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Dissing the Double X

From Women Voter:


First, let me say that the vast majority of Bernie supporters that I’ve met are amazing. For the last weekend before the 2016 election, we got a ton of volunteers from another neighborhood in Pittsburgh. They had gone to their local Clinton HQ and asked where they could canvass. They were sent to my house. They were all Bernie supporters. I have never been so happy to see them. All of them said that the election was so important that they wanted to do everything they could to help Clinton win. And they actually believed in her. In fact, one of the organizers I worked with on Clinton’s campaign was formerly a Sanders guy.

I truly believe that the problematic elements in the Sanders campaign represent a small but very vocal contingent.

The problem is that Sanders himself seems to be one of them.

Second, let’s get this straight on identity politics. Women comprise the majority of people in this country. Yet we never hear that white guys are practicing identity politics. We never say they’re voting with their penises, though that would be physically easier to do than voting with a vagina. (Note to self: take sanitizing wipes to voting booth in April in case any dude decides to actually vote with his penis. I wouldn’t put it past them.)

Women get accused of this every damn day. They make it sound like it’s a bad thing if we vote in our own self interest. Indeed, it’s very strange that anyone would tell the majority of the populace to NOT vote in their own self interest, to be self effacing, deferential and the blessings of Liberty will trickle down upon them.

#(<% that }*^+.

Not only is that stupid, it’s not democratic.

So, for Bernie Sanders to tell Elizabeth Warren to forget about “identity” politics and that a woman can’t win indicates a complete misunderstanding on his part of what his so called revolution is up against.

If you want a real revolution where the needs of more than half the population are not dismissed and are taken seriously, you absolutely must vote for a woman. Because men, even radically progressive lefties simply Do. Not. Get. It.

Thank you, Bernie, for making that point so much easier to make.



Update: yes, he did.

You know what’s really stupid? A woman beat him in the primary by 4 Million votes (not even close to the 2008 actually rigged primary) AND Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by 3 million. She might have beaten him in electoral college votes as well. We may never know.

In any case, Bernie was wrong.

71 Responses

  1. You really don’t get that this story is a lie? Seriously?

    • How do you know it’s a lie? Because Bernie says it is?

      • 1) Because there is video as far back as 1988 (when Warren was still a Republican) of Bernie saying a woman could be president

        2) Warren lied about being Native American for decades (including falsely claiming that her parents had to elope over her mother’s heritage, co-authoring a cookbook called Pow Wow Chow with her husband where she plagiarized recipes, misrepresenting herself as Harvard’s first woman of color professor, etc.)

        3) Warren lied about being fired for being pregnant

        4) Warren lied about her children going to public school

        Yeah, I’m not going to believe the person who has been lying for decades and weaponizing her identity to get ahead over the person who has been consistently saying the same thing for decades even when it was unpopular

        • Just a warning: this site does not tolerate prepared talking points or disinformation. Commenters who insist on posting push memes that we have seen elsewhere will be moderated.
          You know exactly what I’m referring to. If you want to promote your candidate, do it without spreading disinformation and lies about someone else.

        • Those are no proof. Bernie also had a Bern the Witch party in 2016 with Hillary tied to a stake. He also has a history of degrading women candidates.

          • Not exactly. As https://www.mic.com/articles/137707/a-bern-the-witch-event-appeared-on-bernie-sanders-official-site-and-the-internet-is-mad


            Anyone can register a campaign event on Sanders’ website and that’s exactly what 39-year-old Joe Smith said he did a few months ago when he wanted to show his support for Sanders. Smith, the owner of Piezano’s Pizza Kitchen in Elizabeth, New Jersey, as the event description reads, told Mic around 30 people showed up to the viewing party, which he held in the restaurant’s dining room.

            So, “Bernie” didn’t have such an event: a single, isolated Bernie supporter posted such an event on an unmoderated public site. It was stupid, vulgar, and sexist, but it also wasn’t any kind of officially sanctioned campaign event.

        • I’m pretty dubious about this whole story (as I’ve said below, it has all the hallmarks of a rat-f*cking operation), but I’m not going to slag Warren because I think her campaign has made a misstep here. There isn’t a single Democratic candidate whom I would not prefer to Trump. That includes Bloomberg, although I reserve the right to wince as I cast my ballot.

    • Let’s put it this way: until I hear Warren deny it, I’m inclined to believe it. In fact, it’s entirely too plausible.
      But even if it’s not true, I’m not voting for Bernie in the primary. I used to respect him. I no longer do.
      And don’t tell me what I do or do not get. I’ve seen Bernie Bros in action and I’m sick to death with the aggressive pushiness and mysogyny.
      I’m allowed to carry on with my delusional support for Warren or Klobuchar until they win.

