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Michelle Goldberg on Trump and women’s health. It’s very, very ugly. 

Michelle Goldberg wrote about women’s reproductive freedom in the Trump era. It’s going to be a giant step backwards. He’s indifferent and callous to the relegation of women back to subordinate status. 

Then there’s Mr. Trump’s secretary of health and human services, Tom Price, who has claimed that “there’s not one” woman in America who is unable to afford contraception. Together, these hires represent a familiar Trump administration strategy: putting people in charge of government programs whose goal is to dismantle them. 
The influence of the Trump administration’s anti-contraception views is very apparent in a draft regulation, recently leaked to Vox, that would drastically expand the number of employers allowed to opt out of birth control coverage in their insurance plans. 
If enacted, the rule will allow any employer, even large, publicly traded corporations, to refuse to cover birth control simply by citing a moral objection.
This could result in hundreds of thousands of women losing contraceptive coverage. As the American Civil Liberties Union has pointed out, the rule makes a shamelessly bad-faith argument, asserting that no woman would go without coverage, since she could always rely on Medicaid or Title X — even as both of those programs are being targeted by the administration for funding freezes or cuts.

Young women should take some organic chemistry, find an old RV, drive it out to the desert…


27 Responses

  1. And leave the motor running with the windows closed.

    • That is never the answer.

      • You’re right, I was being a smartass. However, I wouldn’t say that it’s never the answer.
        How did Shakespeare put it?

        Who would fardels bear,

        To grunt and sweat under a weary life,

        But that the dread of something after death,

        The undiscovered country from whose bourn

        No traveler returns, puzzles the will

        And makes us rather bear those ills we have

        Than fly to others that we know not of?

        • Maybe if one is terminally ill and enduring intractable pain.

          Not merely because one haz a sad.

          • You’re right but it depends on how long the sad lasts.
            I really worry about people who won’t get the pain relief they need because of the “opioid crisis.”

    • I was thinking more along the lines of becoming entrepreneurs.

  2. If the wingnuts are correct, we’ll need to lower our estimation of Hillary’s intelligence.

    According to them, she had oodles of people murdered, but never managed to bag her vilest critics.

    According to them, she (and Bill) engaged in shady real estate deals in Arkansas, but lost money.

    According to them, she got eleventy bazillion illegal aliens to vote fraudulently for her, and still lost the election.

    According to them, she, not the Orange Covfefe, colluded with the Russkies to win the election, and still lost the election.

    Wow, she must really be a ditz! 😉

    • That, or else if you handed the average wingnut a roll of toilet paper, (s)he would start wiping the nearest hole in the ground. 😛

  3. Going off topic BECAUSE PANDAS.

  4. Anybody mention that the poster boy for denying benefits for moral reasons, Hobby Lobby was busted for smuggling stolen Biblical era artifacts into the Big PX?

    • In their Christianity it is moral to lie, steal, steal from the poor, kill the sick. These are not Christians and I doubt that they are even humans.

  5. Feeling disgusted at the buffoon and his supporters this morning, looking at the news all around. If he is that smart, Cruz must surely know the effect of his amendments, right? The insurers need not school him, right? Yet he did and that mother-fucker Pence is soulless — he is lying through his teeth that this new bill strengthens and secures medicaid for the neediest. And, they are building the wall in secret in a wildlife refuge! How the hell do we get rid of these mfers?

  6. What percent of a population is sadistic and vengeful? Is it around 30%?

  7. We have to dumb it down to the 30% who don’t get it. You voted for Putin and gave up your country, mfers. What will you do to redeem yourselves? You don’t have to tell us, just do it.

    • Actually, it’s how P stole the election from H on behalf of P’s puppet T, in order to steal our sovereignty. The first was a necessary stepping-stone to the second.

      • yeah, but if we made it about election loss for Hillary, they will feel justified because of their hate towards her but if we make it about treason and losing sovereignty, they may wake up.

  8. Contraceptive pills used to be inexpensive. Many pharmacies had generic orthocyclen and orthotricyclen for 3 months for $24 or$9 per single pack. Since the contraceptive mandate, most women have coverage and these cheaper prices have gone away. Now it seems that more women are paying for pills again and generic prices are $70-90 per month. These are generics because big pharma doesn’t make branded contraceptive pills anymore. Once the generics were introduced, the brand manufacturers lost almost 100% market share.

  9. How much more plain can this get for the dumb T supporters? You don’t let a foreign entity help you win elections, looking at you Congress and the WH, because that entity can blackmail you, like this (and today it the compounds, tomorrow it is the sanctions, the day after it is something else):

    • …because that entity can blackmail you…

      Exactly. Does anyone out there really think the Russkies only hacked the Dems and not the GOP as well? They released the Dem material to p!$$ off just enough gullible Unicorn Leftists and Both-Siderist Undecideds to give the GOP control of all three branches of our Federal government, and kept the GOP material to use as blackmail over the GOP.

      I wonder if any of the Scrooge McDucks who own the GOP realize that Tsar Putin is planning to make McDuck soup out of even them, eventually.

      • Oh, I am positive that the Russians are blackmailing a bunch of Republican congress critters.

  10. whoa, look at this!!! Is this why he filed papers for his 2020 campaign on the same day he was inaugurated? Campaign money for legal fees! These people are diabolical.

  11. Will we have talent like this from around the world come to the US any more? I went around saying Greek symbols make me excited during my days and then hired a young woman who said research was glamorous on her SOP. This article makes me sad. She was only 40 and being that she was Iranian, Trump era would not see the likes of her here with their stupid ban.

    Maryam Mirzakhani, Stanford mathematician and Fields Medal winner, dies

    But the problem is Trumpanzees don’t care for these things. There is no pride or prestige for them that this country attracts the best and the brightest from all around the world. What do they want? I actually don’t really know what they care for, really.

  12. Good thread along the lines of my previous comment:

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