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The Lions Share: Hitting the Wall

Join us at 8:00PM EST tonight for the Lions Share on PUMA United Radio (PURrrr) as we talk about Bill Ayers, tied polls, Glenn Beck, our newest fan? and our recent notoriety.

Oh, and as for Palin’s wardrobe makeover?  Here’s a blast from the past about Michelle Obama.  At least Sarah Palin isn’t just imitating a Kennedy.

94 Responses

  1. Michelle Obama like Jackie kennedy? Give me a break. Michelle looks so mean and hateful even when with her contrived smile.
    Sad the press is goingafter Sarah Palin on such insignificant matters when there are many more things to report. The news teams have deployed their best people to investigate everything about Sarah palin. Someone please remind them to start reporting Obama’s past. Ayers, Wirght, drug dealing, Michelle, Odinga, Acorn, etc……

  2. So, the Times, AP, and ABC covered Palin’s RNC-funded shopping in great detail. Who paid for Michelle’s makeover? Come to think of it, who paid for that $450.00 “snack” she had the other day? Where’s the detail on that?

  3. After listening to Palin’s speech on women’s issues yesterday in NV- I don’t
    care what the media says about her wardrobe-I care that she spoke to women’s issues and promised to work for women’s issues. She’s not hillary- but she will do just fine. Listen to the speech if you haven’t already.

  4. I’m listening and want to know where I can find that email to send around about Palin’s speech yesterday (???)

  5. The more the media hates on Sarah the more determined I am to vote for her. MSM can bite me.

  6. You said it bluemorning! Why isn’t the media reporting that inspiring speech that Palin gave yesterday? That’s important. That’s NEWS. That’s what we want, and need, to hear about! Not her freakin’ wardrobe. I could give a rat’s behind about her wardrobe.

  7. Here’s a link to Greta’s coverage of Palin’s speech yesterday.


  8. gsm17, thanks.

  9. s = x 😉

  10. You can listen to the speech here:

    the email may be from puma pac- it was the prowl today and was inspired by
    her speech that was described this way:
    “Yesterday, Sarah Palin made the most explicitly feminist political speech by ANYONE running for national office in the last last 20 years. ”

    People who went to the rally were moved and inspired AND she didn’t even use a teleprompter.

  11. Hey everyone, please read this article and comment on this man’s page.

    The article – Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?


  12. Barack & Michelle have consciously tried to link themselves to John and Jackie.

    I live in the Chicago area and the Chicago Tribune ran a series on Barack’s first year in office. And one of the pictures showed Michelle with their two little daughters wearing coats similar to the one that Caroline wore and the one John Jr. was wearing on the day of JFK’s funeral.

  13. I forgot to mention that the series in the Chicago Tribune was of Barack’s first year as a US senator.

  14. Mar
    Obama’s entire campaign was a series of poses – JFK, Reagan, MLK…
    The media is dutifully assisting the “Mishun Accomlished” on each and every one such posturing.

  15. Riverdaughter’s mom on the Lion’s den!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ana — very good article. Too bad the article thinks the msm has any sense of decency.
    The most important point he makes is:
    “Though why quasi-federal agencies were allowed to do so [make contributions to political campaigns] baffles me. It’s as if the Pentagon were allowed to contribute to the political campaigns of Congressmen who support increasing their budget.”
    This baffles me too & no one is bothering to ask this question.

  17. Hey Hey Hey

    Afrocity here watching Hannity and Scarecrow

  18. afrocity that’s funny – scarecrow…

  19. afrocity,

    My husband is addicted to Hannity and Scarecrow. I never thought I would actually say that. Until this election season, he never watched Fox. BTW he agrees with the Scarecrow name.

  20. afrocity — shout out to the Fat Albert opener — I loved that show!

  21. FL voter,

    I never watched Fox until this election. I like it a lot and will continue to watch after the election.

  22. I’m not a fan of Hannity and Colmes.

  23. bluemorning- Thanks for that link. Sarah was just great. If I can not have Hillary, and I guess the DNC already decided that, then I will proudly vote for Sarah. PUMA

  24. afrocity,

    gotta agree with you on Fox. Really changed my way of thinking about that channel. Personally, I like Greta.

  25. I actually think Greta is really good (always never watched FOX before).

  26. The MSM covered up the Biden statement with Palins wardrobe.

  27. fox is far more “fair and balanced” than the other cable news shows… not even close… Greta is the star, imho… a true journalist (a dying breed, it would seem)

  28. Oh my, they got a youtube of Sarah signing our PUMA volunteer’s sign, along with the PUMA guest speakers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E3UGaqZJp8. Sarah signed very few signs because she was behind schedule, but how awesome.

  29. For Holloween this year my husband wants to make himself a McCain mask and make me a Cindy McCain mask. He wants us to go trick or treating to the 3 houses in my neighborhood that have Obama signs. He thinks that that will scare the cr@p out of them. It’s pretty safe to do this in my neighborhood since it is very Republican.

  30. have y’all, as liberals, ever wondered why conservatives disliked you so much? now we know. for many of them, their only experience with “liberals” was seeing Alan Colmes on Fox.

    I’m sure many Fox watchers consider Colmes our hero and representative.

    oy…….no wonder they don’t like us……..

  31. FLVoter,

    That sounds like fun. Is there any way you could get video of the reactions to post on The Confluence? I’m only semi-kidding.

  32. BB,

    That’s probably something my husband would really enjoy. I will check it out.

  33. Glenn Beck? I think I missed that announcement. Do tell.

  34. Colmes is a bonehead. I don’t consider myself liberal anymore.

  35. afrocity — it isn’t the liberals that are the problem — its the “progressives” and the Obamacans.

  36. Bluemorning, she did use a teleprompter, but didn’t follow the script. I could see the laptop and read the script as she was speaking (which was helpful because the cheering was too loud to really hear half of what she said). But when she was talking about women’s issues, she abandoned the script – the guy was having a hard time because of it – it was only local issues that she followed the script verbatim on.

  37. kiki5: I don’t think much of Hannity as a journalist. He gets this sort of fake-earnest faraway look in his eyes, and he seems less sincere the more he tries to look like it. Don’t even get me started on Colmes…poor excuse of a liberal.

  38. If you need a mask guaranteed to scare away Obots:


  39. myiq — wanna see how bad I can be? 😉

  40. Greta is calling out CNN as “incompetent” for the hack citing that fake quote.

  41. I have actually never liked the term “liberal”.

    I was heading to the right before this happened.

    I look at the DNC and see nothing that appeals to me and the abortion issue really does not matter to me anymore. These democrats remind me of Carter administration. Flakey like Mondale and Dukakis.

    If it were not for the Clintons, I would left a long time ago.

  42. that fake quote re: Palin interview.

  43. Night y’all. Got my fuzzy socks on and am watching Greta.

  44. That was a great show tonight. It was fun hearing Riverdaughter’s mom and aunt. And SM says FLA will go red. I believe it. I think OH and PA will go red also.

  45. OK, last link, line to get in the event (they expected 2,000 to 3,000), at least 7,000 (probably 10,000) showed up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CCN9i0rY38

  46. do you all know Hannity has a dating website? I think it’s called Hannidate. it’s for people like him to find each other.

  47. Kiki, my experience has been Harry Reid. I have great friends who are liberals, even they don’t like him, but we’re stuck with him.

  48. LOL, I’m not sure someone who preens and dresses like Obama should send the attack dogs out on Palin’s wardrobe. ‘Cause one of that man’s suits would pay my rent for 3 months, I’m guessing.

    And I say attack dogs because there are two choices left:

    The BO campaign is sending out the attack dogs on crap like this and running the dirty campaign


    The press is a PR wing of the BO campaign and they’re running the dirty campaign.

    There’s no other explanation for going after Palin’s wardrobe and not the Obamas’ wardrobe, or the vile hit piece on Cindy McCain in the NY Times while not touching teh Precious.

    One or the other!

  49. Kiki:

    He’s like Bush, he wants a mandate

  50. OMG — Newt Gingrich is speaking the unadulterated truth! I expect to see the 4 horseman of the Apocalypse riding up at any minute.

  51. Alice:

    Those are attack chihuahuas

  52. Greta is great tonight. She’s really mad!

  53. OMG — Greta just asked (re: Obama’s quote he would be up 4 more points if it wasn’t for FOX) what would his #s be if it wasn’t for CNN & MSNBC. She is definitely a PUMA.

  54. Don’t know if you all saw this – French documentary on McCain as a prisoner released by French archive: http://tinyurl.com/5aqtmh

  55. Wow, I always liked Colmes more than Hannity. But my reason was that when Hannity got out of line, or a little too aggressive, Colmes would say look, this is a guest, have some respect, even if it was a conservative. Hannity never tried to stop one guest from attacking another, he just sits and laughs.

    Never really listened to the argument, just think Colmes has more class when it comes to a debate on the show. But then, I haven’t watched the show in almost a year now.

  56. angie,

    A couple of weeks ago I heard Newt on NPR talking about the bailout, and I was shocked to find I agreed with him. The world has turned upside down.

  57. I am not willing to give up ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’, pls lets not throw out the baby with the bath water. Now, to mix my metaphors, the DNC has been infected with cancer, we are the chemo. It will not be easy or pretty, but afterwards it will be worth it. The Resistance will spur the Renaissance of the DNC. It will be new and improved and RD will be the Party Chair.

  58. I’m a liberal and proud of it. I’m with Angie – it’s the progressives giving us a bad name.

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are tools. Liberals and progressives banded together in ’06 and elected democrats for a couple of specific reasons. they have totally failed. evidently the progressive agenda these days is propping up W.

  59. Yeah, but kiki, Fox deliberately picked a stooge like Colmes to make us look bad.

  60. Attack chihuahuas….! Hee. True, that.

  61. Honora — I’m a liberal, dammit! “Progressive” was made up by kos and his ilk so as not to “offend” the right. Eff that shit — I’m not interested in being more “acceptable” to the right — it is trying to be more acceptable to the right that got us Obama.

  62. The article – Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?



    Wow, thanks Ana, that was quite the read. Ornery Americans unite! (whilst grumbling)

  63. Angie,

    Or it could be that we all stereotyped the right wingers. When I was younger I made less money, wanted to have an abortion if I needed it (never did), had animosity for rich people. Now I fall into the tax bracket that Obama would hammer on, would like to adopt a child and other things that I thing put me more in the center. A lot of the obama supporters I see are poser elite hacks.

  64. PBS has a documentary on the Chicago 1968 Convention demonstrations and the Chicago 7 trial. It’s incredibly intense. I can’t believe my parents let me watch this stuff on TV when I was 14. The trial part is animated….

  65. I guess that after Obama loses RD will not Forgive Marko’s and return to posting on the Daily KO’s…

    fine by me!

  66. afrocity — “poser elite hacks” lol — that pretty much sums up Obama supporters.
    It is true that if I voted my pocket book I would vote Republican but I’m not ready to give up my belief that if we could wrest the Dem. Party back from these poser elite hacks it can stand for the things I believe are the most important in society — social equality, one person one vote, women’s issues. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.

  67. Just finished listening to the “Lions Den” on blog talk radio. I called in but they didn’t have time to take my call. The thing I especially wanted to say is-I’m from a very rural community in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, a PUMA, a Hillary supporter, a feminist Democrat in exile, so I’ve always been in the minority here and I am now voting for Palin/McCain. When I listen to people from the urban areas talk about the overwhelming support they see for Obama and their fear that from what they are seeing is that he is really popular, I want to say-Rural America is 1/2 of this country’s population and there are more McCain supporters than Obama supporters. We can survive 4 more Republican years, I’m not so sure we will have any power left as voters if Obama becomes president. I think the voters are going to get this one right and save this country from a political disaster.

  68. angienc- That is what my sister, the crazy obot thinks. I figure a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. I figure they can call me anything, just don’t call me late to vote. Of course, I am the only ‘Feminist’ around. I guess I just collect labels.

  69. asked her on the show tonight

    Hey Katie…

  70. I hope you are right RealChange

  71. I think the fact that the AP released this new poll is because BO is losing & they are trying to scare up the “base.” Of course, they are talking about the unreliability of polls.

  72. walked alot this weekend in the I 4 corridor they are not so much in love with Obama!

  73. I hope you are right too Real Change.

  74. Obama has shredded his base Angie if he wants to find it he will have to jack up the bus!

  75. So is this Corsi guy ever going to speak?

  76. fuzzy — if that poll that said that 88% of Dems are now supporting BO is true all I can say is: Eff them! How stupid to “go home to the Party” after being told in no uncertain terms that you were not needed.

  77. RealChange: I’m sorry we didn’t get to you. We had a lot of callers tonight. We completely agree with you about the power thing. The Democratic party is about to set us free on our own ice floe. If we don’t stop it in 2008, we may have lost our chance of representation for decades to come.

  78. angie,

    Not everyone has learned from being abused, as we have. Right, my strong sister?

  79. and Katie!!!!! I received your Gorgeous (!) print!

    (pssstt…..Kbird is an incredible photographer..)

  80. joanie — exactly — we need a shelter for abused Dems, or a self-help book “Dems who love their party too much & the Party that hates them.”

  81. afrocity — Corsi seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

  82. Ha!

    Or they just need to pack it on over to the excellent shrink I used. 🙂

  83. A woman, a democrat for McCain is about to appear on Greta.

  84. afrocity & angie – Corsi may have dropped off the face of the earth – but Andy Martin is having way too much fun in Hawaii

  85. I am planning a 12 step program for Obamabots after he loses in November

  86. What’s that song from “Oliver” when Nancy moans over the abusive prick, Bill Sykes? Same mentality.

  87. phlamingophred,

    Yes I heard about it. What is the deal with Obama’s grandmother. If she is so ill why not leave the campaign trail NOW?!?

  88. HI Fuzzy! Can I be a fly on the wall?

  89. afrocity – because he’s not really going to see his grandmother. if he was, he would have done so when she was in the hospital last week and he would have spent more than an hour with her in August when he was on “vacation”

  90. I’m still a ‘liberal’ in my heart – it’s my mind that seems to be rebelling this year.

  91. joanie — unfortunately for those abused Dems, my wonderful psychiatrist retired.

  92. “Dems who love their party too much & the Party that hates them.”


  93. Seriously @10:51 pm: That’s classic! Love it.

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