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2008 Unity Pony Deluxe (Elite Edition)

 So you went down to Candidates “R” Us to pick out a new President. Before you barely got on the lot you got accosted by “Slick” the hot-shot salesman. He is really pushy and won’t leave you alone until you buy the advertised special, The “2008 Unity Pony Deluxe”

Slick can rattle off all the factory specs and special features, as well as all the various ways this model is superior to competing models. He tells you that the Unity Pony is eloquent, inspirational, and has 80% better judgment. When you question the undersized resume, Slick explains that the tiny resume is a feature not a bug, because large resumes become clogged with corruption. Yet despite Slick’s hard-sell tactics, you insist on consulting with Consumer Reports before you commit.

Stripped down to the basics, Barack Obama is a 46 year old (47 next month) Senator who is just completing his fourth year in Washington D.C. (If the Senate were a high school, Obama would be a senior) Prior to being elected to the Senate, he spent eight years in the Illinois legislature. He is an attorney (Harvard Law) with a BA in Political Science (Columbia) and is the author of two memoirs. He has also worked as a “community organizer” and as a adjunct instructor/professor at the University of Chicago Law School. His advertised strengths are his eloquence, his judgment, and his ability to inspire people.

Let’s look a little closer at those basics. His education is a undisputed fact, but it is noteworthy that although he was President of the Harvard Law Review while in law school, that particular year was undistinguished if not below average in comparison to other years. The publicity from his election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review led to a contract and advance to write a book about race relations. In an effort to recruit him to their faculty, the University of Chicago Law School provided Obama with a fellowship and an office to work on his book. The book, Obama’s first “memoir,” was “Dreams From My Father” and was supposed to take about a year to complete but wasn’t finished until four years later.

From the NYT:

Mr. Obama was given an office to write in at the University of Chicago through a surprising connection. Douglas G. Baird, a professor who was head of the law school’s appointments committee, had learned of Mr. Obama from Michael W. McConnell, a conservative constitutional scholar then at Chicago whom President Bush would later make a federal judge.

Professor McConnell encountered Mr. Obama during the editing of an article he wrote for The Harvard Law Review, Professor Baird said recently. “He sent a note saying this person is really brilliant, we should have him on our radar screen,” Professor Baird said. Professor Baird called Mr. Obama at Harvard and asked if he was interested in teaching.

“I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something to the effect that, ‘Well, in fact, I want to write this book.’ What he really wanted was the Virginia Woolf equivalent of a clean, well lighted room.” So Professor Baird got him one, a small office near the law library, along with a law school fellowship that Professor Baird hoped might later lead to his full-time teaching.

This was prior to Obama being elected to the Illinois Senate. A conservative Republican helped hook Obama up with a cushy job at the University of Chicago Law School with an office to do his writing in. Not bad for a guy fresh out of law school and no real accomplishments as an attorney. But the book didn’t do so well:

The book came out in the summer of 1995, shortly before Mr. Obama announced that he was running for the Illinois State Senate. At 57th Street Books, in Mr. Obama’s neighborhood in Chicago, a few dozen people turned out for a reading. There were respectful reviews in newspapers including The New York Times and The Boston Globe. Times Books sold 8,000 to 9,000 copies.

“I joke that 290 million Americans did not buy the book,” he said.

Kodansha Globe, a now-defunct branch of a Japanese company, bought the paperback rights for $5,000 to $7,500 and printed about 6,000 copies in 1996, said Philip Turner, Kondansha’s editor in chief at the time.

Senator Obama admits to taking a certain “artistic license” with the facts in his first memoir, changing names and blending characters together. There are questions now about the accuracy of the stories, including his parents’ relationship and his own alleged drug use. The book was reissued after Obama was the Democratic Senate nominee from Illinois, and did better than before:

Crown moved up the publication date, Barnes & Noble increased its order to 20,000 copies, and the book hit the top 50 on Amazon before it was even reissued. Bidding on eBay for a first edition copy hit $255. By December, Mr. Obama was the senator-elect and his book had been on the best-seller list for 14 weeks.


Two weeks before Mr. Obama’s swearing in, Crown announced that it had signed a contract with him for three more books. The first would offer “a window into the political and spiritual convictions that propelled Obama’s recent U.S. Senate victory.” The second will be a children’s book about his life, and the third is yet to be defined.


Mr. Obama completed “The Audacity of Hope” in the summer of 2006. This time, he distributed drafts to several dozen friends and Senate staff members, many of whom now advise his campaign. They included David Axelrod, his chief political strategist; Anthony Lake, who was a national security adviser for President Bill Clinton; Gene Sperling, a former economic adviser to Mr. Clinton; and Samantha Power, who recently stepped down as a foreign policy adviser to Mr. Obama after calling his opponent, Mrs. Clinton, “a monster.”


The book’s release in October 2006 must have been the envy of anyone who ever published a book or contemplated higher office. In Chicago, people started lining up outside 57th Street Books at 4:15 on the morning of Mr. Obama’s book signing. For his Seattle signing, the Elliott Bay Book Company rented the 2,500-seat hall where the symphony performs, sold out the tickets in 90 minutes and reported a level of turnout that topped all previous records at the store for any author, including Mr. Clinton. 

October 2006? Hmmm, what is special about that date? Oh, yeah, it was just before Senator Obama planned to announce he was running for President! What had Senator Obama been doing in the Senate for his first two years? Um, besides writing his second memoir? Well he, . . .uh, . . .did some stuff, and then some other stuff. Seriously, can you name any significant accomplishments of the junior Senator from Illinois for 2005-2006?

Well, his new book certainly sold much better than the first one, but was it any better? Let’s ask Vast Left at Corrente:

In any case, I’m pulling the plug on my plan to review it in full, because I’m finding it seriously depressing, and because if I call bullshit on all of the bullshit, I’m going to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Maybe we should back up a bit and examine Obama’s times as a state legislator. He was carried to office by acclaimation based on the success of “Dreams From My Father,” right? Not exactly. That might have been the plan, but Obama got “elected” in a manner familiar to Hillary supporters: He got his competition kicked off the ballot.

Having TKO’d Alice Palmer and three others to get in office, Obama spent the next six years voting “present” on every bill that was even remotely controversial. All of his legislative accomplishments took place in his final two years when, you guessed it, he was running for another job. There was another attempt to change jobs in 2000, when he challenged incumbent Bobby Rush for a seat in Congress, but the former Black Panther beat Obama like a red-headed step-child.

 Let’s go back to that NYT article:

Then in March 2004, Mr. Obama’s political and literary fortunes abruptly shifted. His victory in a tightly contested United States Senate primary in Illinois made him an overnight Democratic Party sensation.

“Tightly contested?” From Wikipedia:

In early media polls leading up to the March 16, 2004 primary election, [Blair] Hull enjoyed a substantial lead and widespread name recognition resulting from a well-financed advertisement effort. He contributed over $28 million of his personal wealth for the campaign.

When allegations that Hull had abused his ex-wife were made by the media, Hull’s poll numbers dropped and he failed to win the nomination. Illinois State Senator Barack Obama later became the nominee.

