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      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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Oh my. Obama’s head speechwriter and his friends have been busy!

That guy on the left is one of the young people who provide the words for Barack Obama to read off his teleprompter. That’s Obama’s head speechwriter Jon Favreau groping Rachel Madnhow’s breast. John Favreau’s “friend” is pouring beer down Rachel’s throat while he pulls her head back by the hair. The other Obama speechwriters are Ben Rhodes, Adam Frankel, and Sarah Hurwitz. Are they the other people in the picture?

Rachel Madnhow (photoshop by Swanspirit)

Rachel Madnhow (photoshop by Swanspirit)

UPDATE: This just in. Favreau and his pals have now given Campbell Brown something to complain about.


How about that, Campbell? Now you can talk to Barack about it yourself. You no longer have to wait for Hillary to do it for you.
And what have we here? Nancy and Fav just having a little frat-boy fun!


Who’s up next? Claire McCaskill looks like she’s having a good time!


Tsk Tsk Tsk! Is This Really the Next Junior Senator from New York?

How do you like this photo, Barack?*

How do you like this photo, Barack?

Note: Thanks to Katiebird for the photo(shop).

This is an open thread.

Update: Obama thought this one was really hilarious (h/t Sugar, posted in comments yesterday).

I wonder if he’ll like the one Murphy posted?

Why Won’t The Stupid B**ch Quit?

John Favreau and his drinking buddy

John Favreau and his drinking buddy without the cardboard Hillary cut-out

This post is dedicated to the newest HillaryHaters.  These are people that were allegedly Hillary supporters but now feel “betrayed” because Hillary as agreed to serve as Secretary of State in the upcoming administration of Barack “King of Misogyny” Obama.  Actually the first batch of NHH appeared back in June when Hillary suspended her campaign and endorsed Teh Precious, but the single biggest group of converts seems to have been motivated by the SoS announcement.

We saw some new converts yesterday when some people thought Hillary didn’t react strongly enough to the stupid, drunken antics of Obama’s top speechwriter.  They were (intentionally or not) dancing to a tune sung by professional HillaryHater Campbell Brown who said:

I’m sorry, but this is the same woman who, during the campaign, pointed to example after example of sexism directed at her saying that, quote, “It’s been deeply offensive to millions of women”?

On a daily basis for the last few weeks we see comments asking when Hillary will be “held accountable” for agreeing to work for Obama.  I’m sorry, but I have to ask:

 What The F**k

What do they want Hillary to do, cry and go home?

Yes, Hillary was cheated out of the Democratic nomination for President by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party leadership.  In doing so, Obama and his supporters in and outside of the media unleashed some really vile misogyny.  So what are Hillary’s options?

She could do what she is doing: accept the position of Secretary of State on her terms.  It’s not the job she deserved or wanted, but it is a position of tremendous importance, with more power and prestige than the position of junior Senator.  It is a promotion, placing her fifth in the line of succession.

She could choose to remain in the Senate, where her eight years of experience make her a virtual rookie, and where she will never attain enough seniority to claim an important committee chairmanship unless she hangs around another couple decades.  (She isn’t even the senior Senator from New York yet) 

Not to mention that in the Senate she will be junior to many of the Democratic leaders that stabbed her in the back and endorsed Obama, such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Robert Byrd, and Jay Rockefeller, as well as Majority Leader Harry Reid who demanded that the superdelegates declare their choices months before the convention.

Or she could quit.  Leave the Senate, leave the party even, and become a private citizen again.  Her influence minimal, her power nonexistant.  Tweety and the rest of the CDS media would be ecstatic, gleeful, and delirious with joy if she did.

Which brings us back to Campbell Brown and a question no one has asked.  Why in the name of Koresh would the ObamaLoving, HillaryHating media run a politically damaging story about one of Obama’s inner circle?

Could they be hoping to provoke an angry reaction from Hillary, hoping she would change her mind about the SoS position, or at least hoping to drive a wedge between her and Obama?

Never trust the media.  If they seem to be on your side, keep one hand on your wallet while you try to figure out what you missed.

One last point – If women are expected to quit every time they are insulted or mistreated, they are handing the He Man Woman Haters Club a powerful weapon.

