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Obama’s New Campaign Strategy: Laughing at Voters

I wish a pollster would show those polled the video of Obama laughing at voters with his rich friends rather than just reading quotes from his remarks. I think the impact of seeing and hearing it (as you would if it was put in an ad) is like a kick in the gut.

That’s the power of the Wright video too. It’s watching him as Wright talks about Bill riding Monica. And the reaction of the congregation. And wondering if Obama was there….

Reading what they say is a more intellectual exercise. We think about the words as we read them. We consider the ideas. Video doesn’t work like that. It packs a wallop.

Maybe I’m completely wrong, but it just doesn’t seem like the right questions are being asked. Not being a pollster, I’m not sure how to ask without tainting the answers. But, when I saw this video, I felt exactly the way I did when Obama said, “You’re likable enough, Hillary” — I felt sick. Obama can explain all he wants what he meant by “bitter” and “clinging” — it’s not going to silence the echoes of his laughter.

27 Responses

  1. Obama is a weasel.

    He was “amused at the notion” that people were offended by his recent remarks.

    We should be very worried that the MSM keeps propping him up at every turn.

  2. Great work!
    Check out my post about CNN, Anderson Cooper and Larry Sinclair.
    Best wishes.

  3. I think what I’ll do tonight is listen to Hillary, and then mute the O-man. Or maybe turn the volume down low. On the other hand, we could watch it together here and count the times he says “uh” or “um” or “No one cares more about…..than I do.” I hope he insults Hillary so that all the PA women will be up and arms and ready to rush to the polls and vote for her. I want Hillary to win by double digits.

  4. sarah: Amused? Amused? AMUSED? Aargh, let me at ‘im! He’s beginning to sound like Leona “little people” Helmsley.

  5. Obama laughs, Michele snarls. Ideal couple.

  6. From the YouTube site, it doesn’t look like very many people have SEEN the video. What’s the best way to spread it around?

  7. Flineo has a nice new video! About how O & Co “don’t speak for us”

  8. Too bad that Hillary can pull a Queen Victoria and say “We are not amused.”

  9. Yeah, as someone I really hate said:


    You could always vote AGAINST Obama because you didn’t like him, but now you can vote against Obama because HE doesn’t like YOU

  10. Best way to spread the video is to e-mail it to everybody in your address book. If you are a techno incompetent like me- e-mail it to yourself and then forward it to all your friends.
    helps to have Facebook, MySpace and college aged children too!

  11. Post a comment on my blog.
    I am getting quite a bit of traffic today.
    Link back to your post.

  12. Citizenwells, if you post another comment here — you can add a link to your own website. (Hover over the commenter names with an underline to see how it will appear)

    I’d love to read your post.

  13. Honestly, how did we get here? This guy is such any empty suit. He doesn’t actually get that voters may just prefer an experienced candidate with a clear agenda.

  14. Thanks, Melissa — I hadn’t thought about the facebook idea I’ll try to add it. Not that my facebook page is all powerful

  15. I was trying to respect your blog.


  16. citizenwells, I actually meant that the page can be linked directly to your name so that people can follow you if they’re impressed with your comments.

    I stopped by your blog, but didn’t have anything to say. I didn’t really ‘get’ it. I’m sorry to say….

  17. What don’t you get?

  18. Why is the linked video offensive? It’s not offensive at all to me…

    1. Barack thinks many people are bitter about government. Not bitter in general, but bitter about how the government has treated them, especially economically.

    2. Because of that, these people vote not on economic issues (which they believe won’t make a difference anyway), but on issues like guns and religion, because they do believe their vote matters in that regard.

    3. The gaffe of course is that the literal words he said make it sound like he means that people are bitter people in general, and thus cling to religion to seek solace from the bitterness. He didn’t mean it like that — he meant they’re bitter about how the government is currently run, and therefore vote based on issues like religion and guns.

    4. Everyone seems wildly offended that he may be an elitist. First of all, Obama is the least elite of the three candidates, and far less elite than Hillary. Obama grew up on food stamps and he worked as an organizer in the south side of Chicago. Hillary was born into wealth and worked as a lawyer out of college. Obama made about 4.1 million last year, and Hillary made 109 million. I’m unsure about McCain. That being said, all three candidates are elite. They’re running for president, of course they’re elite. What’s wrong with this?

  19. I believe arrogant is a better word.

  20. From where I’m sitting it looks like U.S. democratic presidential candidates locked in the very public “I AM GODLIER AND MORE ORDINARY AND MORE AVERAGE THAN THOU” dance of death that seems determined to antagonize enough democrative voters to hand the election to McCain. Of course they are all elite. That’s the way the game is rigged.

  21. Wow, how did you manage to post about Obama without attracting the usual pro-Obama trolls? Impressive. I won’t waste your comment space as I’ve already stated my issues with Obama on my own blog. BTW, thanks for posting the video.

  22. You are all a bunch of man hating idiots. Why are you so angry at Men? What have they done to you? Are you really that stupid to believe that Hillary cares about you? Don’t answer that I know the answer..you get what you deserve. Morons.

  23. Just kidding. Go McCain.

  24. They only person laughing is Hellary at you mental midgets. Hellary to her staff ” I can’t believe that these uneducated people believe that I like guns, beer and whiskey. Good thing I am not going after the educated vote, these blue collar working women are retarded.”

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  26. […] tell you why. Because Obama, like a lot of Party Leaders, blames the voters when they don’t vote for him. The BitterCling remarks and the boring and oft-repeated cries of racism are just two examples of […]

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