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Christmas Carol

I have a post cooking on FMLA that I need to get off my chest but so much has been happening lately in the news that I’m afraid it will get lost and ignored. And you all really need to pay attention. 🤨

So, I’m going to sprinkle in Christmas carols until the impeachment initiative reaches a steady state.

There will be an impeachment session tonight starting at 7pm, presumably so that it reaches the highest prime time audience. Let’s get together.

In the meantime, put your impeachment thoughts in the comments and listen to some music.

I have an opportunity today for a different job that’s more compatible with my skill set. Wish me luck!

Here’s my favorite carol, what’s yours?

6 Responses

  1. Good luck, RD! Go get that job!

    Re impeachment, we are so far down the rabbit hole that I believe that if the polls showed 100% in favor of impeachment and removal, the Senate would still not convict. It’s all lies, lies, we tell you, just ask Russia and Barr and Durham. Fox will explain it all to you with their alternative facts. trump for life!

    Just saw that in Iowa, Biden and Sanders are tied for first. Looks like a decrepit white man will save us from a decrepit, deranged orange man. Good times.

    • Lord help us if Bernie is the nominee. We will have 4 more years of Trump. At least Biden while I don’t think he would be a good president and could only serve one term at least he could beat Trump. With Bernie we hopefully would hold onto the house but the chance of taking the senate would be zero.

  2. I could use some Xmas carols, but I prefer the non-denominational ones. Somebody apparently told Trump that he could issue an executive order making Judaism a nationality. Beyond horrifying, this should be unconstitutional, how can a President issue orders denoting various people as part of a nationality? Beyond any terrifying future implications, this order isolates Jewish people, describes their choice of religion as fixed at birth, and attempts to mark them as “the other.” Judaism is a religion. Most people born to Jewish parents are proud to maintain their Jewish religion. Some do not. Some people, such as Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Jr., Eleanor Parker, Elizabeth Taylor, were not born to Jewish parents, but adopted the Jewish religion. Being Jewish is not a nationality. No executive order can make it so, not in any country which is not a totalitarian state. What we are, is anyone’s guess at this point.

    In other news, Lindsay Graham is veritably insane. Trump is emulating his favorite author, Hitler. The next goal is to fire Wray, replace him with a stooge, and turn the FBI into the Gestapo. It can happen here. Vote.

    I am afraid that Sanders is going to win Iowa, and New Hampshire, and then we are going to be down to the Sanders cult,and Biden. I guess that Sanders is now by nationality Jewish, though he doesn’t practice it. But you can’t escape nationality, the Nazis killed everyone they could who had Jewish parents.

    Stalin apparently once said that “It doesn’t matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes.” Similarly, Republicans adhere to the philosophy of “It doesn’t matter what the actual facts are, or what someone actually said, all that matters is what our propaganda machine says.” So the IG report which said that there was no bias or improper predication to the Russia investigation, actually said that there was bias, and that the FBI are scum, and Trump is always right. And Durham, there is the impartial arbiter, and whatever he and Trump and Barr say is the new gospel.

    I will skip the Senate Judiciary hearings today, but I will try to watch the House Judiciary hearings. I wish I could see some path by which the Senate would vote to convict and remove Trump, but I don’t. Some would-be helpful people, mostly the never-Trumpers, are complaining that the Democrats should have had more articles of impeachment. However, I think they wanted to have articles which were so strongly supported by facts, that Republicans in the Senate would have a more difficult time in dismissing them. But I do see the other side of the argument, too. I do wish that the never-Trumpers had left their party before it turned into the party of Trump, which was inevitable. Then maybe, instead of supporting Evan McMullin, whose candidacy Rick Wilson created; or voting for Gary Johnson; or backing Howard Schultz, whom Steve Schmidt was strongly behind; or consistently voting for Republicans for Congress, we might not have had any of this.

    Good luck with the new job possibility, RD! It is always so important to try to find a career which best fits one’s own nature and abilities. It is hard to do, of course; many people are forced by exigence to make a compromise. I read a poll once that said that 70% or so of attorneys practicing in California said that they wished they had chosen another career. Maybe Trump will make “attorney” a new nationality?

  3. William – There is an article at long last on SALON about certain FBI agents in the NYC office and their visceral hatred of Hillary. I do not know how to link it. But I think you can find it.

    • Here is the Salon article

      • Thanks, lucy and jmac. i looked for it, but could not find. The anti-Hillary sentiment within the FBI doesn’t surprise me at all, esp in the NY office. At a minimum, someone should publish the names of those FBI agents and whether they were fired or forced to resign. Although Horowitz said others were looking into NY’s office. Sinking back into my pit of hopeless despair now,,..

        Did anyone see Kamala question Horowitz? He hung on her every word and was noticeably enthusiastic at the thought of supporting legislation that would allow him to investigate DOJ attorneys. We’re looking at you Barr and your prey Durham. Kamala looked sad and exhausted to me. I wish she were still on the ballot.

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