  2. “You know what’s really stupid? A woman beat him in the primary by 4 Million votes (not even close to the 2008 actually rigged primary) AND Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by 3 million.”

    Yeah, it would be stupid for him to think a woman couldn’t win, given that history (he also campaigned for Clinton in 2016). Which is part of the reason this story is a nonsensical lie.

    “not even close to the 2008 actually rigged primary”

    Wait, I’m confused here. Are you saying 2016 wasn’t rigged, but 2008 was? Okay…

    • This gives me chance to say something I want to say on Twitter every time I see this comment, but since I do not have Twitter , I cannot, but this is a worthwhile time to say it here, and at least it is somewhat cathartic to vent on it.

      Here it is. I was so emotionally invested in wanting Hillary to win, that I watched virtually every one of her rallies, when the networks weren’t cutting away to show their darling Trump. Some I taped and came back to see later in the evening. I found i it encouraging to see Hillary ,and the people who introduced her,, and the cheering crowds, and even when CSPAN would show her afterwards shaking hands with some attendees, even talking to them. I will not forget any of that.

      So I happened to see at least a couple of Sanders’ speeches, since they were billed as Hillary Clinton rallies by CSPAN. And here’s what they were: Sanders would get up there and say, “As you know, I disagreed, with Secretary Clinton on many issues, but we must defeat Donald Trump in the election.” Then he would give a few reasons why, almost never saying anything positive about her, such as, “I worked with her in the Senate for years, and we voted the same way on 96% of the bills.” Then he would give his standard stump speech for an hour and a half, talking about breaking up the banks, putting a tax on every transaction conducted on Wall Street, how student loans should be forgiven. None of this had anything to do with Hillary Clinton, nor why his audience members should vote for her and work for her in the campaign.

      I saw this, and I was quite upset. The subliminal message–and I will leave it to you or anyone to decide whether it was intentional, or just part of who Sanders is–was clearly that his fans should hope that he ran next time, and of course the only way that would happen is if Hillary lost. So I do not think that his “rallies,” (and he demanded that the Clinton campaign pay for a private jet for him to attend them) convinced more than a very small percentage of his followers to vote for her. And sure enough, a good proportion of them did not, either did not vote or voted for someone else. Because he had taught them to hate her, to see her as some kind of awful corporate shill (or a worse word which I think does not get through here, but starts with “w,), whom they should never vote for.

      And I read enough comments by his fan club to see how much they absolutely despised her, and for what? She is a classic FDR liberal, immensely popular as a Senator from NY, and left he Secretary of State position after one term,with highly favorable ratings there, as manifested by polls. But Sanders, the guy who wanted Obama primaried in 2012, was goaded into this race by something or someones, and so he took out after Hillary with venom, after promising not to to so, to focus on the issues. And it never really stopped. He used the rallies to promote himself, and he made a bunch of money off a book he wrote.

      So you can support Sanders if you like, but the statement that “Sanders worked hard to try to elect Hillary” is completely belied by the actual facts. If you doubt it, go back and listen to one of those rallies. Five minutes on Hillary, and an hour on Bernie. He’s still giving the same speech, while the country is in terrible straits under Trump,, who very possibly will win a second term. And Hillary should have been President, and would have been, were it not for the spitefulness and egomania of Bernie Sanders. How many of his supporters failed to vote for her in MI, WI and PA, just sat out the election, or voted for Johnson or Stein or even Trump? Plenty more than enough to have made the crucial difference.

      • Yes, know all about that whine. “He didn’t support her hard enough!”

        Maybe you shouldn’t run terrible candidates with terrible, ugly policy records. You’re right for me at least. His speeches didn’t convince me to vote for her. I don’t vote for Republicans (which is also why I won’t vote for Warren. For months I actually entertained doing so if she won the nomination, but that impulse is utterly dead now), so I cast my vote for Jill Stein (I hate women so much I voted for one). And unlike the brain-geniuses in the Clinton campaign, I understand how the electoral college works, and knew my solidly blue state would go to her (which it did).

        How about instead of blaming everyone else, you blame Clinton for running one of the worst campaigns in US history, not bothering even a single smile-and-kiss-babies PR appearance in entire states, and managing to lose to an orange game show host.

        She is literally the antithesis of a New Deal FDR Democrat. Her entire political career has been defined by repudiating the New Deal, ‘ending welfare as we know it’, and all that (spare me the claim that that was her husband’s policy and not her’s. One of features of her time as First Lady was her concerted efforts to make it into a kind of Dual Presidency where she was deeply involved in policy making). Her time as Secretary of State was a disaster; she was the deciding voice in the destruction of Libya.

