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    • Consequences Of Indicting Trump
      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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The Lions Share- Tonight on NO WE WON’T radio

Hey, gang! Why don’t we get together and put on a SHOW? Tonight, we kick off the first official segment of the Lions Share on NO WE WON’T/PUMA Radio at 8:00PM EST. Darragh, Sheri and I are now on the same station. Here’s the line up”

Sundays at 9:00PM EST- NO WE WON’T with Sheri Tag

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Drop in and say “Hi!” as we discuss politics as only we know how by, er, winging it.

No, We’re Not Voting Obama. Get Over It!

Yes, that’s right, Obamans, we are not “coming to” the One. According to Gallup’s latest, at least 20% of Hillary’s (polled) supporters are still refusing to drink the Kool-Aid.

Call us whatever you want. Tell us we’re being insulted by the fact that John McCain, a Republican, did not pick Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, to be his VP. Personally, I didn’t think he would. Did you?

Go ahead, tell us the Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Your candidate’s campaign said he would use that tactic as blackmail in order to get us pesky gals to fall in line, after all! Well, of course the Republicans SAY that to please their rabid anti-abortion base, but actions speak louder than words, a concept which Obamans never seem to grasp. The Wingnut Branch of the Republican Party owned all three branches of government for 6 out of the past 8 years, and Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land. Why and how would a President McCain suddenly overturn it, given the large Congressional Democratic majority which will exist to prevent him from doing so?

Meanwhile, here is what the Obama/DNC Conglomerate’s actions tell us:

  • Misogyny is perfectly okay, whether the woman is a Democrat or a Republican.
  • Despite garnering the most primary votes of any candidate IN HISTORY, despite jumping every hurdle every other Democratic nominee has ever jumped in the past, Hillary Clinton was still undeserving of either the Presidential OR the Vice-Presidential nomination. Because, well, VAGINA!!!!

Not exactly the Party of female empowerment, are they?

How about the actions of the Republican Party?

  • Leapt forward to defend sexism directed at their VP pick.
  • Picked a woman as VP because of what she could bring to the Party: evangelical and conservative voters, and Republican, Independent and PUMA-tic women and men who may wish to put female empowerment above other issues.

Now, what are we to conclude about which Party, and which politician, cares about gender equality? Like it or not, folks, if McCain wins, a woman will be elected to the Executive Branch for the first time in the history of our country. That’s nothing to sneeze at, even if the Obamasphere pretends otherwise.

So stop it already. There is nothing Obama can say to gain our votes. His actions have spoken louder than any pretty speeches he could make. There is also nothing Hillary can say. She has done more than enough, and I support her very strongly, but I do not agree with her on everything, most notably her at-gunpoint support of Senator Obama. (Gasp!)

Some of us are leaving the top of the ticket blank, some are voting McKinney/ Clemente, some of us are voting Nader, and some of us are voting McCain. But just as we said long ago, we are NOT voting for the illegitimate, unqualified and unelectable Barack Obama.

Turns out that women CAN make up their minds after all.

Get. Over. It.

Feminism is About Babies Too

Since McCain announced his VP pick, Sarah Palin, the left wing attack dogs have been trying their hardest to smear her with anything they can dig up or dream up.  I do not agree with a lot of the issues Palin supports, but these attacks are giving me deja vu of what Hillary went through this spring. 

First, there was the bizarre rumor that Palin’s new baby was actually her daughter’s.  They postulated that Palin wore a costume that made her appear to be with child, and that her boarding a plane after her water broke was absolutely the proof that the child could not be hers.  That rumor, however, was quickly discarded when Palin disclosed that her 17 her old child Bristol was actually 5 months pregnant herself.  This news gave way to a new set of attacks, namely that Palin is a bad parent and hypocrite because of her Christian views and support of abstinence education.  The narrative the Obamans are trying to sell is that Bristol would not have gotten pregnant if her parents had been more liberal and advocated contraception.

These attacks would be bad enough, but an even more insidious one emerging from the cess pool of the Obama fan base is that Palin is a bad person simply for having too many children of her own.  She has five.  They criticize her for having a child over the age of 40, and argue that she could not effectively carry out her duties as VP because of her domestic responsibilities.

