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Obama’s “Greek temple” Built by Britney Spears’ Set Designer

Yes, Conflucians, it’s true.

The same set team that designed Britney Spears’ last tour has constructed the enormous, Greek-columned stage where Barack Obama will officially accept the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, The New York Post reports.

The set, which was reportedly designed to resemble the White House and Lincoln Memorial, was built inside the 75,000-seat stadium — Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver — under the direction of Bobby Allen, Spears’ former staging manager.

The Republicans are going to have a field day with this one. No wonder some Democratic officials are nervous about Obama’s acceptance speech tonight. They fear their candidate will come across as someone who is more interested in looking like a rock star than a politician who can reach out to the middle- and working-class Democratic voters.

DENVER – Senior Democratic officials are expressing serious concerns about the political risks posed by Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium Thursday evening.

From the elaborate stagecraft to the teeming crowd of 80,000 cheering partisans, the vagaries of the weather to the unpredictable audience reaction, the optics surrounding the stadium event have heightened worries that the Obama campaign is engaging in a high-risk endeavor in an uncontrollable environment.

A common concern: that the stadium appearance plays against Obama’s convention goal of lowering his star wattage and connecting with average Americans and that it gives Republicans a chance to drive home their message that the Democratic nominee is a narcissistic celebrity candidate.

Gee, no kidding. Lots of us ordinary folks have already figured out that Obama is a malignant narcissist who couldn’t care less about average Americans. It’s a little late for “senior Democrats” to be figuring that out; but better late than never, I guess.

The Obama campaign is aware of these concerns.

“It’s likely that the campaign would do it differently if it had to do it again because the decision was made before the European trip,” said a senior Democratic elected officeholder who has worked closely with the Obama campaign. The GOP narrative of Obama as celebrity took root during that trip, where the Illinois senator played to large crowds of adoring Europeans.

Obama campaign officials acknowledged the apprehension Wednesday.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. But Obama had better deliver a real humdinger of a speech tonight. After all, since he is so lacking in experience, words are pretty much all he has to offer.

This is an open thread. Pictures provided by our inimitable SM.


169 Responses

  1. It’s Showtime at the O-bollo!

    BostonBoomer – we are such at the same thought frequency, I sent you an email of another close up to the stage I found plus an Obama strutting the O-bollo stage. Check your email.

  2. True to their 20/20 Hindsight Judgement.

    Jon Stewart on the infighting at NBC:



  3. So when McCain compared Britney to Obama, they actually did have something in common?

    You have got to be kidding.

  4. Someone please do a photo with Hillary arriving in the Trojan Unity Pony!

  5. Although I can’t be sure because of the distance in the photo, the unfinished version pictured here looks like the columns go across the length of the structure. In the finished version the columns are on the sides. I wonder if perhaps the Obama’s seeing their folly did some last minute changes to the temple.

  6. TheRealKim – EXACTLY!

    I just said, this is a GIFT tot he McCain Campaign. Why didn’t they use another set designer, someone who hasn’t worked with Britney?

  7. LMAO! He complained about JohnnyMac comparing him to Brittney, but he is using her set designer for his Indonesia Jones and the Temple of Electoral Doom extravaganza!

    God, you could not make this shit up. 🙂

  8. WMCB: “Indonesia Jones and the Temple of Electoral Doom extravaganza”


  9. Lordy, it sure is fun having no dog in this one! And to no longer belong to the party.

    Man the stupidity is beyond believable at this point, lol!~

  10. But, but words – words are just words. And those aren’t the words they seemed a couple days ago ..snark

  11. I hope he arrives by chariot. I’ll vote for him if he does.

  12. I can’t believe this. Too funny. I just wish BO would shoe up with a crown so we could all really see how he sees himeself!

  13. Nice kiss on Uppity!!!


  14. Naw, he’ll be carried in on a sedan chair carried by some oiled-up Spartans

  15. *headdesk!*

    Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

  16. myiq2xu, on August 28th, 2008 at 3:24 pm Said:
    Naw, he’ll be carried in on a sedan chair carried by some oiled-up Spartans……

    ….or by WOMEN.