        If you think Clinton is in any way, shape, or form, progressive, or even middle-of-the-road by the standards of the New Deal-era you are as utterly ignorant and delusional as I’ve come to expect of Clinton supportors.

        Sanders is still giving the same speeches he’s been giving for 30+ years because he still cares about the same issues he cared about 30+ years ago. And those issues are more pressing now than they’ve ever been. It’s called consistency and principle, something Clinton supporters can only dimly comprehend.

        I’m well aware that I’m being rude and aggressive here. Lament the mean ‘Bernie Bro’ all you want. Your beloved Warren just engaged in brazen deceit in a pathetic attempt to sabotage the only genuine chance this country has to pull out of a crash dive (Warren, and all the other empty suit candidates like her, would merely better manage the decline). Your moral and intellectual bankruptcy doesn’t warrant politeness.

        #WarrenRefund Be interesting to watch how much money the idiot loses. I only wish I had ever given her money so I could get it back. Is Sanders average donation still 27 bucks? Think I’ll send him double that today.

        • Terrible candidates don’t beat their opponents by 3 million votes.

        • “I’m well aware that I’m being rude and aggressive here.”

          No, this is rude and aggressive. 😈

      • Whenever I see that Sanders has raised a lot of money, I always ask in dollars or rubles?

    • Benjamin, do you know what happened in 2008? Do you know the DNC took delegates away from Hillary and gave them to Obama at the RBC meeting? Do you know about the caucus system and how undemocratic it is? How people who work have to stay all day to get counted. How the Obama campaign sent lawyers to harass and intimidate caucus workers? Do you know what happened in states where there was both a primary and a caucus being held? Notably the Texas 2 step where Hillary would win the primary but lose the caucus by a margin that is a statistical impossibility? Do you know she won the popular vote and it wasn’t even mentioned by the media? Can you imagine any man winning the popular vote and being denied the nomination? Do you know how many delegates were being intimidated into switching to Obama during the last primary night (where Hillary WON)

      Have you ever heard about Kathrine Switzer? She was the first woman to run the Boston marathon despite women not being allowed to run. She ran it anyway in 1967. During her run, men tried pushing her off the track, they yelled and cursed her out and tore off her running tag. She finished anyway. I am fucking tired of men like you erasing women’s victories both on the racetrack and in politics.

      • Yes, I’m well aware of what happened. I’m saying both were rigged. But in 2016 it was for Clinton instead of against, so she dismisses the idea of rigging then.

        I’m fucking tired of being accused of being sexist because I won’t support garbage neoliberal candidates just because they’re women. I don’t bexpect you to believe me, but if presented with Sanders and a woman who had essentially the same record and policy positions as Sanders, my inclination would very much be to vote for the woman.

    • Yes, that is EXACTLY what I’m saying. 2008 was rigged. There are even live YouTube videos that prove it.
      But this should be Obvious to you. You can’t rig a primary where the spread of votes is 4 million. You can only do it when it’s very very close. Close votes spark cheating. Votes that are not close? Well, you’d have to be under the spell of some magician to not see how stupid such a proposition is.
      In fact, this is born out by the 2016 general election. In states where the vote was close, there are all kinds of questions as to whether the count was accurate or manipulated.
      But Clinton clearly won the popular vote. There’s no question about that. Tens of thousands of votes are pretty easy to change, precinct by precinct. It’s much harder to change the entire state of California.
      This is not rocket surgery.

      • 2016 was rigged. I don’t know if Sanders would have won a fair fight, I suspect he wouldn’t have because he started as a relative unknown. But the fact is that it wasn’t a fair fight.

        It’s breathtaking to watch you deny this. Wasserman Schultz fucking resigned after it was revealed she and the DNC had ‘exercised bias’ against Sanders in favor of Clinton.

        • If anything it was rigged in Sanders favor because he benefited from the undemocratic caucus system and a media that didn’t vet him as much as they vetted Hillary. He would not have won as much as he did had those caucus states been primary states. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC expressing annoyance and frustration with the Bernie campaign through emails isn’t ‘rigging the primary’ and quite frankly the media favored Bernie, DWS favoring Clinton was fair in my eyes. Thank goddess someone had her back!

  3. When I declared my support for Warren, a bro accused me of voting with my vagina. I dared him to go up to a Booker (whom I like) enthusiast and accuse him of voting with his melanin. Wouldn’t happen, and I’m so sick of being told to shut up and wait.