Wait, what decade are we in again?  What century?  When did Democrats start telling women that they cannot have children and careers at the same time?  Isn’t this one of the most regressive stances to take as far as women’s rights are concerned?  Doesn’t freedom of choice include the choice to have a child not just terminate a pregnancy?
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Wednesday: It matters who counts the votes

Nancy knows better than you do

Nancy knows better than you do

Last Wednesday morning, a vote was held in Denver in the hotels of the state delegations.  Later that afternoon, a “roll call” was held in the convention center and Barack Obama was hailed as our new nominee.  The funny thing is, those of us who remember what the primary results were in some of our states could not reconcile our memories with the way our delegations actually voted.  If you lived in AR or NJ, your vote was reallocated to Obama even though your state delegation should have gone overwhelmingly for Clinton.  On what basis did the state chairs make the decision to reallocate the vote?  Presumably, the vote earlier in the morning allowed this to happen and it should be a relatively easy thing to look at those ballots and say, “Ahhh, here’s the problem.  Hillary just didn’t get the votes she needed.”

Except, no one has been able to see those ballots.

Heidi Li, Murphy and our own LadyBoomerNYC have been posting about this in the last day but what is really infuriating is that those of us who were in Denver at the time tried to tell the media what was going on and there was barely a yawn from them on the subject.  It’s shameful to think there isn’t one media outlet looking into what happened last Wednesday (Late sighting! There is one.  See the “more” note at the bottom of the page).  After all, it was only our votes that we cast in good faith during the primaries.

The party will tell us that it is a private entity and it can make up and rescind its rules whenever it damn well pleases.  But it’s a public scandal when state legislatures debate and vote on the timing of the primary and state treasuries allocate funds for the primary and poll workers are trained for the primary and voters take time off from work for the primary and little old ladies get jostled in caucuses because they mistakenly believe that it is their civic duty to turn out for the vote for a private party that is under no obligation to follow its own processes.  It is a public scandal when millions and millions of dollars are solicited from individuals to fund a campaign and pay for advertising, buttons, stickers, lawn signs, campaign staff, goldfish snack crackers for volunteers, canvassing materials, phone time and rallies when the result of all that effort and money is that delegate ballots get filed in the trashcan at a private party’s convention.  It is a public scandal when the will and intention of the voters is shoved aside by Nancy Pelosi who substituted her judgment for the voters, for deciding that she knows what’s best for you, and that is Barack Obama, whether you like him or not.

Who is this person we “selected” at the convention?  What kind of man would allow, endorse, encourage this type of behavior on his behalf?  What kind of character does he have when he accepts the nomination that resulted from crushing the will of so many voters?  What kind of president will he be if he doesn’t honor the intentions of the voters in the beginning?  And what were Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Jon Corzine and others thinking when they endorsed him?

What we know of the vote last Wednesday is that Hillary actually received more than 1900 delegates before the counting was stopped.  We have been told that the delegate count was getting too close for Pelosi et al to explain away.  We also know that some Edwards’ delegates wanted to switch their votes to Hillary but were told they were not allowed.  We know that delegates, who represent you and me and their states, were threatened and intimidated to vote for Obama.  What we don’t know is how close the vote actually was. We may never know because once a result is read out, and there is no protest, no media attention, the deal is done.  But no one who witnessed this should feel any less outraged and those who participated in the fraud should never expect unity.

There will never be any resolution to this primary season.  Barack Obama deserves to lose.  Save your breath, Obamaphiles.  You are not supporting a great man.  There is nothing admirable about a man who accepts fraudulent vote counts on his behalf.  Everything that comes afterwards is tainted.  And as for the media who hyped this man to astronomical heights, don’t expect us to ever trust anything you say until you report the truth of what happened last Wednesday.  We’ve never understood your hatred of Hillary Clinton.  It borders on the pathological.  Now, you are as responsible as the DNC and Obama himself for what happens from here.  You are responsible for whatever bad thing comes of this election because the will of the voters was not honored.

There isn’t enough scorn in the world to heap upon those who are responsible for this scandal that has turned our precious country’s reputation for fair elections into that of just another banana republic.  No man is worth squandering our legacy like this.  Especially *this* man.

More: Heidi Li has a follow-up on the absurd story that the California delegation has been tryint to foist on an unknowing public.  It looks like the LATimes is tepidly following up on the issue.  Also, see this page from TheGreenPapers for the startling results of the floor vote.  What was done to Hillary’s voters is disgraceful.