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    Catscatscats on General Mattis’s Statement
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
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We have restrictions on flights to China and South Korea. Italy? Probably because there are giant honkin’ red blobs all over those locations.

But at the present time, the number of cases, and deaths!, in the US with a population of approx. 340,000,000 people exceeds the number of reported cases in India with a population of approx. 1,200,000,000 people. That’s about 4X more people and only 3 confirmed cases in India.

I don’t think the Himalayas are presenting a physical barrier. And anyway, the virus can come in through Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Soooo, that’s not it.

It can’t be the heat because Singapore has 94 cases.

I’m going to guess that there is no natural immunity.

Let’s chalk it up to 1.) lack of testing 2.) sketchy healthcare options for lower levels of society and …??

You’d have thought that this omission would have gotten some attention by now by I haven’t heard anything. And I think this could be an underreported/investigated story that has the potential to have a big impact soon.

This seems extreme

A crowd sets fire to a clinic in Iran:

What we know about Iran is the fatality rate seems unusually high per confirmed cases. The number of infections is likely higher than the confirmed rate. So, there are people with the virus in Iran who are infected and spreading disease but aren’t getting tested.

Also, the government has not restricted travel to Qom, a Shiite pilgrimage site in northern Iran.

So, high rate of infection, government not testing enough, government not taking measures to prevent transmission. Acts of violence ensue.

Now, let’s talk about India. Nothing has changed in the past week. Only 3 confirmed cases. Move along people, nothing to see here. Recipe for disaster. It could be an easy excuse to purge Muslim neighborhoods because why not?

What’s going to happen here? No clue. We need to test more people and head off the chaos. There’s no reason why things need to get this bad as long as the powers that be are keeping on top of things.


We’re doomed.

Crowdsourcing -You need to read this one


The pope has quarantined himself and THIS just popped up on the news this morning:

So, the heads of state are starting to get infected. That’s very significant. And whether we like him or not, the fact that Trump was in India just a few days ago and India hasn’t updated its status for about a week, should raise alarm bells. If Trump becomes sick or incapacitated, Pence is supposed to be next in line. But I can just imagine the chaos in the White House as the staffers start looking out for #1 and it won’t be Trump. Is there a plan?

For that matter, should the candidates be getting close to crowds when there is no way of knowing for sure what the current infection rate is in the US?

It’s all connected, oh best beloveds. Let’s keep calm and think ahead.


Most of the time, ALL of the time, you commenters are amazing and conscientious people. I appreciate every one of you.

But there are days when I wonder if you could please pay attention to posts that are just as important as elections. The Coronavirus posts are what I’m referring to. If I put one up, I hear crickets in the comments section and, guys, we just can’t do that anymore.

I don’t think we can trust our government to give us good information anymore. You’re probably saying, “duh”. But I’m serious. This is what the Masha Gessens were referring to at the beginning of the Trump administration. We are so overstimulated by a barrage of outrageous behavior from Trump that we are in danger of shrugging it off when something really urgent happens. We have to snap out of it.

In the last couple of days, I put up posts about what I’ve seen on the JHU Covid19 tracker that look really disturbing. There was a significant blob of infection at the Oklahoma- Kansas border that grew quickly over the course of one day and then disappeared, like magic. I don’t know where those cases came from or where they went. Shouldn’t we know?

There is still the puzzling case with India. It hasn’t changed it’s confirmed status in over a week. That’s 1 billion people surrounded by a sea of red from China and Iran who are blissfully immune to this rapidly spreading and dangerous virus. And if that’s not strange enough, Trump just spent time there and came back from India the day before his disastrous press conference. Shouldn’t we know what’s going on with India, especially since so many of our offshore technical resources are locate there and many onshore technical resources still travel back and forth?

I’m not saying we need to keep people in holding pens. I’m saying that the lack of transparency makes us vulnerable because we don’t know what’s going on around us. Community spreading is possible because we look at those red dots and say, well, it’s not in my city yet. How do we know that? I mean, how do we know that in the age of Trump? How do we practice defensive disease control when we can’t see the disease coming?