Obama finished 29 points ahead of the second place primary finisher. Then he cake-walked in the general against Alan Keyes after Jack Ryan withdrew from the race following disclosure of divorce records containing politically embarrassing charges by his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan. (Apparently Jack liked getting his freak on with Jeri in sex clubs)  It was probably just a coinky-dink that all that juicy stuff surfaced when it did.

Now we often hear that Senator Obama is an eloquent public speaker. At least we used to hear that. First there was the plagiarism scandal, where Obama was caught using chunks of Deval Patrick’s speeches. It may not be Obama’s fault, as both Patrick and Obama are clients of David Axelrod, raising the question as to exactly whose words they were. But then it was pointed out that Obama doesn’t speak quite so eloquently without a Teleprompter, and his attempts to prove that observation wrong failed miserably. His debate performances started at “abysmal” and improved over the course of a year to “lame.”

Senator Obama’s claim to superior judgment is based almost entirely on a speech he gave in 2002 concerning Iraq. Not only has he shown poor judgment on picking his friends and spiritual advisors, his recent vote on FISA alone brings his decision making skills into question. And he is currently revising his position on Iraq too.

The “inspirational” meme is the most interesting. We have heard repeatedly that Obama has inspired his supporters to “cult-like” enthusiasm, and that he has convinced millions of Americans to donate nearly $300 million to his campaign. But it seems like no one has converted to Obamamania lately. Since March the only “converts” are reluctant supporters, and the donations are drying up. Well, he has inspired a new political movement, but I don’t think PUMA is what they meant.

If Barack Obama is so inspiring, why did he have to knock Alice Palmer off the ballot to win? Why couldn’t he beat Bobby Rush? He certainly didn’t win his Senate seat strictly on his own merits, and his record in office (Springfield or Washington DC) doesn’t demonstrate “inspirational leadership” either.

Maybe this will help explain things:

 Furthermore, in Silicon Valley’s unique reckoning, what everyone else considered to be Obama’s major shortcomings—his youth, his inexperience—here counted as prime assets.

I asked Roos, the personification of a buttoned-down corporate attorney, if there had been concerns about Obama’s limited CV, and for a moment he looked as if he might burst out laughing. “No one in Silicon Valley sits here and thinks, ‘You need massive inside-the-Beltway experience,’” he explained, after a diplomatic pause. “Sergey and Larry were in their early 20s when they started Google. The YouTube guys were also in their 20s. So were the guys who started Facebook. And I’ll tell you, we recognize what great companies have been built on, and that’s ideas, talent, and inspirational leadership.”

I think we have disposed of talent and inspirational leadership, but what about this “ideas” thingie? Quick, name three original ideas advocated by Barack Obama! Two? How about just one? Aside from slogans about “changing the way Washington works” and similar empty rhetoric, he has offered nada planada.

And as for that part about large resumes getting clogged with corruption, I have two words for you: Tony Rezko.

(Cross-posted at Klownhaus)

221 Responses

  1. QVC couldn’t package this guy and sell him to me.

    But your post, as usual, is fantastic!

  2. “QVC couldn’t package this guy and sell him to me.”

    LOL @ Pat. Or as I say: “Not even for hall monitor”.

  3. I want to see evidence, any kind of evidence of that speech. No evidence, no speech.

    I call Bullshit!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  4. As far as the large resumes getting clogged with corruption, I hav eonly to ask — so as long as he doesn’t DO anything, he’s at his best? Great.

    What more proof do we have that politicians are at their most loved when they don’t actually attempt to achieve anything? This is not a positive thing.

  5. Janis: Ronald Reagan comes to mind. The guy just had to have his naps! Had no clue as to what was going on and they revere this guy! Remember the Kozinsky’s novel Being There?

    I rest my case.

  6. Thanks BB, I made the correction.

    I had it right elsewhere in the post.

  7. Pat:

    Ronnie Raygun had firm beliefs, he just got confused by the facts.

  8. If they could dig him up they would run him again! The manlove is extraordinary.

  9. Carol –
    Unfortunately, I was present at the demonstration when The Precious gave that speech. Of course, he was at an anti-Iraq war demonstration – in Chicago. This was not a high risk event for anyone who spoke against entering into a war against a country who posed no threat to us or any of our allies. And who we had even put in place and had supported. (but I digress).

    As far as I know, he did not march. He spoke.

    What is unclear to me is whether he ever again spoke against premptive warring against Iraq, He never again spoke at another protest that I attended. And I attended most of them. (He was invited but never again spoke at the protests.)

  10. Well, nominating McCain is pretty close to running a dead guy.

    He even looks like the Crypt Keeper.

  11. Leslie:

    You’re the first person I’ve heard of that even witnessed the speech. The local media didn’t even report on it, and apparently it didn’t make much of an impression.

  12. myiq2xu: Ain’t that the truth. Yet I cannot bring myself to even rustle up a good snark against him now and then since the one we are running is just as bad.

  13. myiq –

    The local media didn’t report on the thousands of protestors either. There was a media blackout on the protests. We were un-American, traitors, possible terrorists.
    When 500,000 converged on NYC in 2004, and tied up the city the week of the RNC convention, the only coverage was on C-SPAN for a brief time.
    I have attended several demonstrations since 2002, there has been minimal news coverage – ever.

  14. My question: who the heck writes a “memoir” when they are 30? Politicians have made a mockery of the memoir.

  15. myiq,

    Great post, as always. I have to believe a lot of Dems are getting buyers’ remorse at this point. Why couldn’t they see it when I (we) did. I knew this guy was a fraud before the Iowa primary.
    All anyone had to do was take a cursory look at his second book and read some articles in the Chicago papers.

  16. myiq2xu, you are a really talented writer. I’ve been a big fan forever. You EVISCERATE the Obama Movement in this post. well done.

    I was just reading klownhaus, loved the ivins quote — really really apt.

    Also your clown of the week post title was hilarious!

    ok, back to lurking!

    Hi RD if you’re here — awesome posts today, esp enjoyed the Kos reminiscence in light of our talk yesterday.

  17. crudeness? personal attacks? blind adherence to incoherent and irrational positions?


  18. BTW:
    Many of the people I know from the peace movement, are not supporting him (Precious). I just received an email today that begins:

    Any misconception that Barack Obama is running in the 2008 election as an “antiwar” candidate should have been cleared up Tuesday in what was billed by the Democratic presidential campaign as a “major speech” on national security and the US war in Iraq.

    Speaking before a backdrop of massed American flags at the Reagan Building in Washington, Obama made it clear that he opposes the present US policy in Iraq not on the basis of any principled opposition to neo-colonialism or aggressive war, but rather on the grounds that the Iraq war is a mistaken deployment of power that fails to advance the global strategic interests of American imperialism.

    What emerges from the speech by the junior senator from Illinois is that the November election will not provide the American people with the opportunity to vote for or against war, but merely to choose which of the two colonial-style wars that US forces are presently fighting should be escalated.


    It is not a site I visit. The article was forwarded to me by an acquaintance today.

  19. Steveeboy, Give up your trolling. Don’t you have something worthwhile to do with your time? Try a hobby.

  20. If S-boy isn’t a paid Obama troll then he’s a masochist who gets his rocks off being abused by us.

    Either way, t’were best ignored, like a fart in polite company.

