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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Monday: Live by the, you know, sword…

Dear Caroline,

He already had 15 Penis Years on you at age 3

He already had 15 Penis Years on you at age 3

If your brother were asking to fill Hillary’s seat, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  He would have been *well* qualified.  It wouldn’t have mattered a bit to New Yorkers how many times he had failed the bar exam.  He would have been a son of a president and we would have all passed pictures around the web of him saluting at his father’s funeral.  Little girls didn’t salute.  See, even at 3 years old, he had more in penis years than you did as his senior by 3 years.

The drubbing that you are getting in the court of public opinion is an unintended consequence of your ill-considered endorsement of Barack Obama.  Did your uncle put you up to that?  You passed up a hard working, well-respected, two term senator who earned her seat by campaigning and meeting the people of New York, for an empty suit who refuses to lead and will instead rely on the youthful hooliganism of his base in order to govern.

More than that, you have helped to set the bar so incredibly high for women candidates that it may be hard to find any woman in NY who will be able to meet the new standards set for them.  That is not to say there aren’t well qualified candidates who are women,  There most certainly are.  But there are an increasing number of people who are saying, “Well, it doesn’t *have* to be a woman as long as it’s the best candidate”.  See, that’s just wrong because the scales are unequal for men and women.  Hillary wasn’t good enough for the media and the DNC because they set the bar for her at 432 ft and expected her to pole vault over it while Obama’s bar was set at knee height and his friends carried him over, gently, so as to not upset his waffle digestion

And so it will be for the women in NY State who want to fill Hillary’s shoes.  Well, let’s just say for the record right now that it will be very difficult for anyone, regardless of gender, to fill Hillary’s shoes.  But for women like Carolyn Maloney and Kirsten Gillibrand, women who are well qualified to fill her seat, the fact that they are even lunped in the same category as Andrew Cuomo is kind of insulting.  The two women have real legislative experience and have competed in congressional races while Cuomo has served as an Attorney General and as a housing secretary during the Clinton administration.  All things being equal, he’s on the same par as Lisa Madigan, the attorney general of Illinois, who was actually a state senator.  She says she has zero chance of being appointed (although the odds may have changed now that JJJr is out).  So, if Lisa isn’t being seriously considered, why is Andrew?

I’ll tell you why.  Penis years.  He’s a guy.  His name is almost always mentioned as a Hillary replacement in the articles about you.  Carolyn Maloney’s almost never and she has been elected to her seat in Manhattan eight times.  If that doesn’t demonstrate a record of achievement and fundraising ability, what does?  Yes, it’s unfair.  But not to you.

It was unfair to Hillary and Sarah and Linda Stender and every other woman who ran this year and lost.  It’s not fair to any of us that we can be reduced to a bunch of “you knows” and “I can see Russia from my house!” and “why didn’t Hillary cry for Katrina?”.  Now, Caroline Kennedy, that second in line to the throne after her younger brother, is going to be subjected to the same sexism and misogynism that reduced Hillary from one of the most powerful women in the world and Sarah from the governor of a crucial oil state with two international borders to charicatures of the calculating uber-bitch and brainless beauty queen respectively.  Your new role will be as one of the aristocratic “ladies who lunch” socialites whose family pulls out of private life to shore up the brand name.

I hear, you know, you are a lawyer.   Like, really?  You’d never know it from the press you’re getting.

You know.



PS.  The idea of Harriet Christian for senate is actually growing on me.  Few people understand the average New Yorker better than Harriet and she’s articulate and courageous.  What a combo!

63 Responses

  1. Thank you for that photo.
    Back then, Caroline and John-John were such cute children, and with their parents, made such a beautiful family portrait.
    We know what happened to John Jr., but Caroline left the spotlight for a while.
    Now she is back and she is no longer cute.
    I wish she would go away.
    As far as Harriet, I really don’t know much about her.
    But I’m learning by the day – or should I say by the blog?


  2. Brilliant commentary. Caroline was a bridesmaid to Obama, at the expense of the supremely qualified Clinton. Where was Caroline’s recognition that her own gender had waited long enough to take over?

  3. Yes, as much as I didn’t want Caroline to be appointed, she is being pegged as that “Aristocratic Socialite” , a dilettante and nothing more. You are correct that John Jr. would have breezed to this seat and actually would have been President.

    Hillary trashed, Sarah Palin trashed and now Caroline – each in with different stereotypes used against them! I believe that you are also right that no woman will be “qualified” for this seat. They will just pull out that old tired garbage – not this woman.

    I will now be gender specific on whom I work and vote for – of course I will also look at the issues. But, the 30% solution is my adage.

  4. I have read or listened to the few interviews given by Ms. Kennedy. Gov. Paterson, is, let us hope, smart enough to realize that given the Senate’s obsession with seniority and ability to maneuver in a legislative body, rather than celebrity, he needs to appoint somebody who appears to have the skllls and savvy to so maneuver. Senator Clinton spent most of her first term – to which she was ELECTED, after a LIFETIME of public service and active involvement in politics – laying low. She became part of the brain trust of the Senate, and a great servant to the people of the State of NY not because of, but in spite of, her surname.

    And with this comment, I leave the matter to the Governor and eventually the voters from the great state of NY. Having had the joy of receiving the latest from the Obama-Biden transition team, I am going to have to step up all efforts re 51 Percent. If interested, see this link (I also left it downstairs, so don’t bother if you already checked from there: http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/12/the-only-thing-that-surprises-me-is-the-blatancy-of-the-indifference.html)

  5. I did read somewhere than Jackie O taught John Jr to salute and told him when to salute. It was not an instantaneous gesture by John. She did not do the same for her daughter. Jackie O, who I have a lot of respect for, is a fairly typical Irish Catholic Mom who dotes on her sons and expects her daughters to grow up pretty fast. Don’t misunderstand, it is very true that John Jr would have been handed this seat, but I also think that John Jr would not have accepted it. John Jr would have waited until he thought he could do some good.

  6. RD – I am pretty sure that Paterson will not appoint Caroline now. He needs the votes of the Upstate NY crowd – they are conservative and mainly Republican – and she has shown that she will not bring those votes to the table. Remember, Paterson was elected Lieut. Governor, not Governor, so this would be his first run for the top spot.

    I think the worst thing is that Caroline, by trying to leapfrog over the qualified women who would deserve this seat far more than she, has made it more acceptable for Paterson to appoint a man to the position. Down to 16% instead of 17%. Yay, progress!

    Thanks, and f*ck you very much, Caroline Schlossberg.

  7. As I said before, I have no sympathy for Caroline Kennedy. She is part of the problem, not the solution.

  8. I’d support Caroline but my kids say she is a pinhead. Wouldn’t want to override the kids and what they are excitable about.

  9. I agree with Fl Voter, Caroline Kennedy is part of the problem.

  10. Madamab: that was my point. It is much easier to put a man’s name forward.

  11. OT – NYC PUMAS!!!

    Gathering on 1/10/09!!!

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    madamab at gmail dot com

    And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.


  12. Yup, RD, I’m agreeing with you.

  13. Madamab,

    Diddo! I’d add that the people up-state are also working class. They don’t like princesses like Kennedy to waltz in like this. Clinton did well with them because she understands the working class and she works hard for their interests. Kennedy doesn’t have a clue!!!

  14. Oh, hahahahahaha – did you see Tennessee Guerilla Women today?

    Caroline Kennedy is not the front-runner in the competition to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to Gov. David Paterson.

    In the words of the Democratic governor, “How is she a front-runner? This whole thing sounds more like the prelude to a high school musical than the choosing of a senator.”

    Sorry, Caroline, you’re done.

  15. I think Cuomo gets mentioned a lot because patterson doesn’t want to run against him for governor.

  16. I feel sorry for Caroline because she clearly had no idea what she was getting into. She must have thought that everyone is now an Obama fan. And also because I think it is tough to get trashed in public even if it is truth. Even a princess must feel very sad in the dark as she thinks of all the negative comments about her. And it is worse because her idol let her get into this situation. Obama is too naive himself to have advised her, as a real president-elect would have, to go for something more in keeping with her abilities. Or he may not care since he got what he wanted from her. Her main failing (here I go adding to the negative) is that she seems not to have any instinct about other people’s perspectives, especially NY voters. Sad.

  17. Kat – I agree. Cuomo is very well-thought-of here, and his dad was a popular Governor of NY. So, he is a member of a dynasty, but he has spent a lot of time working on his qualifications and credentials.

    He would be a formidable opponent to Paterson.

  18. Dakinikat: and blago didn’t want to run against Lisa Madigan but she wasn’t even in the running with the Obama gang. Now, why is that? Madigan used to work down the hallway from Obama and you’d think they’d like each other. Or was Madigsn just an expendable pawn for Obama? Maybe he wanted her to run against blago.
    Still, all these chess moves ignore the fact that what served the party may not serve the voters. Voters just don’t seem to matter much anymore.

  19. You’d think Obama could find some nice cabinet position for her and her loyalty. A position that wouldn’t have placed her up for public scrutiny and seen all her shortcomings in all their glory. Which bus gets the airheaded heiress to the Kennedy name? I sure hope it ain’t mine.

  20. CWaltz – Oh, Caroline wouldn’t sully her nostrils with our plebeian air.

    She will be under a totally different bus – a luxury model.

    And she won’t be in it, she’ll be on it.

    And it will be a private jet.


  21. I think that she would make a perfectly suitable Ambassador to Great Britain like her grandfather before her.
    NY Senator–no.
    And, you make good points, NH, but I’m quite sure that Jacqueline Bouvier would object to being called an Irish Catholic mom.

  22. But, but, Uncle Teddy said I could be Senator

    Oh, Madamab – you have such a way with words! 😆

  23. I’m willing to bet that Uncle Teddy’s plans did not stop at the Senate. I could, with very little imagination, see ditching Joe in 2012 to run Caroline, and then putting her forth as THE first female POTUS.

  24. Sorry, but what people are saying about Caroline Kennedy is not a stereotype. To bunch her up with Clinton and Palin is an insult to Clinton and Palin – two women of actual accomplishments you can point to. Caroline Kennedy raised a few kids – an achievement, yes, but did she have nannies? And does that qualify her to be a Senator? I see absolutely no comparison in how Kennedy is treated and how Clinton/Palin were. She’s a privileged entitled aristocrat. When did calling her out on this become sexist? And frankly, how the media would have treated John John is pure speculation.

    I’m also not seeing a whole lot of Caroline bashing from the media. There’s push-back from the political base in NY – all of whom were Hillary supporters. If Kennedy had endorsed Hillary, she would not be feeling the pushback she is. It’s obvious that Hillary does not want Kennedy and that’s what’s giving her supporters the motivation. I doubt Hillary dislikes Caroline because she’s a woman.

    To suggest that Kennedy is being treated badly because she’s a woman rings very false to me. And Andrew Cuomo is qualified; he should not be victimized for being a man. After all, he couldn’t help being born with a penis. There’s a double-standard here.

  25. New Post UP!!!

  26. DYB, on December 29th, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    How is Andrew Cuomo being victimized?

  27. Personally, I am mere millimeters from despising Caroline Kennedy and I am working very hard not to go there. It is beyond insulting that she is going after Hillary Clinton’s seat after jumping on the ObamaNation wrecking ball. Considering her obvious lack of qualifications, and with no apparent natural talent for the job, her little quest for Hillary’s seat is absurd and infuriating. However, I have absolutely no doubt that a male Kennedy would never be given the same kind of scrutiny. Obama certainly got away with his inability to, uh, form a coherent, uh, sentence without an, uh uh uh, script. They even called him a great orator! What a freakin’ joke.

  28. Hopefully CK will see the handwriting on the wall and remove herself from consideration.

    I’m not against her per se, but she doesn’t have the background or experience for the job, imho. If she had been working or involved in politics all these years maybe I could see it. However, she has abhorred the nitty-gritty of politics until now. Now all of a sudden (and probably at Uncle Teddy’s behest) she wants this job. As I’ve written before I’m not from NY so it doesn’t affect me, but I wouldn’t want her selected if I lived there.

  29. DYB: it isn’t her lack of qualifications that the latest stories are focusing on. It is her mannerism and speech. No one gave a damn about Obama’s mannerisms and speech foibles. He is one of the least qualified candidates we have ever had. No on cared.
    It sticks to Caroline because the bar is raised for her. She has to near perfect. If we were just concentrating on her qualifications, that would be fair. When they pull out the “you knows”, it’s a lot more devastating for a woman and I think you know this.

  30. DYB, on December 29th, 2008 at 4:58 pm Said:

    I don’t know enough about Andrew Cuomo to know the degree to which he merits consideration for the appointment.

    Apart from that, I agree with every other word of your comment.

  31. I’m also in agreement with Fredster and gxm17. Thank you, and DYB, for your comments.

  32. The problem with sexism or racism is that one cannot know how an act by another person is motivated. Women are never qualified enough, even when they have the same qualifications as men, if someone is being sexist. But that doesn’t make the reverse true — that every unqualified woman deserves a shot or else someone is being sexist. Some unqualified men get a boost, but that isn’t the rule. Claiming that an unqualified woman should get a shot at something because some unqualified man somewhere was given one makes no sense at all. Woman must be qualified for the jobs they take or their blunders will be attributed to all women. Caroline Kennedy is the wrong person for this job because her appointment would be a clear payoff to her for supporting Obama’s campaign. That is cronyism and it should be avoided because it is bad for Obama’s administration, bad for politics, and bad for the people she would serve. Payoffs come in many forms. The Dems cannot get all excited over Blagojevich who wanted money, then turn around and pay off Kennedy with a position. It is dirty either way. It is so wrong-headed to use criticism of Kennedy’s qualifications (or lack thereof) as an example of sexism that it makes me cringe that someone at this site would have presented this as a serious argument.

  33. Want to see sexism and misogyny in action:
    Go here http://change.gov/page/content/openforquestions20081229/
    See what happens to questions about sexism and misogyny on the wonderful transition team website. And then think about whether you have 51 cents or 510 cents to spare for 51 Percent.

    Yep, I’m ticked off.

  34. Sorry, bad link in previous comment. Try this one. http://change.gov/page/content/openforquestions20081229/

  35. Sorry again – the only way to see what I mean is to go here http://change.gov/page/content/openforquestions20081229/ and do a search for “sexist”

  36. We need to take over the media — because that’s really who decides our elections / appointments.

  37. RD, you almost made me cry. To see other people pushing back and questioning sexism and elitism and entitlement and the simply inability to show some damn solidarity among women makes me feel hopeful that I am not alone.
    CK gets my sympathy for the way she is being treated by some (very few) in the media is no pleasure. However it does make me hope that she gets a clue and maybe she will decide to become part of the solution.
    Where was she when Clinton and Palin were being attacked in ways much worse than the sort of limpid passive aggressive sexism she is being subjected to? Did she see it? Yes I think she did and I think she thought it was amusing.

    I swear that the MEDIA particularly the men in the media are still going on and on about how stupid Palin is and how Hillary only got the senate seat because of who she was married to. It is maddening. And these people have no idea how sexist they are.

    ps…on x-mas eve I was very down and in fact have been desperately trying to stave off homelessness due to a confluence of circumstances that hit all at once. I kind of cried out for moral support and I got offers of financial support. So I went ahead and set up a paypal account. I had one 6 years ago to shop online, but had to open a new one. I appreciate so much the offers of help that came my way.

    Here is the button:

    let’s hope this code works

  38. The 1600 panel on MSNBC just defended Kennedy Schlossberg to the man. The only person who said that her treatment by the press had been fair was Mika.
    Even Buchanan, who put in a plug for Palin, came down on K-S’s side. Shrum the Azz managed a gratuitous Palin slam while defending the princess.

    From the clip shown of K-S’s interview, I can see why she and Backtrack are buds. They’re both incredibly privileged yet see themselves as having to “work twice as hard”. Hmm, I’ve never seen either of them break a sweat for the people.

    I agree with madamab. K-S has made it easier for Paterson to appoint a man by personifying the privileged princess meme. She’s taken the sting out of screwing women by providing such a good target for the press and the GOP. They’d have a harder time making a joke out of Maloney or Gillibrand.

    I don’t think Harriet has a snowball’s chance but it would warm the cockles of my heart to have a gutsy, politically aware and active waitress striding the floor of the Senate with the uppity men who so often went to prep school. When it gets right down to it, I’d trust Harriet’s judgment over most of the Congress.

  39. Hmmmnnn I think my last message got caught in spamalot?
    Anyway, I was saying that this diary almost made me cry and I had to stop for a minute and ask myself why. I think it is because I LOVE that other women are fighting back and feel the way I do about solidarity among women. Maybe CK will learn something from this experience. After all men have been showing unrelenting solidarity with each other for thousands of years.
    51 percent solution is the left thing to do…..

    ps… on another note, on Christmas Eve I cried out for moral support. It has been a devastating few weeks and I am trying to stave off homelessness. It is a long story. I work on 100 percent commission and was doing fine for several months, but then got charge backs because 4 people who lost their jobs could not keep the life and/or medical insurance they needed and bought in august and sept. At this point no matter what I sell, the charge backs from several large policies (someone else sold while I was a brand new agent and learning the ropes by going out with them) are eating up everything I make. I am looking for another job, but have found nothing as of today…though I have hope.
    Anyway, madamab and several other people suggested that they would like to help and I was so glad to even have the offers which made me feel less alone and hopeless.
    Here is the link, let’s see if it works.


  40. ah, well… my alternate email address appears (not the one I use for this site.) but that is okay, it is not like any of you know my password or would want to log in and read my exciting aol.mail.
    If anyone wants to write me at that email address and ask for my other one (the one the site owners can read in my comments here) I will be glad to write you back.

  41. TeresaInPa, there’s a new post up. You may want to repeat your information there.

  42. JeanLouise, on December 29th, 2008 at 7:15 pm Said:

    The 1600 panel on MSNBC just defended Kennedy Schlossberg to the man. The only person who said that her treatment by the press had been fair was Mika.
    Even Buchanan, who put in a plug for Palin, came down on K-S’s side. Shrum the Azz managed a gratuitous Palin slam while defending the princess.

    It’s good to see nothing changes at MSNBC (snark).

    I realize that there have been situations where a sitting Senator has died and the guv has appointed the widow to the seat until an election was held and what were the widow’s qualifications? But this situation just smacks way too much of cronyism, a political pay-off, and the “elite” Princess just deciding on a whim to ask for the job. Nothing against CK herself but this just stinks.

  43. Fredster,

    I never had negative feelings about Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg until earlier this year. If anything, I felt a great deal of sympathy for her losses and respect that she had chosen a low public profile.

    That changed when she came out for Obama. She traded on her family tragedy and mystique in a way that has negatively affected my life. The power of that mystique is palpable. Without it, she wouldn’t be in the news every day.

    I agree. It stinks.

  44. thanks purplefinn

    jeanlouise… CK is just a few months younger than me and I always kind of had a soft spot in my heart for her. But since her snooty little laugh at something someone said about Hillary I realize that she is really nothing more than a glorified soccer mom.
    Today I read that column where some woman said that CK was her… huh. She realized CK was her and after all shy symbolized all the working women who took years off to raise the kids etc…
    And as I was reading it I thought “yeah, me too. Where’s my freaking Senate seat. Hell I would settle for a state senate seat.”

  45. See, even at 3 years old, he had more in penis years than you did as his senior by 3 years.

    Thank you RD for giving a name to the phenomenon I’ve noticed for many years.

  46. Wow!

    Well said, RD.

    Well said.


  47. But since her snooty little laugh at something someone said about Hillary

    I didn’t know that she’d done that. What a booger.

  48. Wow RD excellent post. You sure have a knack for framing this stuff perfectly!

    Even though Ms Kennedy saw what Hillary and Sarah went through, I bet she actually thought SHE would be immune to it. Did she ever say anything about how Hill and Sarah were mistreated? Don’t think so.

    Guess she’s finding out now, she may be a Kennedy, but she’s STILL just a woman!

  49. So let me see if I have all the connections straight here (it’s hard to trace this stuff from way out here in the Wild West): Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg wishes to be appointed to the Senate seat formerly held by her late uncle. To aid her in this ambition, her other uncle, who holds the Senate seat formerly held by her late father (before his election to the Presidency), is furiously twisting arms on her behalf. Prior to holding the Senate seat currently held by his brother, her late father held the Congressional seat formerly held by his grandfather (her great-grandfather), John Francis “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, for whom he father was named,

    Her main rival for this position is the son of a former Governor, formerly married to the daughter of her late uncle, for whose Senate seat they’re both in contention. Said Governor’s son is also considered a prime rival to the current Governor for the Democratic nomination for Governor in the next election cycle (thereby seeking the office formerly held by *his* father), should the current Governor decide to seek election to the office which he currently holds.

    Before becoming Lieutenant Governor (and hence Governor), said current Governor held the State Senate seat formerly held by *his* father, Basil Paterson.

    Damn, it’s a good thing we got rid of hereditary aristocracy back in 1776, isn’t it? 😉

    Sorry, RD, but there are probably several million people in New York State, male and female, who are more qualified for the Senate than Ms. Kennedy-Schlossberg (her legacy degree notwithstanding), if only by virtue of having held a full-time job at some point in their lives. None of them bear the odor of nepotism and hereditary privilege, either (something that might be considered positive if we actually lived in a republic).

    I find the whole spectacle more than a little disgusting.

  50. I cannot support Caroline Kennedy simply because of the way she treated Hillary Clinton. I don’t care about her lack of experience (and believe that the lack of experience criticism is sexist), I don’t care that she is a Kennedy, and at this point, I don’t even care that she is a woman, which is normally a consideration for me. THAT was my last sticking point because I would love to see a woman take Hillary’s seat, just not THIS woman…

    She really slapped women in the face with her endorsement of Obama, and I will never support her for any public office as a result. Maybe all the negative (and sometimes sexist) media attention she is getting is her commuppance.

  51. And so many people said they were concerned about the Clintons taking over the country?! Said they didn’t want to have a former first lady for POTUS.

  52. “and believe that the lack of experience criticism is sexist”

    I think it’s sexist for those that accepted Obama’s lack of experience. Us? Not so much.

  53. Downticket> I feel that Cuomo is being victimized if he is told he can’t have the Senate seat because he’s a man – even though he is qualified. That’s a double-standard. He may not be more qualified than any number of women in NY, but he is qualified. Overall, I found this column by RD very odd. It felt as if RD is taking any criticism of Caroline off the table – because it’s sexist. I’m rather reminded of criticisms of Obama being off the table – because that was racist. If Caroline is unqualified – we should be able to say so without being accused of misogyny. I am not seeing Caroline get victimized the same way Clinton and Palin were, and certainly not by the same people, and not in the same numbers. Those who abused Clinton and Palin appear to be quite happy with Kennedy. It’s those of us who supported Clinton – and to some extent Palin – who are taking issue with Caroline. And calling her out on her lack of experience and sense of entitlement is not sexist.

