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What if?

The incomparable Bob Somerby makes a very astute observation:

Why had Klein reinvented things so? We don’t have the slightest idea. But here’s a possible hint: In 2006, the presumptive Democratic nominee was a certain Hillary Rodham Clinton. And make no mistake: If Clinton had run against McCain this year, this campaign would have been covered quite differently by more than a few major “journalists.”

Oh you betcha!  Not that long ago John McCain not-so-jokingly referred to the media as his “base” and they universally portrayed him as a straight-talking maverick.  So when did they suddenly decide that McCain was old and evil?  It wasn’t until after they declared that Barack Uh-bama was the “presumptive” (presumptuous) nominee and Hillary was forced to suspend her campaign.  Then they turned on McCain like a bad dog. 

But what if somehow Hillary had managed to win the nomination?  After-all, she was the popular vote winner, and won all the big states except Illinois, as well as the critical swing-states.  The goofy DNC rules gave Obama a narrow lead in pledged delegates, primarily (pun intended) due to the way his campaign gamed (cheated) in the red state caucuses and the overwhelming (85-90%) support he received from African-American voters in southern (red state) primaries.  Neither Hillary nor Teh Precious won the nomination outright based on pledged delegates, it was decided by the superdelegates.  So what if the SD’s had voted for her instead of him?

One thing is for sure, the media would still be loving them some straight-talking St. Maverick.  He wouldn’t be old, evil, or racist.  Assuming he had still chosen Sarah Palin she would be considered a smart, reform-minded candidate who was uncorrupted by Washington D.C.  She would also be getting praised as something new and exciting, a conservative, christian feminist.

We would still be hearing a lot about racism though, because the media would be constantly talking about how African American voters would be staying home on election day to protest how Hillary had stolen the nomination with the help of racist superdelegates.  Even if Obama was her running mate, voting for McCain (or not voting) would be considered the only principled choice for progressive Democrats (not just AA voters) because the racism and corruption of the DNC could not be tolerated.

If Obama was not her running mate, he would not be out campaigning on Hillary’s behalf.  He would be praised for showing party loyalty by not launching a third-party campaign or (publically) criticizing Hillary, and would already be considered the Democratic front-runner for 2012.  Meanwhile he would continue to demonstrate his awesome post-partisan leadership skills in the Senate.

One other thing – the recent financial crisis would have been laid squarely at the feet of Bill Clinton, and it would be lamented that no one heeded the warnings given by both McCain and Senator Obama.

So, am I right or am I right?

226 Responses

  1. you’re totally right, but hillary still would have won by 10 points minimum.

  2. You’re right, no doubt about it.

  3. Yep, you.re right. It is truly amazing how a whole national – international – conversation would have been totally different. All but for a few super delegates.

  4. “Spot on!”

  5. The crazy thing about the superdelegates was that they were invented to prevent this very fiasco.

  6. You’re sadly quite correct.

  7. gary:

    The media would be telling us to not even bother voting because the polls would be showing McCain was going to win by a landslide.

  8. at least from now on we proceed with eyes wide open….. the media are the true criminals in this debacle.

  9. Sadly, you’re right about all of it, and the sexism of the media would have been even worse than it is now.

  10. Dave: That’s the absolute worst part. Even if we could prove that every delegate he earned was earned with the help of voter fraud and that Hillary should be the rightful nominee, any opposition would hit us with the SuperDs. They were supposed to balance out the will of the people in the instance of an inferior candidate. They just overturned it altogether for the lesser of the two.

    Way to go, SuperDs. You are the “boobs” of 2008. Where’s Elvira?

  11. dca:

    The media would be talking about how McCain was so much more qualified and experienced than Hillary, and how being First Lady (White House Hostess) was incomparable to 20 months as a Governor.

  12. Regency:

    Please don’t insult boobs like that. I like boobs.

  13. indigogrrl, on October 22nd, 2008 at 6:48 pm Said:

    at least from now on we proceed with eyes wide open….. the media are the true criminals in this debacle.

    … aided and abetted by a lazy and prejudiced section of the population. The media doesn’t do this all own their own.

  14. yup, you’re right … and what a said state of affairs to have to say that

  15. They’d try to incite “cat fights”

  16. Regency:

    I just realized you’re watching VH-1, aren’t you?

    “I love the 80’s 3-D”

  17. MyIq: “Boobs” as in dumbasses.

    Regular boobs are safe with me.

  18. the media were as responsible for the iraq war as dubya was … and as c-lin p0well also … what i want to know is why do folks still take them seriously?

  19. don’t forget the unhinged brazille and dean who can’t win elections the normal way, so they have to rig primaries and caucuses

  20. Can you believe this fallout over Palin’s wardrobe?

    Obama spends tons on clothes, buys his house from criminal, spends $900,000 per 30minute Campaign spots.


    Yet when Ayers comes up the media says it is distracting from the real issues. Which is Biden saying that Obama was not ready. So media digs up clothes receipts on Plain.

    Unfucking believable.

    America, Are You Okay???

  21. You’re right. My only consolation is that this election may be the last one in which the dinosaur media can flex so much power. My newspaper gets smaller every day while its circulation and stock price go down.

  22. MyIq: Ironically, I wasn’t even watching that.

  23. Definitely agree with you, but Hillary would still be winningf (and by a wide margin). What few pollsters will admit is the large number of undecideds out there. Zogby said last week that this is the highest number of undecideds at this point in an election since Dukakis. My guess is that, like in the primaries, last deciders will go with the safer choice (i.e., McCain).

  24. indie:

    Next time the bought-and-paid-for bloggers can fulfill that role.

    Instead of KO and Tweety, it’ll be Markos and Josh

  25. TM:

    If the polls were universally in Hillary’s favor, the media would ignore them and talk about other stuff instead.

  26. Inside Edition is getting ready to do a segment on Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe. *sigh* But that isn’t a distraction?

    Mountain Sage

  27. OMG! I forgot something!

    If Hillary was the nominee we would be hearing lots of stories about ACORN, and how they were helping the Democrats commit voter fraud.

    Of couirse Obama would have nothing to do with it.

  28. afrocity: don’t forget the possum seal design and the o on the tail of the airplane … i can’t say those are good uses of any one’s money ….

  29. Someone tell me how MSNBC teaming up with ACORN and La Raza is good for America?

  30. What if McCain/Palin pull this off?

    The same shrill puppets of the media will now have to do a complete about face, and start jibber-jabbering (a phrase I learned from my Wyoming cowgirl wife) about the wisdom of the maverick outsider, the courageous war hero, the man who will defend the country against all enemies, and the skillful Sarah Palin who with her considerable experience in energy policy, and international experience gained from being so close to Russia. Heads will shake sadly at how Obama showed such promise, especially for a black man from Harvard, no less, but who was fatally flawed in his misreading of he mood of the times. Biden pulled him down of course, but Obama’s understanding of the economic crisis and his tax policies were clearly way too socialist for a troubled America.

    And respected guest commentator Hillary Clinton will give her in-depth analysis of the situation.

    The Pennsylvania rednecks will not escape without blame, however.

  31. They’d talk about poll unreliability.

  32. Mountain Sage,

    Isn’t it disgusting? Meanwhile obama’s press conference was flat yet it is not framed that way.

  33. My Conflucians!

    Missed you all terribly – I went to Orlando to see my BRAND NEW nephew, spent time with my niece & baby cousins and family.

    I got my mom-on wity lotsa lotsa cute toddlers & babies galore.

    Reading all the fab posts took me about an our or more so catching up now. I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  34. is undecided the new code word for R@cist? I think Joe Biden implied that … boy those hair plugs sure interfere with his synapse

  35. sm — did you learn the kid’s name yet?
    myiq — of course you are right. you always are.

  36. Dave, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:04 pm Said:

    What kind of shoes does BO wear?

    I want to know what color are his boxer shorts. I pray he doesn’t wear a thong.

  37. MYIQ: You are right, Hillary would’ve been the evil one according to the press.

    Glad that Somersby didn’t drink the Kool-Aid.

  38. urgetocompute, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:03 pm Said:

    What if McCain/Palin pull this off?

    And respected guest commentator Hillary Clinton will give her in-depth analysis of the situation.

    And it will consist of, “He shouldn’t called ’em bitter, gun-clinging, Bible-thumping, r*cists. Other than that, I don’t see how he could have lost. He stole all the right plans, bought off all the right media outlets. He OWNED the airwaves. He still couldn’t close the deal. So, I guess…I told ya so.”

  39. urgetocompute. they will treat McCain the same way that they treated bill clinton.

  40. dakinikat, those hair plugs are his synapses.

  41. I would rather the first lady look like Palin than Michelle

  42. Regency — how right you are. The AP poll that showed BO with a 1 point lead spent more than 1/2 the space demonstrating how unreliable polls are.

  43. I’d rather the First Lady looked like Cindy and the Second Dude to look like Todd. That is a lot of masculinity, baby.

  44. gary’s right

  45. Right, right, and right again, myiq. But let us not forget that “the media” is not just a bunch of men with really crappy attitudes towards women. It’s also a bunch of women with equally crappy attitudes towards other women, especially those they deem low info, white bread devouring, trailer trash women unworthy of consuming oxygen. The name Katie Couric ring a bell?

  46. AngieNC,

    I am watching Lou Dobbs. I had to unfortunately stomach 10minutes of Wolf Blitzer and Campbell’s Poop interviewing Arnold S. about whether or not Palin was qualified.

    How can these journalist sleep with themselves at night?

  47. Afrocity: Drugs help. Ambien especially. Sometimes I think they’re sleepwalking through their news reports. There’s about that much spark happening behind their eyes.

  48. Who cares about Palin’s wardrobe?

    Nobody said a word about who paid for Michelle Obama’s “makeover.”

    Frikkin incredible.

  49. ANgieNC: LOLOLOLLLLL!!! IT’s a long convoluted name – during our train ride over there I told my daughter to pronouce it like a Harry Potter spell -“Expectum patronus!”

  50. I see the weakness in the media in this election here thay are day and night schilling for Obambi and guess what he can only maintain a statistical tie w/McCain.

    If they were half as powerful as they say they are then Obama would have a 20 point lead….

    Sorry MSM you think more highly of yourself than the American People do!

  51. Kat5 — that idiot FOX commenter on Brit Hume (the one with the black hair that looks 1/2 dead) said that the women who hate Palin are women who can’t stand the fact that she, at her age & with 4 children, choose to have a Downs Syndrome Child — something they never would have done. He cited an article that said that Palin’s situation is “exactly what abortion is for.” Now, I haven’t read that article, but I believe it. I’m pro-choice but I have come to see that a lot of women on the left can’t understand that having the child is a valid choice.

  52. urgetocompute, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:03 pm Said:

    What if McCain/Palin pull this off?

    The Pennsylvania rednecks will not escape without blame, however.

    I’ll do my part!

  53. Kat5:

    Or Sally Quinn. Or Maureen Dowd.

    Yuk and yuk.

  54. Hillary would have won and I, a life-long republican would have voted for her.

    Urge: thong? that’s a mental picture I could have really done without!!

  55. mesh thong!

  56. afrocity — I’m watching Dobbs now. I think these hacks probably sleep just fine having had a good laugh about how much sh!t they can get the American public to swallow.

  57. (the one with the black hair that looks 1/2 dead) LOL

    He looks like Alan Colmes creepy clone.

  58. I think the wardrobe hit job is retaliation for lobstergate.

  59. Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe, makeup, stylist bill? What about obama’s gazillion dollar mt. olympus coronation stage scenary?
    why is that not an issue?
    Because obama has a penis and palin doesn’t?
    why yes! we have a winner!! bing bing bing bing!!!

  60. afrocity, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:10 pm Said:

    “How can these journalist sleep with themselves at night?”

    Ah, that explains a lot.

  61. afrocity, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:10 pm Said:

    How can these journalist sleep with themselves at night?
    afrocity, I don’t think they do. I think they sleep with a mirror, gazing into it longingly as they drift into a semi-consciousness state of self righteousness, knowing that, as they wake the morrow morn, full-blown self righteousness will await them. And an adoring audience. Oh, and Jack Cafferty gets – wait for it! – a hundred emails a day!