  17. All showmanship, all the time.

  18. Is there a donkey(asse) in the plans for him to ride in on(oh yeah, Pelosi)……do they know the greek setting is not in Christ’s era… the devil is in the details, do not hold any of this to truth, just create the illusion no supporter of the ‘one’ needs any facts cluttering up the scenario.

  19. I just updated the post with pictures contributed by SM. Don’t miss them

  20. That kiss on Biden’s wife last night was weird. It must have taken her totally by surprise and he must have meant to kiss her on the cheek.


  21. Obama is doing all these over the top antics so that people will watch tonight.

  22. BostonBoomer – thank you & know that I’m here to support as much as I’m here to rant.

  23. The Showboat Express is going to be run down by the Straight Talk Express.

  24. Manolo Minx, they said that very thing on Faux this morning.

    “Sometimes the ads just write themselves.”

  25. Well, we all know CNN & MSNBC will sing his praises and fawn over the speech. Hopefully more & more people are switching to Fox.

  26. SM!!!

    Thank you for those spectacular pics!! This thing is way worse than I thought when I first heard about it. This is just nuts.


    Footage released of Obama’s entry:

    Ho bama, Hey Bama,
    Bama bama ho
    bama hey, bama ho-baaaamaaaa!

  28. Boston – did you see the picture I sent you of Obama doing his walkthrough strut on the stage and smiling?

    It’s a masturbatory event.

  29. WMCB – you need to put spew warnings! OMG, I can’t stop laughing!!!

  30. And the theme song will be “Oops I did it again”

  31. This is way better than Dukakis in a tank or Kerry windsurfing. Did Obama even look at the gaffes of former presidential wannabes or is his narcissism so complete that he didn’t think it applied to him?

  32. I thought someone was making a joke when I first heard Obama had used Britney’s designer for this. And I thought someone was making a joke when I first heard he planted a big wet one on Mrs. Biden. And I’m still waiting for the “just joking” comment from my state’s (Arkansas) delegation which, after pointing out we voted for Hillary by a larger percentage than any other state and expressing great love for the Clintons, proceeded to cast every vote FOR OBAMA!!!

    Oh, wait, I get it now. My state party was trying to prove it’s every bit as big a joke as the national party. Mission accomplished.

  33. You gotta a smile on my face today and I did not think that was possible.

  34. TheRealKim, on August 28th, 2008 at 3:38 pm Said:
    This is way better than Dukakis in a tank or Kerry windsurfing. Did Obama even look at the gaffes of former presidential wannabes or is his narcissism so complete that he didn’t think it applied to him?

    You just answered your question.

  35. Since Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the cabal clearly decided early on that they didn’t need to win over middle America for their new coalition, it seems that only the pundits and the middle class are going to be offended by the spectacle.

  36. I just hope someone cuts the feed to his teleprompter.

  37. Sorry, I guess I should run for President too, since I can answer my own guestions. That would make me as qualified a BO, or my old name for him works better with the above theme. Obamarama!

  38. Carol: That would be freaking hilarious. Cut it!

  39. It looks like someone is getting their tacky on tonight. You know the late night comedians must be foaming at the mouth to get this joke that writes itself in office.

  40. How can a person and a campaign be so utterly lacking in self-awareness? And we thought the DNC stage was cheezy.

    Looking at the set up, I wonder if there will be people in the stands behind the monstrosity. I wouldn’t want those seats.

  41. I wonder who came up with this idea – seriously.

    WHO CAME UP with this idea?

  42. Well, he’s got the tele-prompter down. He no longer just looks right, looks left, looks right. He can now stare vacantly to some spot in the middle.

  43. julies, I am going to be singing that all day! Ho bama, hey bama…


  44. How can he make his case to the middle lower income class, blue collar workers, etc. that he’s the president that will address their issues behind a mockup of the Parthenon.

    Well guess what Obama, I am SPARTACUS!

  45. Cindy – “getting their tacky on”

    LMAO! You guys stop, you’re killing me.

  46. No, I am Spartacus!

  47. Wow!

    Having you guys seen the Clintons bump? After day 1, McCain was up 2 on the Gallup tracking. After Bill and Hillary, he’s up 6.

  48. Wow, this is all so, so presidential. I am seriously wanting to become a part of this, uh, hm, this, oh uh……….. joke, fiasco, is he gonna say – Ladies and Gentlemen – this is Saturday Nite Live!!

    This is too funny, too tacky, too grotesque for words. The culmination of the world’s most ridiculous campaign(one qualified candidate ran a campaign in every state and won the most votes, the unqualified candidate went of vacay, ate waffles – I’m sure he thought a lot of time) by a selected candidate – not supported by voters but a corrupt party. They are having their bacchanal – don’t want to help them – don’t you want to join. Let us fiddle while “Rome” burns.

  49. I hope you are all ready for the BEST SPEECH EVAH!

  50. I’ll be singing “Sha na na na, sha na na na, hey hey, goodbye!”

  51. MYIQ: no….I’m Spartacus!

  52. BEST SPEECH EVAH 4.0? 5.0?

    What number are we up to now?

  53. Maybe they’ll even have a food fight! It would all slide right off Nancy’s teflon face though.

  54. Hello, Blee.

  55. MABlue — PLEASE provide a link to that – OMG.


  56. No myiq the word for this one will be from the teen movie “Clueless” when Alicia Silverstone said “Spairaticus”.

  57. Oh. Lord. Gawd.

  58. 6 points?

    I predicted 4 pts. for the week

    Looks like I lowballed. I’m re-predicting 10 points.

    The clusterf*ck tonight will be worth another 4 points to McCain

  59. Hi- I’m a lurking Libertarian McCain voter. I frequent here often because I enjoy the honest Obama criticism that is lacking everywhere else (except for the Right Wing radio hosts, and I’d rather not even go there).
    I’m just curious what the PUMAs think of McCains VP being possibly announced tonight? And does it matter to you who it is?

  60. On a serious note, do they really not get it? This is POTUS, not a Hollywood set.

  61. Going along with the Obama media love, fill ’em so full of it, binge theme of the last few months, I think we can safely assume the tickets to this event say “this way to the vomitorium” and we have now entered the purge phase –

    they will be passing out buckets whose circular shape will only serve as reminders to purge every last bit of koolaid out of their systems.

    we need to start passing out feathers

  62. I hope it’s gaudy and over the top. This way people can see the real Obama. Greek columns, the Sermon from the Mount, Britney’s set designer, the adoring multitudes – oh yeah that’ll play well with people ticked off over the price of medicine, gas, food, etc….

    Let the show begin!!

  63. The McCain folks should put together an updated “Daisey Ad”. Barak and Britney… “do you want a celebrity to have nuclear launch codes?”

  64. Crow Biden — Instructor to the ONE. Him who we have all been
    waiting for. The Mighty One. the OPMNIPOTENT topping tall buildings with a single
    bound. Him is a citizen of the UNIVERSE, soon to bring you Universal
    Health Care. The government has done so well with Medicare (1/3 of
    all payments are fraud); and Social Security (I don’t really need to
    say anything); and next up Universal Health Care brought to you by
    doctors that are getting a free education curteousy of the
    government, but, we’re not going to raise taxes??????

    Him only voted to raise taxes 94 times. Him won’t have to do that
    anymore. A great cloud will form over Obamopopolis, the heavens will
    divide, and money will fall from the sky. All will be well.

    The end.

  65. Shay:

    Does it matter? Not really, it won’t affect our votes.

    Are we interested? Sure, we’re political junkies.

    But why get into the hype games like Obamanation played with Biden? When McCain makes his pick, then we’ll know who it is.

  66. This is too funny, too tacky, too grotesque for words.

    Yes, well put.

  67. Does anyone know what this is costing? Each time I see it I realize what an extravagent waste of money it is. I think it is vulgar.

  68. Oh my gawd. Are they deliberately walking into a trap?

  69. Alicia Silverstone (Cher) in Clueless was waaaaaay brighter than the average Obot.

    Much better people skills too

  70. I said yesterday this whole charade reminded me of Britney Spears’ performance at last year’s MTV VMAs. Are there really any words left to describe their utter lack of foresight?