  54. I used the r word and landed in moderation.

  55. RD> re: your comment at 5:38. Yes, I agree that the focus on Caroline’s speech patterns is not something Obama had to face. But I also think “uh uh uh uh” is less damning than a “you know” every 5 seconds. All those “you knows” make her sound like a valley girl. And I think we all expected more from a Kennedy. I think a lot of people are just realizing that after knowing this woman for more than 50 years – they never heard her speak until now!

    Palin’s speech patterns were also analyzed to death. But then so were Biden’s. I think the thing with Obama is that we weren’t allowed to criticize anything about him. You can’t call him “articulate” (r@cist) and I think if you made fun of his speech patterns – r@cist. I think r@ce had more to do with it than Obama’s gender.

  56. I realize that there have been situations where a sitting Senator has died and the guv has appointed the widow to the seat until an election was held and what were the widow’s qualifications?

    For starts, the widow presumably agreed with her husband’s policies. Plus in most cases she would have at least some familiarity with how the job was going, who was with him and who was against him, etc. And in many cases she’d be a twofer with him all along — even if he was the one with the degree and the paper credentials.

    Imo the voters are best served by some surrogate of the Senator they elected — such as Biden’s aide and Ted Kennedy’s wife — till the next election when they can vote again.

  57. It isn’t so much CK’s ‘you know’s or BO’s ‘uh’s (even Hillary often says ‘you know’) — it’s the absence of any substance between those verbal pause markers.

    It isn’t so much that CK stayed home with her children — but that she didn’t do much of anything while she was home. She could afford nannies. Why not write some real books? Why not prepare some really good speeches before these interviews?

  58. DYB: YES! Ding! Ding! Ding! It makes her sound like a Valley Girl. That spoiled, airheaded shopaholic teenager who grows up to be a spoiled airheaded shopaholic adult.
    I didn’t emphasize her “you knows”. That was done by some “official” columnist. He deliberately left them in when it would have been so much easier and nicer to leave them out.
    Now, ask yourself, DYB, have you ever heard of a Valley Boy?
    I rest my case.

  59. Great Post “RD”.
    As a NYer , I thank You for keeping this issue alive!
    Congrats on the Nod.

  60. Hi, thanks for your blog post! I voted for Hillary but have since decided to go republican after reevaluating the way the politicians seems to be going. This election of buddies just doesn’t do it for me! Where is the standing up for women who EARN their way?!

  61. As the coiner of the term “penis years” I salute your dead on use of it! 😉

    I think that Caroline Kennedy thought her “I’m with him” (pointing at Obama) t-shirt gave her a free get into the Senate card.

    The disturbing trend for me was the whole how quickly some supporters of Obama were willing to whip around and scream on-line that we (Hillary supporters) weren’t supporting Caroline because we were sexist!

    So we were racists in the primary and now we’re sexist. I’m so glad they’re here to regularly update us on our hidden prejudices that are only visible when we disagree with them.

  62. really loved the Kennedy’s growing up and consider myself a “Kennedy baby” born on Nov 18, 1963. I am, quite frankly, disgusted with their support of Obama over the highly qualified Hillary Clinton. There is no way I am supporting CK for Senator. It seems like her interest in the Senate seat was pre-planned, perhaps by herself and uncle Teddy. I have very little respect for him as well after his support of Obama.

  63. jets,

    If the Kennedys wanted Hillary’s NY Senate seat to come vacant so Caroline could be appointed to it, they should have supported her for POTUS. Supporting Obama so he could appoint Hillary to the cabinet would be less likely to pay off; he might not appoint her, or she might refuse.

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