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    pm317 on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
    pm317 on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
    pm317 on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
    riverdaughter on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
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    • On Stubborn Facts and Partisan Identification
      There is vast confusion in the more active left about this, so let’s clear it up by way of Bernie Sanders. Clinton was more popular with POC and women than Sanders was. She was also more popular with old people. However Sanders is well liked by POC and women. Every survey I have seen shows […]
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Stroll: Sonic Landscape 


12 Responses

  1. Hot dude alert. He got off on the 14th floor. It’s leased to a different company. I was looking back to see if he was looking back to see if I was looking back to see if he was looking back at me. He was.
    And then I scurried into the right back corner of the elevator, shook my hair in my face and turned my music up in my earbuds.
    {{face palm}}

    • Say Hi next time. I would.

      • Omg, I’m painfully shy in real life. Unless we’re talking about work related things, I try to avoid real life interactions.
        And I don’t look my age. I’m always afraid they’re going to get a little freaked out when I tell them how old I am. I always have to explain that I stay this way with the blood of virgins.
        Some people don’t get my humor.

        • Hey, hey, there is a Macron for you out there and some boorish friend of his will some day tell you how good you look and you tell him it is because of the blood of virgins (aka hormones), 😉

          • Lol!! THAT’S what Brigitte should have told Trump:

            Trump: You’re in such good shape. Beautiful.
            Brigitte: I drink the blood of virgins. You’re safe.

  2. Speaking of Macron, what is he up to with the buffoon?

    • It goes like this:

      Trump: I want to thank you two for keeping Melania entertained last night while I caught up on business.

      Brigitte: it was our pleasure. We were a happy threesome.

      Melania: Let’s do it again when you visit the White House. Wait until you try the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom.

      Macron: {{smiles}}

      • Yes, I know! None of her clothes looked good on this trip. The red suit she wore was so dowdy that she actually looked like the walking adverts that we see for the Handmaid’s Tale. Maybe she is trying to say something.

      • And they said it in french and the buffoon nodded approvingly.

        • {{snort!!}}
          How many languages does Melania know?

          Melania to Brigitte: Please excuse my total asshole of a husband. I meant to come to Paris this week but I had to bring him with me.

          Brigitte: Where the fuck did you find this loser?

          Melania: I know, what was I thinking. It’s not worth the prenup. Jesus Christ he’s going to maul you again. Ugh, his touch makes me nauseous. I’m so sorry.

  3. Last night, my husband observing Melania, said “She can barely stand to touch him.”

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