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The Lions Share on PUR

Join Darragh, Sheri and me tonight on the Lions Share as we discuss the news of the day. Tonight at 8PM EST on PUMA United Radio (PURrrr)

63 Responses

  1. Getting positively dizzied by all the economic/political developments (and non-developments). I need tranx, stat. And pizza. Lots of pizza.

  2. Will you be discussing John McCain, rather than hiding from his fear of the economy has instead faced it head on? How he alone is forcing a top level decision making group that can listen to the experts and come to a non-partisan consensus?

    How Obama is staying on the road but will come to DC if they call?

    Just wondering

  3. Will be listening!

  4. McCain’s new ad regarding Chicago’s Latinos:

    Where’s Obama?

    He’s at Disney World.

  5. Carol, you just read my mind!!! I just finished seeing that. It seemed staged to me, not in any way a “true” documentary and a bit empty on hard issues facing our specific communitites. If they are going to defend McCain, mention his co-authoring the Comprehensive Immigration Bill – instead of playing this “Where’s Waldo/Obama” game.

  6. You might like to discuss this piece from Ben Smith at Politico today. It seems that criminal Jim Johnson who supposedly left the Obama campaign, will lead a group which will discuss bringing us Hillary supporters back into the fold.

    September 24, 2008
    Categories: Barack Obama

    Johnson to lead Obama briefing

    Former Fannie Mae chairman Jim Johnson was dumped from Obama’s vice presidential search team, but he’s still playing a behind-the-scenes role on the campaign.

    Former Senator Tom Daschle, a top Obama backer, emailed a select list this afternoon that he and Johnson would be leading a briefing intended largely for Clinton’s campaign brain trust next month.

    “Jim Johnson and I have scheduled another informal breakfast discussion and update on the campaign early next month,” he wrote to a list including Senator John Kerry, James Carville, and Richard Holbrooke, as well as Clinton’s former top campaign aides, including Howard Wolfson, Geoff Garin, and Harold Ickes.

    Johnson’s involvement comes at a moment when political association with the failed mortgage giants is particularly toxic. He was already the subject of a McCain ad attacking Obama.

    The October third breakfast is also a mark of the continuing effort to bring the ex-Clintonites into the Obama fold.

  7. Good post, Calypso. Johnson is too close for comfort. Seems to be the problem with lots of Obama’s friends.

  8. Foxnews.com is reporting about Internet rumors about replacing Biden:

    It’s almost certainly just a case of the telephone game gone high-tech, but there’s an Internet rumor surging through inboxes and discussion boards that Joe Biden will drop out as Barack Obama’s running mate after his Oct. 2 debate with Sarah Palin — and that he’ll be replaced by Hillary Clinton on the Democratic presidential ticket.

  9. bostonboomer, Obama has been preparing day and night for this debate. He sequestered himself in a hotel room in Floriday, barely doing any campaigning, to prepare for these debates. If he has to wait, he will forget his lines.

    I expect McCain to do fine with the debate, after seeing the interview with Sarah Palin tonight…she better find her inner Barracuda, as well as some actual facts to bring to the American people, or Joe Biden will eat her lunch, I am sorry to say. I have really been trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I mean I could have spoken more concretely and provided better facts in response to Katie’s questions…she couldn’t name one McCain reform accomplishment? Hello??? McCain-Feingold, his work on immigration reform, say SOMETHING, ANYTHING…

  10. JJ,

    Hmmmm. That’s too bad. Of course Biden’s interview with Katie was pathetic too.

  11. Hey, guys…

    Letterman is on CBS!!!! Not NBC!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m sure you will be discussing the McCain move to suspend his campaign and go to DC to work on the economic melt down. Here is my two cent outrage at Obama’s response. His snarky comment that a president should be able to do more than one thing is another flood of hypocrisy since he has closeted himself for two or three days to focus singularly on preparing for the Friday debate. How can he suspend his political campaigning to prepare for a political debate but dismiss suspending his political campaign to work in a bi-partisan way for an economic package that all of us can believe in and support in an effort to save our financial system? I hope that McCain connects with Hillary and works with her not only to put her Homeowners commission in place but bring about a real deal. I see that HRC has the thinking; Barney Frank is trying to run the senate show; Chris Dodd seems to have pushed to the background. Pelosi is trying to steal the show through House cleaning. Harry Reid is ridiculous. I hope we have a Clinton-McCain bi-partisan resolution and these two go on to do great things with McCain in the WH for 4 years and Hillster as Senate leader.

  13. Bush has now asked McCain and Obama both to meet with him and congressional leaders tomorrow in D.C. Both McCain and Obama have agreed.

    Looks like John got it right about being needed in Washington.


  14. I read the text of the Couric/Palin interview. Yes, she blew it on that question about what McCain has done. The rest of the interview was not too bad. She does not have that wealth of experience based detail, facts, details—that we expect from a candidate like Hillary. But guess what; it you look and listen to most of the politicians interviewed on tv you hear about the same level of detail. But she has to fill in those blanks and I think she will. I just hope she does it in time.

  15. “call me if you need me” ?????!!!!!!!

    “call me if you need me” ?????!!!!!!!

    “call me if you need me” ?????!!!!!!!

    Why is this allowed to happen?! WTH! I’m having a meltdown! LOL! Yet not-LOL!

  16. Does anyone have a link to the Couric/Palin interview?

  17. Hey it was me Honora not barbara. Bummer

  18. JJ, thanks for the honest critique. It may or may not sting but it’s always better to know.

  19. Keep in mind that the media will play the “gotcha” game with Palin, something they never have done with Obama.

  20. “Mountain Sage”
    Thanks for the link.
    She did good except that part.
    She needs to relax…she’s great when she’s herself.
    I.ve seen many great interviews before she was the VP choice.

  21. I agree that Palin could have acquitted herself better on that question. However, I find it funny that Katie spent that long grilling Palin on the accomplishments of John McCain in the area of regulation. Um, why pose that to Palin so aggressively? Is she supposed to have memorized every vote or effort of McCain for 26 years? Why not ask her about HER record?

    Last time I checked, Joe Biden is not being grilled on every detail of Obama’s legislative record, and if he were, I doubt he could do much better. After all, Joe keeps contradicting Obama’s position on coal and other things.

  22. The bloggers at Red State are suggesting Palin step in on Friday and debate Obama.

    Great idea!

  23. Saw where KY Dem Lunsford, who is trying to unseat Mitch McConnell, is highlighting women’s issues at an event with Dem First Lady Jane Bashear. Lunsford received a huge boost from 2 appearances last weekend by Hillary, and has tightened McConnell’s lead to within single digits.

  24. WMCB, they could ask Biden to state one legislative accomplishment by obama, that would stump him!

  25. On the other hand Palin didnt say that FDR went on the TV after the market crash! Or that there were no coal plants in the US? Can you imagine if she did??

    they could also ask Biden why did he vote to support the road to nowhere in Alaska? what did he get in return?

  26. Honora,

    Thanks for telling us. Sorry they got your name wrong. You were good.

  27. Damn–well, if Jim Johnson wants my vote I’m in. Are these people for real? I dn’t know who’s more influential to me, Johnson or Dashele.

  28. The debate would ONLY be “OK” on Fri. “IF” it’s a town-hall style. The public deserve to ask the questions.

  29. sod,

    Hey that was my post. Thanks for reading it. I think you may have a point.

  30. BO thinks he is going to get to steer the debate to the economy, McCain should insist he discuss the topic – national security.

  31. That’s OK. It is in the lineup, toward the bottom. It didn’t get that much traffic because the posts were going up fast that day. I appreciate your referencing it.

  32. Watching Greta. She just did a teaser for after the commercial:

    Senator Obama may have another problem on his mind. [Something about HILLARY?!]

    What drama are they concocting now to blame on HRC?

  33. fif: I’m watching too…wonder what its about? I was wondering if she would be at the WH meeting tomorrow…

  34. Did anyone see the Palin interview with Couric tonight? How was it?

  35. Hillary’s doing her job. It’s making BO look bad. Or maybe her husband is.

  36. She sure should be Gary, considering she has the best comprehensive plan.

  37. I’m watching too.

  38. Transparency is absolutely essential. Mark Cuban is making a lot of sense. “The lenders who caused this problem are the ones who will be handling these funds.”

  39. Palin needs to say this very clearly and very emphatically – “I have been running the state of Alaska. I have not been studying the long successful career of John McCain. I have not been involved in the daily briefings by the military regarding the wars in Afghan and Iraq.

    I am still representing the state of Alaska as their Governor and am being briefed in detail regarding the issues that the Vice President of the United States is and will be involved as necessary to prepare to hold that office with those responsibilities.