I’m not blaming Johns Hopkins University for disappearing dots in Oklahoma but it looks like someone leaned on the users that maintain the site to delete some crucial data. Or some sources stopped sending updates. That’s something scientists are taught to never do. The data is agnostic. We just report it. You can’t predict or formulate hypothesis or draw conclusions unless the data is transparent and honest.

So, we have to rely on ourselves. We need to become the Waze of Covid19. We need to practice “see something, say something”. We need to write requirements for tracking the virus without the help of JHU or the CDC. Carefully, calmly, accurately. We may need to create our own app. For the code challenged among us, this is the time to figure out how to get it done.

As an American citizen, I want an app for crowdsourcing Coronavirus cases and observations so that I know the risks to my community in real time.

Your turn. Write your own “As a, I want, so that” requirement.

Clowns to the left of me…

Has anyone seen this clip of Warren vs a Branch Bernidian in South Carolina yesterday?

First, y’all should know not to mess with Elizabeth Warren. Have you seen her in debate? She is smart, prepared and fearless. It’s like walking into a buzz saw. Seriously, there’s no one on that stage who can compose a deadly reply better than she does. Someone should put together her greatest debate hits. Devastating.

Second, if you’re going to make the rules, don’t complain about them later.

Third, this is why I will never vote for Bernie in my primary in April even if he is the last candidate on the ballot. I’ll write in a name. He and his followers are dismissive and are contemptuous of the majority of Democrats who vote in Democratic primaries. It takes a certain chutzpah and a megalomaniacal ego to lose the 2016 primary by 4 million votes and then petition the superdelegates to defy the will of all the voters and dump the actual winner. And let’s recall that 2016 was not like 2008 when the breadth of a gnat’s wing separated the delegate count between Hillary and Obama. No, 2016 was unambiguous. Bernie LOST the earned delegate count not by a plurality of voters but by a vast majority of voters.

But just like every media pundit and clueless rules committee person and Republican ever, shutting up and muting all of the woman candidate’s voters is something Bernie and his guys do reflexively. They don’t think about it for a second. It’s like a woman candidate’s votes are worth only 3/5ths of a male candidate’s votes, especially if they’re Bernie’s. Everybody knows that.

Fourth, the crazy rationalization that Bernie people make to justify their whining is stupid to the point of being Trumpian. The latest is that somehow the DNC conspired with Hillary in 2016. yes, yes, Democrats are notorious for taking orders from the DNC. We do what we’re told.

I’m insulted.

Here’s the truth, Bros, we voted for Hillary because we *liked* her better. Some of us even voted with our vaginas because the last thing we wanted was some old guy telling us how he feels for us wimin who are working moms with child care issues making $.87 for every dollar a man makes and can’t decide what to do with our reproductive system without consulting a committee of religious elders (Obama’s position. People forget.) and Republican legislatures. I don’t believe any man can represent women better than a woman and especially not Bernie.

Just face it, Some of us wanted Hillary because we liked her and because she was vastly more qualified than Bernie. The DNC has nothing to do with it. In fact, I made sure I never heard or saw one single campaign ad or pac ad the entire 2016 season and I only watch about 1 hour of cable news a day. The rest of my news I get from reading all the time from a diverse assortment of resources. I don’t even use FaceBook for gawd’s sakes. So how would the deep state DNC make me do anything?

The unbelievable and distasteful arrogance of Bernie and his cult is they are convinced, just like every Christian Fundagelical I have ever known, is that we are naive, untouched savages, enslaved by the fear of our impending deaths without salvation, waiting to be enlightened. And if the first 300 times they’ve tried to do it didn’t work, it’s because we are like children and surely the next time we hear The Word, we will be filled with understanding. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll just take over the party. It’s for our own good.

This is why more and more actual Democrats would rather burn in hell than vote for Bernie.


More reasons why Elizabeth Warren is “likeable”:


Correcting the record.

Trump compared Coronavirus to the flu just now and said flu causes more deaths.

According to the briefing from the CDC yesterday, the fatality rate from Coronavirus is 2-4%, about the same as the Spanish flu of 1918.

Regular seasonal influenza is about .7%. It just looks higher right now because the flu is a global phenomenon.

But Coronavirus is expected to go global as well.

Let’s assume that Coronavirus is pandemic and compare it to the seasonal flu. The population of earth is 8 Billion people.

Deaths from Covid19= (8,000,000,000)(.02)

That’s 160,000,000 possible deaths.

Deaths from flu = (8,000,000,000)(.007)

That’s 56,000,000 possible deaths.

I’m saying possible because there will probably be fewer than 8 billion infected by either virus. Still, the difference is YUGE and we’re taking the lower limit for Covid19. Depending on your national healthcare system and whether your country is run by Trump, the number could be higher or lower.

But no matter how you slice it, flu is not nearly as bad.

The good news is that your body can survive it if you get treatment and support until your immune system kicks in. The bad news is Coronavirus is a lot rougher on the body in the meantime.

This is INSANE

Look, I’m not trying to panic people but I have respect for nature. You should be calm and ready.

But this attack on scientists based on a loyalty test is not productive. In fact, it’s likely to make the situation worse. Does anyone believe the information coming from China? We are right to be skeptical because CHINA has a habit of destroying and discrediting its scientists and medical professionals who try to sound the alarm. It’s what authoritarian countries do.

Do we want to be like China??

How about India, which inexplicably and defying all of the laws of epidemiology has only three cases in a country with over a billion people in it. Can we actually trust those numbers? Of course we can’t. But that’s what Modi’s government is reporting while it wages a stupid internal war on Muslims.

We don’t have time for this, people. If you want to interrogate Messonier’s political leanings, take it up with her after the pandemic is under control. Right now, scientists are working on a very limited budget due to Trump’s reckless attacks on the NIH, CDC and the pandemic response departments of the DHS and NHS.

Call me pessimistic but I can almost hear Trump try to assure the public that everything is in control because he has sealed our borders. As if viruses ever respected a border.

It’s too late for that. The barn door is still open and the horses are running free- everywhere. If the JHU tracker is predictive at all we can probably expect to see a sharp rise in infections in about a week.

As for the stock market, if you voted or supported a deeply incompetent Trump because you thought your 401k would grow indefinitely, well, you’re just going to have to learn the hard way. Any number of natural disasters might have brought the market down. Or even just waiting for the tariffs to take their bite. Or any of a number of ill-considered and selfish market manipulations that would make the early 20th century robber barons blush with envy. We are all living a very precarious existence right now. You should have demanded that the government pay back its IOUs yo the social security trust fund.

I would hope this will be a wake up call for the Trumpers after they see that Trump’s primary concern is his own re-election. Screw all the people who are about to become very sick because he refused to pay for proactive measures.

Nature has a way of leveling our plans. And Trump is way over his head. But Nancy Messonnier is just a scientist. Stop foaming at the mouth over her telling the truth.


Buckle up, peeps. Here we go:

What’s going on with India?? #Coronavirus

I’m moving this up from the bottom of the previous post because I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.

In the past month, the Covid 19 tracker shows 3 cases of disease in India.

This is potentially a HUGE problem that seems to have gotten little attention. India is home to over 1 Billion people and it’s close to China. How do we explain the fact that China has a slew of cases, Iran is starting to get hammered, but there are only three cases in India?

Looks hinky to me. 

Here’s why this is serious. We have a lot of IT workers from India. I work with them. They are dedicated professionals. But they tend to visit home for prolonged periods of time. If India is saying that as a country, it is largely immune to this virus, then we are potentially not monitoring the epidemic as well as we should. 

Many Indians I know are US citizens and I have no reason to believe that any of them would knowingly bring back a virus from home without telling anyone. On the other hand, our immigration system is so messed up that saying something might get you sent to Oklahoma – Kansas. Shouldn’t we know what’s going on in India so we can plan appropriately? Potentially, there are whole office buildings in major cities that are affected. Right now. And we don’t know it.