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Axelrove: We Have Always Been At War With EastAsia.

Does This Party Structure Look Familiar?

Does This Party Structure Look Familiar?

In July, I remarked upon the Orwellian nature of the Obama campaign. And why shouldn’t they be Orwellian – they have copied KKKarl Rove’s playbook down to the last semicolon, and La Turd Blossom has certainly been a fan of the visionary 1984 author. Remember the legislative hommages, like “No Child Left Behind,” which actually causes children to be, um, left behind if they don’t pass the tests; and who could forget the cleverly-named “Clear Skies Initiative,” which was responsible for more pollution that actually cleared the skies of…birds! Good times, good times.

But no worries – we need not miss Rove and Bush for long. Here comes KKKarl’s younger, hairier brother, with his latest logic-twisting assertions.

Top Obama adviser David Axelrod strongly defended the selection of evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the opening prayer at the inauguration, telling moderator David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the nation needs to get beyond “shaking our fists” across a political divide.

The selection of Warren, a Californian whose “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold 20 million copies, prompted a fierce backlash from some of Obama’s liberal supporters — especially gay activists, who were miffed at Warren’s support for the Golden State proposition outlawing same-sex marriage, which passed in November. (Note the diminutizing use of the word “miffed” here, and the complete omission of female activists who are outraged at Warren’s opposition to reproductive rights and belief that a woman should be submissive to her husband. – MB)

“You have a conservative evangelical pastor who’s coming to participate in the inauguration of a progressive president,” Axelrod said from Chicago. “This is a healthy thing and a good thing for our country. We have to find ways to work together on the things on which we do agree, even when we profoundly disagree on other things.”

Let’s take a closer look at this inclusive-sounding pap, shall we?

First of all, Obama promised he would bring change to America. Yet conservative pastors have given invocations at Democratic Presidents’ inaugurations before. Billy Graham gave the invocation at both of Bill Clinton’s inaugurations. Bishop William Cannon, of the United Methodist Church, gave the invocation at Jimmy Carter’s inauguration. At JFK’s inauguration, Catholic luminary Richard Cardinal Cushing gave the invocation. Are we getting the picture yet?

You know what would have been a change? Including a rabbi and an imam and a priest – all liberal! How about co-invocations, recognizing that America is a melting pot of religions and that the days of bigotry and misogyny are coming to an end? No, none of that for President Obama. We must keep the fundiegelicals happy, or they won’t vote for him in 2012. It looks like “change” was meant only in the Orwellian sense.

Now, what else about Axelrod’s statement was a big pile of Unity Pony poop? Why, the idea that Obama disagrees with anything Rick Warren stands for. And this realization is what is really getting people “miffed.”

May I ask the LGBT Obama supporters out there what Obama has ever done for gay rights? Anyone? Bueller? In fact, his position on gay marriage is the same as Rick Warren’s. Oh, Mr. Obama may not compare it to pedophilia, polygamy or other aberrations, like Rick Warren did; but when Barack Obama’s voice was used in robocalls to tell his supporters in California to vote for Proposition 8, where was Mr. Obama’s protest? Why did he not vigorously state that using his voice in that context was wrong? Well, because as he has stated often, Barack Obama opposes same-sex marriage. Feeling hopey-changey yet, LGBT community?

As for Barack Obama’s attitude towards women, do we really even need to go there? He has half the number of women in his Cabinet that Bill Clinton did. He “inexplicably” did not pick Hillary as his Vice President (thanks for your help, Caroline Kennedy!). His sexism during the primary and general elections was epic. And The Groper, Jon Favreau, is still employed as the President-Elect’s CHIEF speechwriter. In fact, he is writing Obama’s inaugural address. Hey, I can do it just as well, and I’ve never pretended to date-rape a future Secretary of State! Wanna hear it?

“Change. Hope. Believe. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for. I am the greatest. Reagan was awesome. Lincoln and Washington were poseurs. JFK was a jelly doughnut. Bill Clinton who? Joe Biden who? Hey, anyone want to pick a dog for Malia and Sasha? I can’t even make THAT decision!”

Let’s face it, left-leaning boys and girls of all sexual orientations, Barack Obama is not our friend. He does not believe what we believe. He does not want universal health care, or his allies in Congress would not have pronounced it dead in the water. He does not care about social justice for anyone, or he would not have included woman-hating homophobes in his campaign and inauguration. He does not care about economic justice, or he would be keeping his promises to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans (he’s still not sure if, or when, that will happen, according to Axelrove in the article quoted above). He does not represent change, except that he is more melanin-enhanced than his predecessors.

Yes, get ready to twist your brains repeatedly around more truth-defying statements from the President’s office for the next four years. That’s what happens when you vote with your emotions and not your brain. Hope you enjoy your Reagan Republican DINO, fauxgressives!

We told you so.

71 Responses

  1. madamab, just your title made me smile. Now I’ll read the rest.

  2. […] at The Confluence and Partizane Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Stop Politicizing my Faith: Rick […]

  3. Was David Gregory lying on his back with his legs up throughout the interview?

  4. Yes, HATE = LOVE.
    and we’ll have to add a new one, DESPAIR = HOPE

  5. DYB – LOL! And Axelrove was scratching his tummy!!!

    “Good boy, David!”

  6. What David Axelrod is describing is co-belligerence. This is the ability to work together and tackle a specific problem. In that case. Rick Warren would be invited to work on AIDS or hunger in Africa. Both are worthy goals.

  7. I keep thinking of the wisdom of Solomon. What would Solomon do in this situation? Who would Solomon choose to give the invocation? I haven’t thought of the answer to that question yet, but I know that Warren wouldn’t have made his short list.

  8. How about an invocation to Pele, the volcano goddess, to not turn Obama into stone in the next four years for refusing to honor her? That sounds about right to me.

  9. chatblu – And should that happen, I wouldn’t object. But this is a slightly different story, no?

  10. RD – LOL!

  11. madamab: You’re absolutely right, I guess I didn’t make myself clear, but what you said was what I was propounding. Work together on what you can without embracing what you can’t,

  12. madamab..Do you have a ref. or link for the Prop. 8 robo calls? More damning, IMO, is Obama’s BFF, Doug Kmiec’s support for Prop 8.

  13. SHV – Here ya go! It’s actually from a very pro-Obama blogger.

  14. Nice to know that since Bill Clinton was President, there really have been no advancements in civil rights for women and LGBTs. With the marriage of Obamanation and Pastor Rick, we have actually backslided on civil rights. By the end of Obama’s first term, we should be firmly entrenched in the 1950’s.

  15. Did Gregory ask ANY difficult questions or bring up Warren’s equating of gay marriage to incest, polygamy, & pedophilia, or his attitudes about women?? Silly me for asking…

  16. Fif – no, he just went right into tax increases for the wealthiest Americans (which, as I predicted, ain’t happenin’). Teh wimminz were ignored as usual. We weren’t even important enough to be “miffed.”

  17. RD, invocation to Pele: Yes. Splendid idea. The rest of us might not ask for the same thing as O would, tho.

  18. Greetings from a member of the proletariat. Isn’t “get beyond” just a slightly less offensive version of “get over it”. Whenever Obamanation does something really bigoted or stupid (or both) they begin insulting those of us who are righteously offended.

  19. It appears that Orwell was only 25 years off. I’ve often commented that the MSM has become 1984‘s Ministry of Truth.

    It’s frightening that the chairman of the RNC is publicly condemning that stupid Obama song when meanwhile ObamaNation is not calling their leader to task for his disgusting embrace of misogyny, sexism and homophobia. They should be up in arms over the Warren invitation. But, nope, they just lap it up. What a bunch of morally bereft fools!

  20. brilliant, madamab, just brilliant. Thank you.

  21. Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday & that I was missed! LOL

    great post madamab — but why bother asking Obama supporters what he ever did for the GLBT community now? We were asking them that all during the primary & they didn’t care then — fact is, I still say to h3ll with anyone who voted for Obama who wants to complain now — they own him & fact is, they will vote for him again in 2012 because he is “better then the alternative.”
    I am, however, thoroughly enjoying their “surprise & dismay” to discover that Obama is exactly who he showed himself to be.

  22. Back Bay Style – Indeed! I expect the campaign to start claiming they are “fatigued and irritated” by the outcry any moment.

  23. ANGIENC!!! I missed you!!!

    Hope your holiday was wonderful.


  24. kinda funny…. you’d think a God-fearin’ man like Obama would pick a preacher to actually give an invocation from God…. and not just turn it into a political calculation…

    everything is always a stunt with this guy…

  25. Sorry for the OT, but yet another hilarious but scary example of Pampers’ diplomacy and judgment:
    “If somebody was sending rockets into my house, where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that,” he said [last summer] in Sderot, a small city on the edge of Gaza that has been attacked repeatedly by rocket fire. “And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”….
    Obama has committed himself to restarting peace efforts immediately and has made known that one of his first foreign-policy moves will be a speech in the Muslim world aimed at creating a new beginning for U.S. relations with the religion’s 1.5 billion adherents.

    Yeah, a speech. A speech. That’ll help. The great Barack speaks.

    Ye gods. Save us.

  26. Madamab, great post. That Orwellian analogy is chillingly accurate. How else can one explain otherwise rationale people swallowing the hopium unquestioned?

  27. OUTSTANDING!!!-Standing Ovation-Here Here!

    Never has One been so right about so much with so great command of the english language.

    Hat is off to Madamab-

    I bow and am unworthy

  28. Hmmm:

    “— From July 1993 to the end of 1994, Barack Obama’s mother was hard at work in New York City convening experts, compiling surveys and drafting papers for a major United Nations conference in Beijing, where she hoped to show how much good can be done by lending small sums to poor women.
    As Ann Dunham Soetoro ‘s colleagues brainstormed, they agreed that one advocate would electrify their panel: then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

    Too bad Barry didn’t learn enough from his mother. Wonder what he was doing then — cozying up w/slum landlords?

  29. Did ya miss me too?

  30. Madamb, sorry, I am OT’ing too much from your wonderful post.

    There are a number of cracks appearing in that Orwellian facade and I get gleeful when I see another one! Must stop for now!

  31. PumaInSeattle – I have always felt that when a demagogue says something that is obviously nonsensical, it has a weirdly hypnotic effect. One’s brain has to stop thinking in order to try to process the cognitive dissonance, and at that point, one is very open to suggestion.

    Just a theory – perhaps someone who knows more about hypnosis can weigh in.


    And as for the Middle Eastern situation, all I can say is that Obama is not equipped to handle it. It’s interesting that his first move will be to reach out to Muslims… through a speech. Like no one has done that before! Change you can’t believe!

  32. Fuzzybear – You are too sweet!


  33. I missed you TRK, and everyone else at the Confluence. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

    The circus has finally left town and now I have time to get online. I’ve been fighting with a 3-year old all week for computer time. And he’s an extremely cute 3-year old so he usually won out.

  34. From the same source “Will MoveOn live up to its name?”

    What they chose: universal health care; economic recovery and job creation; building a green economy/stopping climate change; and end the war in Iraq.

    What they didn’t: holding the Bush administration accountable; fighting for gay rights and LGBT equality; and reforming campaigns and elections.


    At the end of a year, if there’s a lot more Rick Warren than getting out of Iraq, we’ll have to see.”

    In the meantime, MoveOn won’t exactly be sitting on its hands. Pariser says he envisions the group “creating the political space for Obama to step into” by turning the organization’s attention toward the voters and the Capitol. He sees MoveOn working to ensure that members of Congress who are inclined to back the president’s agenda have their districts behind them — and that those who refuse to fall in line feel the full force of their constituents’ wrath….

    Or, as Trippi puts it, members of Congress who stand in the way of Obama’s program “are going to find themselves between Barack and a hard place.”

    PUMAs must go after campaign reform-no-one else ever will.

  35. The WORM might slowing be turning. In my search to find blogs discussing the Israeli/Palestinian situation,
    I have been to the cheetoh. Many of the comments there are derisive of that One. I don’t know if the
    embargo continues against that place… and I’ve only read comments re I/P, but it seems he is no longer sacrosanct.

    I’ve been worried that Obamatosis would stymie
    any move towards social equity and justice. And in discussions (well, if you can call them that) re LGBT issues, there were a lot of posts I read with Obots twisting themselves into pretzels to try and make Obama’s idiot Warren choice acceptable (poor, poor Melissa Etheridge). But now I am feeling some
    hope(!) that those who shoved Obama on us, might be able to separate their minds from their slavish following of him.

    Of course, I would like to kick them into next Tuesday for not being able to make a discerning choice in the election– but I am thinking perhaps they won’t be dead weight on LGBT rights.

  36. axelrove creeps me out more than Rove himself, at least ol’ turd blossom isn’t shy about what he does, axelrove has a lot more darker presence too me

  37. link to that Orwellian MoveOn piece:


  38. Yep, madamab. Change you can laugh at! Unfortunately, it is more frightening than funny because in a little over 20 days this fool is going to be President. Wasn’t 8 years of an idiot enough for the American people. (sigh)

  39. PumaInSeattle – very interesting article. Thanks for posting. I can’t remember where Barry was living at that time.

    Why didn’t he talk about this during the campaign? Was he not proud of her?

  40. Laurie — That Move-On/Trippi crap: “We’ll have to see”??? Oh yeah, that sounds so threatening. /snark.

    And what’s this BS about Obama’s agenda? What in h*ll actually IS his agenda? And “creating the political space for Obama to step into” sounds like what Obama should do himself. Oh, that’s, right, he never does any work himself, it’s always done for him.

    These people are nuts. As if we didn’t already know that.

  41. Dee – Don’t you remember? Hillary is the devil. He couldn’t highlight how his mother admired her during the primaries!

    Or maybe now she’s not the devil. I can’t remember. The prOpaganda is just so hard to keep track of…

  42. Barry didn’t want to bring up the inconvenient fast that his own mother looked up to Hillary and valued Hillary’s experience, actions, and passion. After all, she was just another “typical white person.”

    Just my guess.

  43. Ooops, inconvenient “fact,” not “fast”

  44. Hope you guys all had a great Christmas as well.

    I didn’t turn the tube on at all until Sunday. All my guests were gone and my house was clean. I propped my feet up Sunday morning with a cup of cappucino and turned the tube on, looked up and there he was, the devil himself, Axelrove on Meet the Press.

    What a way to slap you firmly back into reality.

  45. Angela — thanks for the report on the Great Cheeto commentaries. Can’t stand going over there myself. Cheeto pretzels, indeed! heehee.

  46. madamab – I would like to know what Mrs. Soreto thinks of her son and his treatment of women, older people and gay folk. She probably thinks he needs a spanking, his mouth washed out and sent to bed without video games.

  47. Too bad Barry didn’t learn enough from his mother. Wonder what he was doing then — cozying up w/slum landlords?
    Sounds like an interesting woman. Unfortunately her children were an “inconvenience”. That seems to have really screwed with Barak’s head but his sister seems to have turned out OK. Oddly a brief search doesn’t yield much on her childhood..growing up in HI. Was she living with the grandparents also??

  48. TRK-of course we missed you!!!!

    which reminds me haven’t seen SOD either-hope she’s well.

  49. SHV – why the “inconvenience” remark? Are you Mrs. Soreto and did you walk in her shoes or is that just a judgment on your part.?

  50. PumaInSeattle,
    Last week I was over at a forum that had been a Hillary-all-the-way site.. It was my mainstay during the primaries. After the general election I took a break from politics altogether. But it seems that they made a decision during that time to let in Obama supporters.
    There was a discussion re gay marriage.
    The Obots were sticking to the Obama line and the Warren choice. People trying to show them that gay marriage is the only avenue of equality were just running into a wall. It was so evident that their first priority–only priority was to try and make Obama look good. It is a total lesson in futility to try and make them see very simple points re equality.
    So, I’m encouraged to see that the kool-aide seems to be wearing off on some.