  21. steveboy without the extra e – you should read Hillary’s position – she did not vote for war.

    You would have done better to send your $25 to a charity other than the Obama charity – it is worthless.

    My son protested several times as a student in SF against the war. There were not that many present. It had full coverage on tv and the press.

    Sorry, until I see evidence of the exact wording from video or print – I still say no physical evidence, no speech.

    And steveboy – you honor nothing.

    Roach control – we need you on aisle 1.

  22. I’ve already got my next post half-written in my head. It’s something I touched on in this one, but I want to explore further.

    What happened to the “coming to Obama” diaries and conversion stories?

  23. Carol,
    I am telling you that there was no coverage – that I ever saw. In fact, the group that I marched with wrote and called all the major and even minor new services. I still have the list of all the tv and radio stations and their news departments. We had multiple campaigns to contact and challenge the lack of coverage.
    One of my acquaintances was married to a bigwig of the major newpapers. When I contacted him, he wrote back and said they would not cover the protests. period.

    I find it interesting that Precious only made one speech. Never again attended a demonstration or protest. Almost like a calculation — If the war was a “good thing” he could say that “it was only one time and he saw the mistake in his speech”. And if the war was a “bad thing” then he could ultimately use this speech as a bit of cred.

    oh well…think what you want. there are so many other reasons to not support Obama.

  24. Leslie, that’s a great email. Whoever wrote that has it exactly right. The candidate who “gets it” about the war is the one who is willing to admit that it was an unnecessary war of choice. Note to all you politicians: stop telling me that the issue is poor execution of strategy or that our troops are needed elsewhere. This war was a criminal act.

  25. Speaking of “conversion diaries” and “coming to obama” (Lawd! they are creeeepy) Puma PAC is keeping a watch of all the women (and men if there are any) who have received death threats from the Obama Movement for opposing the Dear Leader.

    please email me at murphy@pumapac.org if you know of anyone or have been a victim yourself.

    yes, RD is on the list.

  26. the ‘tell your story’ thing is still here:


    I haven’t figured out how to read them (if indeed there are any ) without signing up

  27. this sucks! I just bit the bullet and gave them my email, name and zip code (when they see I’m in “Bama they won’t want me anyway) and I still didn’t get to see if there were any conversion stories!

    the next brick wall I encountered is a place where you’re supposed to download your email address book!! and they send an email to all your friends telling them you’re now a Obama supporter and inviting them to join you.

    I think there are NO conversion stories.

  28. kiki –
    Isn’t that unethical? giving your address book?

    That couldn’t be happening on an Obama site.
    ( /snark)

  29. There were a lot of conversion diaries at the Orange Cheeto back during the early primaries. And then after Edwards dropped out, a lot of his supporters wrote them at DK too. They were creepy.

  30. When is the last time an Obot tried to persuade you the follow The Precious?

    I can’t recall the last time anyone tried to convince me that he was The Best Candidate EVAH!

    Maybe February?

    Since then it’s been “Hillary is bad” and “McCain is worse.”

    No positive arguments for the Unity Pony. No one telling us how good the kool-aid tastes.

  31. BB:

    The last ones I recall were long pious explanations of how the writer finally came to the realization that Hillary was teh evil and they couldn’t support her ever again.

  32. I found this coverage of the event. Obama was not quoted or mentioned in the article.


    I’m not debating that he spoke, I just say I want proof of exactly what was said. Everything he has ever said has been doublespeak.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  33. myiq: excellent post! You’re an excellent writer.

    Pat: Just for you…is this McCain?

  34. ok, I’m thinking about taking one for the team and contributing a conversion story, something like…..

    I originally didn’t support Obama because I thought he would be weak on national security. now I realize that I was wrong – his plan to possibly draw down troops in Iraq is really a plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan, and other as yet unnamed wars, all in the name of making the world a safer and kinder place. that sounds good to me.

    also, I was afraid he would be against retroactive immunity for crimes committed, since he went to law school and everything, but no worries there either. I mean, *I* am not doing anything wrong on the phone, so why should I care if they’re listening? anything that keeps me safe is a-ok in my book.

    and finally, thank god someone doesn’t want crazy women making decisions about their bodies! it had to be said. you know, they could be feeling periodically down and do something loony! hormones and women – bad combination! good thing we have preachers and male doctors and a candidate who gets it!

  35. myiq2xu,
    Great post, I love the way you lay out the facts.
    What happened in October 2006 you ask?
    Well I’m not sure of the month but one thing that happened around that time was this:
    “Republicans for Obama is a grassroots organization of proud party members who all share one important trait— we are Americans first and Republicans second. (Even if it is a close second.) Founded in late 2006 as part of the nationwide effort to encourage Senator Obama to run for the Presidency, our volunteer-run, grassroots group now includes over 2000 registered members from across the nation.
    The quote is from the “about” page of the main site.

  36. I had to quit that exercise. I was starting to feel *blue* and my claws were coming out.

  37. Okay, I just read the so called speech against war on his website. My interpretation – Doublespeak is clearly what he is using. He left himself open in case it worked it well.

    He is a charlatan, liar, the great pretender.


  38. aacckk, I just realized the email Obama wants to send to all my friends begins with “now that Barack Obama is the democratic nominee…..”

    shit, did I sleep for 6 weeks and miss the convention?

  39. Carol –
    i just read the article you linked to. It is the first I;ve ever seen. I notice that the author writes:

    Some in the crowd of about 1,000 came straight off the college campus. Others were veterans of past protests to stop the Vietnam War. . . . “

    The smallest demonstration I attended was 7,000. This wasn’t it. Like I said, there was no coverage.
    The speakers at this rally were nearly inaudible at the back of the crowd. And there were other speakers. The Precious wasn’t the only one. Most people, I include myself, had not heard of him prior to this demonstration. And we never saw him again in that setting.

  40. kiki,

    That’s a good idea. I think I’ll try to come up with a “conversion story” in which I argue that since he doesn’t support Roe v. Wade, and he supports faith based initiatives, I’m hoping next he’ll outlaw teaching about evolution in schools.

  41. leslie,

    I read that the star of that rally was Jesse Jackson Sr.

  42. I just posted another comment and it hasn’t shown up yet. My point – I just read from his website the speech he said he gave. My interpretation is that it was just another example of his usual “doublespeak”.

    “I know this is an anti-war rally, but………………….” He doesn’t commit either way. He criticizes everything, but never does he commit to “absolutely no war”!

    He is a fraud, a liar, a charlatan, the great pretender.

  43. BB, we could all offer conversion stories. could be fun! the only thing is……I don’t know if you reach a point where you get to read the others. that’s all I wanted to do.

  44. kiki –
    I love your conversion story. LOL!

    I sent one that documented my experience at his townhall meeting and ended with, “I want a president who stonewalls and denies any real ability to make change. Just like he did at the townhall meeting I attended.”
    I’ve written about my experience at that meeting before. i’m weary of repeating it to people who ask me why I don’t support The One.

  45. I’m pretty sure you don’t get to see anything until you give up your address book.

    I keep hearing that everyone wants Obama’s lists. this is how he gets them.

  46. hello all how is everyone just got off blogtalkradio hope you all are good felling tired so fuzzy is hitting the shoe rack early love madamb’s play as always…keep up fighting the good fight


  47. leslie, you wrote that at his website? lol, good job! did you ever get to see if there were any actual conversion stories?

  48. sorry carol doublespeak and doublethink are the george orwell buzz words for the entire Obamination

    He will probably change the name of our Country to Oceania…


  49. Leslie, I’ve said numerous times that most of us in IL had never heard of Obama before he decided to run for the U.S. Senate. Perhaps he was a big fish in his little South Side pond, but on a statewide basis he was not a player.

    I remember the desperate attempts at Brand X by certain bloggers to try creating a resume for him in IL, insisting that he had this incredible state record. I knew better. Good to hear someone else saying the same thing.

  50. hi Fuzzy! are you still recovering from the relaxing tubing trip down the lazy river? 🙂

  51. Carol,

    For some reason, your comment went into the spam pile. Maybe the filter doesn’t like the word charlaton? Who knows?

  52. yes and my foot is giving me trouble again need to keep it proped up

    night all-


  53. kiki,

    I’ll save and delete everything from my address book before I sign on.

  54. leslie, during the runup to the Iraq war, I lived in D.C. we had BIG protests, but they were undercovered and the crowds were underestimated. I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to have no coverage at all.

  55. bb, the other thing I thought of is creating a hotmail address with no one in the mailbox. they can d/l no one all they want.

  56. I don’t know that you HAVE to give them your address book, I just couldn’t find a way to advance without doing it. I’m not that savvy though…..

  57. Obama, Goldstein? Give me a break.

    Hillary is Goldstein. She is the vessel they pour all their hatred into.

  58. MYIQ2xU, WOW, I’m so glad I left the “please donate before July 20th” post for tomorrow. EXCELLENT article – and the intro was a killer! The Slick-sters are having a tough time selling us their steam pile.

    Katiebird, I’m sure youre getting a treat from reading this (or when you do) because this proves what you’ve said all along about Obama: He’s never held a full time job except for campaigning.

  59. I would think Hillary is closer to being Goldstein, in the sense of being a scapegoat.

  60. josgirl –

    when I see posts like yours it makes me think that Rove has his filthy hands all over this …and the intention was to destroy the democratic party from within and supply a lame candidate that will not be able to deliver a presidency or a strengthen the dem majority.

    disgusting how they used our party’s system (with complicit help from the evil triumvirate of dean pelosi brazille) to strangle the democracy right out of us.

  61. gmta Mawm!!! 🙂

  62. indigogrrl,
    Did you know that Brazile and Rove are friends and have been since at least 2000?

  63. I wanted to move your truly excellent point to this new thread:

    myiq2xu, on July 16th, 2008 at 5:17 pm Said:

    The one thing that Obama and his supporters cannot abide is being made fun of.
    They CANNOT be laughed at, because as soon as they are the target of ridicule they lose their “cool” status.

    So we should make fun of them and laugh at them as often as possible


    True. True. Happily, they make it so very easy.

  64. Leslie – I also am a war protester. Hello sister! I marched in NYC in February 2003. There were hundreds of thousands and we barely got a blip on teh Nooz.

    Like most of the war protesters, I never fell for Obama as an “anti-war” candidate. If you wanted that, you’d have to vote for Kucinich. And as great a Congressman as he is, he is not presidential material.

  65. oh and myiq2xu – EXCELLENT post. 🙂

  66. No one convinced me to hate Obama. I came to that feeling in spite of a lot of people telling me I should love him. I came to hate him watching what he did. I consider what he has done to the Democratic party and to America to be evil. The division he has created between black and white, young and old, cannot be described as anything other than evil to me. Destroying people and relationships to win an election is evil. I do not honor evil with my vote.

  67. I love Dennis! I would vote for him. after W, the bar that defines presidential material is….umm….maybe low or maybe nonexistent.

    I’m not saying that’s a good thing………………..

  68. myiq2xu & alice – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    Did you hear the one about MO, BO and ……………..

    They would have to be “cool” before they can lose it.

  69. Look what slithered out from under a rock long enough to make a statement:


  70. It’s really sad that the best argument his supporters can make now is “he’s better than McCain.”

    They don’t even try to argue he’s better than Hillary anymore.

  71. Mawm – I agree with a lot of what you said.

    Personally, I don’t hate Obama, but I surely hate what he has done to the Democratic Party – and I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that it wasn’t planned by the GOP. At a time when we should be most united, we are being asked to accept the most egregiously unqualified candidate ever put forth by the Party.

    I don’t get how they think this is going to work.

  72. josgirl – I had no idea…. that splains alot Lucy.

    Also, I have been getting tidbits about Brazile’s not so hidden homophobia…I know as one of those lezbo supporters of dear Hill, I had been really hesitant from the beginning of Obama over TUCC back before the controversy. I had LGBT friends who were totally hot for BO but because of my experience of the homophobia that can be among some in the african american christian movement I was leery. I read somewhere that Brazille does not equate the LGBT movement with the civil rights movement…. you know that whole no one chooses to be black thing.

  73. Okay – I just got “blipppped” again.

  74. to be fair, I do see Peter Anderson’s point. he’s saying Obama is Goldstein HERE. but here isn’t the party, if the party is the Democrats. Hillary is Goldstein there.

    but as Mawn stated so eloquently above, Obama really has destroyed relationships within the democratic party, and it seems like it was done purposely, i.e. we’re not going to attract young voters unless we diss their elders, etc., playing on people’s need to feel superior by putting others down. that’s a Goldstein thing.

  75. Mawm: Amen and Hallelujah. That is precisely it. For all the things he and his campaign have accused Hillary of doing (that they really did), the divisiveness is the worst.

    This guy at work says Obama is the false prophet. Initially, I thought the guy was loony, but with each passing day, he’s making more and more sense.

  76. Peter, your argument is all about relativity, and I guess that is all Obama supporters have left. I’m afraid you won’t even have that come October when He realizes he’ll never get our votes and has to get down on his knees and beg the evangelicals for their votes.

    Are you part of the Joshua Generation?

  77. The last post kept crashing my browser.

    I wasn’t even drinking either. I swear!

  78. indigogrrl…I have written several posts on it. Brazille and Leah Dauhtry got the lbgt liason fired because he wanted the delegate affirmative action guidelines to include gays. Brazile called that an “afront to the civil rights movement” The Washington Blade is about the only media outlet that has touched the story


    and if you search youtube you can find howard dean’s deposition in the case. Brazile is a homophobic asshole.

  79. SophieL – I’ve always thought that Obama should have become a preacher at TUCC rather than trying for politics.

    Honestly, he just does not get that as a public servant, he is responsible to his constituents. He has the attitude that we should be fawning all over His RockStar-Ness, and fails to realize that we can fire him at any time.

    As a minister, his superiority and overweening narcissism would not be as offensive and harmful to the country. But as President, he could be extremely dangerous – as dangerous as Bush.

