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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Last “Debate”: Anything could…
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    Lady V on Last “Debate”: Anything could…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Last “Debate”: Anything could…
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    riverdaughter on Last “Debate”: Anything could…
    riverdaughter on Last “Debate”: Anything could…
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    riverdaughter on Simple WFH Office Etiquet…
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    • Seven Rules for Running a Real Left-wing Government
      (With the Bolivian coup overthrown, back to the top.  I’ve noticed this is the article of mine front-line activists refer to most.  Originally published May 16, 2016.) So, we have had a right-wing coup in Brazil. In Venezuela, the left still controls the Presidency, but has lost control of parliament. In Argentina, the right has […]
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What We need right now…

Warmth, sunshine, low humidity. Just a few days. That’s all we ask.


Tweet du Jour:

The Science of Leadership

Today’s Stay Tuned with Preet features Adam Grant, professor of organizational psychology at Wharton’s School of Business. I have an interest in this area due to some recent training. Grant says while it’s clear what makes bad leaders, good leaders are harder to characterize. Adaptability is important.

One thing we DID NOT LEARN as voters is that charisma is highly overrated. If you have to pick between two candidates, go with the more humble one. Charisma is useful when you want to inspire people for a common purpose. Charisma in the service of inspiring people to personal loyalty is dangerous.

Good episode. I’m inspired to look up his research.


As Trump gaslights the public about the Mueller investigation, House Republicans prepare to impeach Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Mitch McConnell displays poor leadership by telling everyone in the Senate that he’s the boss and it’s more important to name some post offices after Reagan than protect the special counsel, the Senate Judiciary committee is moving forward with a bill to do it anyway.

The thing that Trumpers seem to be overlooking is that even though Jim Comey admits in his recent book that there was no THERE there with Hillary’s emails and everyone knew it from the get go, she cooperated fully with the investigation, gave up everything that was asked and seemed less perturbed about it than her supporters were.

In other words, she displayed none of the tantrums, emotionality, defensiveness or weakness that Trump has. She had balls. All he’s got in his pants is his wallet.



It’s another rainy, chilly day in Pittsburgh. There’s a chance of snow this morning. Spring just can’t get her act together. The WPXI weatherman tweeted last night:

Like I said Scott, we didn’t say it was your fault, we said we’re going to blame you. Totally different.

Grab your latte and get your blood pumping this morning: