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“Say Good Night, Caroline.”

says Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News.

…a strange thing is happening on the way to the coronation. The wheels of the bandwagon are coming off. Fantasy is giving way to inescapable truth.

That truth is that Kennedy is not ready for the job and doesn’t deserve it. Somebody who loves her should tell her.

Her quest is becoming a cringe-inducing experience, as painful to watch as it must be to endure. Because she is the only survivor of that dreamy time nearly 50 years ago, she remains an iconic figure. But in the last few days, her mini-campaign has proved she has little to offer New Yorkers except her name.

Her handlers and family enablers insist she feels no entitlement to the Senate job, yet there is no other possible reason to give it to her. Her name is the sole reason she even dares go for it. Camelot must be Gaelic for chutzpah.

New York can do better.

Princess Caroline gave an interview to Kenneth Lovett of the Daily News, and he dutifully transcribed every word–including all the “you know’s.”

“I’m really coming into this as somebody who isn’t, you know, part of the system, who obviously, you know, stands for the values of, you know, the Democratic Party,” Kennedy told the Daily News Saturday during a wide-ranging interview.

“I know how important it is to, you know, to be my own person. And, you know, and that would be obviously true with my relationship with the mayor.”

Hmmm…I can see why Barack likes Caroline so much. Her “you knows” are almost as bad as his “uh, uh uh’s.”

Bashed as a political novice, Kennedy argued that her ties in Washington, particularly to President-elect Barack Obama, can help her deliver for New York. She denied that her interest in the seat is driven by a desire to ensure the family continues its decades-long presence in the Senate.

“It’s really, you know, it’s not about just the Kennedy name,” she said. “It’s about my own work and what I’ve done with those values.”

Ouch! It seems the worm is turning, and the pressure on Governor Paterson to appoint her to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat may be lessening. Too bad, Caroline, but, you know, you’ll probably land, you know, on your, you know, feet.

h/t The Real Barack Obama for the video and link to Goodwin story.

106 Responses

  1. Mindreading again?

    I wuz just gonna post that video


  2. Ted Kennedy has shown to be a real disappointment in the last years. Pushing Caroline is just wrong.
    It is wrong for New York, It is wrong for the country and also it is wrong for the Kennedy legacy.
    I do not know if JFK would have lived up expectations, that is something we will never know.
    But as a young woman who was voting for the first time he gave a feeling that we could make the world a better place.
    By is actions lately Ted as failed the legacy, his family, and the country.



  3. Oh no! I’m sorry, myiq2xu! I feel terrible. I couldn’t sleep and this is what I found.

  4. I had something else I wanted ot write about Blogjevich, but it seemed like too much work. You don’t have something like that planned do you?

  5. Bless that reporter who dutifully transcribed all the “you knows”! Now that’s a nice touch of realistic reporting.

  6. I was surprised no one else had posted it earlier.

  7. Oprah gets fooled again. That woman is so gullible! No wonder she fell for Scamalot.

  8. The people gave the abominable Ted what he wanted, Barack Obama, but he wasn’t satisfied, and went gluttonously for more – but people are balking at this one, it’s just too much to shove down their throats.

  9. I have a question I need help with – when did Obama first appear on Oprah?

    Was it before the 2004 convention?

  10. (posting from the west coast – it’s only 11:40 here, not 2:38 AM :))

  11. Where could I find out?

  12. You know, that video is hilarious.

  13. I’m trying teh google

  14. Oh Prolix I disagree. That video was painful to watch.

    Her handlers should explain to her that people who want to do public service or whatever she said, also tend to want to vote also.

    It’s not my problem since I don’t live in NY but I’d be appalled if the guv appointed that one.

  15. There were no appearances for BZero on her show in 2004. Go to her show site and you can search by years. I searched both 2003 and 2004 and neither came back with any appearances.

  16. Obama told her she could have that senate seat if she supported him.

  17. R2D2, on December 29th, 2008 at 2:58 am Said:

    Obama told her she could have that senate seat if she supported him.

    Wasn’t that nice of him!

  18. Fredster,

    I was being, you know, facetious. I failed.

  19. myiq found this:


    will keep on looking

  20. Well Prolix, it would be funny if not so pathetic.

    Is that a product of private school education? The “ya knows” drive me crazy and I try to catch myself if one starts to escape my mouth.

  21. The link that laurie posted seems to cause problems. window started shuting down my internet when that did not happen before that post.
    I went to firefox and had no trouble.



  22. Prilix and Fredster
    When I went to school back in the dark ages, we had a class called forum. Once a week we had to stand on stage and give a five minute speech. This was in junior high school.
    It was to teach us the correct way to talk to people without the uhs, ums, and you knows.
    Don’t they teach that anymore?



  23. helenk: I’ve never heard of that before. However it seems evident that Caroline never attended Toastmasters. 😆

  24. Thank the Gods that someone in media is paying attention!

  25. I just made an entry on that article as well.
    I want to believe Goodwin. Except I don’t think this was actually an audition as the part was already cast. I’ll very happily eat crow if I am proven wrong on it.

  26. morning all good night caroline!

  27. While I do not think CK should get the senate seat, I am still appalled by the pundits who say that she should be talking about issues and policy, and that she has nothing to say on that front.

    I agree with this in theory, except that Pampers said absolutely nothing about issues OR poiicy during the entire primary and for most of the GE. (He did not begin to speak specifically about anything until the financial mess hit — and even then he was vague.)

    Once again, a woman is held to a different standard than a man. Infuckingcredible.

  28. Does she like, you know, chew gum when she is interviewed, you know?
    She is married, you know, to the very well known and respected designer Edwin Schlossberg and it is, you know, like he doesn’t, you know, exist. I understand, you know, if Edwin is a private or camera shy person, but, you know, no other public servant wannabe, you know, gets a pass on their, you know, spouse. Also the Senate, you know, is the chamber of orators, and you know, Caroline is like, you know, not. Imagine her, you know, in a heated debate, you know, on C-Span, and being extremely annoying, you know, like me.

  29. I made comments on this very thing about a week ago, thank God someone in the media has also picked up on it – I also reached out to Robert Kennedy, Jr and asked him to talk reason to his cousin – but he may be too sane for her to listen.

    Uncle Teddy is a mighty force in their family and shame on him for using that force in this way – Caroline probably doesn’t even realize how abusive his pushing her to do this actually is.

    It’s quite embarrassing to watch her – she clearly is out of her depth. 😦

  30. staunchwoman, on December 29th, 2008 at 7:45 am

    Once again, a woman is held to a different standard than a man. Infuckingcredible.

    I agree. She is definitly being held to a higher standard compared to Obama but she deserves it. These are the women who looked down on Hillary “not that woman” thinking it would be different for them and now it is happening. This is one of the reasons I never really felt too much pity for Palin because she called Hillary a whiner and said she couldn’t have talked about the sexism yet when it happened to her she did talked about it.
    BTW I do like Palin. It was just interesting that she went through what Hillary did and now Caroline is getting a test of that although not as bad as it was for Hillary and Palin.

  31. Good article.

    I like Michael Goodwin.

    I see him often on Lou Dobbs.

    Keep on this subject Michael.



  32. Well, for Caroline like all of us, when reality hits, it may indeed be embarrassing. Living in a protected world can come apart when you overreach. Let’s hope she fails in her bid so that more people don’t have to suffer the consequences of another not ready on day one (or ever) public servant.

    If she has the character some people credit her with, she will learn from this and better target her talents.

  33. OT but it is a great read
    The Talented Mr. Obama

    For Hillary Supporters this has been a disappointing year. We lost something very valuable. Because of that loss we have also gained something very valuable.

    The loss is not what the Hopium addled chortle about. The loss is not about a candidate nor an election. The loss is of those we thought were like-minded, those we thought friends, those we lost respect for.

    In short, we lost yet another bit of innocence. In short, we gained a firmer grasp of reality.

    In an earlier generation, when a President was slaughtered in Dallas, a writer of the time said “We’ll never laugh again.” The writer was wrong of course. But after that Mannilicher-Carcano fired its deadly shots Americans never viewed their government in the same way again.

    Americans later learned of Operation Mongoose, C.I.A. wet jobs, coups, Vietnam, Watergate, and their not-so-virginally-clean government.

    For Hillary Supporters, election 2008 taught us about how ugly our Party, the Democratic Party, could be. The blinders came off, eyes


  34. Once again the new Democratic party proved to be the greedy, money grupping, pathatic and week party. Those who have money and name can do no wrong. It will bend over for them any way they want.

  35. And as for the once cool MoveOn? They grabbed their pom-poms

  36. I agree that Caroline is being held to a higher standard than Obama. But she’s not being personally insulted and denigrated in the same vicious manner as Hillary and Palin. In comparison, she’s getting a walk in the park. Still the sad truth is that a male Kennedy would probably already have the appointment regardless of experience, voting record or “you knows.”

  37. Just emailed Morning Joe to point out that while Mika was rightly complaining about Caroline’s use of “you know” throughout her interview, Mika completely ignores Obama’s, uh, tendency to be, uh, hesitant and, uh, uh, punctuate his answers in, uh, press conferences with, uh, you know, “UH”!!
    Obama’s touted eloquence is only apparent when he is reciting prepared speeches that someone else has helped him compose. Any actor worth his salt can do that. Remember Reagan?

  38. OT – here’s the year with a smile



  39. BernieO – good message.
    Let us all know if you get a reply from Morning Joe.

  40. Caroline doesn’t get called a “b*tch” because she’s sweet and appears that she will do what she is told…

    Palin and Hillary had to endure because they, ya’ know, did the unthinkable and spoke their minds…. had their own thoughts…

    We can’t have that now, can we?


  41. I saw that article yesterday, and especially loved this line:

    “Someone who loves her should tell her.”

    Break it to her gently, O Person Who Loves Her. She’s not used to disappointment.


    New York PUMAs!!!! We would like to have a gathering here in the Big Apple on Saturday, January 10. Alcohol and food will be a-plenty! Please contact me at

    madamab at gmail dot com

    to RSVP!!!!

  42. someone needs to tell mika that she is a pain to watch as well. her constant interruptions when joe is speaking is extremely irritating.

    oprah? is that a surprise? i don’t care if oprah is fat or skinny. in fact i’d like to see her GONE. she is sooo in love with herself and it shows.

    caroline? i almost feel sorry for her and then i think about how she has behaved during and after this election and i hope she gets bypassed. she promised not to run for the senate, so keep your promise caroline.

  43. Goodwin’s right about entitled and I hope right about the bandwagon coming to a stop.
    Isaiah (The Common Ills cartoonist) has been doing some really funny comics on Caroline. Sunday had her in gloves and evening gown saying, “Friday, I explained to the AP why I wanted to be a US Senator: 9-11. I explained that changed everything. So here I am, over seven years later, doing something. As a senator, I would act just as quickly. Wooh! Saying all that tired me out. I may have broken a sweat. Mamacita! I need my Long Island tea! Now!”


  44. OMG, did you see this? The person quoted is Hillary fundraiser and loyalist Robert Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman (who has a good relationship with another Senate hopeful, Long Island Rep. Steve Israel) went on to ridicule Kennedy pal Mike Bloomberg — whose inner circle has deployed on behalf of the former first daughter. When another panelist mentioned that Bloomberg is pushing New York Gov. David Paterson to pick quickly, RZ went off:

    You know, the issue that Mike Bloomberg is making is that the governor should rush to judgment because of the political turmoil it’s creating. Mike Bloomberg and his lieutenants are responsible for creating the political turmoil. That’s the very definition of chutzpah.

    I think the idea that Mike Bloomberg knows best because he can see upstate New York from his townhouse doesn’t really cut it with New Yorkers.


  45. She’s a Kennedy, But She’s a Lot Like Us

    By Anne Glusker
    Sunday, December 28, 2008; Page B01

    Amid all the recent buzz about Caroline Kennedy’s bid for a U.S. Senate seat, there has been a great deal of talk about her connections, her power, her wealth. But the way I see it, if you strip away the glamour, the name and the money, then Caroline is . . . me. And many of my friends. Maybe even you. If, that is, you happen to be a midlife woman raising kids and returning — or thinking of returning, or hoping one day to return — to the full-time workforce.

    Rather than a privileged aberration, I prefer to view Kennedy as a bellwether, a case study in how things could be if only the workplace were more accepting of an unconventional CV, one that may brim with great experience and skills and talent but is also peppered with gaps and one-off projects and volunteering. After all, if workers can no longer expect the security of a 50-year career with IBM or Procter & Gamble, then maybe employers should stop expecting each and every job applicant to present them with an old-fashioned sequential résumé. Maybe now’s the time to change our thinking about what constitutes the ideal CV.


  46. Brilliant! Simply brilliant. You made my morning by posting this. Will journalism be reborn in 2009?

  47. I just came over this a.m. to post that link from Michael Goodwin. He nails it. If Caroline is so inspired to be involved, that’s great. She can use her name and influence to help in a variety of ways, but as he said, just not as a Senator. The Daily News is also a liberal NYC paper, so if he’s saying it out loud, it’s not a good sign for her. Let the charade be over.

    Ironic though, isn’t it, that she is criticized for all the “you knows,” and we watched Obama “uh, ummm” his way through every debate and unscripted moment for months, and no one pointed that out.

  48. Ohhhh, Downticket. That is sooooo pathetic.

    I understand the idea behind that woman’s article, but it is incredibly disingenuous!

    A private-sector job is not the same as a public-sector one. A Senator’s responsibility is to the people, and it’s the people that will suffer if she does poorly. Moreover, Caroline Kennedy is not interviewing for the job – she is asking to be granted it without an interview (aka, a campaign.) And Kennedy is not RETURNING to the work force! She is not IN the work force. Really, the woman who wrote this is guilty of sloppy journalism and thinking, and most likely, Kennedy/Obama worship.

    As for employers giving housewives a more equal chance at entering the workforce, I applaud that idea. But the two situations are hardly the same.

  49. You see, perhaps kenosha Marge is right….being “disagreeable” may be the way to go….keep fighting!!
    Her post pertains to Rick Warren…but applies to the Kennedy situation as well. And, my mother tells me she heard the Ted want Vicki to take HIS seat in the Senate when he goes???

    On Being “Disagreeable”


    “I have a new yardstick for what I find tolerable these days. I ask myself would I accept this Warren fellow if George Bush chose him?”

  50. I must say I’m not sure I agree that Princess Caroline is being held to a different standard than Obama. Not by Obama supporters anyway. Almost all of those who supported Obama and didn’t question his credentials are giving Caroline the same treatment. It’s Hillary’s supporters in the State who are saying Caroline is not qualified. But they were saying that about Obama during the primaries. The media has been overwhelmingly glowing about Caroline. Even Joe Scarborough! This Daily News story seems like an anomaly. Didn’t the NY Post already endorse Caroline?

  51. Downticket: it seems a sense of proportion has been completely lost in recent years. Yes, it’s a good idea for people re-entering the workforce (though as madamab points out, CK has never actually held a job…) to be given consideration for their unconventional but practical experience. But here’s the ridiculous leap:


  52. madamab, on December 29th, 2008 at 10:12 am

    And Kennedy is not RETURNING to the work force!

    I think that is what she is forgetting. Caroline is asking for a new job but the problem is she doesn’t have the qualifications needed to perform the job well.

  53. DYB: I think the difference of this article is the timing. As he points out, “the wheels are starting to come off.” As she has been forced to actually answer some questions, and with revelations that she hasn’t voted consistently or donated to city/state Dems, her lack of political engagement or passion has become more obvious. According to Goodwin, even “embarrassing.”

  54. Isn’t it obvious that Caroline and BO have a lot in common? Neither of them have worked hard for anything they’ve achieved in life and both have a sense of entitlement that they should be placed at the head of the line because both think they are better than anybody else.

    The only difference is that people are pointing these things out about Caroline but the same people didn’t hold BO to this same standard when he decided he was qualified to be president.

    I don’t believe Caroline is qualified for the U.S. Senate and doesn’t deserve the honor of being appointed. Far more women in New York who have worked hard and built a political foundation deserve the seat. Alternatively, I also didn’t believe BO was qualified to be a U.S. Senator either, much less President, but nobody in the press were being as diligent in pointing out the obvious with him as they are now doing with Caroline.

    Sadly, as much as many hate to admit it, Caroline is being held to a higher standard than BO was/is. As long as this double standard continues to exist between women and men, the world will continue to spiral out of control into its own self destruction.

  55. Isolde, on December 29th, 2008 at 7:47 am Said:

    Isolde, I like, you know, laughed out loud.

  56. madamab on December 29, 2008 at 10:12 am Said:

    “…And Kennedy is not RETURNING to the work force! She is not IN the work force. …”


    Exactly right, madamab. She would not be “returning” to anything. Her life up to this point is nothing like that of a Senator or any other public servant. She’s had plenty of servants, but she is not one.

    I agree with staunchwoman at 7:45 am that the reaction to CK is entirely different than it would have been to any man in exactly the same situation, and that pisses me off, but it also pisses me off that people like Anne Glusker in downticket’s comment at 9:45 am are trying to present this as a feminist/sexism/misogyny issue. Suddenly, the Obots are sensitive to this? Caroline Kennedy is not me. I’m a stay-at-home mom who spent twenty years in the workforce getting paid seventy cents on the dollar, enduring sexual advances and shoulder rubs from bosses, working weekends and being called in to work during my vacation with my family who finally decided that I could do more good being a mom to my daughter and a volunteer in my community and being able to prepare healthy meals for my family. I understand how fortunate I am that, although we have sacrificed financial gains, we were able to do that.

    Caroline Kennedy is a stay-at-home mom too, but Caroline Kennedy is not me.

  57. Caroline Kennedy is just like us? LOL! That’s a good one.

    Take away the castles, the footmen, the carriages, and the crown, and Queen Elizabeth is just like us too…

  58. fif – I agree; Caroline Kennedy is not “just like” anyone we know. But Villagers like the “journalists” who write for the WaPo probably experience life in a very similar fashion to hers. They understand poor, poor Michelle Obama and her remarks that the $600 Bush gave us will hardly buy a pair of earrings.

    People like us get very pissed off at this type of elitism. Obamans are deluded into thinking that it’s kewl.

  59. well the good news here is the longer this thing with caroline goes on the worse the smell of reality sets in with the people of new york and hopefully paterson. more and more of those who silently thought “geez caroline you have to be kidding” will step forward put their toe in the water and then plunge in.

  60. we have a mayor here in houston who fancies he wants to be a senator as well. now white is so much better prepared and actually ran a large city. he worked in washington too as i recall. however he has made some errors in judgment that are now coming home to roost that might very well fail his efforts. we have our own version of a “bridge to nowhere” and diminished funds for the pensions. houston has had a substantial increase in crime in recent years and some blame in part the influx of the evacuees from ike and houston being an open city for immigrants with no papers. i am not passing judgment here just mentioning the things that might well be used.

  61. excuse me, i meant katrina regarding the crime stats. now we have many wonderful residents today from the katrina nightmare but we also got some bad foks too.

  62. gxm17, on December 29th, 2008 at 8:53 am Said:

    I agree that Caroline is being held to a higher standard than Obama.
    IMO, that is a bit of an exaggeration. Obama practiced “law”, was elected as a State and US Senator and workied at all of those “pay to play” scams. CK hasn’t even bothered to vote and has said if she is not appointed, she won’t run in ’12. CK is not being held to a double standard, she has established a lower standard all by herself.

  63. I think everyone will be held to a higher standard then Obama and that is not the real test.

    When we have discussed the 30% solution, 51%, or anyother campaign to improve the representation of women, by women, in our local, state and Federal offices, I don’t think anyone considered pushing someone who is simply not qualified and would just be a parrot to all things Obama.

  64. The question that keeps bugging me is why didn’t the “smell of reality” set in regarding BO?

    He’s just as obvious as Caroline when he comes to his glaring lack of experience and qualifications.

    Where was the media then?

  65. CK’s one political job so far-vetting the VP, and what came out of that?
    Credit card Biden of Anita Hill fame.

  66. I have no sympathy for Caroline Kennedy. She is not being held to the same standard that she held Hillary Clinton to, nor is she being held to the same standard that Palin was held to. I do not support her, nor do I support any woman that fails to support other women.

  67. madamab: it’s even more so for Caroline, because from the moment she was aware, she was treated like royalty. They were surrounded by sycophants and secret service, despite Jackie’s attempts to give them a normal life. Then Onassis came into the picture. She has never–ever–been “normal.” John Jr. was ALWAYS the focal point of attention, in every situation, when I knew him in school. Swarms of photographers surrounded him through orientation week, and on graduation day, the line could hardly move because they were like gnats all over him. He was used to it, but it hardly gives one a sense of normalcy. If he wanted to be released from classes to campaign for Ted (1980), the teachers were flattered to be included in his historical glow, and happily gave him what he wanted. If he wanted a part in a play (his passion), no problem–and the audience was packed. Everyone treated him that way, and I’m sure it was no different for Caroline. Any school, event, friend, opportunity, adventure they wanted was granted. John decided he wanted to start his own magazine, George, with ZERO experience in the publishing field. An investor stepped forward and gave him $22 million, and he had unlimited free PR. And on and on…Caroline’s attitude reveals that she has no idea what regular life is for people. To be a Senator is just a family job for her–she’s been surrounded by them all her life. It doesn’t occur to her how much detailed work will be involved, how much tedious hand-shaking and fund-raising, and policy research (ie: if you want to be any good at it). She just wants to be part of the new, kewl O-Washington. I do not wish her ill will, I just think her perspective is wildly distorted, and it shows. Obama has that for a different reason–he just reeks of arrogance, feeling like he is “special.”

  68. NH – I agree. Caroline Kennedy is trying to prevent a qualified woman from taking Hillary’s Senate seat. There is a special place in hell for women like that, as Madeleine Albright said.

  69. Kathleen: with Obama he represents the third rail of political correctness because of his r*ce. The liberal elite, congratulation themselves for being so magnanimous in their support a the first AA president, didn’t dare criticize him for fear of being called what the rest of us have been called.

  70. NH: exactly. This is not just about “any woman.” That’s why that argument re: HRC infuriated me. I supported HRC because she was the BEST candidate–bar none. It was obvious to anyone who watched the debates objectively. Being a woman was icing on the cake.

  71. That article by Anne Glusker is ludicrous! Caroline is not returning to the workforce. She’s never been in one! And if you strip away her wealth, glamour, and name??!!! What else does she have? What else has Caroline accomplished besides be a Kennedy her entire life? This nonsense gives working women a bad name.

  72. fif, on December 29th, 2008 at 11:10 am Said

    That puts it all into perspective. Thank you for that comment.

  73. fif, one thing i noticed about john was he seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, whereas caroline just seems to be in the background. she never wanted to be out in public and now uncle ted has shoved her out there. she doesn’t have the kennedy rough and tumble attitude either.

  74. I used to use ‘you know’ a lot. My mother took to something akin to that buzzer method with me to stop me. I’m not sure if I completely got over it. You’d have to ask my silently suffering students. That video brought back some sort’ve pavlovian response from me and my mother saying you did it again, kathryn

  75. I used to use ‘you know’ a lot. My mother took to something akin to that buzzer method with me to stop me. I’m not sure if I completely got over it. You’d have to ask my silently suffering students. That video brought back some sort’ve pavlovian response from me and my mother saying you did it again, kathryn

  76. fif,

    I hear ya! At one time, I considered myself a “liberal” when it came to social issues, in particular. However, after what I witnessed in the primary when the so-called liberals tried to destroy one of their own to protect The One, I washed my hands of accepting any label for myself every again.

    Hillary proved herself to be the most qualified, as well as the right person, at the right time, to be president. Instead, the power elite (predominantly white men) decided that no woman would be allowed to achieve the highest power position in the world. Instead, they “gave” it to the least qualified male, whom they could count on to do as he was told.

    After all, much like Caroline is regarding the Senate position, BO never really wanted to “do” anything as president more than he just wanted to “be” president.

    It’s hard not to be saddened over what we lost as a country, when the DNC/Soros did everything they could to stop Hillary from being president.

    I will never “get over it.”

  77. also, if she was so into helping NYC schools, did it ever occur to her to run for school board or something?

    Hard to believe that some one who has never held an office can be appointed to one of the most plum political jobs in the country.

  78. OT: Kathleen, there was an article in the grey lady yesterday about how irritated the big O was with all the press that were cramping his privacy and his family’s privacy. Poor O thiinks he’s going to be able to mesmerize them all away from him and part them like the red sea.

