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John Dean is still right

I think it was Propertius who asked whether there is a threshold of bad behavior that will cause the Republican voter to abandon Trump. I don’t think there is or at least not any time soon. But before I explain why, let me take you on a little diversion.

I waited until after chemo and surgery before I started googling and YouTubing anything about cancer, for obvious reasons.

But once I started feeling more positive about my prognosis, I went YouTubing and found it is chock full of cancer patients documenting their “journeys”. One journey left a strong impression on me. The woman was Christina Newman. In her thirties, she was a popular youtuber among the raw foods cohort. Then she was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. She had 4 positive lymph nodes.

She decided to not have chemo or radiation. She was convinced that alternative treatments would work for her despite the loud and frequent warnings from her doctors that if she didn’t get treated, she would die. Even her herbalist told her to submit to chemo because it was really important to stop this aggressive cancer from spreading.

She decided to take her own path.

Ten months later, she made a vlog about how her cancer had returned after surgery and now, even more lymph nodes were affected. It was then, when she could see a tumor the size of a golf ball growing rapidly, that she decided to try chemo. Over the next two years’ worth of videos, I watched her optimism turn to desperation. She is diagnosed as terminal the week after she gave birth.

Her story is really sad but I urge you to go check out her videos because she showed great courage during her journey up to her final destination. But it’s very frustrating to watch her throw away any chance of a long life by rejecting conventional treatment in favor of green smoothies and homeopathic concoctions.

The videos haunted me. The video where she talks about refusing chemo and radiation was mesmerizing to me. It feels like she is more afraid of chemo and its toxic effects than the cancer itself. I couldn’t stop watching it and I couldn’t say why.

I had an epiphany about that today.

It occurs to me that the typical Republican voter is afraid of what might happen to them if Democrats ever take charge again. That might seem obvious but bear with me.

They’ve been conditioned to believe that Democrats are going to take their guns and healthcare choices and their freedom and god knows what else. We make jokes about how we will force them to gay marry and have abortions but they really truly believe their worst fears will come true if Democrats are elected. They fear us more than they fear anything Trump will do.

Imagine what it must be like to have such an all consuming fear of Hillary Clinton, for example, that you will ignore all of Trump’s corruption, his appalling behavior towards his military aides, his compromising our national security and cozying up to Putin. I never thought I would hear the kind of support for Trump that would cross so many ethical lines. They support his obstruction. He’s like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. He’s and his ice pick are the only things keeping out the Walkers. Deep down, they know that he’s guilty but they believe that any Democrat would be so much worse.

Think about what happens whenever Democrats look like they might be regaining some traction. Almost immediately, Hillary Clinton will be rolled out. Maybe there’s a trigger word that releases the “Hillary would have been horrible” neurotransmitter.

The fear that these voters are experiencing is a lot like the fear that cults instill in their followers. It’s emotional and resistant to reason.

All I know is they’ve been conditioned to believe that no matter how awful Trump is, the cure is so much worse that they will avoid it at all costs. They’ll avoid it until the day that it metastasizes and all chances of rooting it out will look feeble and desperate. Once they decide that things have gotten bad enough, there won’t be a cure and they’ll have to live with Trump and his party until the very bitter end.

There will come a day when they will want to try to hold him accountable but until then, they will dig in and try alternatives. Right now, impeachment might be the medicine we need to dig out what is killing us. Once that opportunity has passed, Trump and his yes men will feel comfortable to spread everywhere and take over the body.

And that’s what made me think of John Dean trying to counsel Richard Nixon when he said, “There’s a cancer on the presidency”.

Nixon was low grade compared to Trump.


Mike Kelly, Republican Rep from Erie, PA was on c-span this morning, feigning outrage that Pelosi called Trump an imposter.

Note that she didn’t call him an illegitimate president because the jury is still out on that. But imposter he definitely is and he knows it.

It looks like the other NATO state leaders know it too. They laughed at him behind his back and Macron upbraided him publicly. He was so undone he left the NATO summit early before the last press conference.

So much for getting our dignity back under Trump.

Pelosi knows exactly what she’s saying. It’s delightful.


C-Span’s other memes:

Well, it looks like the Republicans are starting to run out of spin. Now they’re seizing on Turley’s remarks that maybe the Democrats are going too fast and should let the courts settle the subpoena cases first.

Oh, yeah, they really like that idea. Multiple callers and guests going on about timing.

But for the first time since I’ve been listening, callers were overwhelmingly for impeachment and had no illusions about what was going on. These were sober and clear eyed callers, lots and lots of them. They know that the only reason why we can’t impeach him successfully is because 1.) The Republican Senate is compromised and 2.) Trump is obstructing Justice and refusing to let his minions testify. They also know that no other president has ever done that.

It makes them think that he might be up to no good in other areas and is getting away with it.

Sooooo, you know, the Republicans Wurlitzer may be running out of hot air.


I’m crawling to the finish line as far as time off goes this year. There has been no vacation, just doctor’s appointments and stuff.

Thank you to those of you who hit the Tip Jar. I really appreciate it. It helped me with a nice early Christmas present for someones special.

It’s cold, cloudy, damp in Pittsburgh. So, you know, typical for this time of year. I’m trying to keep my head in “week at the beach” mode. To that end, I’m wearing my long blonde hair today, (it’s warm), and dreaming of a getaway.