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Whose Side Are These People On?

I thought Michael Dukakis and John Kerry were text book examples of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but they were master politicians compared to the clueless idiots that are ruining, er running the Obama campaign. 

Now it’s no secret I want Obama to lose, but it still says “Democrat” after his name and it’s embarrassing to watch what Obamanation is doing to the brand name of our party.   The worst part is the lefty blogs.  I gave up hope of seeing any sign of sanity or intelligence at Cheetoville or any other kool-aid sites, but now even TalkLeft and Salon are getting seriously stupid.

First of all, Obama supporters need to quit claiming that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are insane extremists.  They aren’t.  They are pretty much typical conservatives, and about half this country shares their views.  I don’t agree with them, but I think they are rational, intelligent people.   If they win in November it will not plunge our nation into the Dark Ages.

Secondly, Obamanation needs to knock off the frantic search for something negative to throw at them, particularly in regards to Governor Palin.  The Obama bloggers already sacrificed their credibility with “Panty-Sniff 2008,” wherein they horrified the nation with a wankfest claiming Sarah wasn’t the mother of Trig Palin. 

So the attempt now to make mountains out of every molehill in Alaska is not only a waste of time, it is counterproductive.  Every time they attack Governor Palin, more people decide to vote for her and Senator McCain.  Don’t believe me?  Check the polls.

I know my words will fall on deaf ears.  I can say it loud and clear:


But they still won’t listen.    Obamanation is alienating the voting public, but alientating is what they do best.  They thought insulting Hillary supporters was the way to get us to vote for Obama.  But if they are going to be so damn stupid, I wish they wouldn’t call themselves Democrats.

125 Responses

  1. That seal is absolutely the funniest thing I have seen today. Kudos MyIq.

  2. I think Donna Brazile killed the donkey

  3. $17 million in August for Obama is the leak on fundraising.

  4. I think Donna Brazile killed the donkey


    That makes me think of the movie Young Frankenstein. D*mn, I need help.

  5. It will be more than that, so it will look like they “exceeded” expectations.

    But the real problem is his burn rate.

    Stadiums don’t rent cheap

  6. just think who Obama will go to for advice on his shrinking polls: Dean, Kerry, Mondale, Dukakis, Kennedy, Carter, Gore…

    You know, the whole Losers for Obama t-shirt. Plus, Donna & Nancy…..Yi, yi, yi.

    I did see a brief headline that Bill Clinton called Obama & the two plan to meet.

  7. I don’t know, that donkey looks like it has a spine….

  8. Who gets thrown under the bus next? I

  9. The donkey is just feigning death waiting for Obama to lose when he will magically spring back to life. The venerable animal got the idea after Obama had unveiled his new and imporved presidential seal. He read “possum…” and knew exactly what to do.

  10. The price tag for Barakolis was estimated at $6.0 million and that was with returnable styrofoam columns.

  11. Nicely done Mawm.

  12. The Democratic Party is dead. It is just waiting for November 4, 2008 to be read it’s last rights.




    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008

  13. $17 million in August for Obama is the leak on fundraising.

    Ouch. If that’s even close, it’s sad news for the Has Been Emperor.

    McCain raised $47 million. That buys a lot of snarky commercials.

  14. Holy crap! I want to be a fly on the wall during that lunch with Big Dawg tomorrow!

    Madamab … need a play on that STAT!

  15. I just heard on Hannity radio (he’s obnoxious, but I like the Bambi criticism) on the way home that the Democratic Party/Obama campaign has flown 30 lawyers to Alaska to scour the state for opp research material. Nice to know I am not donating these days for that kind of activity.

  16. BTW

    Here in PA it’s been nonstop McCain ads during prime time.

    Mind you, I’m only watching Fox these days. Heh!

    (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles was fantastic last night … I’m hooked again)

  17. I know the Clintons are loyal Dems, but if there was ever a time for a third party, it is now…or maybe December.

  18. I think that donkey is sleeping, like we are, thinking, “Wake me when the nightmare is over.”

  19. The smart move would have been to ignore Palin and focus on McCain.

    Attacking her helps McCain, but the He-Man Woman Haters Club can’t help themselves

  20. fif: Another myth this year, Dems pretending that the bad Republs swiftboat, when ObamaCo has been doing it all year. Then he stands back and says “I only run a clean campaign” while the media coo.