  80. I haven’t seen a lack of enthusiasm like this since Dukakis, and that was after the convention.

    Even the Obots are lukewarm about him these days

  81. Goodnight!

    $170.16 and holding on the Fundraiser!

    PUMA$, “you wanna dance, or DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?”

  82. Donna Brazile is just so wrong. there’s a place in the democratic party for people who are fired up about civil rights for african-americans. I support that effort. but if you have to sacrifice another minority, you’re getting it wrong. splintering the party weakens it. I really wish they had backed a candidate who, I think, genuinely cares about all minorities because it’s simply the right thing to do, playing people against each other achieves nothing.

  83. myiq2xu – I am currently calling Obama and McCain Dopey and Mopey. They are both so un-presidential it is absurd.

    I am so glad Hillary suspended her campaign and yet did not release her delegates. She is letting Obama show how unready he is, and how much excitement and energy she brought to the race.

    To put it in theatrical terms: His audition is going quite poorly, whereas she nailed hers. Let’s see who gets the part in August!

  84. madam: Minister at TUCC, yes; Minister in general, no. Ministers also have a responsibility to all. (The line, seek and serve Christ in all others, comes to mind.) My partner is an Episcopal Priest, and while she might not like everyone, she has a responsibility to pastor to them.

  85. bb – yes. the star was Jesse Jackson. But the biggest problem with JJ is that he was *always* at the front and *always* hogging the photos, interviews (that were never printed), etc. the anti-war people got tired of seeing/hearing him (I didn’t though. And I guess I pretty much exasperated my friends, because I liked listening to him.)

    grayslady – I am a social worker, and I work with many, many South Side Chicago residents. Most of them hadn’t heard of him before he announced over a year ago. In fact, most of them were Hillary supporters until just a few months ago and many still cannot pronounce his name. They hadn’t voted in the 2004 elections or since. But they are planning to vote this year.
    The people who had heard of him were the elites, the Hyde Parkers (I am not disparaging either), the university folks (there are so many universities here). And then word spread from one university to another – my brother is involved with a state school downstate and was invited to a university thing where Precious One spoke. That is how many heard of Him, I think. He would never have won if he had been running against Ryan. As it was, when Alan Keyes was named to the republican ticket, I knew BO would run away with it.

    kiki, I attended protests in NYC, in DC, in Boston and in Chicago. In Chicago, where I work, the protests were barely covered at all. The only one I recall coverage on was the night after the war broke out when there were hundreds of people arrested. Again, instigated by police dept. You are so correct. It was very disheartening first to be ignored and then to be attacked as hooligans and worse.

    I remember being in DC and asking the police (who were much nicer than the Chicago PD) how large they thought the demonstration was and they said twenty thousand. HAHAHA. underreported i guess!

  86. madamab, do you remember W saying he didn’t have to answer to anybody, people had to answer to him?

    the idea of ‘public servant’ has been twisted into the public being servants to the reigning monarch. I honestly do not think Hillary sees it that way. I know, from things he has said, that W does, and I fear that Obama does as well.

  87. I’ve been really down about all this and my obsession with politics lately keeps my mind off the economy in my area.It has virtually collapsed. As a self employed person I’m barely hanging in there.
    One of the indications of how bad it is here in sw va… the local animal shelter has been on the news lately because they are completely over run with animals that people are abandoning because they can’t afford to feed them anymore.

    this country is so f*kked up and the democratic party has been doing nothing but playing stupid games. this shitty economy is very real for most of us and we’ve been robbed. Its survival you assholes not sour grapes.

  88. Carol – I already wrote up the last Scatching Post Donation Drive, I have a brown paper bag & Pink Puma Cocktail & Tshirt all linked to Hillary’s site, and a picture of you wearing the greatest diamonds (your TWIN sister)!

    If we do a lunch, it’ll get pushed down and I’d like to see if we can raise more Hillary money. It’ll be a 7-8 pm post, depending on the previous post’s timing.

    Will Carol Diamonds be present?

  89. myiq,
    I continue to chatise myself for not saying earlier that your post is just great!

  90. indigogrrl,
    I’m not sure if Ms Brazile can be called homophobic to her sensible shoes.
    In her position as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Voting Rights Institute, she has instituted reform resolutions that she probably did not want “diluted,” considering what has transpired in this primary season.

  91. where’s janis when we need her!
    watch out peter she’ll take your kneecaps out

  92. I’m not sure what you mean, josgirl…….

  93. I know. WHere is Janis, when we really need her.

    Peter, you are a known troll. You should leave. You are nasty to people.

  94. Ranger Smith from Jellystone Park would like to remind all Conflucians to please, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

  95. Peter only shows up on myiq’s posts because his name really irks him. has anyone else noticed this?

  96. I am sorry to say. I don’t have a lot of solutions. I’m an ordinary person who had their election stolen from them.

  97. peter anderson is a known troll

  98. this country is so f*kked up and the democratic party has been doing nothing but playing stupid games. this shitty economy is very real for most of us and we’ve been robbed. Its survival you assholes not sour grapes.

    This is exactly how I feel. The country is in a horrible mess, the economy is a total disaster, and the next four years are going to SUCK ROCKS. It doesn’t matter who’s elected; that person is going to have a hell of a mess on his/her hands.

    Why in Gawd’s name would the Democratic Party not get behind the strongest nominee this year, which turned out to be HRC, much to my (and many others’) surprise, I think? I mean, peoples’ LIVES depend on this.

    We cannot afford to get it wrong, but we sure are about to.

  99. indigogrrl, I am not being coy or insulting.
    As a gay woman myself, my “gaydar” is usually pretty accurate and I’d be surprised if Ms. Brazile was not gay.
    That being said, her resolutions likely benefitted the African American candidate in this election and likely were intended to.
    While I cannot prove this, it is my opinion.

  100. dear peter – sweetie — everyday the PUMApac and other organizations are working hard on a solution, and that solution is Hillary as the democratic nominee and no other.

  101. and myiq, I do appreciate your research and your posts. I’m secure (or delusional maybe) enough not to be intimidated by your name 🙂

  102. Oh and kiki: I agree 100%. I think Obama and Bush have the same idea about being President; they are the Deciders. That FISA vote really shook me and made me realize that Obama believes the President is above the law.

    Really scary stuff.

  103. madamab – Hello sister to you, too!
    We sent 3 busloads of people just from our little peace group to that Feb 2003 march. I think there must have 250 – 300 just from the chicago area. Only a neighborhood paper covered our buses departing. That was the biggest coverage we ever had, I think.

  104. josgirl,

    I’ve heard the same thing about Donna B. Also about Karl.

  105. josgirl — OK I get your drift now too…I also detected a pink kink in Ms. Brazile…but you know gay people sometimes vote republican too. But I wonder why she felt the need to help him over the finish line as a woman and possible “sistah”

  106. My solution right now is to keep writing super delegates, protesting events that I find objectionable, gary and I are going to protest a “SIng the praises of Obama “Gospel and voter registration drive. Then we are going to Denver to demonstrate out there. We are working on a video of what is happening. We will be meeting up with other PUMAs and coordinating in DC before Denver. I want to get video of NC superdelegates before the convention.

    THese are my solutions right now. They are pretty quixotic, but I need to do them to express my outrage at the loss of our Democracy that we are witnessing right now.

  107. aaack… no way on Karl Rove
    …he couldn’t pass the evening gown requirement at the competition.

  108. madamab, I draw comfort from the feeling that whoever is elected will probably be a one term president, because the problems existing now cannot be solved in one term, and people will expect them to be.

    weird thing to draw ‘comfort’ from, huh?

    it’s just that I don’t care for either of the candidates…….and hope we as a country can do better in 2012

  109. Re: Brazile and Rove and voting reform:

  110. kiki, on July 16th, 2008 at 10:58 pm Said:
    and myiq, I do appreciate your research and your posts. I’m secure (or delusional maybe) enough not to be intimidated by your name

    HAHAA!!!!! Ditto.

  111. myiq – I’m not intimidated by your name …I’m sure of it!

  112. I mean I’m sure your IQ really is 2 x mine

  113. indigogrrl, Donna has had CDS since the 1990s. I think it has to do with Donna’s inability to win an election.

  114. Oh, MyIQ — this post is one of the best summaries of Obama’s career that I’ve read. It’s perfect in content, style and readability!

    It’s astonishing to me that a man with actually NO public accomplishments dared run for President. I’m not actually happy about it though. I keep hoping there’s something there that I haven’t heard about.

  115. electile dysfunction has driven Brazile crazy

  116. kiki – I know where you’re coming from, and I totally agree the next pres is going to be a one-termer. I wrote about the strategery of McCain vs. Obama as President over at my place.

    By the way – I believe Donna Brazile is out of the closet. But, she seems to be rather self-loathing, unfortunately.

  117. katiebird… I’m sure someone with BO’s thin resume would DARE knowing that many forces unknown to us at the moment had his back…why not play a game you know you’re going to win.

  118. Katiebird!!! Read my post above, about midway up the thread and you’ll see that I mentioned you would like this piece.

  119. Mel Mac has the Obots in a tizzy.

    go read:


  120. Sorry — Janis was driving home and cooking. 🙂

    Jes’ point me at the ass that needs kicking …

  121. oops — there he goes! he saw you coming!!

  122. Peter, or “dick” as we usually call him, is probably one of my fans from Balloon Juice.

    BTW – my handle was given to me by someone I care about. It’s a joke, and only people with low self-esteem get offended by it.

    BTD doesn’t really think he’s a big tent.

  123. Rats. I got this thing out for nothing.

    *drops hobnailed boot*

  124. SM, I DID see that! But when I back up through the thread I couldn’t find it again. I’ve been so bad about names lately I didn’t want to quote you by name without seeing it, though.

    MyIQ2xu, I didn’t know she wrote for Open Left…. (reading)

  125. myiq, I like your posts. The abiguous clown pictures are interesting. I can see one of the clowns on your page with make-up on his hand, but also with blood instead.

  126. katiebird:

    Him running isn’t nearly as surprising as people voting for him is.

  127. All right lovely Conflucians, good night!

    [waves to all]

    P.S. Myiq2xu – I love your name, it makes me laugh. 🙂

  128. That’s probably Captain Spaulding.

    He’s my guardian “angel”

  129. I was in a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago and bought Kitty Kelly’s unauthorized biography of the Bush family. (funny aside – it was supposed to cost 99 cents but the book is literally falling apart, so the cashier made a decision and charged me 39 cents – she’s a mensch! ), as Im reading it the pages are literally falling off as I turn pages and landing on the floor – weird experience – makes me think of Henry VIII for some reason? I dunno why.

    but anyway, my point (I did have one! ) is that the first Bush president, GHWB, remember him? wanted desperately to be president, but not for any particular reason. what comes through in the book is that there was no moral compass, no long-held beliefs, no particular issue on which he would not budge….nothing……absolutely nothing except that he really really wanted to be president. he had no opinion on gay issues, abortion, family values, etc. that wasn’t formulated and articulated in order to put himself in a position to run for president.

    once he was elected, he was happy to just exist, being president. but then they called him a wimp, so we had a war, which was manufactured to maintain his image, according to the book. and I believe it.

    the minute he bacame president, his brothers and his sons all suddenly became ‘consultants’ or were invited to sit on boards, and all became millionaires.

    think about it.

  130. MYIQ: Melissa is such a treasure to read- what a great essay! I must read it again, but what I had to come back here for is this:

    Shaker CE once said in comments, “Knowing that the alternative is worse actually makes it harder for me; it just reinforces that sense I often get from some Dems, including Sen. Obama in this cycle, that they think they can do whatever the fuck they like to me, because I don’t have any other option. The worst part? They’re right.”

    They are right, unless we go somewhere else. This isn’t a treatise to convince anyone to do so — but it’s an explanation for why a feminist/womanist might, why it’s a legitimate choice, and why, if that means the Left isn’t a picture of harmony, it’s not our fault.

    The reason the Left is discordant isn’t because of our standards; it’s because there are so many bigots with no benchmark for success but winning — even at our expense.

    And that’s why we fight.

  131. indigogrrl,
    I’m late following the comments. I am sorry to hear about your personal economy. I think we all know that the person who might have listened to us about personal finances is Hillary. McCain and Junior don’t give 2 hoots about us and our “petty little personal problems”. Best of luck.

    I heard a story on the news this morning about the difficulty the shelters in my area are also encountering with the numbers of pets that are being given up due to the economy. It is so sad. It makes your heart ache for people who have to choose between having a roof and food – and keeping their pets.

  132. Mawm: The clowns scare me. I’m a wuss.

  133. omg, I listened to the right wing talk radio station driving home from work tonight, and they were laughing at the democratic party (which they call the ‘democrat’ party – what’s that all about?) and they were talking about the convention, and saying the democrats want to give the homeless people of Denver tickets to the zoo and to movie theaters so they will disappear during the convention. is this true?

    would it not make more sense to elect the candidate who has ideas to put people to work? I love the idea of green jobs, addresses so many problems all at once.

  134. I am an April Fool, so my archetype is the Fool, the Joker, Jester and clown.

    Evil clowns need love too

  135. myiq2xu,

    I think peteranderson is a guy who once posted that he was writing a paper on delusional Hillary supporters at UNH. I could be wrong, but peter can enlighten us if I am.

  136. The last time I listened to a peter it got me in all kinds of trouble.

  137. BB, yes, young Mr. Anderson did say once that he was working on a paper featuring us “delusional” deadenders.

  138. Stephen Colbert just said (on his The Word) ,
    “Senators McCain and Obama, just tell us the nothing you are offering is the something we’ve been waiting for. And we’ll believe you. ”

    That’s the first time I;ve heard anyone make fun of Obama in a very long time. (even if he did include McCain).

  139. From http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/bates/080716

    Hillary Clinton can be accused of many things. Stupidity isn’t one of them. Waiting in the wings, she’s ready to rescue her party if Mr. Wonderful continues to self-destruct.

    Mrs. Clinton didn’t formally terminate her candidacy for the Democratic nomination; she suspended it. She didn’t officially release the delegates pledged to her; she merely asked them to support Barack Obama.

