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    Catscatscats on General Mattis’s Statement
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      The people who need to a good shit-kicking are most politicians, CEOs, and senior civilians. Well, and cops, obviously. And they need to know the cops can’t protect them from another one. The President, the mayor of New York, the Governor of New York, almost everyone who works for the Federal Reserve, all senior Wall […]
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Late Night: Equal Opportunity Offender

Brook finds some unusual things on YouTube.  Like, today, she found a Blond Joke video.  (Q: What did the blond say was the capital of California?  A:”C”)

Recently, she’s developed a keen sense of the absurd when it comes to politics.  Take a look at this play on the media narrative for each candidate in this Skippy Shorts video of a debate between Obama and McCain:

Hang in there.  Less than two weeks to go.

231 Responses

  1. RD did you see my question on the show tonight?

    Also are you Puma United Radio in the blogtalk chat room?


    I have been trying to come up with a blue print the next generation of “leaders”, especially in politics should follow. I need some suggestions and feel free to add to the points I’ve written here. Following Obama’s triumph, we have no choice but to call it:

    The Obama Leadership Manifesto

    – Never take a position on anything

    – If trapped in the chamber while an issue is being voted on, cowardly vote “Present”

    – If possible take a forceful position on an issue AFTER finding out what the media think

    – Abandon your base each time Chris Matthews thinks you should

    – Take credit for any good thing you didn’t do

    – Call any issue trying to shed some light about you a distraction

    – Come up with supercilious themes

    – Cheat as much as you can

    – …

    You’re on, Conflucians…

  3. Fuzzy, was the question whether I am going back to DailyKos?
    Are you NUTS??? Why would I ever want to go back? I was just one of a bajillion diarists on that blog. Here, I have a front page slot and can write any damn thing I want. Why the hell would I ever want to go back? Besides, the Obots moved in and trashed the place. It’s a tear down.

  4. MABLUE – how about…

    make personal attacks on your opponnent and call any attack of substance on you R@cist

  5. Wow…
    That video is pretty… special.
    Anyway, I have to turn in early tonight, so to all the late nighters (Regency, Seriously, Scrubs, Angie, ect.) I am going to bed now.

  6. MABlue — Never take responsibility for anything that goes wrong; instead, blame your “staff”

  7. New post at Klownhaus re: Religious Bigotry:


    You’ll have to read it there, cuz I ain’t posting it here

  8. Good night Little Isis!

  9. MABlue:

    Is “present” a position?

  10. I was being funny I agree I like you much better here.

    What if markos wanted to post an appology thread here?

    It could happen…a long tirade of how he was forced to be an Obama bot they twisted his arm, popped him in the head and finally they wrote him a check….

    It was pure peer pressure on him…he never really like the Obamasphere please forgive him….also his rent was due on the basement apartment or his parents would throw him out!

  11. Myiq, some of my “positions” have been considered a present.

  12. I’m actually already in bed. I’m turning in too. Lil Isis, get out of my body!

    Night, Conflucians.

  13. myiq — nice post at Klownhaus — however given that the a$$hat started out with “All Republicans are liars, remember?” you really were shooting fish in a barrel.

  14. Can we have a saddlebrook debate with Sarah and Joe Biden??

  15. Night Regency — what is up with you youngsters tonight?

  16. Am I not allowed to post again?

  17. Ah, there it is. Too tired to fool with WordPress.

  18. Oh Snap! Greta just said that Obama only released a 1 page document of his medical records saying he was in good health.

  19. afrocity — yep, I caught that — remember it though, because it is the only time on tv you’ll see it.

  20. MABlue, how about something like the minute you get a job, ignore it as you start working on the next one? I read somewhere that if Obama gets elected and serves a four year term, it will be the longest he’s ever held a full time job.

    what do you aspire to when you’re leader of the free world?

    I’ve always felt that Obama really wants to be the ex-president. all the glory, all the perks, without all those pesky responsibilities.

  21. mmmm-what is he hiding afrocity? I love you pic by the way!

  22. I’m going to bed now with regency and lil isis. and myiq can’t watch.

  23. Hi Joanie, I hope it looks good!

  24. sing it sister de Rothschild– the media has spent more time in Wasilla looking into her then they have in Chicago lookingi into Obama!

  25. Don’t tell joaniebone but I have hidden cameras everywhere.

  26. lol! good night joanie!

  27. MA Blue –
    “Flatter those who can help you – esp. ghostwriters – then drop ’em like it’s hot”

  28. sis, you are so talented!

  29. Angie:

    I would rather look into her than look into Obama

  30. I think Mr Obama saw the musical “How to be a success at business with out really trying” and he took it seriously!

  31. myiq — hell, so would I!

  32. (giggle) fuzzy, I think you’re right!

    Joanie, thank you (blushing)

  33. kisses to all–especially angie:)

    bear hug and squeeze to Katie too.

    to myiq, a rump rub.

  34. Thanks Fuzzy.

    What’s Obama hiding…hmmm former drug user, Larry Sinclair says he slept with him…him. HIV? Can’t say it has not crossed my mind.

  35. hey Fuzzy, were you in Orlando last weekend?

  36. {{{joanie}}}

  37. night all the east coast is going to bed!

  38. night fuzzy!!

  39. LOL afrocity!! yep, I’ve gone there myself.

  40. fuzzy: What does he have to apologize for? It’s a great racket for him. Very lucrative. If he wins, MORE filthy lucre. If he loses, his base will become militant victims and vow revenge. Either way, it’s a steady audience.
    He doesn’t need me and I doubt that I would be welcome. I don’t expect an apology either. Markos is a businessman. If he’s selling a shoddy product to suckers, he may have to apologize to THEM but I’m not buying his pseudo Democratic libertarianism.

  41. Afrocity-
    glad you went there I as a gay man never could! and Mccain had to release 7000 pages doesnt seem fair to me?

    KiKi5 yes I was there for an event of Bears called Bearbust its a gay thing….I refer you to Kathy Griffins last season episode # 5 Kathy goes to IBR!

  42. Nite Fuzzy, ladies, joanie!

  43. myiq2xu, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:50 pm Said:
    Is “present” a position?

    It wasn’t, until Obama came to the scenery and turned it into one.

  44. Wow, everyone’s going to bed early tonight. I just want to say that I have a feeling the polls are going to tighten up even more. McCain will win. Now I need a

    Carol Haka!

  45. night myiq!

  46. Absolutely disgusting,

    this should be illegal also. How can so called liberal feminists be ok with this?!?! she’s still a woman! and she’s having people pretend to shoot her!!!!


  47. bb — I know — everyone is a wet mop tonight!

  48. RD,

    aren’t you on the radio right now?? I’m listening to you talk to some fellah named John from CA, or is that Murphy??

  49. RD:

    Someone once said “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of American consumers.”

  50. Sal — easy, they aren’t liberal and they aren’t feminists — they just play one with their poser hack friends.

  51. angienc — yeah, Lady Lynn is way to classy – love the voice, love the lips !!!

    Fuck barry hussian is is what I say !!! He’s such a loser. Now he’s charging the media to cover him on election night. I can’t wait to hear his concession speech.

  52. Riverdaughter,

    Markos is so over. I can’t believe I wasted all that time there. I love The Confluence. The company is so much more congenial here.

  53. RD — some one else said there’s a sucker born every minute.

  54. fuzzy,

    I caught your downstairs post about a 12 steps program for Obots. I wanted to add that Obama and Biden are giving druggies and alcoholics a bad name.


    Also, according to the above link, Ayers dedicated his book to RFK’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. I think Obama should move out of his “neighborhood.” They are knee-deep in dirt.

  55. simofish — the sad thing is those gross sycophants in the media will pay just to be near Teh Precious!

  56. bb: Just for you!


  57. RD-
    thanks but the visual image of him hat in hand was to much to resist!

    I also dont think the Obamabots with their severe ADD will be a steady audience for Markos they will fade away when the next “bright shiney object” catches their eyes.

    I do not see them being loyal to Obie after he loses they are not Cub Fans…more like fair weather friends!

    Of course his shoddy product will make it easier for them to leave….It just might bruise his ego.

    I think he is like Bruce Villanche when he wrote that show for George Burns and Pia Zadora….

    He Cashed the Check…Like Bill Mackie He cashed the check….the producers cashed the check…

  58. I am sticking a toe in the water. Watching CNN

  59. afrocity — brave girl, but don’t drink the kool aid!

  60. angienc,

    that’s what i’ve always figured, that’s why I refer to them as so called feminists 😛 I must say, they’re seriously giving objective and decent folks like you guys here a pretty bad name. Consider that most of America probably thinks right no that real feminists don’t support Palin. Afterall, that’s what the media has been pushing.

