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    pm317 on #womensmarch2018 #powertothepo…
    riverdaughter on #womensmarch2018 #powertothepo…
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    • The Slow Bipartisan Slide to Authoritarianism
      The funniest thing about Trump are those who feel he is of a piece, separate from American history, and somehow a break from it.  That this government is significantly qualitatively worse than those that came before, rather than an extension of it. (A good example is immigration policy, in which Trump is somewhat worse than […]
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Stride: Things don’t grow if you don’t bless them with your patience. 

I’m teaching myself how to play my guitar with Yousician. It’s more like playing Guitar Hero except with real fingering and frets and stuff. Looking forward to my own sing-along. 

First Aid Kit: 


Paul Waldman at WaPo breaks down the revised Republican health care plan. To summarize, it’s still a catastrophe for the poor, sick, self employed, elderly, women, children, the disabled, you get the idea. But they cleverly took out the tax cut for the extremely wealthy. I guess the optics on that looked pretty heartless, cruel, selfish, greedy, evil, well, you get my drift. 

How much you wanna bet they just add the tax cut to the tax reform package?  

They just might pass it this time. I know, I know, the good guys are supposed to win but we are outnumbered. And anyway, last November should have been proof enough that the universe is playing a sick joke on us. So… there’s that…
Just a reminder that if you vote for a Republican for the senate because of his position on abortion, what you’re really signing onto is sticking a knife in children who are already born. 

And addicts.

And seniors in Medicaid funded nursing homes. 

Those Republicans have got your number, they’ve conditioned you good and you’re willing to kill a lot of people to serve their agenda. 

So, it’s murder either way. 

Just sayin’.  


Omg, he’s chatting up the First Lady of France:

What she should have said:

“Thank you. While you’re here we can introduce you to a good workout for a man of your age and fitness level. Maybe a seniors class. “


Stroll: Summer Breeze


I heard that Trump is headed to France. Take it away Macron: