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      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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Conflucian Cocktail Party: It’s the end of the world as we know it

And I feel fine.

The market dropped precipitously today.  I had my eye on Yahoo finance throughout the day and it was bouncing around a little.  The closing bell took my breath away.  All I could think was, “Can we have Hillary back now???  PLEASE!!!”

But, no, the DNC and the Obamabots are determined to force Obama on us.  I don’t think they even know why they;re doing it except that they simply must win at any cost and it doesn’t much matter to them if Obama is the most corrupt politician since, er, George W. Bush.  The only thing that matters is that all enemies are vanquished so they can dance at the edge of the abyss in triumpgh with the golden ring clutched in their slimy green hands.  “My precioussssss!”  Then they drag us over the edge with them.

It’s a shame that Hillary is committed to campaign for him.  He dissed her HOLC plan.  Fortunately, it was revived by someone else.  *Unfortunately*, that someone was from the other side.  How bizarre.  It gets weirder.  This weekend, Hillary is headed to the Scranton, PA area for some heavy duty canvassing.  Oddly enough, she will be met my her loyal supporters- er, now canvassing for John McCain?   Yep, Harriet Christian is going to be heading up a road trip to the area to give Democratic voters the heads up on Obama.  If you’re interested, contact HChristian@infnyc.com  (or was that net?) ASAP.  The bus will leave Manhattan at 9AM Saturday from 31St at 8the Avenue.  It’s a short walk from Penn Station.

It really is the end of the world as we know it.

Welcome to the Conflucian Cocktail party.  Take your shoes off and quit looking at your 401K.  There’s nothing you can do about it now.  And if you’re lucky, your fund managers will be able to snag some bahhhgains in the next couple of days.  To those of you closer to or at retirement, we’re here for you.  Pour out your troubles.

The bar is to the left of the door.  Say hello to Rico, our bartender with flair.  He will stay gainfully employed as long as we PUMAs are around.  Tonight his special drink is a Crash Landing.  We are also offering Causmos tonight for $10.  You can purchase one for a number of worthy causes.  For example, RealDemocratsUSA will be going on a tour of Ohio next weekend to rally the troops and let Democrats know that Obama is not what they think he is.  They will be using the money for gas, flyers, signs and other sundries  They need to raise $2000.  We also recommend visiting either the ActBlue for the Confluence page or The Fab Four page for Downticket Democrats who need your help.  Then there is HillPac where you can drop a $10 in he kitty for Hillary’s selections, some of whom are also our own. (just ignore the first guy)

Tonight’s entertainment is REM.  it’s a bit of a departure from our more sophisticated and jazzy selections.  But you can argue that the music doesn’t suit the times we are living in:

Leo-nard Bern-stein!

It’s bound to get a little crazy around here but let’s try to keep a civil tongue.  if you feel like the trigger words are getting the best of you, leave them with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant.  The waiters will be circulating shortly with a selection of soups and hunks of bread and apples.  Eat them slowwwwly so they will last.  Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Conflucians Say is already in progress….

Wednesday: The “R” Word vs the “C” Word

I received a very interesting email from Lori, the producer of the film The Audacity of Democracy.  She’s been googling some research:

I was googling tonight and discovered something interesting. In the six weeks that Palin has been in the public eye, she’s been a called a cunt online almost half as many times as Obama has been called by the N word in the past  TWO YEARS. Unbelievable. Totally unscientific but revealing nonetheless.

The search Palin + cunt gives us 308,000 hits:

Then I checked out Hillary and Cunt – 984,000 hits. Interesting.

Well, I had to do the obvious. I googled Obama and the N word. 578,000 hits. In a few weeks, Sarah has hit more than half of the name calling that obama has received in two years.

How does this happen in progressive circles? It’s just staggering. and that flaccid little putz of a Democratic candidate hasn’t attempted even once to put a stop to it.

Thank you, Lori, for the term flaccid little putz of a Democratic candidate.  I will be sure to add it to my lexicon.

Lori’s got a very good point.  How is it that the sexist references about Palin have spiked in the past 6 weeks while the racist references to Obama have more or less plateaued in the past 2 years?  We’ve always suspected that the pearl clutching over perceived racism was a overblown.  There certainly *is* racism and there is no doubt in my mind that some voters will go to the polls to vote against Obama just because he has a surplus of melanocytes and no other reason.

But I suspect (and I only speculate because I have no way of knowing) that for some of these people who take color into consideration, Obama really has transcended his race.  When you reach the heady atmosphere of presidential politics, it is assumed that your political abilities, experience and hard work are responsible.  At the pinacle, color is not important.

Or is it?

Could it be that some of our fellow Democrats protest too much?  Maybe they are looking at Obama and his fellow presidential candidates and assessing him in this frame and found that he is lacking in political abilities, experience and hard work and can’t figure out how he got there.  But there has to be *some* explanation for why he is at the top of the food chain when he doesn’t measure up to his competition.  How else would he have gotten so far?  Maybe the fact that corruption and his willing participation in it is so unsettling to some of our friends that they don’t want to think about it.  Maybe they just want a Democrat so badly that they are willing to overlook this unsavory side of Obama.  So, they might be susceptible to the suggestion that those of us who are screaming our heads off about that very same corruption must be racist lunatics, emphasis on racist.

It doesn’t help that the campaign itself seems to wield racism as a weapon against its enemies.  It’s part of the corruption to turn its base against itself and to shame its enemies.  A corrupt organization doesn’t particularly care if real people are hurt by it, especially the people who are the true victims of racism.  When the real thing rears its ugly head in the future, we aren’t quite so likely to get incensed by it.  Our arousal level will have been conditioned to not react to the word.  In a similar fashion, we will become inurred to sexism of all kinds.  If anyone wants to see where that may lead, I recommend watching a few episodes of Mad Men.  The thought of going back to that era sends a chill up my spine.  The women of the 60’s fought and struggled so hard for respect and independence.  To see all of that hard work thrown away by this corrupt, untrustworthy and ruthless nominee and his campaign enrages me.

So, I am calling on the Obama campaign to put an end to it.  It is time for David Axlerod and Barack Obama and all of their surrogates to stop undermining the fabric of society with these destructive accusations of racism.  I am asking for Barack Obama to rein in his hooligans and tell them to stop using sexism against women who are fighting their way to the rarified atmosphere at the top of the food chain, especially when they get there by their political abiliies, experience and hard work.  Senator Obama, stop trying to cover up for your lack of qualifications by demeaning theirs and stop calling us racists.

Late Night Open Thread

Howard Dean is such a busy little bee, isn’t he? The Real Barack Obama has an interesting post up.  Months ago when they were called Rezkowatch, they posted a fascinating piece on Howard Dean’s role in enabling Barack Obama to get into the Senate so he would have a launching pad to move up to the White House.

Basically, about a month after Howard Dean lost his bid for the Democratic nomination in 2004, he morphed his campaign into Democracy for America and began working toward electing Obama in 2008. Somehow Dean got control of Move on also–or maybe Move on was working with him all along. Now The Real Barack Obama has more details on how Obama’s rapid march to power was planned.

Check it out, along with the earlier piece if you haven’t already read it. That Howard Dean. It’s amazing how he was able to accomplish this. And how on earth did he come out of nowhere in 2004 and end up taking over the Democratic Party? There is certainly a lot going on under the surface that I never suspected. My eyes are open now though. I don’t trust anyone in the Democratic “leadership” one bit. Continue reading