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A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim

(Embedding is disabled, but click on the screen a second time and it will open the clip on YouTube in a new window)

Make the jump to see the rest of the movie

For Fuzzy, who is almost as crazy as me


20 Responses

  1. Interesting lesson “A Christmas Carol” teaches. Be a total bastard, get rich, then reform, and doors are open to you and everyone thinks you’re a swell guy. Not that I’m against rich bastards reforming and doing good. I wish more would.

    But I suspect there’s a lot more people like me, who have tried to live decent lives, but some of whose choices kept them poor and pissed people off, and thus don’t have family or friends close enough to spend Christmas with.

    But it’s still a day off, and an excuse to dress festive during the season, and consume good food and drink. I have people in the “get together around Christmas” category. And there’s great music to enjoy.

    One of the attorneys I work for got me cookies that taste just like Girl Scout Thin Mints, and my niece got me a small bottle of Abolut vodka. And the weather is crummy, so it’s a good day to stay snug at home.

    Happy holiday to everyone!!

  2. Sis:

    Jeebus saideth:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

    Belated redemption is far better than unrepentance.

  3. sister of ye,

    You may also take satifaction in the fact that you have a pretty blue snowflake avatar and mine is the color of the stuff that I was expelling last week when I had a stomach virus.

    Oh, oh, TMI. Happy holidays, all!

  4. JL:

    I thought the color of your gravatar was called “baby poop”

  5. One tiny cavil because that’s my favorite holiday movie. The real titile is “Scrooge.’

  6. lol, it’s the color of Norwalk virus poo, too.

  7. SweetSue:

    Bah! Humbug!

  8. (Waving) Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry – Merry Christmas Conflucians .. !!!!

    my – fav version – so far this year, of “Carol of Bells” … !

    gotta listen to the whole thing … AND I don’t even know who is playing it …

    I’m in Idyllwild, Ca. there is snow BUT it’s raining .. doesn’t matter – ton’s of people around … we were going out, not now ….. maybe tomorrow ..

    Great to see EveryONE HAPPY ..!! even You Myiq .. LoL .. !

  10. KB:

    Don’t bring us no Christmas cheer, unless you’re also buying us some beer!

  11. MyIQ, how about a Gallo Chardonnay?

  12. oh…Eartha Kitt died 😦

  13. KB:

    You realize I live near Gallo Hdqtrs? That Gallo’s Livingston Ranch used to be one of my pest control accounts? That my former brother-in-law worked for Gallo?

  14. Kiki:

    I remember her as Catwoman and from the Eddie Murphy movie “Boomerang”

    “Mar-cus! I’m not wearing any pan-ties!”

  15. kiki, that’s sad. Thanks for the link.

  16. I knew you must be near-ish to them but, I didn’t know how close. So you used to keep the bugs out of the Gallo Wine? Cool! I grew up on Gallo Wine.

  17. I kept bugs out of the employees’ homes.

    I got laid on Gallo wine

  18. Ahhhhh. That makes more sense. And sounds funner.

  19. great idea to post these! believe it or not, I’ve never seen this movie in its entirety – until today!

    hmmm…reminded me of all those ugly bank-bailout-politicians, bankers, dealers…

    and I’m wondering what a scrubbed and polished version would look like with a modern biracial bisexual man who spends his holidays in million dollar resorts and buys his wife rings for tens of thousands of dollars while donating to no one and ignoring his 1/2 brother who lives on $2/month, ignoring the poor school named after him in Kenya, ignoring his former Chicago constituents, many who have the heat turned off in a cold, merciless chicago winter cuz they cant pay the $1,000 bill they owe…

    anyway, thanks RD! Was nice to meet you this year!

  20. I imagine Eartha’s up in heaven giving LBJ a piece of her mind.

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