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To be clear, I have never done this

This is the kind of thing that I would expect would merit disinheritence. That and physical abuse, stealing in general, shooting up with your friends in the living room, wrecking her car while DUI, prostitution in an upstairs bedroom, murder, serial murder, war crimes, basically, being a substandard human being. You know, stuff I would never do.

I’ll betcha disinheritence never happened to this woman because in all likelihood, she and her mom watched Fox News together and spoke fluent word salad to one another.

Just speculation.

Addendum: Lol! She’s an executor for her mother’s estate:

In separate cases in civil court, the nursing home, the mother’s court-appointed guardian and the guardian’s lawyers are all suing Turk to collect money they say she owes them as the representative of her mother’s estate. The total amount owed according to the three lawsuits is more than $320,000. Turk is suing the nursing home for negligence

The arc of the universe that bends towards justice is tangent to some of our lives.

3 Responses

  1. The story is appalling and horrifying. They are pretty much all of a piece, the Trump acolytes. No morals, no empathy or decency, but they sure love to talk about these things in the abstract. It is interesting how a President can influence the general spirit of the country. In the early days of JFK’s term, many young people were impelled to join the Peace Corps or to enter some kind of public service. In the Reagan days, “greed is good” seemed to pervade the atmosphere, all these people getting MBAs and working leveraged buyouts. Now we have all these twisted people trying to find evil ways to get rich. Of course she thought that Roger Stone did nothing wrong.. “Anything is permitted” seems to be the spirit of this regime.

    • “Anything is permitted” as long as you’re “white” (like me).

      While not absolutely necessary, it helps greatly if you’re male (like me) and/or “Christian”. (I hope I don’t need the quotation marks for myself, but there is only one Judge of that.)

  2. “The arc of the universe that bends towards justice is tangent to some of our lives. ”

    In this case, I think it’s perpendicular.

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