  62. Mary — Maureen Dowd is a pathetic drunk — I’m convinced she writes her “articles” while her brain marinates in gin.

  63. “But let us not forget that “the media” is not just a bunch of men with really crappy attitudes towards women.”

    The media is a bunch of highly paid wh0res who say exactly what they are paid to say.

  64. BTW:

    Been to various places in FL in the past 3 days outside of Metro Tampa:

    Port Richey, New Port Richey, Hudson FL, Winter Park, Orlando, Lakeland, FL – about 4-5 counties here.

    I did not see 1 Obama sign in any of these places except for for a man in an O t-shirt at a mall.

    However, I saw major BIG signs on the major state roads, think of it like a mega huge McCain/Palin yard sign, I think I’ve seen at least 60 of them. EVERYWHERE I went, about every mile on theses state roads, there was another one.

    Florida will go RED.

  65. afarocity, the idea of cloning Colmes is just too horrible.

  66. urgetocompute, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:03 pm Said:

    What if McCain/Palin pull this off?

    The Pennsylvania rednecks will not escape without blame, however.

    If the folks in PA bring this home for McCain I for one am all in favor of a new federal holiday in their honor!

  67. Given how much the Messiah is spending proselytizing to people who will never want him, he should stop worrying about how much the RNC is spending on sending Sarah Palin to Bloomingdales’ and Nordstrom’s.

  68. angie you mean Krauthammer? he does look like something from beyond the dead. His nose reminds me of Michael Jackson…he is creepy…

  69. dcattorney, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:19 pm Said:
    afarocity, the idea of cloning Colmes is just too horrible.

    I think he has already been cloned a few too many times, his dna isn’t looking too good.

  70. myiq – you are right!

    off for home. I love this blog!

  71. How about how much $ Obama is spending on his election night celebration? And, btw, he is charging journalists to attend up to $1800! The media has become Obama’s abused wife — he sh!ts all over them, treats them with scorn (“Can’t I just eat my waffles!” “Come on, I answered like 8 questions!”) and they pay him to have the privilege of being on the riser to cover his orgy of hubris on election night. We need to start a shelter for this morons.

  72. Anderson Cooper: Culprits of The Collapse?

  73. gary — Krauthammer! That is the freak show I was thinking of.

  74. LOL angienc…

    A question though – Is anyone on the ground in NC & Virginia?

  75. My neighbors are not used to seeing my yard without a campaign sign during an election year. I thought about making a GOT DEMOCRACY ? sign, but I think I will make my point of protest by putting up a blank sign.

    I wonder if someone will steal it?

  76. reaganchick, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:14 pm Said:

    thong? that’s a mental picture I could have really done without!!

    I know, but in these troubled times it pays to think of everything.

    I think Michelle recently had to wash them, which is why she said that she felt proud to be an American. I think she deserves more credit for that statement than people are giving her. It might also explain why she looks so miserable.

  77. Mesh thong?

    Naw – silky pink nut-huggers

  78. OMG, you mean Him, angie? The guy whose name couldn’t be more perfect, since he sure the heck brings to mind a pile of kraut assembled by hammer?

  79. Ana — on the ground — I’m not actively campaigning for McCain (other then a sticker on my car) so I don’t know. I can tell you that the McCain signs outnumber the Obama signs 2-1 on my way to work (I do drive through a pretty ritzy neighborhood though) and the lady at the McCain HQ when I called to get my bumper sticker told me “We get a lot of those” when I told her “I’ve never voted for a Republican before.” Hope that helps.

  80. Oh wait, you were talking about Obama!

    Disregard what I said

  81. Thanks, MyIq, my nausea has officially progressed to something chunky.

  82. I dunno, I sort of like Krauthammer. Any guy who looks like that and is prepared to go on national TV nightly deserves some respect, I feel. He does love looking down that funny nose, though.

  83. purplefinn

    “..blank sign…”

    ROTFL!!! That is an honest Obama sign… blank.

    The media hates HRC. They would rather extol the “virtues” of a spore mold than actually do it’s job and provide us with the opportunity to make an informed decision. After all, the “danger”of doing that is that if America did make an informed choice, it would elect HRC. Oh, the horrors!!! She needs to stay in the pumpkin shell! Keep the Hillary in the lamp lest America gets its wishes: solutions!

    The posts at this blog are always so on it’s stunning!

    btw, the pooor media has to pay to report at the Obama election night activities… LOL!

  84. Thanks angie. I really hope people turn out this year, and vote for McCain.

  85. myiq2xu, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:26 pm Said:

    Mesh thong? Naw – silky pink nut-huggers

    myiq, only you could guess. Do you think HE has a Hillary tattoo?

  86. Kat5 — a pile of kraut assembled by a hammer — I’ll never forget that hot mess’s name again! LOL

  87. silky pink nut-huggers? BO has no nuts to hug.

  88. angie – go check out Krauthammer’s wiki entry. I had forgotten that he was in the Carter White House.

    Obama’s foreign policy ideas seem to have been written by Krauthammer.

    I didn’t realize that he was a leading psychiatrist in his former career. No wonder he is such a pompous ass.

  89. the poor media has to pay to report at the Obama election night activities

    Sort of turning the tables on the prostitutes, jvsp. The heart bleeds…

  90. No sh!t. Krauthammer was partly responsible for Jimmy Carter? Was he the resident shrink?

  91. ana I’m in nc . I see a lot of bumper stickers and yard signs for O, but I’m in the bluest of the blue parts of the state. I might as well be in chicago. Im seeing more and more mccain though as we get closer. The state fair is going on right now, and its about 2 blocks from where I work. State fair is pretty huge in nc and draws people from around the state. most of the cars I see parked around there have McCain stickers, if anything at all.

  92. If Obama has a tattoo there is only one possible name it could be.

    Barack is the kinda guy you cries out his own name when he . . . well, you know.

  93. Krauthammer is paralyzed — well now I feel a little bad for saying he looked 1/2 dead — but in my defense, he does!

  94. Sure would be instructive to hear from a cross section of K-hammer’s former patients, hmmm? Assuming they weren’t all suicides.

  95. Kat5 — Assuming they weren’t all suicides! OMH — LMAO!

  96. thanks for the information gary. I think McCain can pull a victory in NC, and I hope he squeaks by in VA.

    I think Ohio and Florida will be for McCain, even if he barely makes it there.

    Wonder how PA is going to play out.

    I wish he had a chance in NY, but unfortunately people here are just so blind. Not where I live, this is Queens, and McCain is dominating. But in Manhattan and Brooklyn, its all Obama, which will probably give him the win.

  97. As a conservative I can tell you that the ONLY reason
    The Media loved McCain from 00-07 was because he was always sticking his finger in the eye of the republican party.(Global Warming, Immigration Reform(amnesty), Campaingne Finance Reform) That’s why they loved him. When the NYT has something nice to say about a member of the GOP, you know there is something fishy going on.

    Hillary would not have gotten the over the top coverage that Obama is getting – no doubt. However, the MSM is always in the tank for the Democrat. If Hillary was running the media would be doing to John McCain the same thing they did to Bush. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that’s how it is and why we’re known for being negative campaingners. I think it’s because we have to find some way to break our message through the MSM.

  98. Ana — you must have missed it, but a leaked memo from the BO camp. had Teh Precious only up by 1 in PA.

  99. I’m guessing MO wears flannel boxers

  100. he looks like frankenstein, and I don’t think that has anything to do with being paralyzed. His analysis is always completely absurd as well.

  101. Carolynn – I call horse pucky on the MSM in the tank for the Democrat. You have wandered into the wrong block.

  102. myiq — I’m guessing MO has balls.

  103. Ana, don’t worry about NC. there is no way in hell he is going to win here. won’t even be close.

  104. Well I think Obambi will lose and will return to the Senate to finish out his term but will become board of the job and stop showing up for votes and eventually be replaced by another better qualified person.

    He will then be appointed to the anti LGBT group “Focus on the Family.” Then Four years later he will join the republican party and run for Senator from Kansas and win…..

    He will become the Right wing Media Darling and at the age of 75 he will be defeated for a second time in his quest to be the 2nd AA president by another Clinton-Chelsea!

  105. Angie:

    That’s why she wears flannel boxers – to keep ’em warm.

  106. gary — I think Krauthammer looks like Frankenstein too! I would have said that but I was trying to be kind when I said he looked 1/2 dead. His analysis is usually absurd but every once in a while he hits the nail on the head (although, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, huh?)

  107. myiq — ok! I get it. LOL

  108. alternate scenario: Hillary wins the primary, in spite of the media’s hit job. As a result, she neutralizes it. They can do their worst. It has no impact because she is now immune. She selects Obama as her VP because, well, politically, it would be the smart thing to do. She takes a small hit when Palin is selected VP but then rockets wayyyyy ahead when the financial crisis hits and she actually returns to Washington with her little portfolio of policies she has been workimg on. McCain has to suspend his campaign at her request.
    Suburban women of both parties love her. African Americans love both of then. Joe the plumber feels grudging respect for her brass ovaries. Bill Clinton campaigns until the last dig dies. Chelsea gives her wonky talks all over college campuses and brings in the youth vote.
    The debates are brutal but she handles them with intelligence and intestinal fortitude. The public eats it up. Hillary coasts to a comfortable victory.
    She invites The Confluence and PUMAs to an inaugural ball. I lose 20 lbs.because I’m no longer tethered to this damn laptop.
    All’s well that ends well.

  109. Hey all I did have a chance to see Michelle Obama today in Gainesville…why was she here? this town is so blue its ultra violet…maybe it is to show that they still believe florida is in play?

  110. But Dave, the MSM insist that every time McCain goes negative on Obama, the dial heads south – for McCain.

  111. Ever since afrocity sharing her vision of BO watching McCain being sworn in as President of the USA on Jan. 20 from his sofa in Chicago with his buddies Wright & Ayers I’ve been falling to sleep visualizing that every night.

  112. Flannel boxers? Has Michelle been raiding my closet? I’ve got to go count my shorts now…

  113. riverdaughter, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:41 pm Said:

    alternate scenario:

    Finally, something I can vote for!

  114. fuzzy — I’m glad you didn’t grace her with your presence.

  115. RD:

    That’s not an alternate scenario – you just filled in some stuff I left out

  116. RD with the exception of Obama as VP yours is my 2012 senario…with Eddie rendell as VP and Carol living at the VP Mansion at the Naval Observatory has his lovely second lady.

    Pat Johnson will be shacked up at Blair House accross the street from Hillary’s white house with Lou Dobbs. He will now be part of Hillarys crack economic team tasked to rebuild America’s Industrial might ensuring Union strength and loads of great bluecollar Democrats into the future!

    I will be invited over to dinner often at Pat Hillary’s and Carol’s new home to plan wonderful parties to celebrate americas next golden age!

  117. But Dave, the MSM insist that every time McCain goes negative on Obama, the dial heads south – for McCain.

    Maybe that’s propaganda to stop McCain from doing it. Anyway, it has not worked very well because no one under the age of 50 knows anything about the SDS and the Weather Underground. Nor do they care.

    Hillary had the perfect formula against BO. She won all the big, important states. Her main problems were 1) her campaign managers were too late to perceive BO as a credible threat and 2) she got double-crossed by the media and Pelosi–who forced the superdelegates into the Obama camp.

    Had she won the nomination, she almost certainly would have defeated McCain, I believe.

  118. Dobbs actually is discussing the AP poll with BO’s 1 point lead — this will be the only place on tv that will discuss it. Of course, the Dem. says the poll isn’t reliable & the other moron (who swore Hillary was putting out a hit on BO when she mentioned RFK) said that the poll was done pre-P0well & that older voters are going to BO in droves? WTF?
    Good news — no one is disputing that 25% are “soft” & could change their votes.

  119. myiq2xu, 🙂 “She invites The Confluence and PUMAs to an inaugural ball. ” I knew you wouldn’t miss a party!

  120. riverdaughter, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:41 pm Said:

    …….. …..

    Hang on, where’s your pretty picture? Or is there another riverdaughter/ on another laptop? in another universe? one where Hillary won!

  121. Howdy PUMA’s! Great to see y’all here.
    I’m trying to push the dividend govt argument with co-workers. Then I remind them how in-the-tank the media was to Bushie for 7-plus years. And I end with “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”
    At least I’m getting people to mull over the prospect of one-party rule. So what’s been working for you?

  122. betuscha, sorry, only English spoken here!

  123. Obama will fade from the scene as quickly as the “pet rock”….our grandchildren will watch film clips about him and his mad quest for power and it will be refered as an opportunity lost!

  124. Dave — it is propaganda to stop McCain to stop McCain from doing it — they are now all saying that McCain calling BO a “socialist” hurts McCain! (rolls eyes)

  125. betuscha – except for myiq who breaks into German and Klown occasionally.

  126. So RD when Obama Loses will you accept Marko’s appology and go back to posting at the KO’s?

    And lets not forget those nasty turncoats at the Orange Cheeto and Taylor Marsh….

    I have a feeling that Crow will be on the menu at all these sights, like revenge, it is a dish best served cold!

  127. And now a word from “Dave’ at TL:

    “I am almost 59, and I do believe if you added up the cost of all the clothes I have gotten in my entire life, it would not [be] close to $150,000. It’s amazing that this RUBE from Alaska can’t look good for less than that.”

    Isn’t age supposed to bring, I don’t know, wisdom or something?

  128. Thank god — Dobbs is calling out Pelosi for the Fairness Doctrine. Poor foolish Robert Zimmerman has hope that the Dems will not allow it. HA!

  129. Because Hillary is not in the race, the MSM had to direct the hatred they had in store for her somewhere, and they got Palin.

    They have savaged this poor woman thoroughly and have decided to turn anything about her into in heinous crime. Palin now has the highest negatives of any VP since polling began? Nice job guys, be proud.

  130. what – too folksy?

  131. Hi Angie!

    I guess Michelle is not my cup of tea!

  132. fuzzy — of course she isn’t — you have good taste!

  133. Regency – Someone tell me how MSNBC teaming up with ACORN and La Raza is good for America?

    Umm, didn’t Bob Dylan predict this morass with his 2003 movie – Masked and Anonymous?

  134. My dream is to watch Sir Elton John playing “The Bitch is Back” at Hillary’s inaugural ball.


    Hell of an acronym, isn’t it?

  136. I still like Sarah and I do not know why…could iot be that she still shows grace when her whole life is being trashed by the media….and the so called feminist movement?

    What cowards cant attack her accomplishments so they stoop to personal attacks!

    I bet her negatives are not so low among republican and Puma women!

  137. No, my apologies, betuscha, I just didn’t understand what you were saying first off, and I was in a frisky mood. Please do not take offense. Join in the fun.

  138. Krauthammer is in a wheelchair, and suffers in great pain, I was told by a reliable friend at the State Department. I don’t know the source of his pain, but he certainly wears it on his face.

    Great article, miiq2xu…

  139. hey betuscha I like a good back handed compliment handed to the Obama for Obama crowd heard any good ones lately?

    My favorite is:
    “Obama is qualified to be president…president of the he man woman haters club”

  140. Thanks. I was feeling a little unloved just then. Shouldn’t though – it’s my anniversary today 🙂
    But my question still stands – what have you all been saying to try to persuade friends, family and co-workers to vote NObama?
    (I do tend to get folksy when I’m trying to persuade someone. BB could probably give some insightful comments on that).

  141. Kat5 — I just defiled myself & posted this in response to that moron’s post at TL:

    My wardrobe is at least $100k including shoes and bags. So what? I don’t wear cheap shoes. The fact is this is only an “issue” (not a distraction) because Palin is a woman. Do you really think Obama’s suit cost anything less then $1500 a pop? It is utterly ridiculous that people are even discussing this. Shame on all of you.

  142. Hey My family is so Nobama all they do is call me and tell me why I should not vote for him….

    I hate to ruin their fun so I let them continue…

  143. THANK YOU ANGIE!!!!! You just made my day, you brave soul, you.

  144. Angie you are so generous sharing a piece of your mind with those who have none. I hope they appreciate the good deed you have done today!

  145. Well, the good news is that surviving the recession should be a piece of cake for you ladies. Just wear your old clothes! LOL

  146. betuscha

    Happy anniversary!!!

  147. you are all welcome! I’m like you sod — I shop high end stores — on sale — and I buy pieces that are classic & take care of my clothing so I really have built a nice wardrobe — plus, the figure for Palin includes “accessories” which means jewelry, and I included that in my figure as well.

  148. Check it out!

    Partisanship and religious bigotry rolled into one:

    “The Republicans are liars, remember? All the Pro-8 ads that have been running are filled with lies, thanks to the Mormon cash, and like Dominionists the Mormons by faith believe that it is perfectly acceptable to lie to achieve “God’s” ends.

    I’m opoosed to Prop 8 but unlike “bringiton” I’m opposed to ALL bigotry.


  149. I suppose the RNC should have sent Sarah Palin out on the stump in her camouflaged moose hunting outfit, eh?

  150. Happy anniversary, betuscha.

    Fuzzy, I am almost certain that should BO take the Presidency he will STILL be lobbying to be recognized as the Founding President of the United Nations. Nothing in his skinny-arsed resume suggests he stays anywhere for long, or has much of an impact. Why be President of a mere nation, when you can be President of the freakin world.? Maybe then he will want to be President of the Galaxy and we can pack him off in a rocket to nowhere.

  151. Do you suppose there’s a DSM listing for Wardrobe Envy?

    I mean, my favorite designers are found in better yard/estate sales and consignment/thrift stores everywhere. But somehow the cost of another woman’s wardrobe has never yet brought on a single bitter/cling moment.

  152. If Obama wants to be President of the Galaxy I will loan him my hitchikers guide!

  153. “But somehow the cost of another woman’s wardrobe has never yet brought on a single bitter/cling moment.”

    Try hanging out with the men’s coffee klatch! 😉

  154. sod — lol so effing true!

    In any event…if Sarah was wearing clothes from Walmart they’d attack her for being “unVicePresidential-like”

    Really, they are acting like she flew to Paris and had Karl Lagerfeld hand sew each and every stitch of her clothing! Really, I though shopping made us patriotic.

  155. If Sarah doesn’t wanna be stitched by Lagerfeld, I’ll gladly go in her place.

  156. Well I know that Michelle sent Carl Lagerfeld a “Obama for President” Fan to sport at his spring collection show!

  157. Okay, now I am beginning to understand the origin of the consumer credit crisis. I can hardly wait for the government to bail out Neimann Marcus and Saks!

  158. I will be doing my part to help McPalin win Virginia. It will be the first time my husband and I vote for a Republican at the top of the ticket. (We’ll vote downticket Dems.) It’s so weird for Virginia to be a pivotal state in a presidential election. It will be a first for me.

    And, yes, myiq, you are (as usual) absolutely correct. And it just goes to show the vast difference between sexism and racism. Allowing women (half of the population!) our share of the pie seriously upsets the foundations of the existing power structure. It’s a change of seismic proportions.… As opposed to a mere slogan.

  159. Fuzzy, darlink! It’s KARL Lagerfeld. And I know Karl will be trembling with excitement at his new Presidential collection for Spring. A whole runway of mesh things and flannel boxers. His and hers.

  160. You mean, a la JFK, Dave? Joe K ended up financing Mrs. JFK’s extravagant wardrobe – just to keep the marriage from imploding. And yet, and yet…hmmm, somehow Jackie (pre-O) was worshiped for her quasi-Parisian elegance.

  161. Does ANYONE really believe that Michelle Obama’s wardrobe cost less than $150,000? My guess is that the girls’ wardrobes are close to that! This is the DUMBEST attack I’ve ever witnessed. Who do these idiots think they’re fooling? The Obamas are a whole lot wealthier than the Palins.

  162. I here KARL really wants to dress Cindy and Sarah… for the next 4 years Ms Obama would not look good in a viviene westwood basque much less a Lagerfeld 2 piece bathing suit!

    He has stated that if necessary he will produce a flannel thong for Ms Obama if she becomes Queen of the East Wing!

  163. I’m older than dirt, as they say. (What comes after dirt?)

  164. Dave — yes Jackie had Oleg as her exclusive clothier — he was an American designer so it was a good PR move for her.

  165. Dave:

    As Will Rogers said, rich people ain’t like you and me. Politicians and media types at the national level don’t buy clothes from WalMart, or even J.C. Penney.

    They all wear custom made one-of-a-kind clothes from top designers. That’s especially true of the women. Imagine if Sarah Palin (or MO, Nancy Reagan, Oprah, etc) showed up somewhere wearing the same dress as another women!

  166. gxm17, on October 22nd, 2008 at 8:32 pm Said:

    Does ANYONE really believe that Michelle Obama’s wardrobe cost less than $150,000? My guess is that the girls’ wardrobes are close to that! This is the DUMBEST attack I’ve ever witnessed. Who do these idiots think they’re fooling? The Obamas are a whole lot wealthier than the Palins.


    Yes, and that’s the point. Who does the dumb-ass moose hunting bitch think she is?! If she had gone to Harvard or Princeton and had written a best seller, and was KOOL well, sh*t, that would be OK. But a freaking dumb-ass moose hunter spending money on clothes. What a f@*%ing pretentious bitch!

  167. Sorry for the visual….Scoop Mouth….in a flannel thong …5 inch red stilletto sharpies from Manolo… wip in one hand and handcuffs in another….saying -“Donna B who’s your Daddy?”

  168. urge to compute nails it!

  169. Did Nancy Reagan ever wear the same dress twice while she was First Lady?

    And she wore nothing but designer dresses.

  170. myiq2xu, on October 22nd, 2008 at 8:34 pm Said:

    Imagine if Sarah Palin (or MO, Nancy Reagan, Oprah, etc) showed up somewhere wearing the same dress as another women!

    I’m wondering if Barack Obama has ever showed up somewhere wearing the same dress as another woman. That, IMHO, would make him actually interesting. But, I wonder?

  171. fuzzy — everything about the image is wrong EXCEPT it is Donna B with the whips & handcuffs asking BO “Who’s your Daddy?”

  172. Dave — the only reason they had to spend money on Palin’s clothing is because she probably actually only has clothes from WalMart & JC Penney & if she went on the trail in those, as SOD so rightly pointed out up thread, they would be attacking her for not looking “VicePresidential.”

  173. Look the Obama’s are the epitemy of Hipocracy are we suprized?

  174. the underlying snobbery is that she couldn’t afford to buy those clothes by herself, so the campaign had to do it for her. Of course MO and BO and Pelosi all have wardrobes totaling in the millions of dollars, but they are rich and can buy their own. She is a middle class nobody who is deserving of nothing but contempt. typical elitism.

  175. OMG, you people are on a roll tonite. TFF. And, fuzzybeargville, yoiks! 😀

  176. Anyone who even likes Sarah Palin is:

    * bitter
    * r*cist
    * a freakin moose hunter
    *probably poor
    * shops at Walmart (or – OMG – Target)
    * doesn’t have a housekeeper or a cook
    * has never even written a f*@$ing best seller
    * probably lives in a small town
    * disgustingly ignorant of anything to do with computers (like McCain can’t type!)
    * old
    * supports that lazy-arse bitch Clinton

    So screw Sarah, dressed-up to the eyeballs, bloody pretentious, Palin.

    (It’s actually easy after a while. once the effect of the few first venomous words take hold. Maybe I could get a job as a journalist?)

  177. Dave is right. Sarah would look good in a burlap sack. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Because she looks absolutely stunning in her new rags. And she does it effortlessly. Like Hillary. She glows. Those idiot obots don’t realize: It’s not the wardrobe. It’s the woman.

  178. Definitely got the chops there, utc. Looks like you’d be a natural.

  179. “Yes, and that’s the point. Who does the dumb-ass moose hunting bitch think she is?! If she had gone to Harvard or Princeton and had written a best seller, and was KOOL well, sh*t, that would be OK. But a freaking dumb-ass moose hunter spending money on clothes. What a f@*%ing pretentious bitch!”

    LOL! Yep, it’s even more of an assinie attack on Palin when you consider that, when all is said and done, the campaigns will have spent well over 1 billion dollars combined trying to get elected and some folks are going on about 150K? Please.

  180. First of all – Dennis Miller made a great gesture of warmth towards Britney Spears tonight. Great for Him.

    Bad for Bill O’Reilly as he declared if Britney ever did anything else for anyone but herself then he would chime in. Well Billy Boy, get your facts straight. Immediately after 9/11 Britney Spears donated a portion of everyone of her tickets sold to her concerts for the next period of time would go directly to the victims of 9/11. As it turned out, she alone donated more money as an idividual than any other person including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the others.

    If someone knows how to bring this to Bill’s attention, it would be nice that he issue an apology and give her her due.

    After listening for years of KO making fun of Britney, they make me sick.

    Second of all, I had to copy this from HireHeels:

    maybe it takes a chick
    to sweep wall street!

    by Princess Wears Prada

    Governor Palin could never be branded a member
    of the intelligentsia. The Patagonia Princess is not
    much for cerebral theorizing …and lengthy lectures
    mos-def ain’t her thang. Nah, she’s just a doer.
    And what woman can’t relate to that? Do you
    have the time and bandwidth to contemplate your
    daily activities with arduous analysis? NO, you
    JUST DO IT!…


  181. Know what, maybe we’re on to something here… Sarah Palin is without doubt an extremely good looking woman, the kind who can be a knockout w/o even trying. Is this hurting her with a Certain Kind Of Woman? It’s undoubtedly hurting her with men who view women who are both intelligent and beautiful as one of nature’s more impossible aberrations.

    Has anyone read anything about this?

  182. Carol — email bill o’reilly at FOX.com

  183. Kat5, nope. I haven’t read anything about the effect Palin’s looks may be having on some people. But it would make an interesting topic for a post.

    My husband and I were discussing the negative attacks last night. He was insisting that both sides do it. And I pointed out that he’s only half right. The photos of Obama in Muslim garb were not doctored photos. They were actual photos of him donning traditional garb as a guest in a foreign country. But the photos that were circulated of Palin in a bathing suit or on the cover of a men’s magazine were doctored. Someone went out of their way to MANUFACTURE the demeaning images of her. And the same thing was done to Hillary. So, I agee with you. It is an aspect of this campaign that needs to be exposed for what it REALLY is.

  184. Hey, we gonna have us some Angie & Myiq show on tonight?

  185. sod — I don’t shop bluefly.com only because I don’t buy clothing on line — I have to physically try clothing on before I buy. The few times I’ve bought on line I always end up sending the stuff back! LOL

  186. *staggering laughing*

    You guys (& gals) are really ‘on’ tonight!! Keep ’em comin!

    angienc: How about how much $ Obama is spending on his election night celebration? And, btw, he is charging journalists to attend up to $1800!

    I just spit out my coffee when I read this. What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here?! Seriously????

  187. Fredster — you can’t force it — it has to flow naturally.

  188. I am sorry to inform you Obama will not be heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in January. He will instead be lobbying to be the first President of the United Nations-once installed he will use his power to embarass his former countrymen….

    At which time the US will pull out of the august body and it will become irrelivant….

  189. I’m also a big fat shoe & handbag whore. This disqualifies me from running for office? Seriously?

    It did strike me as somewhat strange that the RNC is paying for wardrobe, but honestly I don’t think it’s that much different from paying a zillion dollars for TV ads somewhere they don’t strictly need it. I really am not sure the DNC wants to open the door on what are and are not acceptable expenditures on behalf of a political candidate, given the money they spend on miscellany.

  190. 😦 😦 😦 😥

    Awwww…I needed my voyeuristic thrill for the evening…

  191. Eleanor — it is an orgy of hubris for BO on election night — imagine what that man will do if he actually becomes President — he’ll re–decorate the WH complete with gold toilets for his soul-healing, vitamin-packed aromatic sh!t in his quest to make Versailles look like a shack in comparison. He has 3rd World Dictator tendencies for sure.

  192. Fredster — hey, it could happen –where is myiq anyway? Performance anxiety?

  193. In searching the media and speeches of the opposing candidates, I have been able to decipher the hidden coded messages and boil it down to two phrases that identify BO’s intended policy for this country, if he wins…

    It’s your money… and Barack gets it.

  194. Hit and run; post and run!

  195. Hey!

    Don’t be spreading rumors about me! (That’s my mom’s job)

    I was checking out Sarah’s clothes


  196. He was getting his makeup on. (He’s ready for his closeup now Mr. DeMille!)

  197. I’m LMAO at “where’s my F-ing pony!”

    If Obama is elected I can just picture all the temper tantrums that will occur. Hey, wahhhh, you promised us stuff! Where’s my stuff??!

  198. I shop discount stores. It’s a habit. A bad one. I probably have thousands of $$$ worth of “steals” that I never wear. I’m trying to be good and only buy things I absolutely LOVE and know I’ll wear. It was so hard this weekend cuz Nordstrom Rack had a lingerie sale and I could have gone crazy but I managed to rein it in, somewhat. I really wanted me some Cosabella though. Even if I never wore it, it would look so pretty hanging in my closet.

  199. Urgetocompute@8;47p
    Being and old woman and watching meechele and Gov Palin, I respect Gov Palin for all she has done.
    Meechele just takes up space and whines.
    I do not have to agree with Gov Palin but I would love to have Sen Clinton and Gov Palin in my corner.
    I know that they would watch my back.



  200. yttik:

    If there is any upside to the idea of Obama actually winning the election it would be watching reality strike his supporters.

    Right now he’s “all things to all people” but if he won he would have to start making choices and every one he made would piss someone off.

    (Even if he refused to decide he would still have made a choice)

  201. myiq, they did a good job. she always looks like a million bucks. but has a vp candidate ever had so many pictures taken of their feet?

