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The Kennedy Image Masters at Work

Ok, we know who Obama is trying to channel. We know he got the Hyannis seal of approval. But do he and Michelle have the same stylists as the Kennedys? It sure looks that way.

Take a look:


Tell me I’m dreaming, I know for sure that the pink boucle jacket of Jackie’s suit had 3/4 length sleeves because here’s the pic that shows it:


Jeez, even the frickin’ hairstyle is the same. And they call Hillary inauthentic. Look, I’m not trying to be tasteless here. After all, it wasn’t *my* idea that Michelle Obama wear an almost identical suit to the one that Jackie wore that fateful day. But you’d have to be crazy to think this is just a coincidence.

33 Responses

  1. funny. The fashions for spring and fall shoes are all 60’s style. One wouldnt have to go out of ones way to pick a 60’s jackie style suit – but I thought jackie was wearing a yellow suit on that fateful day.

  2. Pity that the Pillbox is out of fashion this year.

  3. Nice catch riverdaughter.

  4. Judith: no, I have read many descriptions of Jackie’s suit as being pink boucle and you can see from the color photo that it was. It was almost the identical shade of pink as Michelle’s. And there was some line from Jackie about that oath picture. Someone asked her if she wanted to change her clothes for it because it still had Jack’s blood on it and she said she said she wanted to wear it because she wanted “everyone to see what they did”.
    But it’s more than just the suit. It’s the hairstyle too.
    The suit cut might be in fashion but I just find the two pics very shocking.

  5. Judith,

  6. My mom had a few of those pillbox hats –

  7. thanks Tusconlynn. I dont look at those pictures often…too sad. For some reason I think if yellow…I am conflating it with something obviously.

    I am sorry, I cant buy that it is deliberate. Too negative an image. And Condi wears her hair like that, too, no?

  8. Riverdaughter – Not saying you are wrong here…I just cant get my mind around it. It would be grotesque if true.

  9. Judith: I think the stylists *are* doing this deliberately. Maybe they don’t think this is crass. But there is definitely a connection they are trying to make between Jackie and Michelle. After all, Michelle doesn’t *have* to wear these kinds of suits. She could wear a different kind of suit. But she’s wearing *this* style. And the mythology of Jackie Kennedy is that her style was very modern, she was stylish, she was educated and fluent in French and Oleg Cassini and Chanel. But she was *also* a First Lady who knew her place. She was not political. She was an art curator of sorts for the White House but she was not a person out there working for her own causes. One of the reasons I did not include her in my overview of powerful first ladies the other day is because she was really just slightly post-Eisenhower when women were supposed to be fulfilled as wives and mothers and perfect homemakers. Jackie was Laura Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke show. She was style. This is what Michelle Obama’s image says to me. it says, “I am not going to rock the boat. I am a support person for my husband. I am not going to challenge the gender roles”. She isn’t a traitor to her gender so much as a collaborator in the demise of the power women have acquired over the past 40 years. She’s almost worse than Laura Bush in that respect because she hasn’t so much as rasied a peep about the overt sexism shown by her own progressive supporters on her husband’s behalf. It’s all just ticketyboo for her as long as Barry makes it to the WH.
    Now, her mouth may say something completely different. But the way she campaigns for Obama is consistent with this image. She thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread and there will be no co-presidency with him and her. She is going to fade into the background and become Mrs. Kennedy.
    But most of all, these pictures just scream PACKAGING!!!!

  10. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1771489/posts
    An article from the god save me, free rebulic pointed out the similarity in January 2007.
    I was looking for photos of her hairstyle, and didn’t go back much further than this.

  11. You’re wrong. See how Jackie is waving with her *right* hand, and Michelle uses the left? No comparison.
    LOL — how’d you find these?

  12. BFF: Am I crazy? Tell me I’m not crazy. I need to hear it from you.
    How I found them is that one of the elves came running up from the basement and reminded me of the motorcade suit so I googled it and there it was.

  13. Riverdaughter – I know all that stuff about Jackie (you left out she was fluent in Spanish) I am merely pointing out it would be weird if they knew that was what she wore when he was shot and deliberately tried to match the suit and color. Somebody effed up, frankly, if that was on purpose.

    Pick up a copy of the latest Vogue ans eee that these styles are big right now – yes, I have 2 new suit jackets with 3/4 sleeves – that has been in for the last year.