  71. “I’m just curious what the PUMAs think of McCains VP being possibly announced tonight? And does it matter to you who it is?”

    I think it matters a lot..more than the Obama pick. Because of McCain’s age and medical history, his VP choice will get a lot of coverage. A middle age woman would be perfect.

  72. Minnesota Governor T-Paw is plenty smart enough to debate Biden. And his reserved style may actually provide a nice contrast to Biden’s mega-mouth.

  73. Here’s the video that should be with this :

  74. Even McGovern thinks The ONE has gone too far. Geez. Don’t get me wrong, McGovern likes HIM, but isn’t giving him him anything but luke warm props because he understands that HIM isn’t very well known.

    We’ll see, me suspects that Bill will work him over by the time Nov rolls around. He wants to see Hillary as President. It’s time for someone that can really bring some Kitchen Table issues to the forefront and make something happen.

  75. One way the candidates can gauge reaction to VP picks is to leak various names and see what the media has to say.

    Obamanation wasn’t paying attention I guess. But what else is new?

  76. The Obama camp isn’t “worried” one bit — they could have changed plans weeks ago. They didn’t. Eff them.

  77. I hope McCain picks a VP who can put Obama in his place! A guy like Obama has no business thinking he can be MY president!

  78. MABlue, on August 28th, 2008 at 3:50 pm Said:

    Having you guys seen the Clintons bump? After day 1, McCain was up 2 on the Gallup tracking. After Bill and Hillary, he’s up 6.

    Oh you Clintons, what have you done? 😉

  79. SHV:

    A middle-aged Latina woman would be perfect.

    That could put California in play, and no Democrat wins the White House w/o Big Smoggy

    There just aren’t enough swing states to make up for the loss of 52 electoral votes

  80. I think we are getting ready to be infested again.

  81. One other thing, I just retired from the Department of Defense (32 years Navy/Marine Corps). Worked in D.C., CA, New Orleans, Memphis, VA, and have contacts all over. I still haven’t found one person who is voting for the ONE.

  82. MaBlue, no, it was BO that went up by four on Gallup. No bump on the others.

  83. Oh I screwed up.

    I wanted to say Obama is up 6 after Bill and Hillary. They provided an 8 pts swing within 48 hrs.

  84. We got lots more! Stick around, we’re sacrificng a virgin later.

    (a 30-year old male Obot)

  85. Infestation, mods.

  86. Shay – like Ridge, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Palin, Fiorina

    no Lieberman, no Romney, no conservative nut like G. Bauer, no Christian Coalition type like R. Reed

  87. MaBlue, no, Obama went into the convention with a 2 point lead in Gallup. Now it’s 6. That’s a 4 point bump, not an 8.

  88. My bet is he’ll arrive on a golden chariot driven by white horses, followed closely by loinclothed footmen.

  89. I’m not voting for McCain if he unveils (heh) the Virgin Mary as his running mate.
    But I can’t sanction the tactics of the DNC or the race baiting from Obama surrogates either.

  90. I’m guessing Cynthia McKinney will get a lot of votes this year.

  91. MABlue, on August 28th, 2008 at 4:05 pm Said:
    Oh I screwed up.

    I wanted to say Obama is up 6 after Bill and Hillary. They provided an 8 pts swing within 48 hrs.

    For which I’m sure they’ll receive full credit and praise, right? 😉

  92. Polls – anyone got poll links? Wish I could have them petpetually on my computer sceen so I could watch BO’s dip in real time.

    I can’t wait to read the book on this – then there will be the movie – hey, Steven Speel – are you loaning MO dresses from Star Wars – they are really Klassy, kinda like Jackie O…..no? Well, BO speaks like Caroline’s father, makes her remember her father…..no He did not stammer or hem and haw? O.

    You say this is the NEW politics? No experience needed, no qualifications whatsoever so everyone body feels like they to can be president. Good luck with that. Why does it feel like a third world approach?

  93. I thought I had heard that B0 usually got a mid week bump of a few points.

  94. Gallup has most often over-favored Obama so far this year, so we will see what the rest do.

    The bots were telling me a few weeks ago that it would be a HUGE bump, 20 points. And no way that is happening.

