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    William on The Congressional Hearings on…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
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Red Rover, Red Rover, send Republican Women with Brains over

Hey, have you heard about Donald’s toilet tweet from yesterday?  He insulted Mika Brezyninski saying she showed up at Mar-a-Lago around New Year’s Eve, asking to stay with him and bleeding from a face lift. He said no, of course. Then he spread this little gift of personal information  with the world  just like narcissists do. They want to make people look bad. 

In the same week, he did a virtual feel up of Catriona Perry, a reporter for an Irish news organization. 

And he wouldn’t shake hands with Angela Merkel, something that Emmanuel Macron rectified during a recent NATO summit in France when he spurned Trump and headed straight for Angela. 

I get it that the most powerful man in the world represents a bunch of guys who are delighted to finally put women in their proper place so they can reassert the natural order in the world. But they still rely on those bimbos to win elections and some Republican women have had enough. 

Nicolle Wallace is –><– close to ripping up her GOP membership card. 

See the last 50 seconds for an epic rant:

When they come over to our side, we should have critical mass. And as Tina Fey said in 2008, “bitches get shit done”.  


Don Juan in Hell

“A movement which is confined to philosophers and honest men can never exercise any real political influence: there are too few of them. Until a movement shows itself capable of spreading among brigands, it can never hope for a political majority.”

                             – George Bernard Shaw

                                    Man and Superman

The Horror, The Horror

Good job on calling your local GOP asshole, everyone. We have a temporary reprieve until after the July 4th holiday. During that time, McConnell and his obscenely wealthy donors, will apply the thumbscrews to Susan Collins, Dean Heller and a couple other holdouts. Will they turn before the rest of the country figures out what the hell is in this bill? Because if what I heard last night is any indication, the average working class American is shocked and royally pissed off that the Republicans are planning to deprive children of health insurance just because their parents don’t work for a company that can cover them. 

That sentiment is going to spread among anyone who is not a 27 year old white male who presumably will never get sick or injured while he’s driving over the speed limit and weaving between cars on the New Jersey turnpike. 

Shock, horror, dismay, a deep sense of betrayal. 


And if Donald Trump signs that bill or tries to strong arm Senators to pass The Law Governing the Whipping of Poor Sick Children, people are  not going to love him. No they are not.

Of course, he will blame them for being too stupid to be rich, which will bring a whole new set of people who will not love him. And probably a tweet storm. 

But in any case, we have a week. Don’t let up. Spread the word. 


The new job is working out nicely. The work is analytical and technical. It appeals to the girl geek in me. Call me Gigi. I’m not forced to dress up every morning and there’s a coffee shop around the corner that makes latte just the way I like it with plenty of hot foamy skim milk. The salary will never make me rich but I can live on it. All in all, it’s the best job I’ve had since my site closed in 2011. 

Time to save up for the next layoff. 😉

Please tell me again. 

First this…

Wasn’t that nice? Aren’t you relaxed?  Do you want me to turn the lights down? Should I bust out my eucalyptus and mint massage oil and loosen up that lower back? Of course I’m naked. How did you know? Let me whisper something in your ear…

Ok, fun time is over. 

Now, go call Pat Toomey and tell him again how you don’t believe a single thing the motherf#%ker says about the Senate Health Care bill. That is, if you’re in Pennsylvania. Here are the numbers: 

Allentown/Lehigh Valley 

1150 S. Cedar Crest Blvd Suite 101 

Allentown, PA 18103 

Phone: (610) 434-1444 

Toll-free phone (for callers in PA): 1-855-552-1831

Fax: (610) 434-1844

Good Question

Bernie was in Pittsburgh yesterday. I was supposed to go. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked my my lawn, whose grass was “as high as an elephant’s eye”. But I have friends who went. 

Anyway, Bernie asks a good question about Trumpcare that I invite our Trumpster lurkers to answer (don’t be shy. I know you’re there.): 

Oh, and don’t forget the old people who are about to be thrown out of Medicaid funded nursing homes. Or the mentally ill

Or women and their children. 

Or children with special needs

This is the Republican Congress at work. There is no one to stop them or Trump from ramming this, or any other selfishly cruel policy, through before 2018. Just a reminder to those of you who voted for these people that you voted for these people. 

Please don’t try to hide behind your morality. Anyone who enabled this hasn’t got a moral bone in their body. 