  21. Myiq:
    well, let’s face it, if the DNC was smart, Obama wouldn’t even be the nominee.

  22. I think the donkey has laid down and is just waiting for the bus to come and run him over. So he can at last be free from that messed up party. I mean even jackasses have SOME self respect!

  23. The dementors are about to suck the last bit of life out of the donkey. But I can conjure a good patronus.

    Expecto patronum!

  24. They will never get it. Not until it’s too late and they’ve lost. I can’t wait for November!


  25. Charles – Constant Vigilance!

    I’m glad you are breaking down the numbers for us. I wouldn’t count Obama out yet.

  26. I can’t wait for Nov 4th either. And there no chance my state will go blue anyway, yet I’m STILL excited!

    Hey, what about adding a countdown clock to Nov 4th on this site?

  27. You know, the whole Losers for Obama t-shirt.

    *snorts in undignified fashion behind desk*

  28. Love the Official Party Seal. Thanks for the laugh.

    I believe this election will be a blowout for the other side. The polls are finally showing it, and once those ‘undecideds’ are counted, they will vote heavily for McCain. I just don’t see how many of them would go with this empty suit, inexperienced novice when they’re having such a hard time making their decision. Once behind that curtain, they will vault McCain over the 270 needed.

  29. Arabella, why do I imagine our patronum is a puma … ?

  30. “But if they are going to be so damn stupid, I wish they wouldn’t call themselves Democrats.”

    Yup. It’s getting hard to hold my head up around my Republican in-laws.

  31. ZOMG!

    Jeralyn is off her meds again.

    She’s freaking out because Palin attended a church service where someone from “Jews for Jesus” spoke!

  32. The patronus is a puma, yes.

  33. Here in PA it’s been nonstop McCain ads during prime time.
    I’m curious to see if PA will turn red this year. It’s been blue since Bill Clinton — it would be some kind of karma on the DNC if Obama turned it red.

  34. Great post, myiq2xu. Have you seen this piece at Financial Times?

    Democrats must learn some respect.


    And there’s a follow up in The Atlantic:


  35. Actually, I think the donkey is passed out drunk.

    He’s trying to stay unconcious until Thanksgiving.

  36. Carol said, “17 million in fundaising is the leak for August”

    holy smokes.

    can it be true?

    Carol — I know you are a fundraising pro so I trust your word, but

    holy smokes!

  37. You know, I find it odd when people say they’re still undecided. If it’s not about being undecided on whether you’re voting or not, then what’s left to decide?
    If you are making your decision on issues, what’s the hold up? Because what the 2 parties represent is nearly polar opposite of each other, so how hard can it be to know which positions you agree with?
    Now if you’re making your decision based on the person, then okay, that I can understand….well, no I can’t. We’ve learned enough about both candidate’s to size them up, unless you’ve never bothered to turn on a tv over the last 9mo.

    So this “undecided” polling is something that puzzles me.

  38. trist:

    People lie to pollsters.

    If you say “undecided” no one can say you’re wrong.

  39. Actually, I think the donkey is passed out drunk.

    He’s trying to stay unconcious until Thanksgiving.


  40. BB:

    I read the first, and I agreed with it up until he said Obama isn’t an elitist.

  41. Tired of the Hillary/ Sarah bashing?

    Offended at the way the female candidates are/ have been treated?

    Join the new feminist movement. I am. Go to


  42. votermom, PA may well go red this year. It’s been going purpler and purpler since 1992. Cliton carried it by something like 7% in 96, then Gore by 4% in 2000 and Kerry by 1.something% in 2004.

    When I think of all that blue I’d have seen if the Dems had actually run Hillary instead, it’s just enough to make you cry.

  43. trist, I think it has to do with Bill Clinton’s musings. He said during the DNC, if you agree with candidate X on everything, but don’t believe he can deliver on anything, and you agree with Y on only half the things, but you think he or she can actually deliver on those things, then who do you vote for?

    I know I find myself in that exact position, and I am not sure which would be worse…

  44. myiq2xu, yeah they lie. But why? Is it a fear of commitment or something?

  45. Sunday Lexington Herald has an AP feed, large article with big pic, that features a SEIU Obama-loving woman who took leave [no, not of her senses] from her job to “volunteer” and register voters. Showed her with an old woman. Article is a dead-serious discussion of how Obama intends to win by registering 2-3M new voters to replace us old hags.

    It’s just what we’ve been saying, but there’s not a whiff of voter fraud, no mention of ACORN or the like, just a fluffy piece of cotton candy on lost voters, brought into the fold by the ever-caring One.

  46. JJ so you’re still undecided? Do you think you’ll stay that way up until election day?

  47. Sarah:

    I prefer old feminists.

    They have lower expectations, and less inhibitions

  48. myiq: “I agreed with it up until he said Obama isn’t an elitist.”

    Yeah, me too. Why do so many people fail to notice what Obama is really doing? No one can be so naive as to to think what he says in public is the whole story. Maybe Clive was afraid of being called a racist…..

  49. Democratic SWAT team in Anchorage

    City slickers invade Wasilla

    It’s no surprise, then, that Democrats have airdropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers into Anchorage, the state capital Juneau and Mrs. Palin’s hometown of Wasilla to dig into her record and background. My sources report the first wave arrived in Anchorage less than 24 hours after John McCain selected her on August 29.

  50. I think Dean and Pelosi,and Brazielle killed the donkey, thinking it was a Puma!

  51. trist:
    I think most everybody who is voting has made up their minds, subject to new developments.

    But if you were leaning toward one candidate but told everyone you were uncommitted, you wouldn’t have to defend your choice, nor would you feel silly if he got caught hiding in a men’s room.

    Or wide-stancing.

  52. Oh, this is great – a real hoot – I needed a good laugh today – I love you guys!

    I’m so glad I found this site – it has saved my sanity 🙂

  53. myiq2xu,
    yep sounds like fear of commitment to me.

  54. BB:

    Obama is always the good cop. He is sweetness and light, and never says anything mean.

    He has 400 paid bloggers to play bad cop.

  55. Now that “The Pom Pom boys” are not covering the next 57 days…we should continue to not watch MSNBC or NBC..
    This will be our way of letting them know.that we’ve had ENOUGH of third rate reporting ..

  56. BB, I had a discussion with a co-worker who really loves Obama. He stopped me in the hall, and asked me what I thought of Palin. I said it really made me sick to see the Dems try and smear her. He said “She has no experience whatsoever.” I said she had more experience than Obama,and He answered that Obama had been a law professor for 7 years. I said, “He was never a proffesor because he wasn’t full time and he never published anything. He told me that he was indeed a professor, and he knew because he had read Obama’s book.
    This guy is a PHD and he thinks he can get accurate information about a candidate through the candidate’s own book.

  57. myiq: That’s not a donkey – its the unity pony!

  58. trist:

    Nine months ago I was voting for “the Democrat”

    Now I’m voting 3rd party or downticket only.

    But Obamanation could push me into voting for the Dark Side of the Force, if they keep it up

  59. Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell the Obots they’re hurting BO! Let them have their fun!

  60. I think Cloris Leachman used to work with that donkey

  61. “Every time they attack Governor Palin, more people decide to vote for her and Senator McCain. ”

    American Idol viewers know this–why don’t Obots? Any time Simon is really mean to someone, the sympathy votes roll in. Remember Sanjaya?

  62. While we’re on voting. I read something I hadn’t thought of over on the pocpuma site. The person mentioned to be careful about leaving the box for Pres blank if you were planning to. In that someone working at the polling place COULD fill it in for you.
    That sent a “YIKES!” moment down my spine.

    Just curious if anyone else thought about this?

  63. Vickie:

    They don’t listen anyway.

    If this were a football game, we could truthfully tell them “We’re gonna pass the ball on the next play, and we’re throwing it to that guy” and they would expect us to run it.

  64. Jen!

  65. Constance Vigilance it must be.

    BO is leading VA and PA right now and is tied in Florida. And they are not counting on these alone … they plan to fight for one EC vote in Nebraska


    OTOH as Janis commented on the previous thread … “he’s gonna tank so bad in VA and PA … even CA might go red this year.”

    I sure hope so. But PUMAs cannot afford to let up the pressure and get smug on account of the recent polls.

  66. Mawm,


    ObamaNation really is a cult. No matter how educated a person is, no matter how cynical and smart they once were, after they sip the koolaid, it’s all gone. Invasion of the body snatchers time. The messiah can do no wrong.

  67. trist:

    Mark two or more candidates,and it invalidates that whole section of the ballot.

    But any vote fraud will be narrowly focused. Swing states, swing districts.