    While she may indeed be channeling Jackie and being packaged to look demure liks any Texas rose, I would say this image is more a direct result of getting in toruble for being too vocal in her opinions and needing to tone it done. Yes, packaging.

    So we agree and disagree. 😉

  14. yikes – typomania..sorry

  15. What’s with Michelle smile? Seriously, I only seem to see pursed lips – no teeth….I think I’ll have to take a look around the net to see if she opens up, too?

  16. I’m wrong – Michelle does have teeth!

  17. ‘Michelle Obama – a striking 5-foot-11, with high cheekbones and a dazzling smile – is a classic beauty in the mold of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

    But if the stunning 43-year-old and her presidential wannabe husband, Barack Obama, 45, are now America’s hottest political couple, she bears a steely poise the shy and diffident Jackie O never exposed.’


    This was written in January 2007.
    I think it is a carefully cultivated look, lucky for them that she is beautiful and willowy and can carry it off.

    Hey, I just bought a 3/4 sleeve jacket, but believe me, no one would think I was channeling Jackie.

  18. I have been a lurker and now need to tell you….I am loving it.
    You are doing a great job.
    You are so right on the pink suit. I remember the day JFK died and this cheap suit trick is an insult. BHO is no JFK.

  19. ellag: whew! I thot I was losing it.

  20. uh, it aint pink.

  21. I have faith in high priced consultants — someone else knew the image they were aiming for. No conspiracy theorist this one.
    Fridge about an inch deeper than expected (oops!) but she works. Even has a bottle holder thingy so the wine doesn’t roll around. Cool.

  22. rd, just because you aren’t off the mark here doesn’t mean you are not losing your mind.

    If its any consolation, I’d say many of us are losing our minds these days.

  23. I agree and I have read many times on this packaging. You have to realize that a puff post like NYpost doesn’t just get written like that. Someone put than trial balloon out.

    I disagree about Michele being willowy. To Bill Maher and those who are making fun of Hillary’s hips, note Michele has very big hips!!

  24. [Relocating this misplaced comment by ghost2 — RonK]


    (you’d be soooooooooo happy to know that you are not crazy). qutoe from the article:

    We asked our fashion consultant, Jenice Armstrong. She gave us a knowing look.

    “Jackie Kennedy,” Armstrong said.

    Of course!

    The hair, the pearls, the Coco Chanel-ish looking suits, the aristocratic carriage.
    Mikki Taylor, Essence magazine’s beauty editor, told Andrews that Michelle’s fashion choices were not by chance.

    “There are many ways of communicating, and I think that with Michelle, she’s aware of all of it,” Taylor said

  25. Copycats. Both of them. Everything they do is carefully calculated and marketed. Remember they keep floating how she is afraid of his being shot. This probably real but why tell it. They are trying to use the copy the Kennedy class and charm. Don’t they have any of their own?

  26. Escoffier: I think you’ve got it. They’ve been carefully packaged. He used Deval Patrick’s campaign down to the commas; she’s using Jackie’s persona. And she makes a big deal about how hard it is on the kids and her family. Jackie was notorious for not wanting to do campaigning.
    All that’s missing is a pony named Macaroni for the girls.

  27. I think this is very funny – and really over the top. Perfect for Oscar night.

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  29. I thought this imitation of the Kennedy’s by the Obama’s was creepy and indicative of how low the Obama’s are willing to go. This angle has been covered in a more flattering light on the Obama’s at politico.com. The article was “Michelle O: Suited to be Jackie’s successor,” By: Helena Andrews, Jan 31, 2008, http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0108/8221.html .

    There was one very funny comment on that article that I still remember. Here it is:

    Location: NA
    Party: Democrat

    Reply #: 14
    Date: Jan. 31, 2008 – 1:27 PM EST
    No not Jackie… instead Michelle reminds me of Sherry Palmer … black President David Palmer’s estranged spouse on 24… remember when she helped plant that nuclear bomb in LA (but it was only to save her marriage).”

  30. […] and as for Palin’s wardrobe makeover?  Here’s a blast from the past about Michelle Obama.  At least Sarah Palin isn’t just imitating a […]

  31. she would just………..
    NOT BE JACKIE O in any way shape or form…..
    her idol is Stokely Carmichael, his Malcolm X.
    remember that song about Hillary? that they allowed, or the Palin t-shirts — these things are done in their names……

    their actions speak louder than words on all kinds of things…

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