  51. I worked for a prestigious organization of highly educated professionals — and saw them fall into the trap of logic-twisting assertions and ready acquiescence to glittering generalities that they could apply to their own inner prejudices. I watched as our sociopathic lobbyists led them to water with inferences — and they readily drank, even voted against the truth unwittingly.

    This past year I have seen these same tactics used nationally and even internationally to fool the masses. It is more than dismaying. As with my personal experience, this year’s campaign has left our landscape strewn with victims like Hillary, women, LGBTs, older people, etcetera, etcetera.

  52. OK. So, I’m just coming up for air after reading Shtuey’s Gaza post and comments below. I’m trying to catch up. I had a LAND LINE in my holiday location. I hope everyone is well.

    So, I got back from trip to the land time forgot, and I got my issue of Mother Jones. There is an article about how BO should take notes regarding Reagan, and how BO is allegedly very interested in Reagan’s story. They had a quote in the article that I found interesting. This is Reagan, talking to the House, just before a debate on his proposed tax cuts:

    “I’ve not taken your time this evening merely to ask you to trust me. Instead, I ask you to trust yourselves. . . . It’s been the power of millions of people like you who have determined that we will make America great again. You have made the difference up to now. You will make the difference again.”

    I wonder if BO got Reagan’s Speeches On Tape? Or maybe Reagan Cliffs Notes? It sounds a little like . . “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” to me.

  53. Hi Micki – welcome back!

    I agree – Obama loves Reagan ‘s rhetoric the mostest, although he will govern more like Bush.

  54. Hi madamaB! 🙂

    My husband was very happy with his Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Luckily for me, there is no CD player at the land time forgot. I shit you not.

  55. This rocks, Madamab. With the posting coming thick and fast over here, for the time being let me refer folks to a related post over on Potpourri, which I may crosspost here if I see a good time slot:


  56. Dee, on December 29th, 2008 at 2:18 pm Said:

    SHV – why the “inconvenience” remark? Are you Mrs. Soreto and did you walk in her shoes or is that just a judgment on your part.?
    It was more a projection on my part of what little “Barry” may have thought about being raised by his grandparents. How much contact did he have with his mother? Why the fixation with his father? Is there any information about his 1/2 sisters early life in HI? We really haven’t got a clue who this man is…he is always acting a role…..I am afraid that the stress of the Presidency will show us the real Obama and it won’t be good for the country.

  57. I like Ann Dunham, but her international micro-lending career seems to have been fluffed out of all recognition.
    from Wikipedia:

    When Dunham returned to Indonesia for field work in 1977 with Maya, Barack chose not to go, preferring to finish high school in the United States.[4]

    Having been a weaver, Dunham was interested in village industries, therefore moved to Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese handicrafts.[31] In 1992 she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Hawaiʻi, under the supervision of Prof. Alice Dewey, with a dissertation titled Peasant blacksmithing in Indonesia: surviving and thriving against all odds.[32] Dunham then pursued a career in rural development championing women’s work and microcredit for the world’s poor, with Indonesia’s oldest bank, the United States Agency for International Development, the Ford Foundation, Women’s World Banking, and as a consultant in Pakistan. She mingled with leaders from organizations supporting Indonesian human rights, women’s rights, and grass-roots development.[4]

    In 1994, Ann Dunham was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and uterine cancer; she moved back to Hawaiʻi to live near her widowed mother.[4] She died there in 1995 at the age of 52.

    It seems to have lasted 12-18 months (at the most) coincidentally at a time when her son’s pol career was taking off.

    The Seattle Times article seems to even credit Dunham with the start-up of microfunding
    (” a pioneer who did seminal field research and developed the standards that guided the program’s rapid expansion”.,)

    when according to Wiki.

