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      The two most important consequences of this decision come from the fact that Biden is old and almost certainly senile. This means that Harris stands a good chance of becoming President if Biden dies or his incapacity becomes un-concealeable even with the best drug cocktails. If that doesn’t happen, Kamala is odds on to be […]
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Crazy Day

I have another day of training. It’s all day. The news yesterday was riveting but I’m going to miss a lot of it today so keep me posted.

I sense some kind of convergence going on beneath the surface. It’s not the “deep state”, whatever that is. If it’s the justice department along with the CIA and NSA, I just want to remind people like Niles, that the Clintons were frequently pulled in by the FBI over what are parking tickets in comparison. And they turned stuff over and let the feds riffle through their panty drawers and cooperated fully and were found not to have done anything criminal. Nobody in their administration or on their campaigns was ever indicted or convicted of anything. Ok, Bill got convicted of telling a fib to the FBI and got a slap on the wrist. So, you know, we’ve seen 20+ years of the “deep state” go f%^*ing nuts on the Clintons and except for Ken Starr and Jim Comey, who loved the limelight, it was tough but fair.

The thing about the Clintons is they had a LOT of friends and they had plans for what they were going to do after politics, that is, use the Clinton foundation to fund AIDS efforts in Africa, help with earthquake relief in Haiti etc.

What Trump has is a lot of former associates who have been burned, subcontractors who weren’t paid, creditors that got stiffed during bankruptcy, lawyers who were supposed to get their compensation from basking in his radiance, porn stars who were threatened, playmates who were threatened, any woman he ever groped who was threatened with lawsuits.

Then there is the majority of this country whose sentiments range from visceral disgust to white hot anger on any given day.

There are NATO countries that are worried they’ll have to fend for themselves. Western Europe that is under siege from Putin funded right wing and fascist candidates. China. Puerto Rico. Syria.

The man has incensed the world.

He’s not a nice guy. He’s not a smart guy. And if he doesn’t get us all killed, he’s definitely going to ruin our quality of life.

Very few people like him. They’re descendants of the very few people who liked Nixon.

I think various factions are getting together, comparing notes and identifying weak spots. They’re playing chess now. Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniel’s lawyer seems particularly adept at this. And what he’s doing is showing Robert Mueller Trump’s soft underbelly.

This isn’t a witch hunt. This is a bait ball frenzy.


Podcast du Jour:

FiveThirtyEight’s Emergency Podcast from yesterday where they discuss the FBI and Michael Cohen and what it means. Micah Says it will take at least 90 minutes for Trump to fire Mueller. Bets are placed. Hilarity ensues. Ok, not really, but it’s a good podcast so check it out.


This summary by Preet Barhara should be self-evident but sadly isn’t: