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Mr. McCain Goes to Washington

I absolutely agree with Senator McCain, who canceled his participation in Friday’s long-awaited debate. McCain is also suspending his campaign, his fundraising, and his advertising to return to his Senate post in Washington, DC, in order to help handle the US financial crisis. Both Presidential candidates should suspend the debate and be part of a leadership council to solve it, as McCain has suggested.

All of Congress is supposed to adjourn on Friday for the year in order to go home and work the campaigns. Big guess as to why Paulson’s alarm rang only last week. Gee, all of a sudden we have an emergency, folks. Hurry, pass this $700,000,000,000 no-strings-attached rescue package. As has been noted in the media today, George Bush and Co. used the same fear tactics to get us to go to war in Iraq.

I am not doubting the seriousness of the situation. However, the public is in no way buying this giveaway, lock, stock, and barrel — neither Democrats nor Republicans. Even the most staunchly conservative Republicans, who are catching holy Hell from their constituents about placing all power in the hands of the Fed, are giving Paulson and Bernanke the cold shoulder in both houses of Congress.

Obama is accusing McCain of playing politics with the situation and not being able to multi-task. But actually, baby O’s the one who’s whining and playing politics. Aww, he practiced his speech and can’t change his plans midstream. (Don’t tell me they canceled the test!)

To me, the mark of leadership is being able to turn on a dime when an emergency strikes. Anybody in the press or blogosphere who’s saying that McCain is running the other way must have no memory of him repeatedly pleading with Obama to have townhall meetings since JUNE!!! They must needs get a grip! The mainstream media is slamming McCain, saying he’s just being expedient, running like a chicken, trying to get out of the debates, and creating a diversion, because he’s down in the new polls. The press is interpreting the economic crisis as better for Obama in the polls, but McCain’s leadership will prove them wrong.

McCain has advocated for oversight from an independent panel of experts, with no golden parachutes for executives. Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gave McCain’s suggestion to return to DC the big brushoff, saying they were making good progress and that it would “not be helpful.” Ahem, you are potentially talking to the next POTUS! Doesn’t their behavior remind you of how they treated Hillary during the primaries, especially when they were forcing the Superdelegates to declare for O-boy?

And . . . in a bizarro political party reversal, isn’t Obama’s deer-caught-in-the-headlights immobility during a crisis showing us that he can’t react on-the-spot? Isn’t that just like George acted when he continued reading the story of the goat after being informed that our country was under attack on 9/11?

Obama thought cloud: (stomping his feet) I want to talk on TV to my public to win votes and influence people instead of heading back to Washington to solve the nation’s biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression! I don’t wanna play with the other kids. (tilting chin up) I’m talking to them on my phone every minute. All of them: Nancy and Harry and Ben and Henry. See? (pointing to cell phone)

(aside, sternly) You’re all fools! You’re making me very angry that I have to take time for such trivialities. Hmpf…

Obama first phoned McCain this morning and left a voicemail, suggesting that they release a joint statement about the economy. However, it took McCain six hours to call him back. Don’t cha know, they were strategizing like Hell. At that point, McCain called him back to announce his plans.

Poor, baby, O-bobo, he just can’t lead. Aww, let’s rock him to sleep. Boo hoo!

Breaking: ABC New’s Senior National Correspondent, Jake Tapper, reports at Political Punch, that George Bush called baby O, and “invited him” to DC to work! George is inviting Obie to WORK!!! I must be dreaming. Tapper ends his article by saying that: “Obama still intends to attend the debate Friday evening.”

The little kid in Presidential nominee’s clothes is still playing follow the leader.

[h/t to Murphy and to DancesWithPumas for her fantastic graphic!]

127 Responses

  1. right on RD it is always an honor to talk to you and sherri and Murphy!


  2. to sm77—–somewhere out there. Thank you for the info a couple of threads back. I found the sexism list at Shakesville and saved it. It should debunk the ‘it only happened a couple of days’ bs.

  3. “The little kid in Presidential nominee’s clothes” can debate his teleprompter Friday night. I’m putting my money on the teleprompter.

  4. Tapper ends his article by saying that: “Obama still intends to attend the debate Friday evening.”

    The little kid in Presidential nominee’s clothes is still playing follow the leader.

    LOL!!! Great one LadyBoomer!

    WATB petulant Obama memorized all the words & now can’t show the world he knows them.

    More than a My Pet Goat moment, this reminds me more of the Katrina moment. Still fiddling while the country goes down a toilet. Crisis and Obama do not mix.

  5. Anytime KC, that’s what we’re here for!

  6. Work is a four letter word and not in Obama’s vocabulary!


  7. Cal — teleprompter! LOL!

    SM — Thanks! — Yah, Katrina, too. Sigh. I remember someone said Obie was worse than George. Now I’m getting worried.

  8. I must go to sleep, everyone, sweet dreams & hugs to Fuzzy, love hearing your voice!

  9. Hello! From what I’ve read of the transcript Gov Palin’s answers seemed fine to me. Katie Couric didn’t ask the kind of questions that would lead to her giving these long statistics filled responses. On the what has McCain done on regulation question it really depends on what else he has actually done? Other than the Fannie/Freddie Mac stuff has McCain done anything else really significant? If he hasn’t then Palin can’t really be faulted for not giving more examples. Maria Bartiromo was supposed to interview Sarah tonight on CNBC. Did anyone see it?

  10. Hi All,

    I left this on the last thread but I think I might have been there alone at the time.

    Did you guys already talk about how Obama’s four point position on the economic crisis (yesterday) consisted of two points where he agreed with McCain, and another two that sounded a lot like Hillary’s…? I can’t believe he can steal other’s ideas with such a straight face!!! How can he look anyone in the eye? I really don’t understand it.

    And I loved his campaign’s use of the term “final solution” when talking about this whole mess tonight after agreeing to go to worik tomorrow…tone deaf doesn’t begin to describe it.

  11. Hello Conflucians!

    Great post LB.

  12. sm, Obama will be seen shortly in a helicopter, flying over Wall Street, saying it looks like things are well in hand.

    The media is going to spin this like mad to help Bambi, but I honestly think most of America is going to see exactly what I saw: McCain acting like a responsible adult, and Barky caught with his pants down, getting pissy that doing actual hard work to help this country is getting in the way of his next American Idol moment.

  13. Carolyn-please do not associate the word “work” with Barak Obama it gives the word work a bad name!

    hey in “how to be a success in business without even trying” stealing your competitions ideas is like rule 5 or 6?


  14. taggles loved the show tonight sorry got a dry throat in the middle of my commentary!


  15. Was clicking channels to see the take on McCain’s move today and is it just me or does Campbell Brown seem like a total Obot slave? Really, you’d never know her husband is El Biggo Republican.

  16. fuzzy! i didn’t even notice! thanks for calling in. It’s great when we get plenty of callers! It was a good call. Iowa for McCain!?!?!?

  17. taggles — thanks! enjoyed the show.

  18. O’Reilly: “If the race was held today, BO would win.”

    Rove: Obama is running ads in Florida that have been unanswered and BO has campaigned a lot there. In the end, it will stay red, but McCain needs to keep an eye on it.”

  19. kc: did you see the article Brown posted at HuffPo today? I won’t go there, but a friend told me about it, and it is another “feminist” rant against Palin, directed at McCain. I don’t know the details, but she has completely jumped the shark. Her interview with de Rothschild confirmed that.

    She’s just a bobble head for CNN anyway.

  20. thanks LB!

  21. Let O debate himself, he does it all the time. “What I meant to say… “

  22. LadyBoomer, thank you for this — great up to the minute post.

    As you mentioned, I think there is a game changer here. The claim that BZero called this morning. BZero made it seem like he called with an idea on bipartisanship. McCain’s campaign has totally refuted the BZero claim about the call. IMO, McCain can’t be lying here, it would be too easily disproved.

    Someone is lying.

    If the MSM does their job on this one, it will determine the outcome of the election.

    Jon Martin has the McCain statement up at Politico.

  23. kc — Campbell fawns over Obie.

    I was hesitant to post this as seeming too pro-McCain. I think I’m just noticing what’s happening in a crisis, and others are too.

    Carolyn, I didn’t see O’s 4-point plan, but your description makes sense. Details?

  24. cal, on September 24th, 2008 at 10:59 pm Said:
    “The little kid in Presidential nominee’s clothes” can debate his teleprompter Friday night. I’m putting my money on the teleprompter.


    I almost knocked over my wine that was so funny!

  25. Taggles-

    Well remeber Iowa is 40% catholics and in the NE its 60% they dont usually caucus or vote in primaries because thay are shift workers and farmers. I guess they aint into Obama anymore-I think Rev Wright and his pro NAFTA stuff scared the blue collar boys. Poor Obambi they do vote in force in the general election.


    I may have to put New Jersey into the toss up collumn and take it out of the Obama collumn!

  26. Prolix — wow, that’s interesting. Will check that. Maybe something for an addendum.

  27. Repub Woman — yes!

    Cal, that is a riot. Talk to the teleprompter.

  28. Fuzzybeargville has a feeling that this race is going to be 312 McCain and 226 Obama…I have a strong feeling.

    Then we get Hillary Back!


  29. Saw this on another site–kenoshaMarge is calling herself a “Gynocrat”–ROFLMAO! I’m joining up.

  30. “If the MSM does their job on this one, it will determine the outcome of the election.”

    Another zinger! Now that’s an oxymoran if I ever heard one.

  31. Another good one, Lady Boomer!! Thanks.
    “George Bush called baby O, and “invited him” to DC to work!”

    Taggles… enjoyed the show, as usual.Thanks!

  32. Unfortunately due to the recent colapse of the economy US teleprompter went belly up-and there are no spare parts available to fix Obama’s much used and abused machine.

    Obama may request $ 25 million for US Teleprompter in the economic “rescue” packeage. Its something that he feels he…errrr….american cannot live without!


  33. I must agree with obama it is painful to listen to him off teleprompter!


  34. Love this post, LB!!

    You make an excellent point about being able to turn on a dime. Didn’t think of that one. My first reaction on hearing the news was-wow, he threw him a wringer and they won’t know what to do. Campbell Brown’s first words tonight were that it was the October Surprise early-said to myself, ‘no dipshit, the October Surprise will be better than this.” I hope–the econ is really hurting McCain now.

    btw, can’t believe anyone finds Obie attractive in the least—-no standards anymore!!

  35. Obama won’t suspend his campaign because he’s practically already suspended it this week preparing for the debate. Postponing the debate will really throw him off, because he’s been in mock debates all week. All these just show how incapable Obama is of adapting to circumstances which are not to his favor, much less a crisis.

  36. IMO, the election will be determined by which candidate is the first to completely denounce Paulson’s bill/agenda.

  37. I never watch Letterman anymore, but I’m going to try to watch, peering out through my fingers. Supposedly KO, whom I also never watch, is on, and Dave trashes McCain for doing Katie Couric’s NEWS program instead of his scheduled appearance on Late Night. Gee, another inflated ego that tries to pretend he’s something other than. I guess McCain should have gone on Dave’s couch. I didn’t mean that. Yes I did.

  38. fif—no, didn’t see Campbell’s article on Huffpo. Wouldn’t that violate the late lamented unbiased journalism code?

  39. Dances, Thanks!

  40. I couldn’t agree more, LadyBoomer. I wrote about this today too, along with the Obama McCain letters from 2006. McCain has been trying to get Obama to do the right thing for a while now.

  41. Wowo kc, I can’t believe Campbell Brown used the October Surprise. That’s what I titled my post tonight, and I hadn’t even seen that!

  42. hey Dw/P! thanks!

  43. Campbell Brown is posting on Huff Po? WTH???

    Did anyone see what Rendell had to say today?

  44. Anybody see Clinton on Larry King tonight? Probably on the previous thread–I am always behind. Anyway, I loved his response to people who thought he should rant against McCain/Palin more—-said that it was not productive. Said we didn’t need to get our own people but those on the fence who don’t like that stuff. Wonder if the blogger boiz got it? Probably not.

  45. masslib — I saw just a bit of Rendell’s interview and am trying to dredge up from my brain recesses. I think he said that there are a lot of you know those gun and bible folk in PA. Also that there have been a lot of new Dem registrations and something about Obama needing PA like McCain needs OH in order to win, or did I get that backwards?

  46. Does Obama ever do any work? Even an urgent national crisis can’t get him off the playground and back to Washington. The economic meltdown came at an inconvenient time for him and he comes first. Always!

  47. If Teh Precious goes to DC he’ll look foolish, sitting there while the grown-ups take care of business.

    How will he show leadership? Reading the words Reid and Pelosi write for him?

    Giving “me too” speeches after Hillary and McCain get done talking?

  48. Larry King’s on again at 12 midnite.

    Replay of O’Reilly. Lambasted Larry King’s interview of Ahmadinejad for kind of coddling him. Like, why don’t you like Jews? I like your watch. I saw some of it, and thought Larry was just letting him go on, like he was just a normal guy, and it’s us who’s got him pegged all wrong.

  49. It’s bad enough that he’s not going to do the right thing, worse that he’s such a petulant brat about it.

    Someone needs to explain to him that Bush is UNpopular, and channeling all his character flaws is not helpful.

  50. myiq2xu – You’re right. I really think he’s afraid to go because McCain is a giant in the Senate and he’s a mouse. And as usual, he doesn’t have the slightest idea what to do, which makes it even more embarrassing.

  51. Obama is accusing McCain of playing politics with the situation and not being able to multi-task. But actually, baby O’s the one who’s whining and playing politics. Aww, he practiced his speech and can’t change his plans midstream.

    My first thought was: this is the guy who couldn’t hold a single hearing as Chair of the Sub-Committee on European Affairs re: NATO because he was running for POTUS? Not a single hearing–DURING WAR TIME!

    How can ANYONE buys this guys constant lies? And there is always the same snotty, condescending attitude and tone. Still, it doesn’t seem to matter what he says or does, the media decides how to present him favorably, and make McCain inept and evil, and then BO’s poll numbers go up. I feel like I am bashing my head against a wall every day. Fortunately, the swing states are holding steady, so there are enough people out there who have instincts and are not buying the massive media b.s.

  52. If I was McCain and Obama insisted on holding the debate, I would stay in DC and send Palin.

    “She’s not doing anything important right now either.”

  53. Call me if I can help is what I say to friends who are moving.

  54. Maybe Laura should run for office, she seems more reasonable than her husband and many others:

    First lady Laura Bush said Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin lacks sufficient foreign policy experience but is a very quick study.
    In an interview Wednesday with CNN, the first lady remarked that it’s fortunate that Republican presidential nominee John McCain has foreign policy experience himself.

    Still, Mrs. Bush said she has a lot of confidence in Palin. She said the Alaska governor has a lot of good common sense, and the first lady added that she is thrilled to have a chance to vote for Palin on the GOP ticket.

    Mrs. Bush also said she thinks Palin is being treated unfairly because she is a woman. That, the first lady said, is to be expected.

  55. Seriously — LOL. Channeling Bush’s character flaws! Guess he’s doin’ a what comes naturally.

  56. Yeah, let palin go and kick his ass.

  57. I’ve been busy all day, so if it’s been talked about already i’m sorry, but where’s Biden?

    We have a major crisis in DC, and both our alleged party leaders are not there?

    Or is Joe TCB?

  58. Palin and Obama. I wouldn’t miss that debate for anything. The country will be shocked when they learn that he knows even less than she does.

  59. It’s like Bush and Katrina–but I want to eat cake and play air guitar! Why did all those stupid people have to pick today to have a crisis? There’s a PARTY!

  60. Where’s Biden? I think the answer to that question is the same whether there’s a crisis or not: who cares?

  61. The strangest part is the George Bush had to convince Obama to come. TOO STRANGE!

  62. That’s why we have such a deep bench, myiq. We don’t need obama and Biden. We have Reid puttering uselessly and playing politics in DC, and Obama and Biden MIA and playing politics in various states.

    Federalism, glorious federalism, we covered all the bases.

  63. Speaking of Sarah Palin…I was just indulging my hobby of cruising LGF, which seems to attract mostly guys It makes me so sad – and mad – that the great majority of the posters there are really pulling for Palin. A number of them thought her interview w/Couric certainly could have gone better, but didn’t fault her personally. Instead, they pointed toward her newness at the rough and tumble of DC/major media games and reassured themselves that Palin is said to be a quick study. A number conjectured that the interview had been another MSM butcher edit. So, maybe Hillary shoulda been a Republican?

    Boy, has this season been an eye-opener for me.

  64. woman voter – I think it would be more accurate to say that Bush had to TELL Obama to get his a… to Washington and get to work.

  65. I can’t believe Obama’s statement that he’ll go to DC to vote if it’s close, otherwise he’ll keep campaigning.

    Gee, shouldn’t the Lightbringer be there to lead our party in this critical moment?

    Where is the media? Drunk on kool-aid again, otherwise they would be tearing Him a new one.

  66. If the MSM does their job on this one, it will determine the outcome of the election.

    Prolix, surely you gest. The MSM doing their job???

  67. I’m watching a Bush announcement on CNN. Is it prerecorded? Or is he actually giving midnight speech to the nation?

  68. oops–jest

  69. jonas8 @ 11:55 pm: Mrs. Bush also said she thinks Palin is being treated unfairly because she is a woman. That, the first lady said, is to be expected.

    I want to screeeeeammm! Why do we women still have to deal with this kind of treatment?

  70. myiq2xu – You mean Obama can’t vote “Present” unless he’s actually present?

  71. Reid is gone in 2010! Say hello to retirement Senator Reid.

  72. justsaynotobo, on September 25th, 2008 at 12:05 am Said:

    woman voter – I think it would be more accurate to say that Bush had to TELL Obama to get his a… to Washington and get to work.

    Well, I didn’t want to offend the Obots, but yes…when the vacation King Georgie has to tell BO to come to WORK…it is too strange! THINGS MUST BE WORSE THAN THEY ARE TELLING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND SOME OF THEM MUST BE WETTING THEIR PANTS.

    Its no wonder they all wanted to know what THE SMART SENATOR had to say and what her ideas are. ME TOO…save us Hillary!

  73. “And President Obama today dealt with the financial crisis by making an address to the nation. He showed a picture of women from the steno pool at Fanny Mae, then asked the nation to join him in several choruses of ‘Dirt off the Shoulder,’ directed at these women. The President then appointed Mr. Johnson Treasury Secretary and went off to play the video golf machine left behind by President Bush. Calls from the Bush Library demanding the return of the video golf player were not returned. The President was heard yelling, ‘whatevs, let her handle it,’ althought the identity of ‘her’ is unknown at press time. This reporter, it must be made clear, loves the President and hates the evil monsters of the Fanny Mae steno pool, just like all patriotic Americans”

  74. I was listening to PUR when the Pres was on before. He was on around 9pm. The dude looks like he’s in shock. He looks empty behind his face. Okay, and now Big Dawg on Larry King.

  75. If we don’t need Obama in Washington now, we don’t need him there next January either.

  76. myiq2xu — if you can’t believe Obama’s statement about only going to DC to vote if it’s close, what do you think of his statement that the bill doesn’t need the cram down provisions in it because those can be “taken care of later”? Yeah, that’s right lets sc@w the little guy — that’s the Democratic Party spirit. Keeping houses from going into foreclosure will do AS MUCH if not more to help the economic crisis as anything else in that bill — the homeowners can keep paying their mortgages to the banks, it will help keep property values stable and it is the FAIR and RIGHT thing to do when you are also helping Wall Street. But, considering that Biden (friend of the credit card industry and main force behind the bankruptcy reform bill that terribly hurts the consumer) is his VP and BO himself voted against capping credit cards rates, then BO’s position now is pretty consistent. This is something that is simply NOT being talked about enough in this campaign — BO & Biden are not allies to the “little guy” — which is what I thought the Dem. party was about. Also, as a debtor bankruptcy attorney, please take it from me — if the cram down provisions are not in the bill, then they will NEVER be passed — the debtor’s bar lobbied hard to make that part of the bankruptcy reform act, and it was in there initially, but got cut — in large part thanks to Biden. I’m so glad I am officially “Not Affiliated” now — the Dem. Party disgusts me.

  77. Obama: Should I go to Washington?


  78. Night all——–must go to bed earlier. The later I stay up, the more I eat. Hello, Weight Watchers!

    Thank you all for always being here.

  79. Nite KC and we will try to do a jog in place and type blogging night!

  80. I stopped counting my points 8 weeks or more ago.

    Nite, Nite

  81. angie — what are the “cram down provisions?”

  82. I think Obama is unwilling to go to DC for the vote because he does not want to commit to one position or another. if he votes yes, he would have to take responsibility if it did not work out. If he votes no or present, that would be politically difficult right now. So I think, he just wants to play it safe.

    If he does not tie himself in right now. Later he can get political mileage out of it whichever way it goes. It sort of fits in with his past pattern of not getting identified with any one side.

  83. “Obama: Should I go to Washington?”

    American Idol is over, right? So that means those phone lines are free–can we use them?

  84. LadyBoomer, how’d it go with Dave?

  85. Lady Boomer — sorry, its a term used in the bankruptcy world and isn’t familiar to most — the cram down provisions would allow judges in bankruptcy cases to do 2 things: (1) reduce (or “cram down”) the mortgage to the property value, so if your home is worth only 100k, but your mortgage is 110k, the court can reduce to mortgage to the actual value of the house (which is something that can be done in Ch. 13 plans, but not Ch. 7) AND (2) reduce (“cram down”) predatory interest rates on mortgages — so, if you had one of those egregious adjustable rate mortgages that adjusted up to 17% interest, the judge could order that the mortgage be converted into a fixed rate at 6.5% (which the courts now can’t do in either Ch. 7 or Ch. 13 plans).

  86. Jeralyn just told me I was over the limit in anti-Obama comments and to find another site.

    I replied that I was just telling the truth.



    This economic crisis is bigger and even more far-reaching than 1929. With Obama showing himself to be the completely ineffective, clueless fraud that he is, and the serious Dems having to see this and face the reality of what has been done and how this completely weakens and destroys the party—I am beginning to hope (again) that somehow we might still have real change that we can believe in— bye-bye Bambi and save us Hill!

  88. Can I sneek in here for a sec?
    Great blog tonight.

    Hillary has a good idea (financial recovery), McCain can deliver the R votes. Can you say
    “Clinton/McCain Financial Recovery Act of 2008”?

    Can you say “bye bye Barky!”

  89. “WMCB, on September 24th, 2008 at 11:06 pm Said:

    sm, Obama will be seen shortly in a helicopter, flying over Wall Street, saying it looks like things are well in hand:”

    Well in NJ, NY, and CT that image would remind everybody who could remember the 1980’s of Robert Brennan of First Jersey Securities before the company went bankrupt. He’s in prison for securities fraud until 2011.

    Who could forget those constant, annoying ads with the helicopter?

  90. “Clinton/McCain Financial Recovery Act of 2008″?

    The O-man would arrive back in DC just in time to jump in front of Hillary and take credit for it.

  91. Finally! This article has been the only thing I’ve read tonight thus far with which I can heartily agree. I was so impressed with Mc’s announcement, but then I started reading the MSM. They are shameless, absolutely shameless. They are giving McCain no credit, no chance, willfully deceiving the public and denigrating public servants who have done NOTHING to warrant such malicious treatment. One would think that they might consider that Mc’s intentions might actually be noble, just give it consideration. Yet, to do so would spoil their puerile narrative of “good” guy/ “bad” guy. There can only be one “god” and that “god” is The ONE. I rolled across this quote from Tolstoy today and thought it rich. You might find it amusing.

    “I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the
    greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most
    obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of
    conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which
    they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
    thread, into the fabric of their lives.” Tolsto

  92. Kitchen—I like it!

  93. myiq2xu — you made me go to TL & join the fray — I called andgarden out — lets see how long my comment will last before its zapped. My comment for those who don’t want to go there:
    andgarden asked myiq2xu if he was “ever a democrat” and I posted:
    “that’s so uncalled for andgarden
    Considering that the Dem. candidate is on a “Faith, Family and Values Tour” with none other then Prop. 8 supporter Douglas Kmiec and that he actually said today that the cram down provisions in the bailout bill (which would help keep homes from going into foreclosure in the first place thereby being as important as anything else in that bill to save the economy with the added bonus of helping “the little guy)”aren’t needed” I wouldn’t be throwing stones at who is or isn’t a Democrat these days. I’m confused myself. “

  94. Seriously — I didn’t stay too long at Dave’s. Switched to Big Dawg on Larry King. I wanted to hear him say how much more Hillary had campaigned for Obie than all the primary candidates combined. He also said he’d be campaigning for him in about six states after the Jewish holidays (he’s going to FL.)

  95. nene—I don’t think so. Clinton has been talking about her Homeowner’s Protection plan and ideas to rebuild the economy all along, religiously. BO just says “Uh, uh….uh-huh. What she said.” At this point he’s foolin’ no one who matters.

  96. Hillary has already been a Republican. Maybe it’s time to go back.

  97. angie – the cram down provision / suggestion is interesting but I don’t see how in the world the Trustees can manage such a provision. They don’t have enough staff to handle the current load. It seems like they would need to request and receive information from the lenders (an entity they don’t usually deal with) plus require an appraisal. Who would pay the appraiser? Who would decide if the appraiser is correct? Who is the lender’s new contract with – the court or the borrower? Who convinces the borrower it is a fair or good deal – this is usually done by a real estate agent.

    The cram down provision also means that borrowers don’t need to try and renegotiate their own loans – they can just file for bankruptcy and let the Court do it for them. This will totally overload the Bankruptcy Court and us taxpayers will take the hit again as they increase their staff ten fold.

    Am I missing the concept? This just seems like a totally wacky suggestion to me if they place this responsibility in the Court system. Perhaps I don’t understand something.

  98. angie — thank you for explaining the cram down provisions! I’m going to cut and paste your explanation for later use.

  99. I’m sure it just turns Bill’s stomach to know that he might very well be responsible for keeping a crappy politician from getting into the White House. Oh, it just kills his appetite, neuters his libido, and makes him positively dizzy.

    HuffPo sucks.

  100. Dee—if we put the banks through bankrupcy instead of bailout, we will be saving trillions of dollars in tax money, a tiny fraction of which can be used to help the public.

  101. DV–these people are insane. An Obama loss is part of BC’s legacy? Uh huh. Maybe it’s time for BO to stand on his own two feet instead of acting like everyone in the US owes him. It’s amazing how much piwer and responsibility BC has now when on June 1st he was a washed up racist has been, huh?

  102. DV–these people are insane. An Obama loss is part of BC’s legacy? Uh huh. Maybe it’s time for BO to stand on his own two feet instead of acting like everyone in the US owes him. It’s amazing how much power and responsibility BC has now when on June 1st he was a washed up rac ist has been, huh? They didn’t seem to want to hear from him then.

    BC can’t perform miracles. You nominated teh worst candidate in US history, and if you didn’t figure out how he could win before you did that, tough luck, grow up, get a clue.

  103. Dee — respectfully, you are wrong about that — one of the partners I work for is a Trustee for the federal district I work in — First, Trustee’s use appraisers all the time in their cases — having them do a few more appraisals would not cause the kind of overwork that you imagine. Costs of the appraisal would be borne in an equitable manner. Second, the burden would be on the debtor to prove the interest rate is egregious — and the courts know the difference between a 21% interest rate and an 8% interest rate to the extent that additional staff would not be needed. Finally, most homeowners cannot get the mortgage companies to even call them back to renegotiate their mortgages — heck, I’ve been trying to get Countrywide to call me back on behalf of a client of mine for 2 months now and I’m an attorney! If the courts had the power to lower the interest rates the fact is that the mortgage companies themselves would be much more willing to work with the homeowners in the first place so that the court doesn’t do it for them — putting it plainly: the mortgages companies don’t give a d@mn about working with the homeowners now because they know no one can touch them. Hold the proposition of a bankruptcy judge being able to lower the interest rate on their mortgages over their heads and banks will be bending over backwards to renegotiate those mortgages without the court’s “help.” That might be hard to believe, but that is the reality.

  104. Karolina – not sure what you mean about banks.

    Let me just say, – I think that mortgage loans should be required to be re-negotiated. Just not by the Bankruptcy Courts. Put the onus on the lenders and then make the borrowers make their own phone calls instead of using the staff of the Court.

  105. McCain knows how to act presidential by traveling to natural and unnatural disasters like hurricanes and Washington DC. People dont need to know what he stands for via a debate. Just knowing he can drop everything when the country needs him is enough for 44% of the country. I guess there’s the possibility of a close vote on this $700B proposal so every vote needs to be counted. Not. Can’t you just hear the poll counts dropping further? Obama seems to have gotten away with another one, the Republicans have presented him Palin and a very irradict McCain on a silver platter. Hillary’s numbers would have been up around 60% by now if she were the candidate.

  106. Dee — forgot to add –bankruptcy courts have a lot of power, and until a 1978 case, they had the power to reduce interest rates on mortgages as well. If they were allowed to do so again, it would be the Court that decides what is the right “value” of the home etc. after hearing the evidence — which is their job. Also, cram downs as to value (not interest rates) are used right now in Ch. 13 plans — both for real estate and for other secured debt — they are just not used in Ch. 7 plans. Finally, I don’t know where you got the idea that the Trustees don’t usually deal with lenders — but they do. There would be no added burden there.

  107. I’m so frustrated with how the MSM is portraying McCain for doing what appears to be for the good of the country as it threatens to crash and burn. It may also be politically expedient of him, and the MSM just can’t take it. It’s like after every Hillary win, when Dem “leaders” would trot out another SD endorsement. They’re going ape, and I have to turn away.

  108. regency, huffpo has this whopper at their website:

    You know, I find that hateful.

    This article says palin is buddies with a “witch hunter”.

    Guess that means I am screwed. Supposedly if he wins, that means sarah palin’s fwends will be hunting me for “spiritual warfare”.

    I’m scared now.

  109. Dee—I simply mean that bailing out all of these investment banks and all other corporations that are toppling in this house of cards is unfair to the public, and frankly not realistic. Sooner or later that will become apparent.

    The whole economic structure has to be rebuilt, and while it is being done, people have to survive. The mortgages have to be frozen and addressed when the new economy is formed. That is the old Democratic way—take care of the people first.

  110. Angie – thanks for your response. I understand your point about pressure on the lenders – that makes sense.

    I manage homeowners associations and as you might imagine more and more owners are not paying their monthly assessments. The Association’s legal fees have skyrocketed. Meanwhile, the Trustees are not fully recognizing our assessments in their plans (either past due or current payments) even though our attorneys are in constant contact with the Court. Currently, every homeowner we have that is in bankruptcy is losing ground – in other words every month they get further behind. In effect, they are borrowing money from their neighbors without permission from the neighbors. And, as you know, when someone files for bankruptcy – we have to stop foreclosure proceedings. In one case the person in bankruptcy has two cars – one is a new Mercedes. Boy does that piss off members of the Board that know he owes the Association over $5,000.

  111. Lady Boomer, I think the MSM has overplayed its hand. People simply tuned them out when they tried to demonize Hillary and laud Obama, and the same with palin. it does make it hard for Mccain that he can’t get his message out, but i think so many people are disgusted with the bias that it will end up helping him.

    Otherwise, we are screwed. If people don’t reject this and end up buying into it, then Obama will literally be able to do whatever he wants with no checks on him. This has gotten worse than the medias love affiar with bush, and nothing could stop it.

  112. Thanks, Lil Isis! Haven’t seen you around. Missed you, lady.

  113. Lady Boomer — I agree with your assessment of the MSM — that’s why I haven’t watched or read them (except for quotes on this site) since March. The only thing I rely on is that old expression: “Money talks and bull$hit walks” — I’m hoping/betting that most people in this country can see that McCain puts his money where his mouth is and that BO is a nothing but a second-rate bs artist.

  114. just prowled around all the foreign media, all repeating BO’s talking points, such as McCain did this cos he’s down in the polls, cos McCain hasn’t come up with any plan, debate could have discussed the econoy, BO initiated matters today, blah blah.

    the facts:

    first, mccain is down in the most manipulated polls so far in the campaign and that is saying something

    second, only McCain released a plan; BO said nothing til his four points stolen from HRC and McCain yesterday

    the debate was on foreign policy, not the economy

    McCain initiated his move back to DC after being told by Harry Reid that he should participate

    despite all this, not one corpmedia report reported the facts. not one report said the “bipartisan” statement released by BO was not approved by McCain. not one said McCain called on Dubya to bring the two presidential candidates back to DC.

    how desperate is the corpmedia?

  115. Oh, Lord. No pun intended. I saw a priest on TV, he was an exorcist and a vampirologist! Biden is Catholic so if he wins, they’re coming for our Buffy and Tru Blood! Halloween is cancelled!

    C’mon, HuffPo, let’s do a fairer job of ramping up the religious bigotry.

  116. I think Obama forgets he has any other job besides running for President. His salary is over $150K a year for being a US Senator. I think he should actual earn it by doing his job when the need arises.

    He seems perfectly content to let Pelosi and Reed handle it without him. He has more important things to going on like fundraising and prepping for a debate.

    It’s ridiculous. If debates were so important to Obama, he would have agreed to do it before now. McCain has been after him for 6 months to debate and Obama ducked it all along. Now, suddenly, McCain is the debate dodger? I don’t think so.

  117. New post up, same topic

  118. “I think Obama forgets he has any other job besides running for President. His salary is over $150K a year for being a US Senator. I think he should actual earn it by doing his job when the need arises.”

    But the Messiah is so special, and his time is so valuable, he earned that $150K in the first 30 seconds of that half day he put in before bailing to run.

  119. […] [cross-posted on The Confluence] […]

  120. The media are in the tank for Obama, and their response is as one would expect. But McCain has changed the conversation, and now he controls it. Obama is a novice, but we all knew that.

    From CNN:
    Was Obama blindsided by McCain announcement?

  121. So if McCain doesn’t go to the debate on Friday does that mean we will all be forced to listen to O’s “inner dialogue?” Can you imagine how cringeworthy that would be?

  122. Bravo, McCain! It is a brilliant political move, but it is also the right thing for the American people. I want my senators in Washington solving this crisis. A debate can be rescheduled. Obama is probably glad McCain won’t show, so he can drone on and on. It’s like a free ad. McCain should not back down and go. He took the right stance.

  123. Oh gosh the wonderful John McCain.. stopping the debate to go to washington… What a maverick.. My maverick.. My FDR.. yeah John.
    By the way, he is showing up at Clinton’s climate change event.. Tonight.. Thursday. I hope to see my hero in NYC tonight. I hope he stops by the protect on wall street regarding the bail out. Maybe he will bring Sarah to the conference as well. I Hope they stop by the protest on wall Street at 4 pm.
    Yeah John… keep it up John

  124. My thoughts on “multi-tasking”- The Mom multi-tasks constantly- A load of laundry in the washer, another in the dryer and one being folded. Dinner is in the oven, the baby is napping, the toddler is playing and while folding the laundry Mom is supervising homework.
    Suddenly, a screech rends the air! The toddler has fallen off the sofa he was bouncing on and is bleeding profusely! Stitches are in order!

    What does Mom do??? She ceases multi-tasking immediately and focuses completely on the crisis at hand.

    There is a time for multi-tasking and a time to FOCUS on getting a crisis under control! Being able to switch gears immediately and attend to an emergency is a critical skill for our leaders.

    My opinion is that Obama wants nothing to do with any part of actually being involved in the resolution of the current economic crisis- for a few reasons-

    1. This is nothing more than a repeat of his past behavior- similar to his “present” votes. If he keeps his hands off, he can never be held accountable. He can say “I gave a speech.”

    2. It is in his interests to keep the crisis going as long as possible- economic troubles tend to swing voters to the Dem ticket.

    Selfish, selfish man!

    (ps- the Mom story is based on an event that happened in my family when I was growing up- My little brother was the toddler. And to make it worse- my Mom had out- of – town guests! She never ever panics though- she just took care of business! Mom for President!)

  125. PMM — Great story and POV. When there’s an emergency, administer first aid, cancel best laid plans, keep going. Moms for Pres!

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