Beauty in Motion: Diana Vishneva leaves ABT

At the age of 40, a ballerina’s days on stage are numbered. Ballet at the principal level requires daily discipline of ballet class, flexibility and strength training that is exhausting. The body can never take a day off. Injuries inevitably start to take their toll. At some point, you have to step off the stage and plan for the rest of your life. 

Diana Vishneva gave her last performance for American Ballet Theater on Friday. She was one of the great dancers of her generation. She didn’t have the perfect ballerina body, her legs were a bit spindly and short. But she inhabited her roles and performed each movement with a fluidity that is missing from many dancers today.  I wish I had been able to see her dance in person. Fortunately, there are plenty of videos on YouTube for us to marvel at just how good she was in both classical and contemporary pieces, whether she danced on pointe or on her knees. 

Here are three examples. The first is a contemporary dance made on her for F.L.O.W., choreographed by Moses Pendleton to the Gayatri Mantra*. The second is the iconic White Swan Odette variation from Swan Lake. Enjoy! The third is from an ABT performance of Giselle with partner Marcelo Gomez. No one floats so weightlessly. Pick it up at the 1:20 minute mark. (Recording is not great, dancing is magnificent)


 “Unveil, O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, that face of the True Sun now hidden by a vase of golden light, that we may see the truth and do our whole duty on our journey to thy sacred seat.”

Kliff Notes. 

Sarah Kliff at Vox gives us the break down of the Better Health Care Reconciliation Act or whatever the fuck the Republicans are calling it these days.

Let’s call it Trumpcare. 

Courtesy of Trump and the Granny Starvers, the meanest people on earth (or a really sucky ska band).

Democrats in Exile

Take nothing for granted. 

If you love something, work your heart out for it. 

Spinning Georgia-6

See results here

#AHCA: The Only Thing On Our Radar 

The Republicans are going to try to ram through a vote on their horrific “health care” bill by the end of next week. I was no fan of the ACA. The Medicaid Gap was ridiculous and likely the reason why the working poor hated Obamacare. Then there were the unaffordable deductibles and the self-defeating way that Democrats separated workers into two distinct classes: those who were blessed to have employer sponsored health insurance and the growing contractor class who has to fork over a huge chunk of their unstable income to it. Add in the fact that the subsidies would have had to be paid back if the contractor underestimated his income by a little bit and you have the makings of a very short sighted policy. But hey, the Obama “liberals” were all for it because of the pre-existing conditions and who could argue with that??  

Who indeed. 

It almost seems like it was designed to have a lot of bad policy wrapped up in one or two good ones. We can thank the Republicans for adding amendments to the ACA that made it into the unappetizing melange it turned out to be. 

But the AHCA is turning out to be no policy at all. It’s just a transfer of health care dollars away from the people who need it, especially children who will lose Medicaid and CHIP insurance, to the pockets of the very well off through tax breaks. Jamelle’s Bouie at Slate’s Political Gabfest breaks it down for us in chilling detail. The biggest campaign donors want this roll back of health insurance no matter what. They want what they want and they want it now. That’s what they hired their Senators and Representatives to do. What happens after that is not their problem. It’s everyone else’s problem but what do the Republicans’ biggest donors care about that?  They don’t have to look at the people who will get royaly screwed by this. Did I mention that up to 50% of children will lose their health insurance?  And what about the mentally ill?

It’s sickening. Literally. 

Senator Al Franken has more: 

You don’t have to be a liberal to hate what Senate Republicans are doing behind closed doors. We’re just ahead of the rest of the class right now. 

Just wait. 


Lady V adds this from the comments: 

ACA/ACHA repeal/replace vote is planned for the end of next week.

McConnell is “allowing” Dems (and the public) only 10 hours to read the bill and vote on it. Now is the time to take action on this. It’s a horror: http://www.UpholdTheseRights.com/Healthcare.html

The ACHA removes pre-existing coverage protections for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, and a host of other mental conditions, as well as classing obesity, hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, hospitalization, pregnancy or being the partner of a pregnant person, etc.–basically, almost everything–as a pre-existing condition and therefore subject to high-risk pool (premiums $10K-$25K/yr and up).

A pre-existing condition is something one had or was ever treated for prior to obtaining insurance coverage from a specific carrier.

GOP will make out like bandits and people will actually die.

Everyone is tired, and people are in “June/summer denial.” I hope the resistance is still out there and active.