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Must go bleach brain now.

Last week of summer

Good morning, everybody.

Getting to work this morning was a bear. There appears to be a minor landslide on my normal route to work. Downed trees. Did I miss a thunderstorm last night or is the ground around here already saturated beyond its capacity?

The news seems to have picked up in frequency and intensity in the last couple of weeks. Trump is about to compromise national security today by declassifying and releasing the Carter Page FISA application. Selectively, declassify, that is. Whatever makes the warrant look urgent and reasonable will likely not see the light of day; anything that looks exculpatory will be revealed, along with some word smithing.

Now, why would he still be bent out of shape by something that happened two years ago in the early stages of his campaign as nominee? Why is he still obsessing about that? I thought this investigation was all about why he fired Comey, for looking into the Russia allegations or something. Who knows. I’m sure it’s all a big misunderstanding.

Back to Brett: for what it’s worth, Christine Ford’s account of what happened seems very credible. Yes, indeedy. And this whole incident demonstrates conclusively why Kavanaugh should not be a Supreme Court Justice.

A wise man would have said, “I don’t remember the incident but I have no reason to question Ms. Ford’s account. I and my friends routinely drank too much at parties when we were teenagers. There are many things I regret doing when I was young. I’m very sorry if any of my actions have negatively affected anyone’s life and I apologize.”

Yep, that would have done it.

Instead, he doubled down.

That’s exactly what I would have expected from a political operative. Drag the accuser down to the abyss. Stimulate the base. But as a prospective justice, it is a big warning flag. It’s what we always suspected, that he’s a ruthless, arrogant, lying opportunist who suits the person who nominated him.

He may still get rammed through, though the podcasts I listened to yesterday seem to think that’s increasingly unlikely, not because of the infraction but because the lying is so obvious. This is not over in any case. The GOP is determined. We shouldn’t underestimate them and their bench of right wing, originalist, reactionaries is deep.


Fall starts soon but I will miss the summer.

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