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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    William on Jeopardy!
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House Bailout Does Not Pass GO

To My Reps in Congress:

I do not support the current bailout package for several reasons: 1)
hundreds of economists who reject it are not being listened to; 2) no
judicial review; 3) doesn’t help main street or homeowners; 4) doesn’t put
in place adequate oversight; 5) doesn’t provide jobs to the American
people; 6) doesn’t cut Wall St. compensation packages to greedy CEOs.

I’m not against a bailout, just this one. Is there no other plan? This fear-laden,
panicked rush to save our country is too reminiscent of how we got into
the Iraq war.

Where were Barney Frank et al when everything was melting down over the
last 7 years? Why were the largest Wall St. contributions taken by Dodd,
Obama, and Kerry? Why didn’t Congress heed Bush’s warnings to curb Wall
St. excesses and failings for years?

I’m a lifelong Democrat and ashamed of my Party, especially Pelosi, Reid,
Frank, Dodd, Obama. To blame it all on Bush is a joke. Where were the Dems
who promised to turn things around? Why didn’t Pelosi and all stop the
war, which is how they won in 2006? She’s now pontificating against the
Repubs, and her hypocrisy makes me ill. Where was she? Where was the fight
of the Dems till now?

That’s what I wrote. Did you call or write?

Foreclosures are not considered.

Party                      Yea     Nay      NV

Democratic            140      95

Republican               65    133        1

Totals                      205   228         1

Financial Markets Bill (according to my notes from C-SPAN-TV screen — I didn’t get complete full sentences on every one — I am unable to get into their website right now, it’s jammed.)

  • $700 Billion Intervention plan; a simple majority is needed.
  • Government to purchase up to $700B to buy troubled mortgage.
  • Participating companies must give the government a share in profits.
  • Treasury department must set limits on executive compensation in participating companies.
  • Treasury department must develop plan to encourage mortgage lenders to refinance homes before foreclosure.
  • Creates oversight board to review the plan’s effectiveness.
  • Authorizes insurance program.

Above is Hannity’s September 28, 2008 report. The Dems have their hand way in this, and people aren’t buying it.

An illustrated view of how we got here, h/t to V.

Congress: How about hearing from a panel of esteemed and educated economists, instead of your “leaders” trying to figure it out behind closed doors? Don’t you think they might be able to come up with a better plan? Kucinich didn’t buy it, neither did Ron Paul. Recorded vote is coming up. Here’s the tally.

Now, members are asking what would happen if they were to change their vote, and how long they have to do so. Stay tuned. There seems to be lots of yelling.

How about creating jobs? What about small business owners? What about other businesses and companies? Who bails them out? Get back to work, Congress. Revise. Make the bill better.

If this particular solution passes, will we all own Wall Street and everyone’s home? Welcome to The Commune, folks.

Monday: Misterio

I spent the weekend in PA and interviewed some of the people at the party for my nephew.  It was a good mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Not one Obama voter.

Some of them are feeling pressure from co-workers.  My sister says there are several African-American co-workers who say they are taking to the streets if Obama doesn’t win.  Jeez, I wish these people would grow up already.  Did you see Clintonistas rioting when her delegates were brutally suppressed and threatened and she was cheated out of the nomination by Obama and her own party?

Here are some of the comments from the partygoers:

“There’s something about him that just gives me the creeps.”

“Where did he come from?  You don’t just go from state senator in Illinois to presidential candidate in four years.  Somebody is backing him and I want to know who it is.”

“He’s too liberal.”

“He never says anything.  He just says generalities but I can’t pin down what he’s talking about.  I don’t know what he believes.”

“I have no faith in him.”

My spidey sense says that Obama’s biggest problem is that he can’t close the deal with Pennsylvanians because they can’t see past the glamour he projects.  Some of the people in my family got burned badly by Bush- twice.  They are bitten and shy and won’t get fooled again.  Obama has wrapped himself in mystery.  Where did he come from?  Who is behind him?  What does he stand for?  And why is it all so vague and indistinct?  It’s a trust issue.

Overall, there seems to be a great sadness.  Now that they see their choices, even the ones who were previously lukewarm for Clinton really regret that she’s not there.  I was surprised by how strong this feeling was.  They miss her and feel that we have squandered a great opportunity.  It feels depressing.

How will they vote?  There were no Obama voters among the crowd.  Most of them will vote for McCain/Palin.  They were not fooled by the nasty job that the media is playing on Palin.  They think the media is treating her badly, just like Clinton.  In fact, they are on to the media and know that it can’t be trusted.  My cousin’s husband says he flipped between CNN and MSNBC for commentary after the debate and laughed his ass off.  It was obvious that they were rewriting the results.  He finds it very entertaining when he knows the media is trying to con him.  He sees right through it now.

These are not politicos.  These are just regular Joes.  They work average middle class jobs pulling in slightly above average salaries.  State workers, health insurance processors, systems analysts, music teachers.  They come from Central and south west PA.  And they are just as savvy as we are now.  They’ve been educated and they’ve seen it all in the past eight years.  They don’t know why the media is slobbering all over Obama.  They’re just not that into Obama.  In fact, they don’t know quite *what* to make of him but whatever he is, they aren’t buying it.  It’s too mysterious.  They want the devil they know.

John McCain.