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    • Cold War 2.0 Incoming
      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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45 Responses

  1. I enjoyed that, Madamab. Thanks!

    And if you can stomach a link to Huffpost – Festivus is alive and well:


  2. I’m enjoying Renaissance music. Gotten enough of the sappy Xmas jazz on my local NPR station, and the carols on the usually good classical station here (tho the latter has no commercials today, what a relief!) Am thinking of baking garlic olive bread to go w/our salmon dinner.

    Reset up our Mac Airbase wireless system in about 5 min after Obot spouse spent 2 hrs vainly trying to do so. Heheheheh.

    Happy Yule to all!

  3. PumaInSeattle:

    You’re evil.

    I like that.

  4. Glorious.
    Thank you.

  5. myiq, I just read your comment from the previous thread. I don’t like to pay for movies either. The last time I went to the movie theater was to see Harry Potter and I spent over $20 on the ticket and food at the concession stand. I usually watch movies online for free. I recommend going to watch-movies.net where you can search for working links to new films. But I’d also rather buy movies at Blockbuster or a place like Target when they are a year old and on sale.

  6. Happy Holidays ladies and gents! I’ve hada wonderfully mellow day! Hope everyone else is having the same.

  7. myiq, obot spouse and I have a truce, uneasy on his side. I’m real easy talking about Bzero’s Chicago-style “new politics,” his WORMing, his FISA vote, his fundie nutcase preacher-invoker. But it makes dear spouse very upset to hear evidence that puts the D prez-select in such a factual light. He gets practically incoherent in his defensive protests! (Like the typical obot) I can’t help it — I was born an analytical type, and my training makes me even more so. But since he always loses, having no evidence on his side, I take pity on him and agree to avoid the subject.

    Except for a the occasional barb or two about Blago or Rickie, or …there’s always something, isn’t there? Or in other ways I can cooly demonstrate my analytical abilities. Yes, mean of me. But I’ve seen some heartening signs of kool-aid withdrawal symptoms lately.

  8. Movies — Being a cheapskate, I use the local library. You can request copies of DVDs that they don’t already have, tho if popular you have a long wait.

    Such wonderful resources, libraries. All that stuff for free, supported by our taxes! Gad I hope their budgets don’t get cut too much by the Lightbringer to pay to bail out his fat cronies/contributors.

  9. Anyone mind if I sneak in a sexist comment about the ling-haired brunette in the first row of the chorus?

    Sorry. (Slinks away…)

  10. LONG-haired, I meant.

  11. Did someone say FREE?

    (Before Joe’s Freudian slippery?)

  12. Wow! Joseph and MyIQ together at last? ANYTHING could happen!

  13. myiq2xu — I saw on the prior thread that you live in or around wine country. We have decided that our vacation this year will be a trip to the West Coast, beginning in wine country, stopping in San Fran for 2 days and then heading down the coast to the LA area.

    Any tips on traveling CA wine county?

  14. stateofdisbelief, as you head down to San Francisco take the Lucas Valley Road exit off of 101 and follow it to Highway 1 (and follow hwy 1 to Tam Valley) for a really scenic drive. You go Through Redwoods, mountains and Ocean (cliffs and beaches). If you have time, stop at Muir Woods or Samuel P Taylor Park for a picnic.

    (my two cents)

  15. Thanks KB…My daughter will be a newly minted 21 year-old and we also want to do some wine-tasting. Any tips/hints?

  16. Thanks KB…My daughter will be a newly minted 21 year-old and we also want to do some wine-tasting. Any tips/hints?

  17. I haven’t been to the wine country since I was a kid. So I really don’t know anything about it. When I go to California it’s all Marin (where I grew up) and San Francisco. I take that drive every time I go home. The house I grew up in bordered on Lucas Valley Rd. and I’ve loved it all my life.

    We stayed at the Seal Rock Inn in San Francisco the last time we went out there and really liked it. It’s right by The Cliff House.

  18. SOD, your trip sounds wonderful! I’ve been in northern CA and around L.A. on separate trips, but never traveled between the two. A friend who made that drive told me if I ever do to rent a convertible. He doesn’t even like convertibles but said it just made it a perfect trip. I’d love to do it some day.

  19. SOD, we used to stay at a lodge in Yountville, which is at the southern tip of Napa Valley wine country but north of the City of Napa. We rented bikes there and travelled the side roads of the valley and did our tasting at the lesser known wineries that don’t charge to taste. Most of the big wineries on the main drag, hwy 29, charge for tasting now. It was beatiful riding up and down the side roads and you work out the alcohol before your next onslaught.

  20. woops, beautiful

  21. Merry Christmas to those of you who are still around…

    The chaos just ended… well, at least the part involving relatives.

