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Impeachment Debate

Sorry I’m late. I’m sitting here listening to Collins losing his shit and spouting a word salad of unrelated subjects.

Basically, it comes down to “Because Democrats hate him Trump should be able to do whatever he wants no matter how evil it is. Anything else is mean and unfair.”

Oh pleeze.

When does he have to stop drawling and shouting?

Sound off in the comments.

7 Responses

  1. Is it my imagine or do the Democrats read from prepared speeches and Republicans just make it up as they go along?

    • It’s all they got, RD, so they rant and rave and posture, but they are falling talking points. I am sure trump supporters are very impressed that they are defending their god with such passion and righteous indignation putting snotty, elitist libtards where they belong: beneath their jackboots.

    • RD, I know it’s not the most intellectually curious thing to do, but I have been muting the Republican speakers for a couple of weeks. I know what they’re going to say; and rather than say something which at least sounds serious, they mostly just whine and belittle. They are a sad group of would-be legislators. They do not think, or consider, or learn. They just complain about how everything the Democrats do is unfair, or biased, or bad. To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, they’re not worth it.

      I did hear Senator Blumenthal, a man of probity, say today that he thought there were possibly ten Republicans Senators who would vote with the Democrats on key process votes (I assume that some of them are with regard to what evidence is allowed in), and if so, that might open up the possibility of potential Republican votes for conviction. So we will see. how many we actually get. At least if we could somehow get more than 50 votes for conviction, it would be striking. On the other hand, we got 3 million more votes last election, and that didn’t do us any good. Blumenthal’s comments were encouraging, at the least..

    • I think they’re betting on the same compromised media feeding most Americans the toxic both-sides-n-shrug bs they’ve been doing.

      Rthugs are bringing up immaterial and misleading facts that have nothing to do with the substance of the hearing, and carrying about that irrelevance at outraged full volume. Worse, they have been outright lying in some instances. Like you, William, I could only stomach the first few for more than a minute or so, but that’s been enough.

      What even c-span (which has been relentlessly shoving pro-rThug videos on its web page, complete with those breathless, misleading captions) and the rest of the media will do with this rThug theater is treat it as -more- probable than any of the factual testimony the Dems have presented. Rthugs are counting on that and pitching to it.

  2. Well, in contradiction to what I had heard from Blumenthal and Tester about a fair trial in the Senate, I read that Republicans are planning on a very short trial, with no witnesses. I could say, that is appalling, and mocks Constitutional principles, but that doesn’t matter to Republicans. If this is indeed the case, then perhaps Democrats should go back to the House and call some more witnesses. If the Senate will stymie the Democrats by not even giving the fair trial which is the intention of impeachment, why should the House even relinquish the next stage to them?

  3. Any one watch Rachel tonight? Peter Bergen has a new book out with some jaw droppingly stupid trump remarks, like “they have to move” Seoul (city of 25 mil people) farther away from the border and we need to evacuate all American personnel from So Korea stat. There are supposedly many more conversations with world leaders hidden, I mean stored, on the super secret server, all placed there by admin error, I am sure. Kaine has gotten bipartisan support in his committee to pass legislation that requires trump to get congressional approval before pulling us out of NATO. Prosecutors are asking for Parnas to be put in jail because he lied about his financial status to include $1 mil he got from Russia in Sep. The Judicial Committee now has Ms. Williams’ classified statement on what she heard in that Pence meeting on Ukraine she had previously testified about. Ho hum.

  4. Hah!

    Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida:

    “whose obstruction has taken a big black sharpie to article 1 of the constitution”

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