    Clinton loyalists now demand her name be placed in nomination at next month’s convention. They point out that the Illinois senator wins only if he secures the support of numerous super delegates. Those superior beings can change their votes at any time, including the day of the balloting.

  140. Ooops, a thousand apologies….don’t go visit that site…I’m sorry.

  141. wow Leslie!

    it’s a start

  142. My Obama Conversion
    by Amy Winehouse

    At first I was supporting Mike Gravel for president. He made little sense but I felt we were on the same wavelength if you are following me.

    But then one day I had the tv on and Obama began to speak. I put my hands on the picture tube and almost immediately a spark came through and I felt reborn for some unexplained reason! It was magical is all I can say!

    So I subsequently dropped Gravel not long after the ad that he starred in alongside that pond for 7 minutes without saying a word. It wasn’t that I did not channel the message, it was just that I began to really understand the words of “hope” and “change”. I mean, don’t we all?

    Since then I have studied everything Sen. Obama has ever said or been involved in. Never got around to actually finishing either book but Oprah liked it so that was enough for me! And he was an organizer in Chicago! Wow!

    Now I know they accuse him of being a flip flopper but I wear those all the time and see no harm. You know, you don’t have to be dressed up all the time. Casual is sometimes best!

    So these are some of the reasons why I love Obama. He will really do everything he has promised to do. No work on Fridays, Argula Mondays, ice cream every day and in all flavors!! Am I excited? You bet.

    And if they ask me to vote for anybody else, I will just sing out, “No, no, no”.

  143. okay, Sophie, I didn’t visit the site… now tell me why not.
    I am now more than very curious.

  144. myiq2xu, on July 16th, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:

    “Evil clowns need love too”

    “The last time I listened to a peter it got me in all kinds of trouble.”

    LOL!!! Evil clowns are funny as hell too, but when I first visited your site, I thought the photos were DISTURBING.

    I’ve gotten used to them for the most part, but scary clowns & white vans go hand in hand in terms of my childhood phobias.

    In the 3rd grade (1978/79) there was this urban legend of the scary clowns in white vans kidnapping kids, drug them with LSD-laced Pop Rocks & lick on stickers…..AND THEY ALL DIED!

    I gotta look that up in snopes.

  145. Pat – I am sitting here chuckling aloud and no one to tell why. I’m going to copy it and send it to my brother who just changed his position to a FORMER Obama supporter.

  146. this is blatant anti-PUMA propaganda. Bugs Bunny is an Obamatron. Well I guess he always did say “…ain’t I a stinker?”

  147. Wouldn’t “Amy Whinehouse” be more appropriate?

  148. lol, good one Pat!

  149. She was going to get a tatoo of him but she ran out of space.

  150. Some of us didn’t die.

    And the van was more of a cream color

  151. Pat, very nicely done.

  152. (laughing) I don’t know if it’s the wine or the comments but, Pat and MyIQ — you both made me madly laugh!

  153. But we have to credit Amy for a couple of things, the reasons she faints are not related to BZero and she doesn’t mind that dental insurance isn’t covered in BZero’s plan.

  154. Amy’s “reasoning” would be on par with an of those “conversion diaries” they used to have up on the blog. “He’s going to change the world for the better” was one of my all time faves from one poster. And they really believe it.

  155. Well Amy is in the habit of beating up her fans. She will make an appearance at the Denver Convention and head butt anybody carrying a Hillary sign.

  156. MYIQ: You mean to tell me that I was deathly afraid of the WRONG COLOR van? (LOL!)

  157. Pat, I LOVE THE AMY WINEHOUSE endorsement!

    Also, Amy shares a curret “recreational” past time that Obama was fond of in the eighties.

    Oops, sorry, she smokes hers.

  158. The white van and the clowns sounds like something Stephen King wrote in “It”.

  159. Amy smokes, swallows, inhales, and injects. All bases covered.

  160. I have to give McCain some little credit. He spoke in front of the NAACP today and then took questions.

    Obama spoke Tuesday and left immediately. No questions.

    It must have taken some guts on McCain’s part to appear before an audience he knew could have cared less.

  161. Pat – you are on a roll. You make me laugh!! Myiq great post.

  162. swallows?

  163. Pat, I agree that it took some steel to appear at the NAACP conference on the same day that the NYT/CBS Poll comes out and only 1%, that’s right 1% of AA have a favorable opinion of him.

  164. Pat, Stephen King wrote the clown story? LOL!

    Pat I swear, that clown thing TERRIFIED me in the 1970s. I remember my mom telling us to watch out for white vans while we walked to school – she thought it was it was the Klan, because the word “clown” and “Klan” sounded similar to her in her Spanish-as-a-first-language mind.

  165. hello conflucians, how many are still awake?

  166. myiq2xu: She drinks like a fish. Evil you.

  167. SM: I never liked clowns. They try to hard.

  168. taggles: Is it hot where you are? The air is barely moving here.

  169. I grew up a couple blocks from where Steven Stayner was kidnapped. He was held and molested for 7 years before he escaped.

    His older brother Cary was a year behind me in school. (Cary turned into a serial killer)

    My home town could use a couple evil clowns to make it nicer.

  170. Taggles! Hi! I’m about to go to bed but there are a few West Coasters here.

  171. myiq2xu: Cheney is looking for a place to retire to.

  172. I am awake. But not for long.

  173. It was a cool 90 degrees today here in Central Smoggy. Last week it was over 100 2-3 times.

  174. Pat Johnson, on July 17th, 2008 at 12:10 am Said:
    SM: I never liked clowns. They try to hard.

    Not the ones we were married to!

  175. prolix: McCain showing up there would be equal to Obama showing up here.

  176. MYIQ: In Tampa, it’s been HOT AS HELL since oh, about March-ish?

  177. SM: Oh God no. Mine used to ask me to spell my first name every year for the 19 years we were married when he did he income tax returns. Can you get any less stupid than that?

  178. SM I should probably be in bed too. Hey, I will be down your way in a few weeks.

  179. It’s been fun hanging out with you folks again. I will be here tomorrow afternoon and I plan on staying late. I’ve missed this blog and all you wonderful Conflucians. And now, I have to hit the sack. Good night all!

  180. Nite bb.

  181. Pat, you are a riot. you need to get your own talk show. you would be great

  182. Like Chelsea Handler?

  183. PAT!!! OMG, that was too funny. I’m going to bed. I have to wake up in a few hours. I’m such a night owl though – but I have to go.

    Good night everyone, tomorrow is our last fundraiser for July 20th. Buy Hillary lunch or a Pink Puma tomorrow!

  184. oh god no, I’m thinking graham norton, but crazier

  185. Nite SM.

  186. myiq2xu — you are awesome! I read every word of your writings and love them.

    I came across this NYT article titled “Obama’s Account of New York Often Differs From What Others Say,” by Janny Scott. She interviews a former coworker in the ‘multinational’ company he worked in for a couple of years. I haven’t seen this covered anywhere in some of the stories about him.