  61. Thank you Carol. Just what I needed!!!!!

    I’m fired up tonight after a few days of feeling down. I have a good feeling about the election results at the moment.

  62. Sorry did not want to offend 12 time Razzie winner Pia Zadora fans….

    My appologies!

  63. angie,

    What’s this about the media paying for access? Is that for real?

  64. I watched the pbs special on the Chicago Ten. Their intentions may have been good but they reminded me a lot of the Obamabots. The difference is that they were protesting the war in Vietnam while the Bots only love Obama. But their actions were comparable. However, we lived through that we can live through this.

  65. dances with puma called me out tonight I was wrong I should never make fun of Donna Braziles personal appearance or body parts….

    I think Nancy’s abuse of Botox is still fair game is that ok?

  66. I remember how nervously I made my first comment here. I felt so strange admitting that I wasn’t welcome at Daily Kos anymore. And how welcoming & calming Riverdaughter was….

    Now all these months and I don’t even think about that site for days on end! Today I even read a story about Marcos without really giving much of a thought his site.

    I’m so happy to be here! Thank you Riverdaughter and all Conflucencians everywhere…

  67. bb — yes it is — the Chicago Sun Times ran the story — Brite Hume on FOX even reported it. The spaces go from $700 (radio) up to $1800 (first riser). There is a free space that Lynn Sweet of the Times calls “second class” — outside, no view, etc. SO, if a reporter wants to actually see anything that is going on, they have to fork over the dough.

  68. Sal:

    Go read Dr. Violet Socks. She is on fire when it comes to feminist blogging.

    Of course, I have one of them penis thingies, so what do I know?


  69. I am trying to winn back my feminist label

  70. btw — bb — that is access to the orgy of hubris victory party O is planning for No. 4 in Chicago.

  71. The way CNN is covering this election compared to Fox News is so different like night and day.

  72. Thanks, angie. I suppose even this won’t make them turn on him. What an arrogant creep he is.

  73. simofish:

    We don’t use BO’s middle name around here. Although it’s a very common arabic name menaing “beautiful one,” using it allows other people to call us bigots, r@cists and/or GOP ratf*ckers.

  74. bb — of course it will not make them turn on him — the worse he treats him the more they seek his approval.

  75. “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste (sometimes it is cited as “intelligence” of the American public.” H.L. Menken

    One of my favorite quotes and I’ve thought of it several times during this
    recent election madness. Who’d thunk a Chicago politician such as Obama would be perpetrated upon
    us as a Presidential candidate, especially in the same year as the sub-primes came home to roost?

  76. “Ayers dedicated his book to RFK’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan.”

    Nice. I’m sure Obama will apologize to the Kennedy family for associating with Ayres, like the class act he is.

  77. Katie, someone should strike a medal for all those ostracized by DK, sort of on the order of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Maybe FOX would hold the induction ceremony?

  78. CNN: Keeping ’em Honest

    (grab wastepaper basket, stick head in and barf)

  79. Seriously — LOL — the Kennedys will be thrown under the bus like everyone else — they’ve served their purpose.

  80. Somebody on CNN can actually spell ‘honest’, af’city?

  81. As for Daily Kook, I used to be addicted to it. Can’t believe how it
    was trashed by the Obamarots! The fact that there was no adult supervision, and it became a mouth for Obama propaganda meant that it really wasn’t
    what I thought it was.

  82. Pat,
    I watched part of that. It made my stomach hurt, I was so nervous. We finally switched it off. I remember watching it all as it happened. But, I don’t think I’d let a child watch anything like that happening if it was my decision.

  83. so back to MABlue’s manifesto, it’s probably important to procure a really large bus

  84. afrocity has permission to use my vomit bucket Pat J…you can pass it to her if she needs it!

  85. I’d pay to be at the election night party just to see MO knock BO up side the head once they discover they lost. And then as Pat hauls them off in the Subaru back to their padlocked mansion as the FBI takes them into custody for all of their many, many, many crimes against the American People.

    Oh yeah I said it. I must be and admit to being a r*cist. What ya gonna do about it?