    Look at Florida 2000, and Ohio 2004

  68. Never thought I could be rooting for a sea of red, but this year I most definitely am!

  69. Charles, the 17 million is a reference to the DNC’s fundraising, I believe.

  70. Mawm,
    His books, from what I could stomach, are rife with banalities and melodrama. As for his time at Harvard as president of the Harvard Law Review where one is EXPECTED to publish, he didn’t. Was he offered a clerkship?

  71. myiq2xu
    Ah okay, that’s for the info! I hope that gets spread around especially in those swing states.

  72. OMG!!!!

    ObamaNation really is a cult.

    They didn’t just come by that label. They most definitely earned it!

  73. Obama’s looking more like Dukakis every day to me. Kerry at least was competitive up to the end. Every time I see Obama going off about Palin it reminds me of Dukakis’s obsession with Dan Quayle. It’s a distraction, and it accomplishes absolutely nothing. At best, he’s preaching to the converted. Which is what Obama thinks he needs to do, I guess. What swing voter or GOP supporter is going to be swayed by him going on Olbermann? I guess he just needs to be told, “It’s OK, Barack, it’s OK.”

  74. Sugar has a great post on Kirsten Powers’ piece in the NY Post, “How Obama Blew it.”


  75. Obama has no chance in SE Ohio if what I saw this morning in Lebanon Ohio reflects the rest of the small towns here. More than 5000 happy people (didn’t see a single bitter face, even the guy who camped out at the gate since 10pm last night) stood in the rain, in lines around 4 city blocks for hours, and went wild when they arrived. —

  76. and went wild when they arrived. –

    By “they” I assume you mean McCain and Palin?

  77. All Obama supporters to JohnMcCain.com
    repeat All Obama supporters to JohnMcCain.com
    you are needed there right now please stop the smears at JohnMcCain.com!

    If we do not overwelm the Republican blog-o-sphere right now all will be lost! We must fight them on their own turf! We must stop wasting time on the puma sites the real war is @ JohnMcCain.com!

    repeat All Obama supporters to JohnMcCain.com
    you are needed there right now please stop the smears at JohnMcCain.com!


    the Obama-bots need all the help they can get!

  78. One of the perks of living in a swing state, you all get courted properly. While most of us are barely even sent a greeting cars. ^_^

  79. ooops that should be “card”

  80. I wish there were a way for me to comment from a text browser on Sugar’s posts … I’ll admit one of the big reasons I ended up settling here was not only the sparkling commentary and posts :-), but the fact that I could post from lynx. I can’t post from lynx on Sugar’s blog. 😦 I can nly post there when I’m home at night, and I do NOT feel like doing anything beyond sipping a drink and listening to music at that point …

  81. They reported on MSNBC that the DNC is broke, $17 million is the number they are floating as “anemic” fundraising for August.

    It’s probably low, but they are preparing the media for how low it will be.

    Also, You know them, that will also be to spur people to donate. I think they are sick of donating.

    All of his events today were just pissing matches!

  82. Did the donkey collapse when Donna sat on him?

  83. “But if they are going to be so damn stupid, I wish they wouldn’t call themselves Democrats.”

    Worse, they call US Republicans. Voting for one party’s presidential candidate does not convey party membership status.

  84. The Obama campaign/DNC claims that people who gave money to the primary “haven’t written their checks (for the presidential campaign) yet.” They expect the checks come in in the next couple of weeks.

    I wonder what our carol would think about this.

  85. @ trist:
    I should have written: The crowd stood happily in the rain for hours and cheered wildly when McCain and Palin arrived.

  86. I got one of those gimme gimme gimme letters from the DNC for the first time the other day. I’m guessing they got my name from Hillary’s list or because I gave through that act blue to the Denver group.
    Was tempted to send back a “got to hell” note since they were paying the postage, but I didn’t even want to waste the ink it would have taken to write the note on them,

  87. poplicola, I envy you all. I’ve never had the chance to meet anyone who was campaigning before.
    But I imagine it’s electrifying!

  88. bostonboomer @ 6:10, great articles, but have you seen the comments? It’s lots of sneering supercilious lecturing regarding how very wrong wrong WRONG the author is about their having any lack of respect for those stupid rubes, and how it’s all the stupid rubes’ fault.

    Many of the replies prove the point of the article, and are ab-so-fecking-lutely BLIND to it. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  89. You know, the only reason that Bill Clinton snuck in is because he took the Dems by surprise. We always say they go out of their way to run total losers, and they do. I don’t think ANYONE know just how goddamned successful and brilliant and charismatic Bill Clinton was going to be. He was just one of the usual lineup of Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, etc. that the Dems always prop up there. A nobody from a nowhere state, in their opinion, which is why he was able to get in.

    Then, he was good. He was better than good. He got something like a zillion-piont post-convention bounce because people liked the guy. And by the time it became clear that he was brilliant and a natural winner, he was incumbent — and the Dems could hardly turn on an incumbent party leader.

    Bill Clinton took them by surprise. Had they had any inkling of how gifted he would turn out to be, they would have kneecapped him in that first “seven dwarves” debate in 1992.

    The Dems really do prefer losers; Bill Clinton took them entirely by surprise in 1992. (He took everyone by surprise.)

  90. Arabella
    The Obama campaign is now depending on imaginary financial donors along with the imaginary voters. Too bad the entire campaign isn’t imaginary. Or maybe it is?

  91. WMCB,

    Well, sure. You don’t expect the bots to actually get it, do you?

  92. The Salon blog by Gary Kamiya is way out in wackoland. No longer satire, no longer even any pretense of discourse. It’s just pull out the stops “as foul as I can make it” attacks by the Liberal far Left. So glad PUMAs know the value of decency.

  93. myiq2xu, on September 9th, 2008 at 6:11 pm Said:
    Actually, I think the donkey is passed out drunk.

    He’s trying to stay unconcious until Thanksgiving.

    OMG – I thought the “zombie Jehovah Witnesses on crystal meth” made my day – but this plus the picture takes the cake! LOL!!!!!!!

  94. Janis – you are right on the money about Bill.

    Let’s admit they are really good at picking losers – after all everyone’s good a something.

    But can’t we assign them a name other than Democrats? That part really bugs me.

  95. Bostonboomer,

    Thank you for the Clive Crook link. It’s an acknowledgement of us PUMAS.

  96. Obama, who is calling whom a pig!
    We have a powerplay and BO you are missing a player!
    Go Sarah!

  97. Ha, Tweety said Sarah could be getting al lot of votes from “what we call PUMAS”!

  98. myiq2xu, you speak truth.

    Dang it. The unity pony bolted, the barn door is closed, and all that’s left is this dead donkey on the stable floor. It’s getting kind of ripe. And who’s going to clean up the mess?

    You know, what’s really going to get my goat (since it’s all I have left after the pony and the donkey) is when the dust settles, no one will take responsibility for all this. Not a single BO campaign warrior, not an “A-list” blogger, not one Obama Girl. And there was more at stake than the Democratic party for me — this extravaganza seems to me the wholesale discrediting and cooptation of “progressive” politics in this country. To be fair, progressivism was running pretty thin, but it has still been painful watch the stake driven through its heart.

    Bottom line: I don’t believe a word these people say anymore. The Nation, MoveOn, some feminists I deeply admired. They all seem like opportunistic, jingoistic phonies now, not even rising to the level of kool aid drinkers. I realize that new grassroots movements grow where the lawnmower of self-absorbed arrogance passes by, and in time, I may look back on all this with better perspective and see some sense in it. But right now, I just want to mandate that every “pundit” work in a soup kitchen for six months and stop yelling at me from the teevee.

  99. I have been wondering why Obama, candidate for the presidency (who’s not exactly) insists on attacking the republican vice presidential candidate that is only generating a backlash. Is it in preparation on future attacks on McCain’s health/age and the real possibility of Palin becoming president? In which case, Palin’s readiness to govern is relevant to the debate? Are they going to attack McCain’s mortality directly or would it be indirectly by emphasizing Palin’s being only “a heartbeat away” from the presidency?

  100. […] 10, 2008 · No Comments River Daughter: The Obama bloggers already sacrificed their credibility with “Panty-Sniff 2008,” wherein they […]

  101. I find myself sexually attracted to leafy vegetables

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  102. Yeah, this should play well with Hillary’s already-miffed 18 million supporters

    “You can put lipstick on a pig,” he [Obama] said to an outbreak of laughter, shouts and raucous applause from his audience, clearly drawing a connection to Palin’s joke. “It’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still going to stink after eight years.”

  103. Ram it, jjb. I’ve been voting for liberal interests since you were a gleam in your old man’s eye.

  104. Can I just say: I despise Alan Colmes? He is such a nitwit.

    Huckabee is on H&C, and he AGREED that Obama didn’t mean that pig joke as a slam against Palin. C’mon people. We have SEEN this gimmick by Obama before. It’s exactly the same thing as the brush off his shoulder, or the Annie Oakley line. How can anyone think that was a coincidence? It was one of the most talked about lines in her entire speech. This is really becoming vaudevillian. Then Biden says that putting Palin on the ticket is a step BACKWARD for women.

