. I turned up 853 overturned rape or sexual assault convictions, rather than the 52 she asserts in her article. This is out of a toal of 2267 exonerations for all offenses. It took me about 30 seconds to do this. May I respectfully suggest her research skills may need some polishing – or at least she might need more practice in formulating a database query.

  3. This is the guy they are pushing to put on SCOTUS. We went from pubic hair to finding salacious details to attempted rape. Republican party is truly deplorable.

  4. Somebody is lying, and it isn’t Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t need to justify or explain his behavior because he didn’t do anything.

    Meanwhile, Trump is peeling back the secrecy and exposing the Russiagate investigation as a sham. He’s been planning this for a couple years and has just been waiting until the time was right, like now, just before the midterms.

    • It’s quite possible nobody is lying in this case, Niles. Ford certainly believes her own account – the polygraph pretty well establishes that.

    • I read this as Trump is peeing back.

    • O hai, Niles! We haven’t seen you around for awhile. I guess you were counting on Kavanaugh being the guy to run interference for your boy who won’t talk to Mueller. Hey, did you read about how his lawyer said he was disabled and can’t tell the truth? Lol! Like you care about that shit. It’s all about owing the libs, amirite? Everything else, election tampering, working with a foreign government to “win” an election, quid pro quid, screwing over more than half the country, and then destroying the justice department so you can get away with it, that’s fine with you.
      Well, enjoy it while it lasts. Your boy isn’t going to come out of this looking good and if Kavanaugh goes down, there’s a good chance that the GOP won’t be able to find another judge like him. More likely, they’ll find a judge who kinda sorta likes Robert Mueller.
      Your big orange is going to look even weaker than he does now.

    • Niles and his ilk persist in thinking Benedict Donald in thinking Trump is somehow smart, just because he’s rich.

      We feel entirely too much respect, in this country, both for money and for the people who, by whatever means, possess large amounts of it.

      “American humorist Kin Hubbard said , “It ain’t no disgrace to be poor, but it might as well be”. The meanest eating or drinking establishment, owned by a man who is himself poor, is very likely to have a sign on its wall asking this cruel question: “If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?”

      Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously untrue… Their most destructive untruth is that it is very easy for any American to make money. They will not acknowledge how in fact hard money is to come by, and, therefore, those who have no money blame and blame and blame themselves. This inward blame has been a treasure for the rich and powerful, who have had to do less for their poor, publicly and privately, than any other ruling class since, say, Napoleonic times.

      Many novelties have come from America. The most startling of these, a thing without precedent is a mass of undignified poor. They do not love one another because they do not love themselves.”


      “America is the wealthiest nation on Earth, but its people are mainly poor, and poor Americans are urged to hate themselves…. It is in fact a crime for an American to be poor, even though America is a nation of poor. Every other nation has folk traditions of men who were poor but extremely wise and virtuous, and therefore more estimable than anyone with power and gold. No such tales are told by American poor. They mock themselves and glorify their betters.”
      ― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

      • *sigh* I wish TurdPress would let me fix my mistakes. 😡

      • “Niles and his ilk persist in thinking Benedict Donald in thinking Trump is somehow smart, just because he’s rich.”

        Well, it’s a classic cult of personality: like Mao, Stalin , or Eva Peron. The Great Leader can do no wrong.

  5. I am watching Maddow. How the hell the Democrats didn’t shutdown the Thomas nomination and boot him?

    • I wasn’t watching, but Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell would not let his troops filibuster.. He agreed with Minority Leader Dole that Thomas deserved a vote. No good deed goes unpunished in politics, with the Republicans around. We cannot play that way, because it is about much more than comity among political elites, it is about the entire country’s welfare. Thomas is on the Court and Garland is not.

      • They humiliated her with all the salacious questions and then nothing happens. That is crazy. I had watched it then but now seeing it again, I am angry. How the hell did that man was allowed to sit after what they put her through?

        • He said it was ” a high-tech lynching of an uppity Black man.” So there was the issue of race and gender. He got 52 votes for confirmation. At the time, I was not certain as to who was telling the truth, because the behaviors alleged seemed so bizarre. But then more information came in after Thomas was confirmed, about similar incidents. I think that this was Thurgood Marshall’s seat. Bush wanted a Black nominee, picked an absolutely unqualified one, but some did not want to vote against him because of his race. and of course Republicans voted for him.

    • Biden.

  6. This is pretty disturbing. Kavanaugh’s yearbook

    • In the picture above.

      • It could be just a coincidence. My yearbook says I belong to Tau Delta Phenol, which was sort of an inside joke among the chemists that graduated that year.

        • Perhaps. But there are other references to things sexual/salacious and drinking. I see a pattern here.

          • PM, you may not have noticed this but there are few things on the planet stupider or more obnoxious than an adolescent male. I say this as a former adolescent male myself. It seems to be worse when you’re a rich adolescent male, but I wouldn’t know about that part. It’s probably a mistake to unconditionally extrapolate the babbling of a 17 year-old (or the scribblings of his friends) to the behavior of an adult, in the absence of other evidence. Now if the Democrats had taken Sanai up on his offer to present judicial employees who could testify as to possible misconduct by Kavanaugh, we might know a little more:


          • Propertius, point taken. I have led a very sheltered life and definitely don’t know much about American ways as a 17 year old. I am certainly not puritanical but how hard is it to find or appoint a nerd intellectual who didn’t do those objectionable things? But I do understand the American fairness doctrine (if any is left in the trump era) of giving a man (or a woman), a second chance.

  7. Watching Grassley and Hatch are giving me flashbacks and making me sick. Oh, yeah, and fuck Joe Biden.

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