    I am capable and will be ready to serve on day 1.”

  40. First come the innovators
    Then come the imitators
    and then come the idiots

    Warren Buffet

    Sounds like the Obama campaign!

  41. Carol, on September 24th, 2008 at 10:36 pm Said:
    Palin needs to say this very clearly and very emphatically – “I have been running the state of Alaska. I have not been studying the long successful career of John McCain. I have not been involved in the daily briefings by the military regarding the wars in Afghan and Iraq.


    Send it to the campaign.

  42. So if Obama rejected McCain’s call to postpone the debate, does that mean Obama will be debating himself? That will be very entertaining to watch. 🙂

  43. Clean up on Aisle Three! Troll feces.

  44. HRC on Greta.

    58% of HRC supporters support BO. Same as June.

    That’s the big HRC story. We’re way ahead of you Greta. Old news to us stealthy PUMAs.

  45. Hum – good name. Reminds me of your candidate, Mr. “Hum, ahhh, ahhh, ahh, hummm, ahhhhh, ahhhh”.

    And shouldn’t you be at Disney World preparing him for his next series of stuttering “hum, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh, ………………………….” for the debate.

  46. There ya go: RACE COULD ALSO BE A FACTOR.

    Couldn’t resist!

  47. Carol, BO can’t steer the debate to the economy, he doesn’t know anything about it. Maybe he’ll ask Johnson to come out and explain it. 🙂

  48. Awww. HumboldtBlue got thrown to the sh*tpile? That’s too bad—he was very good at making a fool of himself.

  49. For some reason BO thinks he is going to have a debate on the economy Friday night. Maybe someone should let him know the topic with be National Security.

  50. Has Palin changed the polls and viewers like you?

    Coming up next on Greta.

  51. Seriously – I think his halting, stammering, stuttering “ahhhh, ahhh, hummmm, ahhhhh……….” applies to all topics.

  52. Just watched Big Dawg on Larry King Live. He is one of the most intelligent human beings I have heard speak. And he is so very articulate in a low key sort of way. And he gets away with saying things that others would be torn up for because he can do it so smoothly and rationally. We need more people like him in the public space.

  53. I am happy to declare BO has turned me into a Republican this year. I am also happy to say I wear lipstick. And if Murphy were to declare she is a card carrying Communist I would still prefer her to Obama. And, I would rather wallow in pig mud than spend an hour with Michelle.

    Just saying ……………………………


  54. What I know about the economy….I, ahhh, ummmm, ahhhh, ummm, know we have one. I, ummmmm, ahhhhh, ummmm, know we have parties. I ummmmm, ahhhhh, know I have a ummmm, ahhh, penis and am, uhhh, ahhhh, breathing. What more do you damn uhhhhh, ahhhh, people want from me?

  55. Effect of Palin, state-by-state according to Real Clear Politics spokesperson:

    Upper Midwest: WI & MN (up 4 pts. in each state)

    Lost ground in CO & NM

    Favorable rating:

    PA 52% (McCain also gained on BO 1.5-2 pts.)

  56. Oh and he said that Hillary has done more for Obama than any runner up did for any candidate in the last 40 years. She has already done more for him than ALL of the other runners up taken together did in the last 40 years.

    I am so, so, so glad he put it out there loud and clear. And you cannot argue with Big Dawg because he will back up everything he says with solid historical facts – I mean real ones, not creative ones.

  57. Hi Folks — Fresh, new post up top.

  58. S: I’m so glad Bill came out and said that today. Enough with this b.s. about Hillary & Bill being obligated to win the race FOR Obama. They’ve done more than enough.

  59. Did you guys already talk about how Obama’s four point position on the economic crisis (yesterday) consisted of two points where he agreed with McCain, and another two that sounded a lot like Hillary’s…? I can’t believe he can steal other’s ideas with such a straight face!!! How can he look anyone in the eye? I really don’t understand it.

    And I loved his campaign’s use of the term “final solution” when talking about this whole mess tonight after agreeing to go to worik tomorrow…tone deaf doesn’t begin to describe it.

  60. Saw this on another site today. kenoshaMarge has declared herself a “Gynocrat”. Priceless! I’m joining up.

  61. Mountain Sage, thanks for the link!

  62. Robin, You’re welcome. I usually have lots of videos up.


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