Beauty vs Sex

There is an ongoing discussion about what constitutes art and what is sexual exploitation.  Maybe the following two portraits will shed some light on this.

Portrait 1: Emma Hart, the future Lady Hamilton, painted 1790, by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

Portrait 2: Miley Cyrus at her Vanity Fair 2007 photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz.

If art is in the eye of the beholder, I call them both art.

Your mileage may differ.

Now, onto sex.

Video 1: Madonna’s Justify My Love (johninca, you may want to look away)

Video 2: Britney’s Spears’ self directed Gimme More

Ok, here’s my take.  The Madonna video is definitely shocking.  It’s almost too much.  But in the end. can you really tell who was using who?  Well, it’s clear to *me*.  She even ends the video with this: “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of others”.  Um, yep!

Britney’s video is disturbing.  The first time I saw it, it struck me that she is not at all confident about her sexuality.  She seems almost desperate to reclaim it but it is all about her being a supplicant.  Like she is trying to deny the fact that she is now a mother and wants to just be a sex symbol.  I dunno, maybe it’s the lyrics.

There is a way to be a sexual being, to take charge of your sexuality and not be exploited.  Madonna seems to know what she’s doing though she really pushed the envelope.  Well, the envelope needed pushing.  Britney is a lot more insecure and a lot more exploitable and it comes through on this video with a bullhorn.  I don’t think we should be at all surprised by her inevitable breakdown which happened shortly after this video was shot.

Once again, your mileage may vary.

So what does this have to do with Hillary?  Nothing, really.  Jon Favreau’s infamous picture had everything to do with power and disrespect of physically less powerful people, many of them women. The physically more powerful can do whatever they want to the bodies of others.  Jon Favreau and his buddies have been taught that it is OK to behave like tribal males because no one has held them accountable for their behavior.   He is just the most visible manifestation of the whole Obama movement.

But in general, we need a whole lot more Annie Leibowitzes and Madonnas and a whole lot less pre-institutionalized Britneys.

The Spin Is In: “Apparent Evolution” in Obama’s Thinking on Iraq

It’s going to be fascinating watching the Obamamedia spin and spin and spin again as the President-elect continues to backtrack on his many campaign promises. But the biggest promise, the raison d’etre for Obama’s entire campaign, the evidence for his supposed “good judgment,” his supposed plan to end the war in Iraq–now that will be a toughie for even MSNBO to explain away. This week the New York Times began the propaganda retooling process with this “news analysis” of Obama’s statements at his national security news conference on Monday.

“I believe that 16 months is the right time frame, but, as I’ve said consistently, I will listen to the recommendations of my commanders,” Mr. Obama said at that news conference on Monday. “And my No. 1 priority is making sure that our troops remain safe in this transition phase, and that the Iraqi people are well served by a government that is taking on increased responsibility for its own security.”

An apparent evolution of Mr. Obama’s thinking can be heard in contrast to comments he made in July, when he called a news conference to lay out his Iraq policy in unambiguous terms.

“I intend to end this war,” he said then. “My first day in office I will bring the Joint Chiefs of Staff in, and I will give them a new mission, and that is to end this war — responsibly, deliberately, but decisively.” And in a news conference that month in Amman, Jordan, Mr. Obama acknowledged that the American troop increase had bolstered Iraqi security but declared that he would not hesitate to overrule American commanders and redirect troops in Afghanistan.

Continue reading

Saturday: Misogyny, Pissongyny

I don’t think this picture of Jon Favreau can get enough attention.  Jon Favreau is(was) Barack Obama’s Chief Speechwriter.  Actually, I think he’s been *promoted* now that the White House is secure.  Let’s look at the picture in more detail:

Whos that girl?

Who's that girl?

The first thing that comes to mind is that these are the same guys who were all over DailyKos like flies on, well, rice.  Last year at this time, while the recommended list was undergoing a hostage crisis with all those damn Obama conversion diaries, the place was awash in new users who were overwhelmingly male, aggressive, disrespectful, bullying and misogynistic.  They were the, ahem, Obamaphiles.  I was trollstormed off DailyKos by these creeps who screamed “RACIST!!!” at me because I dared to compare their behavior to that seen during a medieval Jihad.  Last year, if you didn’t convert to Obama-love, you were instantly persona non grata and the more aggressive of these hooilgans would haunt your posts, throwing flags until you started to lose your trusted user status.