  86. Fuzzy, I was at a gay resort called Parliament in Orlando on Sunday – they had a big “Welcome Bears” sign, and I thought of you. that’s why I asked if you were there

  87. katiebird, the only thing I miss is the recipe thread, but there’s always food blogs. 🙂

  88. Carol — you just gave me my new nightly visualization:

    election night party just to see MO knock BO up side the head once they discover they lost. And then as Pat hauls them off in the Subaru back to their padlocked mansion as the FBI takes them into custody for all of their many, many, many crimes against the American People.

  89. {light bulb} fuzzy are you a bear? (yes, I know what a “bear” is) is that why your name is fuzzybear? I never put that together until kiki mentioned the event in Orlando.

  90. lol Carol – if the FBI is gonna arrest them anyway it seems like they could save Pat the trip in the subaru

  91. Seriously, Oh, yes — and the gardening threads. I used to love Saturday mornings there. But, I don’t actually miss even that.

    And I suspect we’ll be doing more of that sort of thing here once the election is over.

  92. Thanks. My pleasure – just 13 days away.

    Yeeeeeeeeeee HHhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  93. Angie, I don’t know either (about Fuzzy) – I put 2 & 2 together when I saw the sign 🙂

  94. With apologies:

    There can be only One!

    That’s it for me tonight. Everyone keep it real.

  95. KiKI I was there we were so close I was at the p-house as we call it I cannot believe I missed you

  96. Oh, they are going back! In the backseat of my Mazda, no stops along the way, no talking, no smoking, no “snacks”. And the only words I will allow to be heard from the backseat is: “I’m sorry”. Other than that it will be STFU, both of you.

  97. omg, you were there Sunday night? how cool! I loved that place

  98. Yeah, but Pat is using Judy the Electician’s tape over their mouths and putting them in the trunk. The kids get to ride in the back seat if they are good, but Rush and Hannity will be blasting from the stereo speakers.

    Pat is looking soooooooo forward to it. Don’t take her fun away. (Good news Pat, the cost of gasoline is down.)

  99. AngieNC yes I am a big ol’teddy bear-fun to hug and hold

  100. We will be breaking all speed limits and I hate highway driving.
    And the first one to open their big whiny mouths gets left by the side of the road. And I will be replaying all of Sarah’s speeches on my cd player enroute. That should do it.

  101. I wonder if Joe the Plumber would like to ride shotgun. I think he is kind of cute.

  102. ROFLMAO-Pat that is a picture in my head that will bring me sweet dreams!

    MO-Pat I am Sorry

    Pat-tell it to Hillary

    BO-Pat I am really sorry can I pleas have a smoke?


    MO-Pat I really liked Hillary but…


    MO-Pat I am Sorry I am real sorry…

  103. I would also love to make roadkill out of Mika Brezinski. She is a total moron!

  104. Fuzzy, I was visiting my daughter in Orlando and we went to meet up with her friends at p-house. what a fun place. I’ll go back when I’m in Orlando again

  105. I am so sick of Obama telling me how much TV I can watch. Honestly, does he have an opinion about EVERYTHING?

  106. KiKi do you know leslie jordan is going to be there in November?

  107. Eddy wants to ride shotgun. Joe the Plumber can bring the gun as BO’s probably won’t be working for the rest of his life. (Sorry kids, no brother in your future.)

  108. Michael: Absolutely! They can use the communal vomit bucket for their “needs”.

  109. At the airport, waiting for a relative’s arrival, I had two interesting moments today: talking to a friend that doesn’t like BO, but thinks JM is old & crazy & Palin is dangerously inexperienced. He’s worried about the SC & the economy. I went through some pesky facts & then he said: “what about the hate rallies?” AAAAAGHHH! Here on TV, just saw a report about how Palin’s wardrobe belies her small town image. I guess they expect her to wear bearskin.

  110. Eddy must first redeem himself. He was touting Obama again today. Barf, barf. He can find another”place” to put his slippers under until then.

  111. Mika was already roadkill. She was wiped off of someone’s shoe and would up like the rest of them at ObamaNBC!

  112. the trip continues…

    MO-Pat slow down thats Mr Axelfraud in the middle of the road flagging you down…

    Pat-STFU(sound of thud thud squish)

    BO-See MO I told you “Those People” would be mad..



  113. katie — Obama knows what is best for you. Now sit down shut up & obey.

