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    • Calling them out
      She is putting the SCt on the ballot as a threat to equality and democ. She's calling out Rs for what they are: extremists. She is expressing contempt for Rs’ ludicrous defense of easy access to semiautomatic weapons. https://t.co/2OMcyf3nu8 — Jennifer "Pro-privacy" Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) July 6, 2022
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      One does have to wonder who anti-Russian sanctions are actually designed to hurt. German producer price inflation in May. German trade balance: Hey, the first negative trade balance in 30 years. Of course, it’s not very negative yet, but wow, that’s a decline. Meanwhile: Top German industries could face collapse because of cuts in the supplies of Russian nat […]
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O’ Brother Where Art Thou?

I’ll fly away

Go to sleep little baby

What can I say?  My neck is genetically red.

Remembering H.M.

Henry Moliason (H.M.)

Henry Moliason (H.M.)

On December 5, Henry Gustav Molaison died in a Windsor Locks, Connecticut nursing home at age 82. At the age of 27, Mr. Molaison had experimental surgery for epilepsy. After the surgery, Mr. Molaison was never again able to lay down long-term memories.

He knew his name. That much he could remember.

He knew that his father’s family came from Thibodaux, La., and his mother was from Ireland, and he knew about the 1929 stock market crash and World War II and life in the 1940s.

But he could remember almost nothing after that.

Mr. Molaison was internationally famous as one of the most intensively studied psychological subjects ever–known by the initials H.M. Through research with H.M., knowledge of human memory has been revolutionized. What was a terrible tragedy in the life of this man made it possible for psychologists to gain invaluable insights into the role of the brain in memory, learning, and personality. He was the subject hundreds of studies by numerous researchers over the course of five decades. Continue reading


Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

From the NY Post:

Powerful senator and family patriarch Ted Kennedy has been working back channels to promote niece Caroline as the replacement for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Senate, family sources told The Post.

The elder Kennedy (D-Mass.), who’s battling brain cancer, has sent word to Gov. Paterson’s office that Caroline Kennedy, 51, has contacts and family connections that would mean legislation affecting New York would receive prompt attention, family sources said.

Ted Kennedy – who forged strong ties with Barack Obama after backing him in the primaries – is the president-elect’s closest ally in the Senate. He is also leading the charge on health-care legislation, a pet project of Obama’s.

Caroline has never held elective office before, but there’s always room at the top.  This is wrong on so many levels.  As New Hampster said:

Damn, damn, damn.  I knew it, I predicted it awhile ago and people laughed.  Caroline will be the next Senator from New York and after 8 years in the Senate she will become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

How will the “no dynasties” progressive bloggers react?  I’m betting they will see no problem with the idea.  It’s not like she’s Chelsea Clinton or anything.

Ted and Caroline share a hug
Ted and Caroline share a hug


Don’t forget “No We Won’t” radio with Sheri Tag and our own Madamab as co-host

Sunday: Bright, shiny objects

We have spent a loooot of time on the Jon Favreau picture in the last several days. Now, I’m not saying that a picture like that isn’t important, provided it wasn’t leaked intentionally.  But what if the reason we are spinning our wheels on this issue because we have been distracted to keep our eye off of something else?

Like electoral colleges, eligibility, transparency, master poker players, calling people’s bluff, international politics, legitimacy, Saul Alinsky,  Supreme Court cases, standing.

There’s something out there that they don’t want us to be seeing.  Something on the fringes of our periphery.  What is it?

It’s not over.  It will *never* be over.  Obama will have to be purer than the driven snow and more honorable  than Lincoln, more responsible than FDR, more competent and successful than Bill Clinton.

We know what really happened during the primaries.  We know that Hillary won and that the nomination was stolen from her by Obama and his collusion with the DNC.  We will never be appeased by Hillary getting the Secretary of State while the Pretender takes her place.

So, what are they up to?  Who are they threatening and intimidating now?  Step away from the photoshop and start looking around.

I smell a rat.

Never Forget

USS Arizona

USS Arizona

December 7, 1941 – It wasn’t a movie.