  22. I’m sorry, I know everybody is still being festive. But I just read this article which purports to critique Caroline Kennedy’s apparent assumption of special privileges when it comes to becoming Senator but starts off first by explaining why she’s MUCH less presumptuous than Sarah Palin who dared to think she should be v.p.

    I think I’m about to have to write a very unmerry post.


  23. Well, at least there are some women they like–not enough to support, of course, but….:)

  24. wow, maybe this has been discussed here (I can’t keep up) but this is Richard Cohen, long time Wash Post columnist, writing about his gay sister cancelling her Obama party:


  25. Heidi, it thouroughly pisses me off that SP’s experience and CK’s experience are issues, but Obama’s is not. I guess a penis counts for X years of experience.

  26. thoroughly, even

    Sarah Palin has executive experience! and was elected, running against actual other candidates. why is this always discounted?

  27. Somewhat OT, but: I was searching the web for lyrics to Abba’s “The Winner Takes It All.” But accidentally typed it “WInner Takes All,” and came upon this song by a heavy metal band called Ensign. I’ve heard the name before, but never paid much attention to them. (After sampling a few tracks I must say they’re not my cup of tea). In any case, this song – “Winner Takes All” – is from their 1999 album “Cast The First Stone.” And gosh darn it! Look at these lyrics – they could have been written this past year about the election!!! (The complete song clocks in at less than one minute.)

    “It must be hard to scream for change
    With that foot stuck in your mouth
    And all your false claims
    Of knowledge disavowed
    Unity becomes a catch phrase
    For the fools of tomorrow
    All your shit talk ways
    It only serves to separate
    An already divided scene
    In which you have no place
    Again you take your soapbox
    As a forum for your lies
    Witness to an early end
    Broken down from inside”

  28. wow DYB! that’s kind of amazing

  29. wow, that’s pretty prescient

  30. DYB, That is spot on!

    And HeidiLi–. WTF is wrong with these people’s reasoning ability. Someone gets elected Governor, actually gets things done — without bribing anyone — and has a stupendously high favorable rating from that state’s citizens, yet she’s not qualified?

    This year has given me so many examples of reason-less crap I wouldn’t have believed could happen.

    There used to be a local small band called Uncle Bonsai (2 women, 1 man) who had a song with lyrics –sung by one of the female singers — that went something like:
    “If I had a penis,
    I’d still be a girl,
    but make much more money,
    and rule the world.”

    Too true.

    Oh yeah, cheers. I need another glass of wine.

  31. Okay they’re throwing shoes at Sarah Palin. I’m officially sick of the shoe throwing bullshit. Really. It was only so funny when it was Dubya. It’s not funny AT ALL now. Leave Sarah alone. Jesus Christ’s day of birth, enough with the fads. Be original or at least decent, America.

  32. SOD, all I can say is…sip, don’t drink. And always keep in mind that there are cops hiding everywhere.

    It has been many years since I did the Napa thing. Are they actually charging now.

    If you do dinner in SF, consider Houlihans on Fisherman’s Wharf, one flight up. The fajitas are good, and the view is without parallel.

    The Muir Woods are astonishing. If you’ve seen them only in “Veritgo,” you haven’t seen them.

    I second the suggestion to head up Highway 1 and travel through the redwoods. It’s magnificent. If you are going in winter, consider making the trip back down through the Shasta area.

    Imagine crossing this bridge…


    …at a time when everything is WHITE. It’s amazing.

  33. Oh that had better have been a joke. *head desk*

    I’m tired of 2008. New Year’s hurry it up!

  34. Hi everyone–I hope all that celebrate Christmas enjoyed the day. I ate too much and fell asleep during a strange French film.

    I’m still rattled by my late night, wine-induced fight with my brother-in-law over the primary “roolz.” PumainSeattle–your description of your Obot-spouse is dead-on, and it’s freaky how similar our individual experiences are when dealing with Kool Aid zombies. WHAT is it with this guy that he can create such a strange, mass psychological affliction? I think it’s also a severe PTSD reaction to the Bush years, and fear about the economy, terrorism etc. Why they think the Savior will accomplish anything is, in my view, magical thinking.

    My brother-in-law is Irish, not even a citizen, and he was insisting that Hillary ran ads in Florida too. He repeatedly talked over me, and as soon as I started to present facts, he shook his head in defiance. Why do they justify ANYTHING he does, and refuse to listen to ANY evidence? It’s disturbing when it is coming from intelligent loved ones. It’s also curious that the three O supporters in my immediate family are all men, and the three women are PUMAs, including my 82 yr. old mother. Would they be defending HRC this way if the roles were reversed? I think not.