  114. ummm, just because I’ve been to p-house doesn’t mean I’m…like……cool. who is leslie jordan? I have nfi 🙂

  115. That would be fun! Honestly, I don’t know why I kept going to that place as long as I did, it could send my blood pressure soaring long before the election, even. Well, yeah, I do know why I went, it was the only place with the number of posts to stay updated on everything that was going on in one spot, even though I used to try really hard to find an alternative.

  116. Too bad Sarah cannot come right out and tell them to kiss her ass. Until then I will do it for her.

  117. fif:

    Bareskin would be better

    I’ll go sit in the corner now

  118. (shuffling feet)

    Oh, Ok….

  119. Pat-

    Eddy will redeem himself but Pat you will already be lost to the charms of Lou Dobbs!

  120. Michael: You must come with us. That drive will have me laughing me you know what off. And I can just picture the looks on their sour pusses when they get a load of you!

  121. That loast joke was soooo lame, even the Captain didn’t want to be seen with it.

  122. Michael: Right now I am torn between Joe the Plumber, Lou and Eddy. In that order.

  123. he played leslie just jacks friend on Will and Grace also played brother boy in the movie “Sordid Lives”…

  124. “I am so sick of Obama telling me how much TV I can watch.”

    That spot is the worst! First he talks about his “humble background” at fancy prep school, then he tells us how to raise our families. If that were palin, they;d use that as an excuse to pry into all her personal family stuff in lurid detail and then say she asked for it by getting moralistic.

  125. I can just see Obama doing “Fireside Chats”.

    “This week we will be discussing how to clean your ovens.”

  126. myiq — at least you can acknowledge the lameness.

  127. Pat-

    I would love to sit right between them and give them a big bear lean till they admitted every sin they ever committed against the people…

    It would be a Big Bear Lean

    then I would pull out the cell phone and make them call all my tuesday night dinner buddies and tell them that Fuzzy was right about everything I said about them…and that the whole group owe me a big appology and that the should support Hillary 110% in 2012!

  128. Seriously, there is NOTHING Obama can’t say or do. NOTHING. He talks down to us from morning till night and we’re supposed to pretend we like it. Bleah.

  129. Michael: I can picture this in my head!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

  130. Pat J! LOL

    “This week we will be discussing how to clean your ovens.”

    I fully believe it will come to that if he gets in.

  131. well I do love “just jack”…..I really haven’t watched the show that much

    Fuzzy, I’ll contact you next time I’m going to Orlando – if you’re going too that would be fun to party together!

  132. BZero’s fireside chats would involve a small, yet discernable pipe.

  133. after that call I am sure MO would cough up a big Hair ball!

  134. Pat!! (clutching my side and rolling on the floor laughing)

  135. kiki would love to hang with a real live PUMA

  136. katiebird: So true. My ex husband was like that. When he got wound up my kids used to label whatever he was expounding about as “Lecture Number 198”. He never got it though.

  137. katiebird — remember when Jesse Jackson spoke the truth saying BO talks down to black people? I wanted to tell Jesse: Don’t be offended. He talks down to white people too!

  138. This is how they portrayed the newly released video of Senator McCain as a POW!

    “McCain, who was filmed smoking, was emotional during the interview

    The video portrays the Republican as a hero but the message may be tarnished as he is filmed smoking a cigarette.”

    Sick Media MotherFuckers! Sorry, there is no other description of these *sswipes.

  139. Funniest line of the night!

    Prolix, on October 22nd, 2008 at 11:46 pm Said:

    BZero’s fireside chats would involve a small, yet discernable pipe.

  140. Me too, Angie — I thought the same thing!!

  141. Angie:

    Someone should tell him when you look down your nose at people they can see your boogers

  142. Carol — yeah, forget the fact that BO is STILL SMOKING & the press is helping him hide it.

  143. Actually Obambi would dump the Newports he smoked through the election for the “more Masculine” Marlboro Red soft pack which he would smoke through a FDR like filter….

  144. Pat, That’s just sad. Except the part about him being an EX-husband…

  145. This video was apparently a part of a French documentary and was recently released. The last 45 seconds are really touching. John McCain seems like a truly decent human being.

  146. myiq — yes, they should but would he listen? Unlike us normal humans BO cannot recognize any faults within himself.

  147. and there would be a “crack”ling fire in the foreground…

  148. There must be millions more out there like us who are so turned off by the media. It just stands to reason. Just because we flock here does not mean that there aren’t others who are sick to death of the ra*cist meme, the supercilious shit, the lack of experience and MO thrown in for good measure.

