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      Came across this tweet about the Philadelphia water spillage the other day: Yo Philly—don’t drink the water today. Boiling won’t help. More than 8,000 gallons of a latex-finishing solution spilled into Otter Creek in Bristol on Friday night. The spill includes butyl acrylate, which was one of the chemicals released in the East Palestine train derailment http […]
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Our PUMA Anti-Convention

Lady Boomer NYC as Miss Piggy Puma, courtesy of Gary and Mawm


Our PUMA Anti-Convention

“So, how’d it go at the Democratic Convention?”

I get that a lot from my family and friends. They know I had been working the entire year to get Hillary Clinton elected President while “raging against the machine,” and that I was going to Denver to protest. I replied,

“Ummm . . . good. . . . I, I wasn’t really at The Convention.

We were like . . . the Anti-Convention!”

Post-Denver, although still mourning for what could have been, most hardcore, grassroots Hillary supporters have moved on — in one way or another. They know, or are deciding, what they will do with their votes and/or their efforts. Will they work for one campaign or other at the top, or just support down-ticket candidates? They are mulling over whether to: vote nothing on top, vote third party, write in Hillary’s name, stay home, or cast a protest vote for John McCain. For most, that would be their first Republican vote ever, and they do not take it lightly. The only reason they would do it is to protest Barack Obama and Democratic Party leaders who subverted the democratic process and 18 million voters.

But I can’t fully move on yet. This story is roiling around inside me, unwilling to be forgotten. One week plus is old news, past prime, but I keep getting these “little messages.” Last week I ran into my neighborhood Brazilian Café and struck up a conversation with husband and wife owners, Marcello and Juliet. I’d been socked away in my “Puma Den” for the last six months, making rich stove top espressos at home on the cheap.

Marcello asked, “I heaven’t seen you for a while. Where have you bean? What have you been doing?”

I hesitated protectively, having lived undercover using my handle for so long that I had to consciously produce my real name in my head before saying it. “Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of writing most of the year, political writing. Do you know what blogs are? I have a blog and contribute to other sites and efforts.”

They continued the conversation as they scurried about their business, “Oh really, and who were you supporting for President?”

My personal self gulped inside my political self having been so underground and divided, “Actually, I was supporting Hillary Clinton, working to get her elected. I still support her and believe she would make the best President.”

They both jumped to attention and gravitated back to the counter to face me, “Really? We’re for her too!”

(See why I can’t stop?) “That’s great,” I cooed, as I came clean, telling them about my blog and links to others, our efforts prior to and during Denver, and our work to ensure a roll call, a floor vote, and a record of the truth about this election.

They pointed out to me, “It’s just like 2000, Gore and Bush!”

“Right!” I answered, “and now from our own. It seems so much worse that way. Did you know that Democrats have a weird gene that makes them eat their own?”

They laughed. We talked about the delegates. They had seen the same things that Puma and Just Say No Deal Coalition members have been uncovering, observing, highlighting, and shouting about all year long: the subversion, bullying, and undemocratic processes. They could not believe when they saw the vote halted and delegates switched. “We voted. We went in and pulled the lever. Why should we even bother?”

“I KNOW. How do they do it in Brazil?”

“We vote. It gets recorded. Somebody gets elected. That’s it.”

Continue reading

Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio PUR

Tune into night to Conflucians Say as we discuss lipstick, fish and that age old question, What Do Women Really Want? Also, Madamab wrote a one act play for the occasion.  That’s Conflucians Say on PUR at 10PM EST.

Another Flip Flop from Struggling Obama Campaign

Ever since McCain announced Sarah Palin as his pick for Vice President, the Obama bloggers have been screeching, tearing their hair, and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Harry Reid called Palin “shrill.” If thinks her speech was shrill, what would he make of the goings on at The Daily Cheeto, TPM, and MyDD?