  202. myiq2xu, on October 22nd, 2008 at 9:17 pm Said:
    I was checking out Sarah’s clothes

    LOVE the boots!

  203. myiq — I am confident you are man enough to take a little teasing.

  204. LOL, garychapelhill, I was thinking the same thing!

  205. myiq2xu, on October 22nd, 2008 at 9:24 pm Said:


    If there is any upside to the idea of Obama actually winning the election it would be watching reality strike his supporters.

    Right now he’s “all things to all people” but if he won he would have to start making choices and every one he made would piss someone off.

    (Even if he refused to decide he would still have made a choice)

    Don’t think he”ll “vote present” for four years so everyone still believes him to be a great uniter?

    Even that would still pi$$ some people off…

  206. Was watching Lou Dobbs tonight about what the next Prez will face with his first budget. One of the talking heads mentioned how much booze LBJ drank a day before his heart attack and said the next pres, upon seeing his first budget from OMB will probably double what LBJ drank. I think Dobbs mentioned something about crawling under the desk and hiding…

  207. Angie:

    As my grandma once told me “Iffen you tease that dog you’re gonna deserve what you get!”

  208. myiq – May you burn in Hell your next visit down there if you ever suggest even in a joking clownish manner that BO will win!


  209. I’m a conservative Republican and you are right about the media: they will attack and blame anyone who isn’t in line with their current ideology (which can change night to night). Far right conservatives have frequently been on the receiving end of this type of treatment and let me tell you, Hillary got the works! I wasn’t planning on voting for her but she absolutely did not deserve what she went through. The disrespect! Geesh. She went from a well-respected, proven member of the Democrat party, a well-respected advocate of the African American community, and a strong candidate for the presidency to being treated like…well, a tossed-off mistress and the wife of a racist.

    Listen, we were worried about running against her. She certainly appealed to a lot of Republicans. You might think that we want Obama to win so that her chances of running in 2012 are nil but that’s not the case. We would rather lose an election to someone with integrity (even if we disagree on policy) than to someone like Obama who is appears to be so unscrupulous and downright shady in his dealings. I wonder who the real power is behind him, you know, the power that can push a relatively unexperienced senator past the likes of Hillary. And then to get the media on board with it. You have to wonder who would really be in power if Obama is voted in.

    Bill called it when he said Obama played the race card on him. And the media basically made fun of him for it. Hillary was very, very clear about the untruths and lies coming out of Obama’s camp, and the media ignored her. And John McCain, once the darling of the media? Now he’s a racist! What is going on?

    My heart goes out to all of you. Your strength and spirit are truly inspiring. We’ve been disappointed in our party before but I have never seen a party stab so many of its members and supporters in the back the way the Democratic party has done to you and Hillary. It’s as if the party was hijacked right in front of our eyes. And the media participated. Stockholm syndrome? It’s one thing for a talk show host to declare to be conservative or liberal – at least we know where they’re coming from and can take it with a grain of salt – but when “journalists” who claim to be reporting the news are so blatantly biased, well, that’s just wrong.

    I’m rambling on. I just wanted to let you know that most Republicans see the bias against Hillary and towards Obama. Our hats are off to you. We wish you the best and we’ll see you in 2012. (Shhhh, I’ll tell you a secret. Most of us don’t think McCain will run a second term. But you didn’t hear that from me.)

  210. gotta go y’all. bbl

  211. myiq — I’m trying to get what I deserve.

  212. Carol:

    Captain Spaulding’s on staff down there. We’ll save you a good seat if you want one.

  213. Angie:

    You musta been a really, really bad girl.

  214. Wonder what it cost to turn Michelle into the reincarnation of Jackie O?

  215. sm77, on October 22nd, 2008 at 7:12 pm Said:
    ANgieNC: LOLOLOLLLLL!!! IT’s a long convoluted name – during our train ride over there I told my daughter to pronouce it like a Harry Potter spell -”Expectum patronus!”


    It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Magic that you have performed an incorrect spell at 7:12pm. You just turned your television in an oversized Tweety Bird. The spell you were trying to perform is “Expecto patronum!” A Magical Reversal Squad has been dispatched and should arrive shortly. In the meantime, please don’t feed the angry Bird. We thank you for your cooperation.

  216. myiq — you have no idea how bad.

  217. In any event…if Sarah was wearing clothes from Walmart they’d attack her for being “unVicePresidential-like”

    no, the diapers were from WalMart, and I think those were a gift for BO.

  218. Andy Martin has declared that Frank Marshall Davis is actually Obama’s father. He declared it so today. The problem is that Obama looks exactly like big Obama.

  219. myiq and angienc – get a room!

    Also, angie, if they find your body with white face powder and a big water dispensing flower placed squarely in the hands of your carefully crossed arms in full funeral dress, we’ll know who to send the authorities after.

    Just saying ……………..

  220. Myiq, have you checked out the latest video on Hillbuzz? You might want to. They are waaaaaay too far right for me. How about you? You know we have to be careful who we get in bed with, regardless of the ‘heat of the moment’…

  221. “The Silky Pink Nut Huggers” would be a great name for a rock band.

    And of course Plastic Jesus has nuts to hug! Wright, Pfleger, Farrakhan, Ayers, Dohrn… 😉

    “And now, the Tweety Bird that has replaced your television set will explode.”

    “Ow’d ee know that was gonna’appen?”

    “It was an inspired guess.”

  222. hmm, I think the scenario would’ve been that the media is in the tank for a Democratic win, but balance that out with their Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and the coverage between Clinton and McCain would’ve been fair and balanced.

  223. with all the talk about Palin’s wardrobe, I believe that the Obama campaign should’ve used some of their illegal, laundered foreign campaign contributions to buy MEchelle some decent clothes.

    Had Mr. Blackwell lived, she would be on the worst-dressed list.

  224. You are right, alas.

  225. Oh, you are so right. I came here seeking solace this morning after some maddening Facebook conversations with rabid friends who support Obama. My blood pressure was dangerously high after being treated like a moron by people I’ve always respected, because I think Obama is a big fat liar. So, here I am. Taking a deep breath, thankful for a little sanity in this strange, screwed up world. Thank you for reminding me that I am not crazy after all.

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