  79. Kathleen Wynne at 11:28-

    Well said! I totally agree and I will never “get over it” either!

  80. Kat – she did do a part-time job as a fundraiser for two days a week for two months. Then, she took the credit for another woman’s fundraising work.

    Veteran journalist Wayne Barrett is indispensable on this topic. It’s amazing that as thin as her resume is, it’s actually been outrageously pumped up!

    She IS the female Obama.

  81. DJ, on December 29th, 2008 at 10:38 am Said:

    I’m always happy to get a laugh. But seriously, if Michael Goodwin can openly say someone who loves her needs to tell her to stop the farce, and reporters are quoting her with the “you knows”, Caroline is now officially a joke. She doesn’t seem to know that she doesn’t know anything which indicates a lack of self awareness that is scary. Someone also needs to tell Uncle Ted that he is not Ceasar and does not get to name heirs or successors to Congressional or Senate seats. The royal presumption of this bunch, including Obama who thought a list of successors was to be “approved” by him, needs to stop now. It seems that the taxpayers and voters are the last ones consulted by Democrats and this is not going to end well.

  82. dakinikat,

    We can only hope that someday soon the real obama will be revealed. He’s nothing more than an actor and not a very good one at that. At least not to someone who has studied acting. I have a BA degree in theater and also studied in NYC and I know when someone is playing an audience to get a certain response.

    There is no doubt obama played the people and got the response he wanted (with the help of a compliant media, DNC and cheating during the primary).

    However, not even the best of actors can keep the mask on forever!

  83. fif, on December 29th, 2008 at 11:14 am

    It’s true. Obama was protected by his race and the fact that he was running against Hillary Clinton. No one dared to question him or they would have been called racist.

  84. The Village Voice article is great!

    Did you notice that some of the research on it was done by someone named Beethoven Bong?!

  85. DYB – Gotta LOVE the Village Voice. They are, like, far out, man!

    But Wayne Barrett was the one who did the great article on the Michigan/Florida disasters. He is one of the real bright lights at that paper.


  86. O/T watching the crowd outside the Israeli embassy in London – scary. I pray the O is up to it but nothing from his resume indicates that he is. I despise Ted, Kerry, and all the rest of them.

  87. DJ – Israel is saying it’s war in the Gaza Strip now.

    What a disaster. I’m praying for them all.

  88. I often wonder how someone like Caroline Kennedy or Obama can graduate from top schools, enter politics (or in Caroline’s case grow up in a politically active family) and NOT have anything they are passionate about. There is nothing that gets them riled up or makes them want to take a stand for something. For them, it’s only about the position of power and not what they can do with their power to help others. These are extremely, EXTREMELY selfish people and they should no longer be rewarded. They have been given more than enough opportunities in life – more than 99% of Americans – to attain the American dream. It only took Caroline 50 years for her to want the senate seat and not even for a good reason. She isn’t even passionate enough to run for office if the seat isn’t given to her.
    Ted and Caroline are just running the Kennedy name further into the grave. Now everyone knows that behind the Kennedy name there is nothing left but an empty suit full of “you knows”. What is so special about the ivy league again?

  89. I think Caroline only only wants the seat because of her uncle Teddy. She is doing this for him. It is nice and sad at the same time. What does Caroline want for herself?

  90. oh madamab….
    oh no…..

  91. NEW POST UP!!!

  92. I don’t think Caroline really wants this job. I think Ted pressured her into it and she’s just going along.

    MadamaB–if Wayne Barrett’s theory is correct, Caroline is being pushed by Bloomberg, and

    “If Paterson bows to the Kennedy surge, he may end whatever chance his Harlem neighbor Bill Thompson has of becoming the city’s second black mayor.”

    Barrett argues that Caroline will endorse Bloomberg in the next mayoral election and says she didn’t support the Democrat who ran against Bloomberg last time.

    So I guess the question is does Obama support the black mayoral candidate from Harlem? I sound like Obama supports Bloomberg. Obama is scum!

  93. Downticket,

    I wrote my comment at the same time you wrote yours. I’m with you. I think Caroline secretly hopes she doesn’t have to do this job.