    Joe and Sarah are us overall. The rest cannot wipe their shoes.

  149. Angie!! I think that smoking thing is another thing we’re not supposed to talk about. Apparently they took a vote at ALL the other blogs and decided that it’s totally off limits.

  150. Prolix: Your imagination knows no bounds!

  151. A large hairless cat sitting in his chair which he would stroke nervously like DR Evil…his other hand finger in his nose….

  152. Carol, who said that? Are they kidding?

  153. katiebird: Not so sad. He was an idiot!

  154. what Pat said at 11:29 is…



    Thanks! g’nite

  155. Pat J — the ratings for the news shows are way, way down. Obots believe it is because the race is over & BO is winning in a landslide. I, however, firmly believe it is because the American people are sick of seeing the nightly Obama tongue bath. Most Americans may be “low information hicks” (as the Obots like to point out) but they don’t like being insulted & they sure as hell can tell a con when they see one.

  156. sorry should read-

    Obambi sitting in his chair beside the crackling fire A large hairless cat sitting on his lap which he would stroke nervously like DR Evil…his other hand index ffinger stuck in his nose….

  157. Okay.I am back.

    I went to the darkside and watched Anderson Cooper and then turned to Rachel Maddow. Pat Buchanan was screaming at her for not covering the Biden “mettle” incident. She just sits there bashing Palin and then had the audacity to tell PB that he should not dodge her questions about SP by bringing up Biden.

    There I was cursing the TV again and I had not done that in awhile.

    I had to go make some tea.

    Sorry I tried. I will never watch CNN or MSNBC again. Lou Dobbs maybe but then I will turn the channel.

  158. angienc: I am not surprised. Like anything else when you overdramatize and overexpose it becomes repetitious. Even American Idol is losing viewers due to lack of interest.

  159. They say G-Dub likes to fart at meetings as a joke.

    Obama would do it because he thinks they smell great and wants to share

  160. afrocity — isn’t it sad when you realize that Pat Buchanan is the smartest guy on tv?

  161. Sick that they had to try to take the joy out of Sarah getting to dress up and strut her beautiful self. (Emphasis on “try to” – she is beautiful and they can’t stand it. So is our beautiful cultured Cindy. Oh yeah, f*ck militant mean michelle.)

  162. Oh, my god. I just thought of something. Guys pray for me. If he wins…I have to hear it because I am in Chicago.

  163. Per Uppity Woman – ACORN predicts the election:

    McCain 53% – Obama 117%


  164. myiq: I hope they can bottle it in time for Christmas. Like “Obsession”, it will sell well under the label of: “OBOMBOBUTTS”. What do you think?

  165. myiq — yep, his sh!t doesn’t stink — in fact, it is good for you!

  166. I thought Greta was the smartest guy on TV?

  167. You know, I was around for the Sixties (all of it) and what I remember is this: for every philosopher and True Believer, for every serious SDS member, there were about, oh, 6 zillion more of us who were in it mostly for the reefer and peyote and music and clothes and beads and posters and the chance to thumb our noses at Our Parents’ Generation. We were cool, part of the Age of Aquaruis, honorary members of the Chicago 10. Our parents were negligible foreign bodies (even if they were paying our tuition.) We really didn’t trust anybody over 30.

    So, what did we believe in? Well, besides Peace, Love, Hare Krishna, and Waterbeds, mostly what we believed in was beating the draft, whatever it took. That was personal. So we hated Lyndon Johnson with a passion (screaming at his face on the TV screen was de rigueur). I mean, who knew that LBJ was almost singlehandedly responsible for all that civil rights legislation? Certainly not us. And if my Black American Studies instructor knew, he wasn’t telling.

    Does any of this sound familiar? David Axelrod surely knows the whole story backwards and forwards. And he gets it. Goldarn right he does.

  168. Nice thing about the Buchanan and others, whether or not you agree with them, you KNOW where they stand!!!

  169. McCain is a decent but flawed man just like those fifty odd men that wnt to Philadelphia in 1787 and together with all their flaws personal pregidices(sic) and the weight of a nation falling apart…

    wrote the most revolutionary and enduring document that founded this Republic some 221 years ago….

    That is why I fight this fight for those men and the millions both women and men who have stood up and said this is wrong….