    • I’ve endorsed Warren too – from what I remember all the bros were on the Warren train back in 2015/2016… I don’t know how many times I heard Bernie bros say “I would vote for Elizabeth Warren, just not Hillary” well here’s your chance bros! But we are back to square one “I would vote for AOC, but not Warren” it’s a never ending cycle. It will happen with whatever woman running. From where I’m sitting, its Elizabeth Warren or bust. This is our last shot! And I’ll vote for my vagina and with my vagina until women have been ruling the world for centuries, maybe then it’ll be even. The patriarchy will not fall until we have a Democratic female at the top of the ticket and in the WH

  4. On a lighter note, have you preordered Hillary Mantel’s The Mirror and The Light? I can’t wait, it’s been forever.

  5. So now it’s literally he said, she said.

    Sorry, but the particular she in this equation not only has a history of lying in general, but her campaign has already deploy one verifiable lie against Sanders in the last day or so (though I expect you’ll deny that).

    In fact the rapid follow up with this absurd sexism line looks suspiciously like a coordinated offensive.

    If Sanders is wise he’ll continue to take the high ground and refrain from lowering himself into the gutter where Warren has decided to take up residence. He’s already denied the story as ludicrous, he doesnt need to talk about it more than that.

    • Look, clearly you are a disciple. It’s useless to argue with you. We aren’t interested in you trying without success to change our minds. You are wasting your time.
      Go ahead, tweet away to your heart’s content about what stupid twats we are or whatever it is you have to do to lick your wounds. I guarantee that we won’t spend any time caring.

      • “Disciple?”

        RD, I regret to inform you that you misspelled “dipshit”. 😈

        (Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week.)

  6. Wow Riverdaughter, I was literally just saying to myself and posting on Instagram that men NEVER get accused of voting with their penises, despite having done so for centuries! I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one who is so fed up and enraged by this.

    What’s worse about this whole Bernie thing is that his campaign is now calling on Elizabeth Warren to come out publicly and defend Bernie. And you know the press is going to run with this – “ Senator Warren, be a doll, soothe our heads and cover up for Bernie “

  7. Love the ‘oh, he’s just a white guy’ line.

    He’s Jewish. Plenty of people who care about candidates being white in fact don’t consider Jews to be white, not sure if you’re aware.

    Yes, I’m sure the guy who is part of an ethnic minority and who has been talking about how women can and should be leaders since at least 1988 told a woman she couldn’t be president. That totally seems plausible.

    Hmm, who should I believe, the guy who has been advocating the same progressive policies and message for decades, to the point that his consistency is used as a strike against him.

    Or the Reagan Republican with a long history of lying? Gee, what a difficult choice!

    This narrative is already collapsing, by the way. Washington Post has people present at the dinner disputing Warren’s fabrication. Let’s see if you decide this is the hill you want to die on.

    • I find it interesting that Bernie supporters are much like Trump with regards to Jews thinking it is a nationality not a religion because Bernie is an atheist.

      • I said it is an ethnicity. You do understand the difference between an ethnicity and a nationality, right?

        noun: ethnicity; plural noun: ethnicities

        the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.
        “the interrelationship between gender, ethnicity, and class”

        Jews are identified, both by themselves and gentiles, as Jews regardless of their nationality. Bernie Sanders is a Jew. He identifies as a Jew. That does not mean he subscribes to the religion of Judaism.

      • Ga6,

        Halachically speaking, a Jew is either the child of a Jewish mother (regardless of belief or disbelief), or a Jew by choice (i.e., someone who’s undergone formal conversion). So by the very strictest (orthodox) Jewish standard, Bernie’s Jewish. It’s been that way since the end of the Babylonian Captivity (thanks to the Prophet Ezra). The only controversy about this in the Jewish community is whether to be *more* inclusive (i.e., whether to automagically include people like me who have the gene on the wrong chromosome). As someone who is (presumably) non-Jewish, you don’t get to define this, we do.

  8. So rubles is a forbidden word now??

    • Just like suggesting that “Benjamin’s” real name is actually “Boris.” 😉

  9. Spam doesn’t like my response, and it’s a good one!

  10. Noun: Cult

    “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
    “a cult of personality surrounding the leaders”

    obsession with · fixation on · mania for · passion for · idolization of · admiration for · devotion to · worship of · veneration of · reverence for…

    Certainly defines Bernie supporters, who share the same cult-like qualities as the trump supporters have for their dear leader.

    They are devoid of ration or reason and need to justify their beliefs by convincing you of their beliefs. In order to do that, he/she has to give you information and generally will not be very demanding of the information that you have (if your information agrees with them, they already know it – if your information does not, it is obviously false).