    MaBlue, you were right that 4 point bump was the Clinton bump – the few who were waiting on Hill and Bill to say “vote for the bastard”.

  95. MABlue – Wait till next week. When the Republicans come out with their convention next week, it’ll start nosediving from there.

  96. where are the mods?

    can someone make the LEGIONS say “I am picking my nose right now”?

  97. SwetieSue, one of my dearest friends just can’t do it either, so she is voting Green. But she understands why I can stomach it, even if she can’t, and I understand her too Maybe I’m more ruthless.

  98. SHV, on August 28th, 2008 at 4:00 pm Said:

    What SHV said. 🙂

  99. I don’t know where the mods are but they have something up their sleeve.

  100. I think McCain is doing a great thing strategically by heating up the talk about his VP now. He’ll blunt any major bump from Obama.

    McCain will rule the news cycle for 10 days starting tomorrow.

  101. What’s most disgusting to me is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy is going to be used as an accessory to boost a cendidate who has done NOTHING for civil rights, never marched, never championed a civil rights cause, never even came out to defend/denounce a civil rights issue.

    MLK Jr.’s dream was not to judge by the color of skin but by the content of character. And we have a candidate that has NO character, yet is exploiting Dr. King’s legacy to his advantage, and stole votes to do it.

    It’s a sad time in America.

  102. Sarah said: I hope it’s gaudy and over the top. This way people can see the real Obama.

    I have it on good authority that they have over a hundred food servers peeling grapes for the evening’s attendees. All is in “good taste” and very presidential(Especially if you compare it to say, Haiti or Ziare – you know, those places where government officials say one thing and then, do another. You know, where Jim Carter has done such good work. Wish we could get him to do something about our politic process.)

  103. fif: “I hope you are all ready for the BEST SPEECH EVAH!”

    Are you kidding! We all are ready for the MOST HOT AIR EVAH!

  104. sm77 — WORD!

  105. WCMB, I love that there are no bullies or emotional blackmailers here. I won’t be shamed into voting for McCain but I will never criticize those of us who do.

  106. Dammit, I mean WMCB! I know it means “Want My Country Back” and, although I was mostly a lurker, I remember you from TM. You graced that blog, too.

  107. SweetieSue! — I’ve always said I will vote my conscience and everyone else should vote theirs. Right now that probably means I will be voting Nadar. But that could change — if it is really, really close in my state come November (NC) then I might have to vote McCain. No way do I vote Obama. (and, btw, although no one is reporting it, the Obama camp has pulled its ad buys here in NC — guess they finally figured out NC isn’t a swing state — at least not with Obama as the nominee).

  108. Uh-bama could get a huge boost tonight.

    Maybe if he performed a few miracles, healed the sick, raised the dead, levitated above the crowd, and then made Olbermann and Tweety’s heads explode.

    If he did that, I might even vote for him.

  109. Cougar08 – you might not fit in here thinking only those labels you mentioned are ours.

    We want a qualified, experienced candidate. We do not limit them to being what you listed.

    We might want to move along or adjust what you wrote.

    I meant political process in my 4:18 pm post. Excuse me!

  110. myiq2xu — making KO & Tweety’s heads explode would be enough for me!

  111. Until later, my bitters, life calls.

  112. angie, everyone will find the action that is right for her or him. It will be fun brainstorming here as we mull over the choices.

  113. Thanks for answering my question everyone!

    I personally have been waiting for a McCain presidency since 2000 (*eep*, should I be ducking now?) but will come undone if he picks an ultra-conservative bozo. I’m trying to prepare myself for a Plan B in case Romney is the pick.

  114. Another possible entrance:

  115. Check out what New Hampster put up at Alegre’s Corner:


  116. For snark, I asked yesterday if the Hubris Stage of the Ages would revolve. Seems that some part does rise up from …somewhere.

    I’m a little disappointed about the non-revolution, but not much.

  117. I’ve noticed that all through the primaries Obamanation tried to create a “bandwagon” effect by hyping polls that showed Obama gaining or leading.

    According to the hyped polls, Obama and Hillary were either tied or he was ahead here in California just before Super Duper Tuesday.

    He lost by 10 points

  118. you know, I find that picture of 3 empty suits men as scary as just about anything I’ve seen.

    BTW, was it you, WMCB, that found the full kiss to Jill B disconcerting? I thought that was a little weird. When I saw the ‘let’s all get together for a barbecue foursome’ VP announcement pic, I thought Obama kissed her full-mouth then. I think he is so full of himself, he really thinks he’s utterly charming to all women. Just my $0.02

  119. Oh, I should add, that was when Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Maria Shriver and other big endorsements were flooding in, and each one was hyped as a gamebreaker.

    Obama lost in Massachusetts too

  120. POE:

    Do ya think he slipped her a little tongue?

  121. myiq2xu, he over-polled about 80% of the time in primary states.

  122. Wow, when you think about the millons of dollars that were spent to pay homage to Obama and worship him; that this money could have been used in some way to really help people…

    Instead Obama has no qualms using millions…and millions of $$$$ to declare himself Ceaser….
    the symbolism is not lost!!!



  123. Hey, someone snapped a clandestine photo of Michelle O. in rehearsal for this event:

  124. This is just so absolutely perfect. Obama = Britney Spears. The Obama For America Party could not be more of a laughingstock!

    Either McCain is psychic, or he knew about this when he made his first “Celebrity” ad.

  125. I think that Obama is more in love with the trappings of the position of POTUS than actually caring about what good he could do for the country. He has never exhibited any kind of work ethic that I can see, always taking credit for the work of others, or just plain lying in order to enhance his resume, and I don’t see any indication that his behavior will change if he is elected. His Madison Avenue campaign was brilliantly staged by Axlerod, with much help from the most biased media in recent history, but I think that by November the American people will be able to compare him to that last hot item they bought from an infomercial on TV, only to get it in the mail and remark “Is this all I get for my money?”. Pretty packaging, commercial that hypes the product unmercifully, huge disappointment when you see what’s really inside the package. That’s Obama to me.

    By the way, I was just sitting here thinking that I can already write the MSM reviews on his speech tonight, no matter what he says, so here’s my contribution:


    “Speech of the century”

    “A grand slam guaranted to unite the party as never before”

    “A 10 point bump in the polls for sure”

    McCain looks better as each day passes. I don’t do Hollywood.

  126. Madamab,

    I heard they spend $6M on this mess. I don’t know if it’s true. Meanwhile there are still people homeless from Katrina, people losing their homes all over the country and millions of people without health care. It’s disgusting. I wonder if he really plans to arrive in that air force one thingy?

  127. OMG, that “picture of MO” is hysterical.

  128. McCain’s BIG NEW TOUTED AD leaked for tonight. He had the press wondering all day what it was going to be, probably imagining all sorts of juicy attacks.

    That ad is brilliant on McCain’s part. It makes his graciousness contrast with Obama and his supporters ugliness. It makes people wonder why Obama never had any kind words for HIS opponent’s historical achievement (Hillary’s.)

    It makes Dean look like the raving racist with his “party of old white men” remarks. It makes Obama look bad if he hits McCain hard tonight.

    It was just a classy thing to do, period, in addition to good strategy.

  129. Hey, guys, layoff making fun of MO (although the sedan chair pic is pretty funny).
    Seriously, she can’t help it if she’s obviously not a dedicated public servant. Don’t blame her if she acts like she’s doing us a favor by helping Barry run for the White House.
    Let’s just let the GOP do the dirty work. We don’t have to get involved. It isn’t polite.
    Pass the popcorn.

  130. sagesgram: I’ve done that kind of parody before. It’s true. They will praise him to high heaven. Time to get out the madlibs post.

  131. I love the line: All too often the achievements of our opponents goes unnoticed..”

    McCain just made Obama look the complete egocentric ass for not stooping to truly honor what Hillary achieved with those 18 million votes.

    Without saying it. Just by example.

