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      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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Weenin’ without widnesses

Sorry to all y’all southerners out there. I couldn’t help myself. Is it just me or does the Republican Party seem to have an excess of the drawliest drawlers? They were the ones who studied the confederate army maneuvers and saved their Dixie cups because the south was going to rise agin’!

Disclaimer: I lived in South Carolina and Virginia as a kid. Navy brat and all that.

Jim Jordan looks misplaced. He should have been from Alabama not Ohio. His shirt sleeves should be shorter and his hair buzzier.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. I’m trying to predict tomorrow’s talking point. I think it will go like this: y’all ain’t got no widnesses.

I think it was Gerhardt today who laid out the impeachment argument in about three sentences. President Trump refuses to cooperate with congress. President Trump is withholding documents and prohibiting witnesses from testifying. President Trump will claim that he can’t be successfully impeached because there is no evidence because he is holding onto it.

This is where the Constitution meets its match. If he can’t be impeached because the bar of evidence is set unrealistically high (there have been plenty of widnesses.) and there’s no way to compel him to comply, then we have a king who can do no wrong and not a president who we can vote out whenever we please.

It ain’t good.

Impeachment Inquiry: Judiciary Committee Day 1

Watch it here on C-Span.

Holy Schnikes! C-Span has some seriously deluded Republican viewers. I have heard EVERY stupid disinformation talking point this morning. It’s almost like bots are calling in.

Today’s hearing will focus exclusively on the reasons for and intention of the impeachment process from the Constitution‘s POV. Like the New Testament and other scriptures, the Constitution lacks the attention to detail that would clarify what the founders were exactly thinking. But we can go back to English law to find out what the precedents were and what concerned the founders most.

If this isn’t the time and circumstance to impeach, I don’t know what is.

Leave your comments below. I’ll check back at lunch.

The Pledge

I was listening to C-Span this morning and the constitutional scholars that are set to testify before the House Judiciary committee have already been characterized by Republicans as “anti-Trump”.

First, if that is true, I am profoundly grateful. Because to be anti-Trump is to be pro-Constitution. That’s pretty much the definition.

But then I started to think about the pledge of allegiance that everybody is compelled to repeat each morning in school. The pledge starts:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands.

I don’t ever recall that we are supposed to pledge allegiance to our President and have never heard anyone pledge their allegiance to Donald Trump. Or at least I’ve never heard them say it in public. We pledge to the idea of a republic, not a person.

Every member of Congress swears to uphold the Constitution. They don’t swear to do everything in their power to protect Donald Trump from accountability for the abuses of power he plans to carry out. And if they do hold their loyalty to the president higher than their oath of office, voters should take that into consideration. What else will Trump require of them? What if he wants to do something injurious to their voters? Like severely reduce their social security benefits or cut Medicare down to almost nothing?

It could happen. His reckless tax cut blew a giant hole in our treasury. In order to pay back our loans that money’s got to come from somewhere. The Republicans have been aching to get rid of social security and Medicare since their inceptions. Do you think Trump loyal congressional Republicans are going to care about how many years you’ve paid into the system?

If they don’t give a damn about blatant bribery of a desperate ally and obstruction of justice, why should they care about us?

Anyway, being anti-Trump is the ultimate expression of patriotism. It’s not against the law. We who have higher standards for our representatives can despise him if we want to. Those of us who saw this coming before the 2016 election have been fighting the normalization of bad executive branch actions because we don’t want a strong man. We don’t want a dictator. And we don’t want a corrupt, ignorant, reckless, self-dealing reality TV star as president. He’s dangerous to us and the rest of the world.

The Boaty McBoatface presidency has run its course. The end can’t come soon enough. And I am not at all sorry, embarrassed or guilty about calling myself anti-Trump.

It’s a free country. I can say whatever I like.