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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Correcting the President’s…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Correcting the President’s…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Correcting the President’s…
    Propertius on MAGA “Take her out” response i…
    Propertius on MAGA “Take her out” response i…
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You Keep Using That Word, Palin-Ized. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

Are You Kidding Me, Caroline?
Sarah Palin

As I walked to the subway the other day, I saw a headline that made my blood boil. Good thing, because it was minus a zillion degrees.

Some Dems question Caroline Kennedy’s experience: ‘They’ve basically Sarah Palin-ized her’


It was entirely legitimate to question GOVERNOR Sarah Palin’s government experience. It is entirely legitimate to question SOCIALITE Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s government experience (which, despite the embarrassing paucity of her resume, has already been greatly exaggerated).

What is NOT legitimate is to do the following:

  • Hack into her personal email;
  • Advocate violence against her (advocate for an involuntary hysterectomy, hang her in effigy, create a cartoon referring to her as a “MILP – Mother I’d Like To Punch”, shoot a video where she is viciously tackled by Terry Tate);
  • Spread rumors that her son, Trig, is not her own;
  • Create a sex doll that looks like her;
  • Create t-shirts with the words “Sarah Palin is a c***” and wear them proudly as if they prove how kewl and feminist you are;
  • Claim she doesn’t know Africa is a continent, and that she answers the door in a towel like Salome doing the Dance of the Seven Veils, and create a massive fauxrage about how much the RNC spent on her wardrobe without paying the slightest attention to how much the male candidates spend on theirs; and
  • Edit her interviews so that she appears to be a warmongering idiot; ask her hostile and brainless questions like “What magazines do you read?”

Wake me when any of that happens to Princess Caroline. I have a feeling I’ll be napping for a long, long time.

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I got a lot of problems with you people!

And now, you're gonna hear about it!

And now, you're gonna hear about it!

It is time for the Festivus “Airing of Grievances”

I’m angry at John Edwards for turning out to be a two-timing lowlife phony, John McCain for campaigning timidly like a Democrat, and my Congressman, Dennis Cardoza,for switching his endorsement from Hillary to Uh-bama.

Who pissed you off this year, and why?

What are women, Jews, and gays – and those who care about them – going to do now in preparation for 2012?

[crossposted from Heidi Li’s Potpourri]

If you are a Jew, a woman, a gay person or a somebody who is not any of these but cares about somebody who is, and you voted for President-elect Obama in the primaries or the general election, read Katha Pollitt (article reprinted,with light annotation, below). Than ask yourself some tough questions:

  • Why did you vote for then-Senator Obama?
  • Has he met your expectations so far?
  • Do you think he will in the future?

If you are unhappy with President-elect Obama’s conduct now, what are you doing to work toward a better alternative candidate to support in 2012? If you think you will want an alternative, you better start working on that problem now, because the soon to be incumbent is already working to make sure he is the automatic choice for the Democrats in 2012, and that he maintains the money machine he created – depending on the precedent of foregoing public funding – to ensure that he will again be the Democratic nominee. We have had one term presidents in this country – usually succeeded by a successful candidate from the opposing party (e.g. G.H.W. Bush followed by William Jefferson Clinton; Jimmy Carter followed by Ronald Reagan). Now, there may be a Republican out there who you would be happy to see become president in 2012. But if you want an alternative to a Republican follow-up to the current term of President-elect Obama; and if you are have misgivings about President-elect Obama, for whatever reason, you had better start organizing around a different option for 2012, be that person currently an Independent or currently a Democrat.

My own view is that President-elect Obama, under the banner of empty p.c. talk, has taken real steps – ranging from the retention of Jon Favreau to Warren invitation to the cabinet appointments of Bob Gates and Ray Lahod – to erode whatever vestiges of a two-party system we have had in this country.  President-elect Obama has not ever and does not now speak for liberalism; he speaks for himself. But he will enjoy a tremendous advantage in getting the 2012 Democratic Party nomination: the Democratic Party ensured that for itself by rigging his receiving it this year in Denver. That is going to discourage any Democrat from taking him on. Of course, depending on how much damage he does to himself Mr. Obama may make it easy for the Democrats to nominate somebody an alternative by deciding to step aside, as Lyndon Johnon chose to do in declining to see renomination in 1968, a move that did not work out too terribly well for liberals or conservatives as it brought us Richard Nixon, one of the most disgraced and disgraceful Presidents our country has ever had to endure.