In my mind, the picture above is exactly what these mindless idiots looked like: frat boys at a party.

But the person I find most interesting in the photo above is the Sig Pi Little Sister in the left side of the picture over the shoulder of Favreau.  High school and College never dies for some people.  I suspect that’s especially true for Greeks.  There is a bond made for life, forged by stupid tasks performed in the middle of the night.  Connections and networks are formed by ritualized drinking and community serivice projects and secrets never to be revealed (gag me, I never could stand them).  And then there was the female auxiliary, who may grow up to be one of the Teaparty Ten in the Senate, if they’re able to mask their ambition with a proper degree of deference.

Who is this woman hanging out with these swine?  And what does she possibly see in an Obama administration if it is being run by creeps like this?  How long will it be before they move from groping and humping a cardboard cutout to treating her like she’s just a stupid c&*t and a low level gofer?  And did her beer buzzed induced transcendence get the better of her?  Did she end up in bed with one of them?  He’s full of Obama empowered mojo and she’s basking in the reflected radiance of the Lightbringer ‘cos he’s going to change it all!

Obama’s going to change it, alright.  We can look forward to more disrespect, expected deference and discrimiation.  But the woman in the photo is completely oblivious to it even though it is right in front of her and she’s staring at it.  I’m sorry, but I feel the urge to smack this person.  I want to shake her and say, “Boys will be boys behavior is what we have been striving *against* for almost 50 years.  What the f^(% are you doing hanging out with these jerks?”

Why didn’t she stop and ask herself what it means that Barack Obama would hire Jon Favreau to write his speeches?  As I was reading some of the comments on the WaPo page related to this article, I saw one that extoled Obama for being able to deliver a speech that when read was not very inspirational.  I have yet to be inspired by Obama but maybe that’s because I actually listen to the words.  His speeches are full of theme words that are not much different from Bush’s.  Where Bush used patriotism and American exceptionalism in his speeches with over the top references to “freedom”, “democracy”, “liberation” and “god”, Obama makes an equally ridiculous number of references to “change”, “hope”, “inspiration”.  But just like any words, if you say them too often, they start to lose their meanings.  So, Jon Favreau is no magician.  He’s just using Bush’s speeches and substituting the buzz words.

But the woman in the picture believes in it.  Jon Favreau probably doesn’t.  He knows what he’s doing.  Ten years ago, he might well have been recruited by Rove.  But there’s no future in the Republican party right now so he went with Obama.  Why not Hillary?  The picture speaks for itself, which makes Hillary’s advisor, Phillipe Reines retort so refreshing:

“Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application,” he said in an e-mail.

Yes, actually, I think this would be the best solution regarding Mr. Favreau’s employment status.  There are a number of benefits for all parties concerned.  Obama can shift from campaign mode to presidential mode in his speeches.  Jon Favreau can find out what it’s like to work for a woman, likely not NEARLY as emasculating as he thinks.  And he can also improve his speechwriting skills, which Hillary will no doubt expect to be original and not cribbed from Bush’s Handbook of Nifty Speech Templates.  Plus, it keeps one more person off of the unemployment lines.

As for the woman in the photo?  Well, if the party above didn’t wake her up and she wasn’t offended by this:

or this:

or THIS, which sounds like it has Jon Favreau’s fingerprints all over it:

then I guess we have to conclude that for her, the orgasm really was enough.  But if you still have to put out to get any kind of recognition, then forget the Change!  That’s the LAST thing you’re going to get.

One more thing: If Barack Obama’s campaign ended up with a surplus, why am I *still* getting email from Bill and Dorothea Rodham asking me to help pay off Hillary’s debts?  This is inexcusable.  Hillary Clinton worked her ass off for Barack Obama during the general.  Pay off her damn debts, you fricking Simon Le Gree!

One more, more thing: It looks like Paterson and Caroline Kennedy spoke on Wednesday about replacing Clinton.  I just have to say that if I were Clinton, I wouldn’t resign my seat until I got a confirmation from the Governor that the person I wanted to replace me had been offered the job and had accepted- in public, in print, signed in blood.  It had better not be Caroline.  Don’t test us, Governor Paterson.