    I am here today because I would rather die a freeman than live a slave

  170. Carol,

    I know. She is so pretty and well dressed, They are so nasty and jealous. They are like mean girls and too bad Tina Fey is one of them.

  171. poor afrocity — in the belly of the beast.

  172. myiq — touche — did you hear the FL Sec. of State who Greta was reaming out over the voter fraud issues call her “Sir” last night? lol

  173. The made fun of Hillary and the headbands. Palin is a doll so she is right in the spotlight. Had she dressed from WalMart they would have savaged her for lack of style. To hell with them.

  174. for real night all!

  175. nite Michael

  176. Did you hear Joy Behar talking about Michelle’s $150 dress? which looked like shit by the way. Oh, poor Barry, he is so frugal. Yet he shops at Whole Foods for arugula and buys Greek Styrofoam columns. He gets good deals on real estate from criminals like Rezko.

  177. Okay, let’s pretend we are editors of a 24-hour cable news channel. Our story choices today are: (1) A guaranteed attack on the country after a certain candidate wins; or (2) a perfectly legal expenditure by the RNC for a candidate who had her taxes prepared last year by H&R Block.

    Choice 1 means lots of possible avenues for coverage like what makes you say that, is it from your security briefing or from your three and a half decades in the Senate, etc.

    Choice 2 means — well she needed some clothes especially since Alaska is pretty far to go for a change.

    Which one to pick — well the clothes angle is really snarky and it means we can have lots of Obanaut women blast Palin and any way, if there is an attack after the inauguration we can just show how prescient old Uncle Joe is.

  178. Fuzzy: about those cigarettes. I read an article about Mad Men where everyone smokes like fiends and wonder if it was legal for the producers to get their cast addicted to nicotine. Turns out, it’s *not* legal. Some federal law forbids actors from smoking cigarettes at work. SO, how do they do it? It sure LOOKS like they’re smoking. They’re herbal cigarettes. You know, oregano? Parsley? Heck, I don’t know what herb it is but it’s not tobacco.
    So, what if Obama is trying really hard to look like he understands AA culture and he’s faking his Newports?

  179. nite fuzzy

  180. night fuzzy!

  181. RD:

    I smoke “herbal” cigarettes. What’s the problemo?

    BTW – My “doctor” recommended them

  182. Prolix,

    I would go with choice one. U guess I should dress up like Sean Hannity for Halloween?

  183. Obama is still blowing smoke whether it is through his nose or out of his a**.

  184. I am listening to tonights Confluence rebroadcast and RD’s mother is on. She sounds sweet.

  185. Pat J — lol — his entire “career” has been nothing but smoke & mirrors.

  186. Afrocity, I think if you dress up as any media person who would choose No. 1, it’ll have to be Hannity.

    Maybe someone else at the party will be dressed like the scarecrow from Oz and you can say it is Colmes.

  187. Prolix, they’re working on a follow up about how she wears lipstick–poor innocent insects die to make her evil lips red.

  188. I choose to be KO and I will deliver a “special comment” to every house I visit. I should be a big hit!

  189. Fox News has the video of McCain and I copied the statements from the narrative.

    They are sick!

    GOD will punish them all. She’s with me on the



  190. I was going to dress up as Nancy Pelosi, but I can’t seem to get my head up my ass.

  191. Nite Nite

  192. Carol: You and I should do a Thelma and Louise after this election. Visiting all the morons who have perpetrated this disgrace upon us. First stop: Mika. Second: Andrea Mitchell Third: Gloria Borger Four: Donna B

    I am sure you have a list of your own.

  193. Carol — I lost you there — what are the statements from the narrative that are sick?

  194. The wounds are reopening. 2000 broke my heart.

    The first AA nominee and I hate his guts.

    This isn’t happening. I can’t believe the DNC broke my heart again. I am really disappointed. It is like that boyfriend that I keep going back to, that is bad for me.

  195. angie: LOLOLOL

  196. Angie, to accomplish said task, you must repeat — drill, baby, drill…

  197. I’ll go as Tweety if I can find enough garden hose so I can spray appropriately when I scream, “Twick or Tweet.”

  198. Prolix: I just fell off the chair again!!!!!!!!! Hysterical!!

  199. Never mind Carol — I went over and read the comments — I understand now.

  200. I wish we all lived close enough for Halloween. We could be the whole MessNBC crew — find an elf climbing out of a tree for Chucky T — the possibilities are endless.