    The story cites Slogin’s blog, http://www.analyzethis.net.
    The 7th Post down is ‘My 15 minutes;’ click on his blog reference on the first line, and you’ll get “Barack Embellishes His Resume,” a description of Obama’s work, stance, relationships with his coworkers. Also, there are many comments from other coworkers; really good reading.

    Sorry, I don’t know how to copy links. But I wanted to pass this on because it is just a genuine report on experiences. Many of his later traits were seen there already. BTW, I read that in his very early resume, I think in Wikepedia, he lists himself as an motivational speaker.

  187. G’night BB and all you right coast types!

  188. Pat Johnson, on July 17th, 2008 at 12:14 am Said:
    prolix: McCain showing up there would be equal to Obama showing up here.


    (Do you really think he has 1% here?)

  189. I loved Graham Norton! But my first guest would absolutely have to be Mario Cantone. I love him. He is so talented. Then Kathy Griffin because there is nothing more I appreciate than her snark. Then Ed of course.

  190. SophieL: No, but the same silence that McCain had to endure would be deafening here.

  191. Pat, what is it about Ed that really gets you going?

  192. Pat, hurry and tell me before Carol comes back.

  193. Mawm: Hard to explain. Just something about him. I also felt the same way about Tony Soprano. Go figure. There is no substitute for taste as my grandmother used to say.

  194. GREAT POST !!!
    Thanks – myiq !!

  195. I really appreciated what Ed did for Hillary in PA.

  196. It’s time for bed here…
    ‘nite to all….

  197. Pat: We would not be silent!!

  198. Nite Leslie

  199. Ed came across as a stand up guy. But I liked him when he was head of the DNC and came on the talk shows. Indefinable.

  200. SophieL: So true. Some of our best shots would be flying all over the place. The bastard!

  201. Please don’t insult my dog….he is named “Slick”–(short for Slicker…he’s a beautiful black and tan min pin whom I rescued from the street after 8 months of wandering with no one being able to catch him)

    LOL! “Slick” Obama has nothing on MY Slick….

  202. GRL: I love the new one attached to him: Backtrack Obama.

  203. Oh, the links show up! Good!

    myiq2xu, for a few days now, I’ve been thinking about the big cats…and how the names Black Panthers and Gray Panthers and now PUMA symbolize people’s demand for the right to be heard, the right to be seen, and ultimately, the right to say no deal. What inspiration led to these coincidences? I’m feeling an urge to read about them…a little ripple of muscles arund the shoulder…a curiosity about the mysterious power the big cats have to compel our actions, our attention. Hmmm. Would you weave your spell on a big cat story?

  204. Marla:

    One of the first stories I ever wrote was about a big cat.

    A sabertooth to be exact.

  205. Hey, love your writing ability and logical conclusions… wish i could write like that…. Inspirational and wow, the coincidences are amazing!! Congrats and thanks

  206. mendi:

    I deleted your comment because websites like the one you mentioned should be cleared by Riverdaughter.

    We are leery of any group that is not a member of PUMA or JustSayNoDeal.

  207. I love making fun of bots that is what they deserve.

  208. myiq2xu, another cat story is right up your alley! I can just feel it. But then, anything you write is awesome. Thank you!

  209. just now had a chance to go online – probably everyone is asleep, but I couldn’t wait till morning to say how terrific the new Denver Group ad is!! If you haven’t seen it yet – go check it out!

  210. myiq2xu,
    My favorite graphic! I have copies I pass out. They are handy in business card size.

    Michael W. McConnell thought he was brilliant. Must have seen him for the tool he is. I have been straining to see basic intelligence. myiq2xu, thanks again for another perfect essay. You give us so much to work with.

    from indigogrrl: “….As a self employed person I’m barely hanging in there…… animals that people are abandoning because they can’t afford to feed them anymore. ”

    It’s heartbreaking. my system can’t decide between rage and tears. I’m self-employeed with huge expenses here in Seattle, haven’t had health insurance since my divorce 6 years ago. I had to take a day job to make things work, lost that, then got a seasonal job I wouldn’t lose my house. This is make or break time, and this is what they forced on us.

    Well, there’s some hell to pay.

    ….”I am an April Fool, so my archetype is the Fool, the Joker, Jester and clown.

    Evil clowns need love too”

    SM: Oh God no. Mine used to ask me to spell my first name every year for the 19 years we were married when he did he income tax returns. Can you get any less stupid than that?

  211. LATE at night ,meant to separate these comments from the last set—(can’t sleep )

    On a lighter note….

    ….”I am an April Fool, so my archetype is the Fool, the Joker, Jester and clown.

    Did myiq just give us his birthday?

    From Pat– “Mine used to ask me to spell my first name every year for the 19 years we were married when he did he income tax returns. Can you get any less stupid than that?”

    Well Pat, one needs to ask why you let a guy like that do your tax returns! And another thing– I have one word for you: TRAMP.

    I’ve been watching this Ed this, and Ed that. That’s right, I’m watching.

    Good night everyone. I’ve missed you guys.

  212. LaMusing,

    About the new Denver ad. I was puzzled by this part:

    “And if some in the DNC are afraid that a democratic process could produce a result different from a preconceived set of expections, as someone once said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    Sure sounds to me like they are reassuring Pelosi et al, that they should not fear the result.

  213. B0’s cronies stampede to K street to cash in on the upcoming power

  214. steveboy without the e – Now break that down – how much was extorted from Hillary’s donors and supporters.

    Also, how much from those bundlers!

    Come back when you have that number!

    You are the only jerk!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  215. Another thing steveboy without the e – I was thinking he promised $100 million so technically he is $48 million short!

    Did I do the math correctly?

  216. What happened to you steveboy without the e – did the cat get your tongue?


  217. fuck off stinkybutt don’t you have a real life?

  218. s-boy thinks that being an unpaid “Obama blogger” will lead to an appointment somewhere high in the next administration.

    Sadly, he’s just high

  219. It is also a fact that when Obama was the president of the Harvard Law Review he had arranged the publication of an article in his volumn giving the legal underpinnings for denying poor/indigent women the funding for an abortion all the while allowing public funding for private schools. The proverbial dancing on the head of a pin and the MAN who wrote this article, Michael McConnell, a very conservative Republican, extolled the “virtues” of Obama so much so that Obama was given a fellowship at the U. of Chicago and office space to write his first book. And subsequently this McConnell was given a Federal Judgeship in Utah from our “dear President”, GW Bush. This Obama is no friend to women or NOW. His rush to the right of center, formerly known as the hard Right is his real position. Obama went faux left for the primary, and now he is coming home. No one is forcing him right. He was forced left to get support for the primary, trying to appear liberal. Hillary, on the other hand, went to the center to get elected in the primary, all the while her true affinity is liberal and very left.

  220. Giving up your address book requires that you give over your email password to the Obama campaign (the warnings always say “It’s a one time thing!” but you shouldn’t ever do it anyway). This is the same crap that made controversy on one site this past winter because of Facebook, I believe (it was some story about how one internet site spread a virus this way), and people were warned NOT EVER to do this–i.e., give your password up to any site. The site “Twitter” does this as well.

    Create a new email account and then sign up. Never, ever give your main email address password out to anyone.

  221. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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