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      For much of last year my daily routine included sipping a drink and reading a book at a coffee shop in a big box bookstore. I went thru a lot of books that way. A few standout, and Behave was the foremost among those. When you’ve read a lot of books, you rarely read much […]
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Break the Glass

Who is the bigger threat to democracy right now?

Donald Trump

The Republican Senate

The Resistance in the White House

This is a tough question. Let’s start with the Republican Senate that is trying to ram Brett Kavanaugh down our throats as quickly as possible. Witness this exchange between Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Judge Kavanaugh:

This guy is compromised already. And we aren’t even talking about his views on net neutrality, mergers, the consumer financial protection bureau, AR-15s and abortion. He’s even been the recipient of stolen files that were hacked off the Democrat’s congressional server back in 2005ish. (Says he didn’t know where they came from, he tells Patrick Leahy, one of the senators whose files were hacked and used against the Democrats. 🙄)

In any case that Kavanaugh is going to be asked to rule in matters of importance to the daily lives of the average voter, he is guaranteed to vote for the big, powerful and wealthy. He’s also pretty likely to vote to let the president do whatever the f*ck he wants. And he knows enough about the Mueller investigation through Trump’s lawyers that he really should recuse himself. Right now. I doubt that he will.

In every way possible, he is the very worst candidate for the Supreme Court at this time, especially with the Anonymous Op/Ed in the NYTimes revealing that there are unelected right wingers in charge at the White House, guarding us from the President’s worst instincts.

Take that in. The Muslim ban, child separation policy, the deaths of thousands of Puerto Ricans and months of darkness in the wake of a hurricane, all that happened when they were intervening. How much worse could it have been?

We are the world’s greatest superpower and we are on the verge of losing it as a nation to devolve into something like a Venezuela or worse. We have no idea what Trump’s worst instincts are. Let your imagination go wild. Why not round up the press, protestors, bloggers and internet giants and make sure we never hear a negative word from them again. I’ve heard that ICE is scanning the voter rolls in North Carolina. What are they looking for? You can’t register if you’re not a citizen. I’ve heard of bank accounts being frozen, US citizens having their passports revoked.

And here we have anonymous telling us how great the tax cuts and deregulation efforts are. Are they serious?? Take your wins and be content, guys. Don’t ruin the best country that ever was in order to install yourselves permanently. You can see how it is tearing us apart and will crush any unique American spirit we have if you let this insanity go on.

Just break the glass.

Do it now.

If you wait until after Kavanaugh is confirmed, no amount of op/Ed’s will ever be able to fix what you allowed to be broken.


The news is going to make it hard for me to relax.

I got a blast from the past this morning to remind me of vacation coming up in 48 hours.