    Anyway…thanks for the Cohen piece Kiki. At least his sister can see the truth of the situation, unlike gay icons like Melissa Etheridge who is contorting herself into extreme positions to rationalize O’s decision to honor yet another bigot. I really liked his emphasis on O’s inability to take a stand and be a moral leader. His lack of political courage is striking. What is worse is that so many people actually believe and promote his contrived comparisons to Lincoln, FDR, JFK, MLK et. al.

    We will continue to be vigilant witnesses to this unfolding drama. Again, happy holidays to all.

  35. “Okay they’re throwing shoes at Sarah Palin. I’m officially sick of the shoe throwing bullshit. Really. It was only so funny when it was Dubya. It’s not funny AT ALL now. Leave Sarah alone”

    The %$#@? What is her crime, existing? That guy who threw the shoes lost his family in the war, he wasn’t some frat boy with mommy issues.

  36. Who is throwing shoes at Palin Reg? Also, be sure and check out the WAPO link Kiki gave above about his gay sister–you’ll like that article.

  37. “Why do they justify ANYTHING he does, and refuse to listen to ANY evidence?”

    Because they’ve promoted this guy like he’s the Messiah, and it’s really hard to just come out and admit that they’ve been idiots and dupes and created this fantasy figure around a corrupt empty suit who has an awful lot in common with Bush. They need to maintain their own superior self images and “Okay, yeah, I knew nothing about his record, but he just looks so young and listens to cool music and girls in power kind of creep me out, so I obviously assumed his was made of awesome!” doesn’t really cut it.

  38. Merry, merry.

    kisses to katie. 🙂

    kisses to all. I am crawling in to say hello and goodnight.

    nite reg.
    nite wicked puma in seattle.
    nite joseph.

    I prefer to go to sleep thinking of the redwoods rather than caroline kennedy.

    jjm? still here? you NWesterners…have you EVER been so happy to see the rain?

    my car is now finally back in the driveway. i just wonder if I can get it out tomorrow.

  39. I’m actually kind of quietly furious (quietly, because I want to be happy and christmasy and all that stuff) about the whole issue of voting on prop 8 anyway – in what convoluted universe do we vote on whether citizens are afforded human rights? I thought it was kinda guaranteed in the constitution. or as bush and cheney and evidently obama would say “the WHAT????” it’s just a piece of paper.

    I can’t decide if this place is worth fighting for or if it would make more sense to try to find a way to move to another country – hey, wasn’t MAB supposed to take us all to europe? –

    I just dunno anymore 😦

  40. Goodnight Joanie, I hope you had a Merry, Merry Christmas!

  41. Today’s Krugman article on Obama (Barack be Good) concludes:

    The Barack administration and Democratics in general need to do everything they can to build an F.D.R.-like bond with the public. Never mind Mr. Obama’s current high standing in the polls based on public hopes that he’ll succeed. He needs a solid base of support that will remain even when things aren’t going well.

    And I have to say that Democrats are off to a bad start on that front. The attempted coronation of Caroline Kennedy as senator plays right into 40 years of conservative propaganda denouncing “liberal elites.” And surely I wasn’t the only person who winced at reports about the luxurious beach house the Obamas have rented, not because there’s anything wrong with the first family-elect having a nice vacation, but because symbolism matters, and these weren’t the images we should be seeing when millions of Americans are terrified about their finances.

  42. SOD – Napa’s fine but for some really exceptional wines you might also spend some time in the Mendocino valley – we like the Italian Piedmont wines and the Mendocino valley has very similar soil and weather.

  43. Paul Krugman fails to understand that it is Obama has never embraced F.D.R. principles. Obama is one man with nothing holding him up except his loyal followers and the message of hope and change. Once each group holding him up realizes that they’ve been duped, Obama’s facade will fall apart. It will happen sooner or later.

  44. DV:

    There are lots of Democrats eagerly waiting for Obama to shed his faux-centrist candidate persona and reveal his true liberal colors.

    They should sit down while they’re waiting, it doesn’t look like hell will freeze over anytime soon.

  45. Myiq – You are a doll. Thank you for that gorgeous chorus! 🙂

    DV – Oh, Krugman understands quite well. He did not support Obama in the primaries because he didn’t think Obama was as progressive as Hillary. Unlike so many in the blogosphere, he actually assessed the candidates on a factual basis, and in fact, took a lot of flak from the Obamabots over his preference for the Pantsuited One.

    Krugman may end up having some influence in the new Administration, so he is making his preferences quite clear. I do hope that Obama hires him and listens to him…but I am not optimistic. Still, anything can happen, I suppose.

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