  132. MO showed her true colors when Hillary was speaking and the camera occasionally panned to MO. Her handlers should have reminded her that the gracious lady performance can’t stop when you get off the stage, you have to keep pretending just in case you’re being taped when you don’t know it. She is a phony as her husband, and my memories of her anger and despicable remarks during the primary have hardly been erased by her performance Monday night.

  133. sorry RD. I just still haven’t gotten over the looks she was throwing during Hillary’s speech. But I’ll lay off.

  134. btw, you want me to pull the pic?

  135. MO was obviously tense when WJC started to speak. She looked like she just drank vinegar. I can’t help it–I can’t stand her. I LOVE the picture. =)

  136. I think the pic is hilarious. And yeah, spouses are fair game. Obama set that rule when he started attacking Bill.

  137. WMCB – I agree spouses are fair game, but it’s Riverdaughter’s blog so I’ll defer to her wishes.

  138. That picture of Obama in the toga is great. I hope mcCain uses it in a lot of his ads. LOL.

  139. I am supporting McCain here in Pennsylvania, and will probably volunteer to help his campaign. I respect any of you who feel you cannot vote for him, but I want to share with you something I learned yesterday on one of the blogs.

    I was listening to talk radio on the way home from work, and they were discussing Joe Biden’s lobbyist son, and the fact that Biden had used earmarks to give money to some of his son’s clients. Then just in passing, someone said “McCain doesn’t do earmarks”, and that was the end of it.

    Well, I asked on one of the blogs last night if that is true about McCain (maybe it was here?), and I got several answers from Arizona folks saying it’s true, he has never used earmarks to give taxpayers’ money to pet projects or lobbyists or anyone else. I think that’s an indication that his pledge to clean up Washington may not just be campaign rhetoric. He talks the talk, but in this case he has walked the walk his entire career in the Senate. I like that,

  140. WMCB: That is a very astute observation about McCain’s new ad. I didn’t get that from the clip I saw. His ad team is sharp.

  141. Wow, that is a smart ad. McCain has a really good ad team.

  142. […] Set Designer, and The Love Train Bubble I would love to personally thank bostonboomer over at Riverdaughter for the heads up on this story.  According to Fox News, the greek temple being built for the […]

  143. Wow! That new McCain ad is brilliant. Is it just me, or do I hear just a soupcon of sarcasm in his voice (along with a tiny twinkle in his eye)?

  144. sagesgram: you’re right, John McCain does not do Earmarks. That’s why everyone, including his party, is always irratated with him. When he votes no on an issue, it’s not because he doesn’t support the issue, 9 times out of 10 there is lot’s of port attached. Been following his career my whole career. Know Bud Day his POW friend and Kerry Swiftboater. Worked for the Navy/Marine Corps 32 years. I’m a dem, but moderate. No way do I want NOBAMA in the Whitehouse. Too many unanswered questions.

  145. Classic McCain given that MLK was a REPUBLICIAN. The Dems just don’t get it.

  146. Let me rephrase that…………………….the Obamunnists just don’t get it. I’m getting carried away. I’ve been a dem for 30 years. Hate to say it, but I voted for Jimmy.

  147. I also live in PA (in Philadelphia, Obamatron Central) and I will be voting for Nader. I know that this may prove to be a vote for Obama, but I can’t vote Republican. I’d rather cut off my hand than pull the lever with it lit up for a Republican. My husband and I went back and forth over what to do when Hillary “lost” and once Nader secured his place on the ballot, we started donating to him.

  148. Lovely! People around the country are having a financial nightmare between housing , soaring gas prices and food
    and energy prices going through the roof……….and we see
    The Fraud in all his pomp and pageantry……his mock plane
    of Air Force One….his mock Greek fortress-like stage ……..
    his football stadium……his rock bands………
    Where is this guy from??? I mean really??? His inexperience, corruption and baggage is bad enough….. but I think I need a barf bag for all this arrogance.

  149. Typical White Person: I don’t support McCain’s stance on some issues, but this year I can’t get my brain around issues as much as I can around ethics. I just do not feel that Obama has any ethical boundaries, any core sense of honor and decency, any genuine commitment to anything other than his own pursuit of prestige and power. And it helps a lot to be able to find more and more things to admire about McCain, know what I mean? If I’m going to be voting for a Republican, I’m glad they gave me McCain.