    Sounds like a bernie bro to me.

  11. Please remove my name from the About Us page. Thank you.

    • Done!

      • I am not at all embarrassed. I am just no longer very comfortable here. I don’t consider my support of Bernie cultish anymore than my support of Hillary was. If her dropped support for Medicare for All, I would drop my support of him. But he won’t. Your joke is hilarious since I have no moderator or administrative privileges here.

        • That’s pretty much my position, too. I’m not about personalities, I’m about policy.

        • Sorry, kbird. You know what we’re like here. We haven’t endorsed anyone. HRC was an easy and obvious choice last time. If you can’t see that after the last three years then There’s nothing I can do to persuade you otherwise. I’m not interested in converting anyone. That’s the difference between cultish behavior and stone cold reality.

        • https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/17/us/politics/bernie-sanders-supporters-nevada.html#click=https://t.co/5fEhyoQE5p what would you call supporters who make death threats during a caucus? And throw chairs around?

          M4A is important but I’m not willing to overlook sexism and abusive supporters to get there. I would rather Warren’s M4A plan of action. Endorsed by Ady Barkan. Will provide relief for millions quickly. Sans the sexist supporters.

        • I keep thinking about the anti-abortion protestors that I see every morning on the way to work. They vote on abortion. Period. They don’t consider any other thing. There is no haggling with them. It’s black and white, cut and dried, zero tolerance for any other POV. They are single minded in their zealotry. They will vote for the worst person on earth to get what they want.
          This is what I’m seeing with Bernie supporters. They are so focused on M4A that they wont consider any other possibility. There are all kinds of workable national healthcare policies from around the world. One of those might be BETTER than M4A but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is Bernie is adamantly M4A and that drives out every other consideration.
          I used to like Bernie. But he hasn’t accomplished much in the Senate. Maybe it’s his my way or the highway approach.
          Some of us may never get Medicare when we’re old enough because Trump will have bankrupted the country. But when you have tunnel vision, conducting long term thought experiments becomes impossible.
          I take the pamphlets from the anti-abortion protestors. Then I calmly tear them up in front of them. They don’t care who they hurt in order to get their way. I will likely behave the same way with die hard, dug In heeled Bernie or nothing voters.
          I have no patience for zealots.

          • My main problem with Bernie is MFA. If MFA fails there is no back up plan nothing. So people don’t have any insurance. Like you say there are tons of ways to get universal coverage and since there’s not enough support in the country for Bernie’s plan nobody gets anything.

  12. This whole story smells like a rat-f*king operation to me, and a remarkably successful one by all appearances.

  13. It looks like a troll has been assigned to this blog possibly a Russian one making excuses for Bernie. They always seems to show up here during primaries.

    • They’ve been dealt with.

    • Imagine believing that the Russian government cares enough about this boomer-ass blog with its total of 6 followers to “assign” an agent. You people are legitimately nuts

      • So who be you? A lurker? A drive by? A smart young thing wanting to share your keen wit and in depth knowledge of the world? Thanks for stopping by, your parents must be so proud,,,

      • Lol!! Did you see our unique page hits counter? Granted, most of those millions came years ago. But so what?
        Why do you care if there are only 6 commenters? It’s not like we can influence anyone, right? So calm your tits or go play on a highway.

      • The cultist (or the Rethuglican or Russian–but I repeat myself–ratf*cker) says we’re nuts. 😛

      • You obviously are not up on current events. There is no blog too small to target with troll farms. Remember in 2016 they proved moving the margins is all they need to do.

  14. Yeah, they must suppress our turnout by any means they can, to keep the Orange Traitor in the White House.

    So we must turn out and vote, no matter what.

    Seven won’t be enough. We will have to be The Magnificent Seventy Million, or more.

    • I prefer the original, thank you:

      • However, the dead dumbass was posthumously declared the winner, on the basis of a few thousand votes from stupid white people in a few Rust Belt states.

        • Refighting the last war is a sure recipe for success, IWB.

          • If I understand your statement correctly, I was making a bitter jest, not strategizing.

            *sigh* I will complete my 57th solar orbit in May. I begin to despair of living long enough to see demographic evolution (“the browning of America”) do its good work of enabling progress in this country.

            I am a non-elite white male American, but by now, I think I have lost all love or loyalty for my gender or my skin-color tribe, as such–2016, I think, was the last straw.

            I now look upon the majority of my fellow non-elite whites with much the same feelings of contempt as a Marvel Comics mutant, who merely happens to be white and male, must regard normal white males, once he has decided that Professor Xavier is naive, and Magneto is right about the normals after all.

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