    Women’s World Banking was founded in 1976 under the leadership of Michaela Walsh, who became the organization’s first president. In 1979, WWB was registered in the Netherlands as an international non-profit organization with the objective providing poor women entrepreneurs with the capital and information necessary to build viable businesses. Its founding Board of Directors consisted of eminent women leaders from a diverse range of cultures, women such as Ela Bhatt, founder and president of India’s SEWA, the world’s first and largest trade union for undocumented women workers.

  58. I have learned to see gay rights and women’s rights as being conjoined. I’ve never known a homophobe who wasn’t also a sexist and vice versa.

    The truth is, when gay marriage is legalized, it will actually change the traditional institution of marriage in that marriage will become a union (or contract) between two equal partners. As it stands now, marriage, or more specifically divorce laws, support a union of nonequal partners placing women in submissive roles. In front of many family law judges a woman in a marriage who doesn’t have a job is a mom whereas a man in a marriage who doesn’t have a job is a ne’re-do-well. I think legalization of gay marriage will have a profoundly positive effect on the role and status of women in our society.

  59. Axelrod said from Chicago. “You have a conservative evangelical pastor who’s coming to participate in the inauguration of a progressive president; this is a healthy thing and a good thing for our country.”

    Good for the country to give a place of “honor” to a misogynistic, homophobic twerp that thinks women should be subservient to their menfolk? Good for what country? Not mine, you pinheaded a$$hat!!

  60. Quelle surprise – the article was fluffing up Obama’s mom’s resume.

    Janicen – I agree!

  61. kenoshaMarge, on December 29th, 2008 at 2:49 pm Said: Edit Comment


  62. janicen,
    I think you’re right. I think a lot (most? all?) homophobia comes from patriarchical structures.
    I think seeing two men married will make the homophobes/sexists see red. I think seeing two women married will seriously “f” with their minds.

  63. angelasmith – A lot of them will be thinking naughty thoughts about those two women!


    Sorry – I’m just so tired of the stupid bigotry. Had to make a little joke.

    Kenosha – You rock!

  64. PEBO made a decision to turn his back on the LBTG citizens. Kind of surprised at how quickly he did it. I thought we’d have at least 90 days AFTER he took office.

    Personally, I say let the hater give the prayer. But to be fair AxelRove needs to have David Duke swear PEBO in to office. After all it’s just a conservative KKK pastor who’s coming to participate in the inauguration of a progressive president.

  65. I know madamab, there’s always that to contend with.
    But I think that’s due to their ability to objectify women.
    I think LGBT marriage will mess with that ability.

  66. Blenko, I think you’re right. By all means let’s get inclusive! And certainly we can all work for our common interests, right? I just can’t figure out what exactly our common interests are with sexists, homophobes, et al.
    O and A are true dips**ts.

  67. Angelasmith – that day cannot come soon enough for me!!!


  68. well then..lets get up there.
    i love rd.s posts..

  69. Rick Warren might be acceptable if he were balanced with a Rabbi (female), and an imam, and also I would suggest an ordained gay female. (Presbyterian Jane Spahr comes to mind.) Oh, and a priest. To limit his selection to 2 Christian pastors is sad, unrepresentative, and, in my eyes — unchristian.

  70. The world has just hit Axelrove’s fan today.

    The world will not tolerate his lies.

    He looks like he is not in control of things. He isn’t. Not really. He has defaulted on the Baby Boom’s tail end — the one generation who believe in WORLD PEACE. He has failed the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and his generation.

  71. […] Axelrove: We Have Always Been At War With EastAsia. (by madamab at The Confluence) In July, I remarked upon the Orwellian nature of the Obama campaign. And why shouldn’t they be Orwellian – they have copied KKKarl Rove’s playbook down to the last semicolon, and La Turd Blossom has certainly been a fan of the visionary 1984 author… But no worries – we need not miss Rove and Bush for long. Here comes KKKarl’s younger, hairier brother, with his latest logic-twisting assertions. “‘You have a conservative evangelical pastor who’s coming to participate in the inauguration of a progressive president,’ Axelrod said from Chicago. ‘This is a healthy thing and a good thing for our country. We have to find ways to work together on the things on which we do agree, even when we profoundly disagree on other things.’”… […]

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