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I laughed, I cried, I wanted to hurt someone.

The first thing I read this morning was the review of Bob Woodward’s book, Fear, in the Washington Post. Let’s hope he’s being cheeky with the title, I thought. But the picture he paints of the White House under Trump is horrifying so score one for Bob.

It’s not like we didn’t know. It’s just that I am even more disgusted by the media’s bad attitude in 2016. I’m not giving them a benefit of a doubt now. I think they actively wanted Clinton to lose. That would have reinvigorated their careers because they could count on Trump to be entertaining and outrageous. Maybe they didn’t count on him being quite so incompetent and dangerous though.

Trumpers might continue to cling to him. I won’t use the metaphor that instantly came to mind when thinking of clinging things. I don’t know what they expected of him in the first place that didn’t involve screwing a lot of people in the worst way imaginable. Were they going to be content with that? Hard to say. They should give up on any greater ambitions with Trump. He was born wealthy and he used that wealth and connections to make more wealth, with some bankruptcies on the way, which just goes to show that if you’re from the right socio economic group, you can get away with anything. Trumpers are not from that group.


I listened to a little bit of the hearings at lunch. The Republicans are going to ram Kavanaugh through. You can just tell. That’s the plan.

Lindsay Graham was reprehensible, chastising the Democrats for losing the election. Oh really, Lindsay? You know for sure we lost? Because I don’t know that with any certainty. Actually, the whole premise is despicable. The Democrats held the White House when Scalia died. Where was all that laudable civility when Merrick Garland couldn’t even get a meet and greet?


The document dump was typical of the Republicans disrespect for the other side. Then they made little speeches on civility. And that we shouldn’t expect Supreme Court justices to do our legislation. That was a meme. Several senators brought it up. It has that faint tang of “a pox on both our houses because the lot of us can’t write legislation”. It would have been really helpful if Democrats had brought that up but they were so busy being lofty that they failed to score any points. This is not all that hard, guys. When someone rolls out a new game plan in the middle of the first set, ditch the family stories and take it on before it catches fire.

I have no doubt that Kavanaugh will be every bit as bad as we suspect. It’s not about abortion. It’s about voting rights, workers rights, justice for all, accountability. It’s really too bad Lindsay had the last word because we could have talked about Citizens United, Union dues, Hobby Lobby, the gutting of the voting rights act. The Roberts court is not shy about taking on controversy and usually, their decisions go against the average guy.

Kavanaugh is going to carry out that tradition. That’s what he’s been groomed for. Kamala and Cory missed their opportunity to say what is really at stake. And this is why the Republicans were willing to lie, cheat and steal in 2016. They want to take us back to a time when life was brutal and short.

Why should they care more about a Trumpers’ difficult life when the Trumper doesn’t seem to care?

Then there was this: Fred Gutenberg, whose daughter, Jaime, was shot in the spine and died on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida, tried to introduce himself to Kavanaugh. I’m guessing he was trying to put a human face on the abstract concept of guns being capable of killing people.

But Brett refused Gutenberg’s hand and just turned and walked away.

Maybe he was hungry. Or preoccupied. I suppose we must imagine all the things going through Brett’s head of executive hair.

But that picture of the 2nd amendment crusader for unlimited gun rights blowing off the father who lost his dancer daughter to a semi-automatic rifle speaks volumes more than Kavanaugh’s lengthy compendium of dumped documents ever will.

By the way, see that seated woman with long dark hair in the middle? Her name is Zina Bash. She used to work for Kavanaugh. She was on Trump’s transition team. And it appears she was giving the white power sign while she was sitting behind him.

It might be an accident or unintentional or maybe it’s photoshopped. But if it’s not, then than was pretty stupid. Or staged to provoke controversy. Who knows with this crew. They’re awful.


3 business days before vacation. Debating whether to go digital blackout. Just when we are either headed for disaster or denouement.

Sent to me early this morning to remind me it won’t be long now: