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Today, Nancy and her managers will walk the articles of impeachment over to the senate in an Engrossment Ceremony.

So many images come to mind…

I looked it up. Engrossment is something like the end of a legal procedure. So what this sounds like is the House grand jury hands over the indictments to the court. The House, except for its prosecutor managers, is done.

But is it?

Yesterday’s revelations of Lev Parnas’s notes and WhatsApp records are serious. If you put them together with Trump’s July 25 call where he says of Marie Yovanovitch, “She’s going to go through some things”, it looks like the Trump administration was actively menacing and compromising the safety of an ambassador and career civil servant.

Why did Parnas and Hyde know when Yovanovitch turned off her computer, left her office, which corner of the embassy she was standing?

It explains why she was quickly pulled out of Ukraine for security reasons. I’m guessing that someone alerted her State Department supervisor that she was being bugged, monitored, tracked. Any guesses who it might have been?

Anyway, the whole thing makes it sound like Trump et al was not above hurting his political enemy, a well known anti-corruption diplomat.

If you haven’t read the releases yet, do it now. Go check out what Rudy and Parnas and Trump were up to. There is no longer any doubt that Trump was holding up aid to Ukraine specifically to get Zelensky to publicly announce investigations against Joe and Hunter Biden.

That won’t stop Mitch from trying to deep six the impeachment trial in any way necessary.

And it won’t stop Trump from doing it again. It won’t stop him from doing anything he wants.

Senators should think about that.

18 Responses

  1. I had thought that their goal with Yovanovitch was to have her arrested by Ukranian forces, not to kill her. But I would not put anything past them. I just read about how various people surrounding Trump, and Roy Cohn’s former secretary who was about to publish at tell-all book in 1994, were suddenly killed in automobile crashes or plane crashes. So anything is possible, The texts are chilling, there is no doubt.

    Oh, Trump just signed some kind of trade deal. What an amazing coincidence. China is on his side, as is Russia, as are all the other totalitarian states other than Iran. And they will all coordinate to try to help him win. This “trade deal” at the best would be back to the status quo ante before Trump engaged in the trade war. The chocolate ration goes down from 8 grams to 4 grams, and then back up to six, and the people cheer Big Brother. Trump just got the impeachment trial off the news, and the media dutifully follows along..

    What we are fighting against is a worldwide cabal or totalitarians and oligarchs who all work together in some loose fashion. I don’t know whether our forces, such as they are, are equipped to win that battle, but we will know in ten months. We haven’t won too many of them lately, just ask the British people. And of course part of their strategy is to get prop up a Corbyn or Sanders to be the face of the opposition.

    I wonder how many people were tipped on the “trade deal,” so that they could cash in again on the stock market. This is not a democracy, it is a shell game being run by mobsters of various backgrounds and origins.

    • William, Uppity retweeted this. I doubt the so called “responsible elite” this old white man is touting was ever responsible. Ever a small group of wealthy people, predominantly male, wielding power and manipulating opinion from the shadows, viewing the rest of us as children or worse.

  2. The release of this information, at this time, is maximum impact, even if the media isn’t quite on board yet. It will simmer under the surface and is too sensational for the media to ignore. I can’t believe it’s been barely 24 hours since its release. Wow.

  3. I heard there are no indications that DoJ or State has any interest In investigating any of it. Hmmm…. Hillary must be involved in this somewhere, elusive criminal master mind that she is. If Fox or the Russians can just find the right conspiracy squirrel to throw out there, Barr’s rat whiskers might start twitching. Herstory, if this moves the needle, I will be surprised and impressed. I don’t trust Parnas. Wouldn’t be surprised if he and Fruman are Russian useful idiots.

    • Cats, I am sure you have watched the Rachel Maddow show, and the interview with Lev Parnas. It is really something. He is intelligent, and he knows exactly what was going on. It puts it all together, in clear terms. It is certainly possible that nothing will come of it, but if that is so, then there’s not any hope for the country, anyway. This is as clear as it can be, and if the media doesn’t pick it up ,they are utterly corrupt or beyond stupid.

      A gang of people were having great fun trying to get rid of people, they didn’t like, manufacturing propaganda against their political enemies maneuvering others to do what they wanted. And they all are implicated in this, Trump, Pence, Barr. McCarthy, all the Trump people, and probably many Republican senators and congresspeople. It is Nixon and Watergate on a wider scale. It is Republicans completely unmasked. Based on this, there should be 95 votes for conviction. It will be interesting to see how they rationalize their votes the other way. If the media would use a tenth of the relentlessness that they employed against Hillary, this would be the biggest political scandal in American history, and they all should go to jail for decades. Of course, this is almost exactly what was done to Hillary, except that the FBI kept it secret or lied about it, McConnell got Obama to keep it quiet, and the media didn’t want to know, they were so focused on the red herring.. So of course Trump tried it all again. That’s what happens when the media dutifully chases after the chimeras created for them by the Republican machine.

      • Yes, William I did watch the Parnas interview but was occasionally distracted by Bondi’s leering stare. I was surprised at how well Parnas articulated his part of the “scheme” and was pleased that Ukraine, according to Parnas, resisted trump’s extortion ad best they could . If even half of what he claims is corroborated, it will be the scandal of our generation, but who can do that? Bolton? What about the million dollars he received from the Russian bank? Why the one way ticket to Vienna? i hope Pence and Barr get pulled into the impeachment effort but I still wonder if Putin isn’t behind this. Were they framing trump and the Rethugs, setting them up to further deepen the divide and destroy us from within? I think Hyde is probably a drunk and mentally unbalanced, i still don’t believe he had a meaningful role in knee capping Yavonovitch. Parnas’s fear of being taken out was interesting… by trump or Putin or Firtash? He seemed awfully calm and too smiley. This is going to take forever to sort out unless Bolton is the key. Tick tock.

  4. I wonder if the Democrats should push for witnesses like Mulvaney, who are devoted loyalists of Trump, and will do everything they can to protect him. I wouldn’t put it past him and the other Trump officials to lie under oath, because who would prosecute them? Not Barr and the DOJ. And the perjury, which would be subtle, not blatant, would be almost impossible to prove. I might prefer to have Fiona Hill back up there. But we’ll see if they get any of the witnesses they are asking for. I agree with Kamala Harris that Parnas should be a witness, but that’s not going to happen. We know that the Republicans’ goal is to get to the result they want, which is acquittal, as quickly as possible, while perhaps trying to make things look reasonable. The highlight might have just been today, when I got to hear Adam Schiff read the articles of impeachment to the Senate, covered by all the networks. The reality is that there is overwhelming evidence of guilt, it is now as easy to put together as a beginner’s jigsaw puzzle. But they’ll keep denying it, even under oath of being impartial jurors.

  5. So the Supreme Court is going to hear a case which could (and probably will, given the makeup of the Court) allow Electors in the Electoral College to vote for anyone they want, irrespective of their state’s popular vote result? That would just about cement the takeover of democracy by a cabal which can nullify the votes of Americans.
    This case apparently started because some jerks in Colorado just couldn’t bring themselves to cast their electoral votes for Hillary, like the three or four jerks in Washington State. So one of them sued to give electors the right o do anything they want. A confirmation of the lower court ruling today by the Supreme Court would mean that Republicans would win every presidential election. Just threaten or bribe the eleclors, stick stealth electors in there, get a Republican governor, or if that is not available, a Republican legislature, to put in at least a few right-wingers in their group.

    So in red states, the Republican would get all the electoral votes’; in blue states, there would usually be few electors, closet Republicans or insane Bernie supporters, who would not vote for the Democratic candidate. The Democrat could ostensibly win states with 30 more electoral votes, and lose the election. And the Supreme Court, which in another era would realize this, and protect the so-called sanctity of the vote, is now mostly filled with Federalist Society members whose main goal is to create a permanent Republican majority which can never be displaced by any legal means .If Hillary had won, none of this would be an issue. But the Republicans want a dictatorship, and the Bernie people are so abysmally ignorant and spiteful, that they have been helping them to achieve it.

    • Welp, the more the Mean Stupid White Folks manage to make peaceful change impossible, the more they will make violent change inevitable.

      And they are disproportionately old, and their numbers shrink by the day.

  6. Well, by tying up Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar it’s certainly a great way to help Biden in the early states.

    • You don’t really think that this was some kind of plot, the impeachment trial? Actually, each of these will have a chance to be on national TV, and I assume that they will make use of it. They’ve all been campaigning in Iowa for months, and Sanders has tens of millions to spend on ads, so he has the advantage over the other two. Biden will not win either Iowa or New Hampshire. I would guess that Sanders will win New Hampshire, maybe Iowa as well, plus Nevada. Then we will have to see whether the rest of the Democrats in other states will support the person that the Republicans want to win the nomination, the person whom they have scrupulously refrained from attacking, saving all their fire and opposition research for the national election.

      • No, I just think the timing is unfortunate in some ways. If she’d been able to stall past Super Tuesday, things might be a lot clearer.

  7. William,

    Let’s put things in perspective and recognize the fact that caucuses are undemocratic, unrepresentative and chaotic. They take hours, and disenfranchise disabled people, poor people, senior citizens, people of color, and people who work the night shift. A caucus vote is such a small swath of voters and is hardly representative of who the majority of people would vote for.

    I’ve participated in a Texas caucus for Hillary and the Bernie Bros were out in mass ready and willing to intimidate those of us who supported Hillary. They took liberties during that process which were illegal, such as taking the book with the names of all of the candidates and the number of votes they received home with them. I stood up and stopped them from doing that. Otherwise, they would have gotten away with it. Too much room for cheaing and bernie’s supporters tend to be willing to cheat for him.

    After that experience, I don’t have a lot of faith in such an undemocratic process in measuring a candidates electibility. sanders got way too much credit for his caucus wins as a viable candidate whereas, Hillary did not get enough for her huge primary wins over sanders which clearly showed she was the people’s choice.

    • As we know, Tom Perez gave in to the Sanders people and did not push for closed primaries or an end to all caucuses, which are indeed undemocratic. I am expecting the Sanders people to overwhelm the caucuses, and also for Republicans to flood open primary states with votes for Sanders, since Gabbard is no longer viable.. There is a real danger that since there is no reason for them to vote in their own primaries, the Republicans will try to fix the Democratic ones. Perez did not even try to stop something like this, he was so concerned that the Sanders people would revolt . We cannot trust the results from any open primary, particularly this time. Trump has told the Republicans which candidate is their enemy. Whether any of us likes him or not, we can be sure that Republicans will try to defeat him, which helps the other candidates., particularly the one who has a fervent group of supporters who spend their time trying to smear all of the rest .

  8. William,

    Another factor which consistently gets ignored by you and many other Americans, not to mention Congress, is despite actual proof shown in an HBO documentary film back in 2006 focusing on Americas voting systems and proving definitively how easily these voting systems can be hacked into for the purpose of manipulating the vote (without detection). These machines, according to the Finnish computer security expert, Harri Hursti, who was able to demonstrate how easy it was to hack the machines. He said they were literally open for business, which makes it not so hard to believe that Russia hacked into these machines and changed the outcome of the 2016 election. The electoral college involves a small number of votes, making it much easier to manipulate those votes without raising suspicion and prompting an audit. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million. Much harder to manipulate that many votes cast over the entire country. I am convinced that Russia hacked into the voting systems in those 3 states which gave trump a very slim margin of “victory”.

    As flawed as you think the primary process is, it is still the voting systems themselves which are the primary culprit in the rigging of our elections and will continue to be as long as Americans continue to ignore this elephant in the room and continue looking the other way. In fact, Harri Hursti told us that these voting systems are what he would expect to see in a banana republic!

  9. David Brin knocks one out of the park.

    Yep. After 70 years spent futilely trying to suborn the U.S. left, which generally saw through all the faux-egalitarian Leninist crap, Putin and his fellow commissars and KGB agents just dropped all the hammer-sickle stuff and re-branded themselves as billionaire-Christian mafia-oligarchs. And that was all it took, in order to hypnotize the entire U.S. right. What a contrast.


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