  94. BB – Of course Obama supports Bloomberg. Obama is the ultimate Bloombergian candidate – ideologically mushy, aligned with the super-wealthy, pretending to care about the people but really looking down on them…

  95. Jeez, why did Spammy eat my comment? He’s cranky today!

  96. SHV, sorry but I don’t really give a cr@p about the whole law degree thing. It does not make one a good leader, whether or not one is a “practicing” lawyer or just has a piece of paper to hang on the wall. And I really don’t understand the obsession over the law degree thing. Heck a law degree doesn’t even make you a good lawyer.

    Obama has not been held to any standard, other than melanin content. So, yes, CK is being held to a higher, and IMO sexist, standard. And just to be clear: I don’t think she deserves the job. But, then again, neither did Obama.

  97. You know…Caroline is making ….you know….a complete fool of herself….you know.

  98. It’s very significant the article included every one of CK’s ” you know ” . If the press was still with her, they would have cleaned that up. They clean up after Barry of course and have reconstructed Bush’s utterances into english for 8 years .

  99. To be clear, I think it’s the press that’s doing this to her. And you’re right, paper doll. The MoT (formerly MSM, now the Ministry of Truth) has turned on her, which leads me to believe that BO has turned on her. Either him or his backers, I have no idea who’s pulling whose strings. It’s looks like one big cluster f@#!! and Caroline’s made it to the front of the “under the bus” line. Buh-bye and we have some lovely parting gifts…

  100. My law school taped the practice runs of our opening arguments as student prosecutors. I winced at my own “you-knows” during the playback for the class but quickly learned to avoid them. I spent a year as a prosecutor before going into tax. But any lawyer who’s ever been transcribed (in court, in a deposition) would know better. It just shows that Ms. Caroline has never really practiced law.

  101. HelenK

    Public speaking is required at a community college level. You’d figure Caroline with her interest in education, would have taken some courses to give herself some polish. I don’t particularly like to speak publically myself. That said, if I were planning on being a voice for the people(Ie House or Senate representative) I’d certainly have boned up on my speaking skills as an expectation of the job. I guess public speaking skills are kinda like a voting record for Caroline though, not required. Better? It’s hard to imagine how NY could do worse.

  102. O/T for which I am sorry. But a friend has been posting questions about misogyny/sexism over at the transition team website: http://change.gov/newsroom/entry/open_for_questions_round_two

    We’ll see how quickly they get scotched. Please go add your questions or search for questions with the word “misogyny” and “sexism” in them and vote them up.

  103. On topic:
    A law degree is an indicator that a person completed law school. That is all. What one does with one’s education is what matters. Many lawyers use their educations to do great things (e.g. Hillary Rodham Clinton); others do not or cannot. The same thing goes for a college degree or a high school degree.

  104. Heidi Li,

    The question currently leading in votes on the site has Obama’s name spelled strangely. LOL!

  105. caroline is going to be mighty irritated when she wakes up and sees she has been used. yeah used! all the while she must have thought it was her delightful self they wanted and needed. seems like an older version of heathers to me.

    her natural supporters given the right circumstances are posting on here right now. what a shame she didn’t realize who her real friends could have been.

  106. Caroline thought her name alone would win her the senate seat. She was wrong.
    People are beginning to wake up to this blatant nepotism in our government. The jobs we offer our representatives are chosen by voting, not by handing them down to our sons, daughters, or cousins.
    These jobs should all be voted on, we have that right as American citizens to choose our representatives by vote.
    I don’t know why the hell those in our employ thought they could ever just give their jobs to people we don’t even know and certainly never agreed to have represent us.
    Our rights as voters are being taken away one by one, soon we wont even be choosing our president, oh yea, that was this year wasn’t it?
    Well you can see our rights as voters are all but gone, Obama will insure that we never vote again, never purchase guns again, and certainly never, ever, question The One or his judgement.
    Obama lost this time, Caroline will not get the job he told her she could have, the American people will see to that. NO MORE, NO MORE!
    We are losing our jobs right and left and if you are just handing them out, I know some honest, hard-working people that would do a hell of a lot better job than Caroline Kennedy or Obama put together!!!!
    Handing out jobs, I know a few million Americans that could use one!

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