Suddenly, the Obamacans are waking up to the stark reality that they have nominated an unelectable candidate. He might have had a chance, but he was either too stupid or too arrogant to nominate Hillary Clinton as his Vice President. With her on the ticket, he probably would have won the election handily; but instead he chose gaffe-o-matic blabbermouth Joe Biden. Biden, who couldn’t even win the primary in his tiny home state of Delaware. Continue reading

Whose Side Are These People On?

I thought Michael Dukakis and John Kerry were text book examples of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but they were master politicians compared to the clueless idiots that are ruining, er running the Obama campaign. 

Now it’s no secret I want Obama to lose, but it still says “Democrat” after his name and it’s embarrassing to watch what Obamanation is doing to the brand name of our party.   The worst part is the lefty blogs.  I gave up hope of seeing any sign of sanity or intelligence at Cheetoville or any other kool-aid sites, but now even TalkLeft and Salon are getting seriously stupid.

First of all, Obama supporters need to quit claiming that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are insane extremists.  They aren’t.  They are pretty much typical conservatives, and about half this country shares their views.  I don’t agree with them, but I think they are rational, intelligent people.   If they win in November it will not plunge our nation into the Dark Ages.

Secondly, Obamanation needs to knock off the frantic search for something negative to throw at them, particularly in regards to Governor Palin.  The Obama bloggers already sacrificed their credibility with “Panty-Sniff 2008,” wherein they horrified the nation with a wankfest claiming Sarah wasn’t the mother of Trig Palin. 

So the attempt now to make mountains out of every molehill in Alaska is not only a waste of time, it is counterproductive.  Every time they attack Governor Palin, more people decide to vote for her and Senator McCain.  Don’t believe me?  Check the polls.

I know my words will fall on deaf ears.  I can say it loud and clear:


But they still won’t listen.    Obamanation is alienating the voting public, but alientating is what they do best.  They thought insulting Hillary supporters was the way to get us to vote for Obama.  But if they are going to be so damn stupid, I wish they wouldn’t call themselves Democrats.

Tuesday: Why Obama’s loss is HIS fault

Because 140 days in the senate, give or take, really *isn’t* a lot of experience, especially compared to somene who has spent two years being a governor.

Because it depends on who is in the top spot.

Because if you can’t look past the color of the skin to the content of the character, you shouldn’t be surprised when others start counting the number of X chromosomes in the karyotype.

Because calling half your voters ‘older and uneducated’ generally doesn’t go over well with them.  (The new one is Reagan Democrats.  Yeah, we holdouts are Reagan Democrats.  Righhht.)

Because depriving the voters of the right to select the candidate they actually want tends to make them peevish.

Because even ‘older, uneducated, Reagan Democrats’ can do the math and can figure out that the numbers don’t add up.

Because scorched earth primaries directed at your own side leave half your party pretty fricking mad at you.

Because calling people racist just because they don’t think you are ready to be president is ill-advised, especially when those people are NOT racist.

Because failing to exercise control of your supporters when they go into bat$#&* crazy sexist mode over the VP pick of your opponent demonstrates a remarkable absence of leadership abilities.

Because expecting the opponent you cheated and humiliated to come to your rescue because she is more credible, dignified and presidential than you just points to your glaring weaknesses as a candidate.

Because you failed to plan for the ruthlessness of the other side.

Because you have failed to stop your fanbase from proselytizing like zombie Jehovah’s Witnesses on crystal meth, annoying and frightening every voter they meet.

Because you can’t stomp all over the intentions of ‘older, uneducated, Reagan Democrats’ as if they don’t matter (don’t roll your eyes at us!) and expect that you can get away with it.

Because rigging the general election is *probably* not in your power, leaving voters one last opportunity to nail your ass to the wall and vote for the other guy who’s actually lookin’ pretty good in comparison right about now.

This list is not exhaustive.  One thing is for damn sure though:  It’s time to stop blaming all of the bad strategy on Hillary Clinton.