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      There was a time when almost no one would have put forward anything like the below, today, guillotine references are routine. Today’s parents have forgotten that children’s play should teach them how to be responsible adults. pic.twitter.com/bGprm9rv09 — Will works for the working class (@ClassFirster) December 3, 2020 Back in the 2000s I spent a […]
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Let’s make a deal

We can’t live with Donald Trump, his supporters can’t live without him. They don’t want the Donald to be impeached, even if he is the most corrupt president in history. It’s something about not wanting to take away their vote or something. I would argue that we lost Al Gore who was legitimately elected president in 2000. You can look it up.

Oh, but that’s *different*, they say, while failing to point out why it’s different.


He’s got to go. If impeachment is off the table, let’s make him an offer he can’t refuse. Here it is:

We the people of the United States of America cut him a check for $10,000,000,000 and no/100 dollars. It’s a nice round number with very significant digits. In return, he has to resign as presidents and take his family with him. That’s the deal, no questions asked. The investigation comes to an end, Pence pardons everyone and everyone goes on their merry way.

I’m waiting for the Trumpers to tell me how crazy it is to give Trump $10,000,000,000 and no/100 dollars. But hear me out.

Whatever it is you thought he was going to do for you will never happen. He is going to cause a lot of instability and completely change the pieces of government that YOU liked to the point that it will cost most of us more in consumer goods, more for healthcare and less in retirement benefits. He is going to leave a path of destruction behind him, possibly make inflation a grim reality and in general ruin our quality of life. This is not an exaggeration. This is what happens to countries when they elect people like Donald Trump.

Deep down inside, you kinda know it’s true. You just don’t want the liberals to win. That’s shortsited because we outnumber you and there’s always a possibility that we’ll take the house and the senate this fall in such numbers that we’ll impeach both Trump AND Pence. You know what happens next?

That’s right. President Pelosi.

It could happen.

Think of what you have to lose. He’s going to wipe us out anyway. Just cut him a check before he does it and we’ll let bygones be bygones. He can go back to Celebrity Apprentice and we’ll only have to live with theocracy for a couple of years before everyone is thoroughly sick of it.

Cambridge Analytica and Three Bags of Comey

Lots going on this morning.

First up: Cambridge Analytica is testifying before committee in the UK about how it influenced Brexit. Catch it on twitter here.

Next, the podcast reviews are coming in on the Comey interview last Sunday. Here are two not to miss:

FiveThirtyEight weighs in on the back of the envelope calculation that Comey made that Hillary would win and explain why he miscalculated. If I’m not mistaken, it was Nate Silver who said back in 2016 that there was a lot of variability in the model and events that shouldn’t have made much of a difference were having bigger impact. If I can find that episode, I’ll link it. When that letter dropped, I was very concerned that all the indecisive middle aged women I canvassed were going to stay home because almost all of them told me they were waiting for Something to happen with Hillary’s email problem just before the election. So, Comey just reinforced this expectation.

Pod Save America actually breaks down Comey’s logic behind the letter in a “truth table” fashion to show how flawed it was and explain why it was that the media in DC was so hard on Hillary. This, I think, almost explains their antipathy. I think there’s a strong personal element too but this may account for a lot of the inexplicably bad coverage.

Jim Carrey expands his portrait gallery of the Trump Administration and friends with Sean “Manatee” Hannity:

See the others here including a spot on portrait of Trump that Carrey is planning to submit to the Smithsonian.