  201. 3,000 academics sign pro-Ayers petition, and why does Obama enjoy such support in the x<30 and younger demographic? I so very much dislike my peers.


  202. Prolix: Someone would have to be in charge of carrying the bail money as I have a suspicion we would all be arrested.

  203. afrocity — the leadership in the DNC has become toxic — you know the expression “burning the village to save it”? That is what I feel we PUMAs are trying to do this year.

  204. I would go as Donna Brazille

  205. Angie,

    What I don’t get is that BO is as far left as they come and he is doing better than Gore did.

  206. Afrocity, sorry, but you are too pretty to be the Brazillenut.

  207. I can do a backwards handstand, so how about I dress up with my ass as my face — presto, I’m Donna Brazile!

  208. angie: LOLOLOL On that last note I am going to bed. Laughing all the way.

  209. lol afrocity — we can have a contest to see who looks more like Donna — I think my ass will win.
    As to the Gore/Obama question — the difference is the media hated Gore & they adore Obama.

  210. Night Pat J! Say hello to Lou for me. 🙂

  211. All the Culprits in this fiasco:

    1st Chuck Todd – played the r*ce card first

    2nd KO – creep with a problem with women

    3rd Tweety – slobber

    4th Andrea – ignorant deadbeat

    5th All the *ss wipes on MsNBC – Joe will survive, but he has to feel some pain. Pat wears a crown.

    6th Mika – we put her father in charge of her, literally

    7th Cnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    8th Tim’s already out of our misery

    9th Joan Walsh – pathetic

    10th – Damn, there are sooooooo many, where would it end.


  212. angie, LOL!!!!!

    If I can’t be a Brazillenut I will be an ACORN

  213. Night Pat.

  214. New thread!

  215. Did y’all hear about the dead goldfish that was registered by Algae, the aquatic arm of Acorn. Algae has been criticized for only skimming the surface of potential water dwelling voters.

  216. Yes, angie. I remember that Gore could not get a break with the media. Calling debates for Bush when it was clear that Gore won. Saying that GORE was wooden. That was all they could dig up on him. I have this friend that is a walking “talking point”. She was saying that Gore was “wooden” as soon as MSM said so. She was for Hillary, now she likes Obama. EWWW. Some people let the media spoon feed them.

  217. “What I don’t get is that BO is as far left as they come and he is doing better than Gore did.”

    If I believed that I would be tempted to vote for him. I don’t think he really has any ideology, other than whatever helps he reach his next goal

  218. I was gonna dress up like an Obot t-r-o-l-l but I didn’t know what a hemmorroid looks like.

  219. MyIq, I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you get royalties from your life story appearing on HBO — the “Life and Times of Tim?”

  220. Blond joke:

    Blond #1: What’s closer, Europe or the Moon?

    Blond #2: Duh! You can see the moon!

  221. HBO?

    Somebody did a movie about me?

  222. It is a recurring comic series — I do believe it is your life.

  223. Prolix:

    How many years did Tim spend in a Turkish prison?

  224. MyIq,

    I think they are working up to that episode. It’s things like Tim being caught on his sofa with a prostitute and his fiancee and her parents walk in. The excuse Tim uses is that she is a door-to-door massage therapist and it works.

  225. Holy sheep shit!

    On “Deal or No Deal” they guy had two cases left (one was his) with $1 and $1 million and the offers was $416K

    He said “No Deal” and guess what he won?

  226. Please tell me it was a $1.

  227. You got it

  228. Greed is so NOT becoming on national teevee.

  229. hey myiq,
    I recognize some of those blond jokes from 30 years ago–except back then they were Jesse Jackson jokes. I double dare you to tell them on someone black.

    And if you won’t tell that joke on someone of black ancestry, how do you explain to the Scandinavians why it’s okay to tell a joke like that on blonds?

    Think about it.

  230. The video is just awful.

    They are pitting a groovy rock star against Scrooge? No, Obama should be played as something a little nerdy, maybe Alfred E. Newman. McCain actually knows where Russia is, maybe he could be the Lone Ranger. With Dale Evans on the other horse.

    Those geezer jokes are starting to wear on me. Do the bots think they will never get old? As they treat people now, that’s how they will be treated as they age.

  231. angienc:
    I was going to dress up as Nancy Pelosi, but I can’t seem to get my head up my ass.

    hee hee, that’s a good one to go to sleep on.

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