  150. Hi Micki, I’m a McKinney supporter and I understand how you feel. If Virginia is close, which it probably won’t be, then I’ll take one for the team and vote McCain. But I’m really hoping it doesn’t come to that since I genuinely like McKinney and want to cast a vote I feel good about… haven’t done that in too long a time but I bet it would feel real good.

  151. sagesgram, I know how you feel. I won’t trust the polls here in NC especially since there are questions about the vote here and it was not a caucus. If I vote for McCain, B0 will have to find two votes to beat my one.

  152. That’s a great ad from McCain. Very smart and very classy. Thanks for the link, WMCB.

  153. Well, according to a Yahoo story today, Biden says that BO can’t win unless he takes PA. This is making me sick to the stomach b/c I am committed to making sure BO is not elected. I won’t know till I get in that booth if I actually have a McCain vote in me.

  154. they just showed the ad on fox

  155. Micki, I know how you feel. My family still doesn’t believe that I have said that I would vote for McCain to stop B0, but I may need a lot of encouragement on election day.

  156. That’s how I feel Micki. If Virginia is in play, it will be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. Luckily for me I’ve always like John McCain. Still it won’t be easy.

  157. Yeah, my dad and two uncles did tours in Vietnam, so I respect McCain for his service to the country. There’s that at least. I don’t know if it will help me sleep at night, though, since my dad is voting for Nader, too.

  158. If you want to visit another site that echos the sentiments found here and get some astrological opinions to back it up, visit http://flosuniverse.wordpress.com/

    Obama should be careful of the Ceasar comparison. Julius was knifed in the back by members of his own party.

  159. I am a republican, lower case “r.” I believe in doing what is right for my country. To those Democrats who refuse to vote for Obama, but cringe at crossing party lines, I say STRIKE on election day. Sit this one out.

  160. Triumph of the Will Redux and Ridiculous! I will be sitting this election out unless it looks like it might be close. If I have to vote for a pro-death penalty, pro-FISA, pro-evangelical, anti-GLBT, misogynistic candidate, well, I would rather vote for a Republican. It’s more honest, somehow, coming from them. PUMA.

  161. All I have to do to vote McCain is to remember all the crap that they did to Hillary,Bill,Chelsea and Hill’s supporters. What they did was evil and criminal and they do not deserve to be in power through their dispicable actions.

    I will not be responsible for putting this thug in the White House and I will sleep better at night and can live with my self knowing that I made the only stand that will effectively work to keep him out.

    We cannot take a chance on BO getting the Presidency and the only way to do that is a vote for McCain.I have never voted for any Rep. ever and my entire family are all Dems. but we will bite the bullet come election day and do what we must do to stop this fraud.

    Do what is best for you. I am not telling anyone what to do.This is something that I have decided to do since S.C and the race card was played on Big Dawg and Hillary.I knew then that I could never vote for this arrogant and inexperienced man.

    And believe me this is not going to be easy and I am sad and angry that I am forced to do it but I sure as hell am going to.I can live four years with McCain.Then Hillary will have another chance.With BO winning,her White House run will be dead.I won’t do that to her.

  162. Read carefully, and dispassionately, before voting, over both party’s platforms. Then make your decision.

    God that stage looks great! They did a terrific job!

  163. Kathy, right on!

    Lady P, what the heck does a party platform matter when it’s administered by thugs? Remember this: Actions speak louder than words. And in this case, the actions are shouting out loud and clear.

  164. Well, see, the party platform matters because it’s usually a clear indication of WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO. I don’t know how else to spell it out for you.

    God they really did a wonder on that stage!

  165. I hate shrinkage. Do you?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  166. […] Obama’s “Greek temple” Built by Britney Spears’ Set Designer (by bostonboomer at The Confluence) Yes, Conflucians, it’s true… The Republicans are going to have a field day with this one. […]

  167. […] would love to personally thank bostonboomer over at Riverdaughter for the heads up on this story. According to Fox News, the greek temple being built for the […]

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