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There Can Be No Exceptions in the Fight for Civil Rights

Our dear friend Mawm, he of PUMAmobile fame, has a brilliant and inspiring post at Electric Blues about “the black analogy.” To anyone but a craven bigot, there are obvious resemblances between fight for the civil rights of GLBT Americans–as well as for those of women and other discriminated against groups–to Martin Luther King’s campaign for the rights of black Americans. But many so-called “progressives,” like our President-elect, want to make exceptions for certain civil rights, such as marriage, that they wish to reserve for only the “right kind” of Americans.

Something that has infuriated me lately is the attempt by some so-called “Progressives” to insist that the civil rights battles fought for the rights of Black Americans are completely different than what faces the gay community today. Whether Neo-liberals want to admit it or not the struggles of Black Americans to be recognized and treated as equals are not unique in this world. Many other groups of people have and do struggle for the same thing. The list is long, but some historical examples are the women’s suffrage movement in the U.S., India’s fight for self-rule, and Protestants’ desire to worship free of persecution in Europe. Looking back on these conflicts, the average person living in the U.S. today would see each of these struggles as clear examples of right vs. wrong. Of course, protestants should have the same rights as other religions. Of course, Indians should have the right to rule themselves just as other nations do. Of course, women should have the same right to vote as men. Of course, black people have the same rights as other races.

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Let’s Stay Focused

Heidi Li linked to this video in a discussion thread last night, asking who was the most pitiful bigot. 

I responded that I couldn’t watch the whole clip, because I have a low tolerance for those staged arguments, but I told her it seems to me that Left Blogistan is angrier at Rick Warren than they are at Obama for inviting him. 

Rev. Rick-Roll is who he is, a religious fundamentalist, a homobigot and a sexist.  We have lots of those in this country, and he’s actually a relatively benign example of the species.  There are many of his ilk that are far worse, but hatred is hatred, even when it wears a smiling face.

I don’t waste too much time worrying about bigots just because they’re bigots.  Because of the “free country” thingie that’s part of our political philosophy, we have to tolerate the presence of haters and other undesirables.  We let Nazis, Klansmen and anti-semitic groups exist, along with cults, lawyers and mimes.  Like cockroaches, we’ll never be rid of them completely.

Obama is the one everyone should be angry at, because he’s the one giving Warren the high profile platform.  By doing so, he is tacitly endorsing the bigotry that Warren preaches from his Saddleback pulpit, as if it were nothing more than a difference of opinion on tax policy.  Despite all the talk about being inclusive, I doubt that Obama has invited any representatives from NAMBLA or the Ku Klux Klan.

The way you deal with bigots is to ignore them.  Oh, you may want to keep a watchful eye on them in private, but you don’t reward them with what they crave most, which is public attention.  This kerfluffle is giving Warren lots of attention, and it’s raising his prestige among the fundie crowd, and most likely his income too.

Anyone who thinks it’s going to help advance LGBT rights or end sexism is smoking too much hopium in denial.  The way to end homobigotry and sexism is to repudiate them, remove them from the protection of law, and make them socially unacceptable like we did with racism.

Racism, homobigotry and sexism are all separate and distinct from each other.

Separate but equal.

Tuesday: Airing of Grievances

Did anyone catch this UAW bailout piece on NPR this morning?  Add another data point to the study of the media.  If you stay away from it long enough, the propaganda and spinning smacks you in the face immediately.

In UAW Hopes New Year Brings Better Bailout Deal, the politics of class resentment is alive and well.  I can’t find the transcript but I urge you to listen to it for the comment from one of the negotiators who says that the waitress should be enraged that her taxpayer money has to go to bailout the lives of the average UAW autoworker who makes an inflated salary. Those bankers on Wall Street who took her money to give themselves year end bonuses shouldn’t bother her a bit.

It really is shocking in its audacity.  It appears that all of the efforts of the lameduck Bush administration is going to be focussed on stripping labor of as many protections as it can.  It could be working on mid-east peace or Darfur or something that would redeem it.  But noooOOOOOoooo.  We have the Bushies throwing gobs and gobs of taxpayer money to their friends in the bankrupt finance coummunity without even requesting an IOU.  But lending money to union workers whose prospects are about to turn Michigan into a l AM LEGEND landscape?  Well, they have to follow the ROOLZ.

And what have we learned about people who insist on others following the ROOLZ?

That’s right.  Projection.

It’s Festivus!

The “Airing of Grievances” takes place tonight at 8pm EST

Got your pole?

For our more traditional friends:

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