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    jmac on Impeachment Hearings Day …
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    • It’s Not OK To Think Everything Is OK Or Getting Better and Better
      I’ve discussed the better than ever world argument before. I find it questionable, for a number of reasons and if that interests you read the linked article and the articles it links to. What I’ve been watching is WHO likes and buys the argument. They fall into two groups: the first are techies; the second […]
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Nuts, sluts and lies.

We’ve been through this before with Clarence Thomas. A Supreme Court nominee has a sketchy past and a history of sexual harassment.

What happened to Christine Ford back in the early 80s was very common. Sometimes you got away, sometimes you didn’t. Nevertheless, it can put you in a stunned state, ruin relationships and stay with you for years. You make decisions based on those experiences and they can affect you for the rest of your life.

I can’t say what was going on in Brett Kavanaugh’s Head when he was 17. But he does seem to have come from the well off asshole contingent of student males who think their lives are already set for them. Yep, prep school, Ivy League, law school, clerkship, judge. Oh and a little anti Hillary Clinton elving with Laura Ingraham and George Conway for fun. What the hell, they were only democrats. How dare they take the White House away from Republicans? That’s like a god given right or something. Who the f*ck do those Clinton’s think they are??

Anyway, this should be easy enough to clear up. Get Mark Judge to testify under oath or have both Kavanaugh and Judge take polygraphs too.

It’s not the assault that ruins his fitness for the court. Teenagers do a lot of stupid things. Let’s assume this was a one-off and he’s repented. If that’s true, why lie about it?

Why indeed. Maybe it *wasn’t* a one off. Maybe there are others. (I wouldn’t be surprised). But if this is the only incidence, it would be better for Kavanaugh to admit to his youthful aggression and apologize than to try to say it never happened.

Because if you can lie about this, you’ll lie about anything.

But does it really matter? This is all about the Republicans solidifying their power in perpetuity so even if they get voted out of office in November, they’ll still have a reliable guy on the USSC who will continue to curtail voting rights, vote against consumers and labor, and make women second class citizens.

It will be a lifetime of holding us down.