    Sheesh. Bring out the hook…

  105. I have a really small penis.

    (edited to conform with “Truth-in-Advertising” laws)

  106. “I know my words will fall on deaf ears. I can say it loud and clear:


    I’m hesitant to say this since I’m not a supporter of Obama, but I think you’re right on the money. The right learned this when they tried to slander Obama as a Muslim, etc.

    It’s hard to promote change in politics when you engage in the same old mudslinging, but particularly heinous with regard to family stuff.

    P.S. I thought the picture was funny, but my sense of humor deviates significantly from the norm.

  107. I think the “pig” statement from Obama was quite intentional. And Republicans would be smart to blow it out of proportion.

    I think that column from Financial Times was really quite remarkable.

  108. Don’t bother. They won’t listen. I think the koolaid stops the ability to understand logic or reasoning.

  109. The donkey was a female and had to be killed so it wouldn’t turn on him.

    As for how they will win in Nov….they have been registering people like crazy, why sometimes they register the same person four or five times!! Now that’s committment!.

    The question is whether or not enough localities will start requiring picture identification to vote. We just always have and assumed that it was a no-brainer, that everyone did. Then again, our county has had optical scanner voting for decades and a paper trail, so I keep having to realize that most other places are screwed up when it comes to voting.

    Acorn is the top group for questionable registration scams and they have been caught red-handed a number of times. Usually when they try to re-register a voting official and it draws unwanted attention. The reason being given for fighting the identification requirement is that it would put a burden on the elderly and handicapped. Excuse me, but those are the two groups of people most likely to already be getting government assistance, and are, therefore, the groups most likely to already have government provided picture id. Can’t get anything from the government without it. So, there must be some other pressing reason why the Dems. are fighting that move so hard.

  110. The shake-up at MSNBC has had repercussions. This morning I saw that Fox was running the BO speech, as a major policy speech on education, so I assumed that CNN was also running it, that being the case for the last eight months.

    Lo and behold, CNN was running McCain-Palin. How unusual, it has to be blow-back from the mess at MSNBC.

  111. Agreed, and if you want to check out some really awful Obot Comments take a look at the ABC Blog – News Article by Jake Tapper –
    “Obama Says McCain Is Offering Fake Change: ‘You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig, But It’s Still a Pig’
    September 09, 2008 6:10 PM.”

    For some reason, Jake Tapper attracts a most rabid group of Obots. It is amazing that the ObamaNation does not realize how their hysterical ranting is just moving more folks to choose to vote McCain/Palin or at the very least making it impossible to vote for NoBama.

    It just brings back all the memories and feelings about how badly Hillary was treated.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama deliberately means to make these outrageous comments. The “finger” gesture that he made to Hillary in the Primary, the brushing off of his shoulders and all the rest of the vicious remarks, gestures and arrogant “looking down his nose” is just more of the same Obama style politics.

    ObamaNation practices “Fear and Smear” tactics and then Obama acts like the innocent victim. Obama was bad enough in the Democrat Party Primary, he is even more full of himself and his narcistic delusions as the candidate for POTUS.

    PUMAs Will Change The Outcome Of This Election!!!
    Women Empowering Democracy!!!

  112. My mom and dad are brother and sister

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  113. Oh, no. Obama’s 14 supporters are going to sit out the election? WE’RE DOOMED!

    We’re locking you in a regular supermarket and depriving you of arugala until you shape up.

  114. Warrior princess,
    You are absolutely correct about how ObamaNation is attempting to steal the Election for POTUS.

    Rampant but selective voter fraud such as the fraud committed in the Democrat Party Primary Caucuses could win the POTUS for NoBama (if left unchallenged).

    Donna B. learned her lessons well from Karl Rove. Obama learned his tactics from Saul Alynsky who promoted ‘doing whatever works; even if it is unethical – after all this is a NOBama Revolution.’

    I have seen advertisements over the last few weeks in the “Help Wanted” section of the Philadelphia Inquirer seeking workers to “register voters for Obama” and the NoBama campaign is that blatant about their intent.

    PA is a very important State in this Election and adding thousands of bogus voters to the Voter Roles could make a difference in the outcome of the Election.

    After reading Dr. Lynette Long’s analysis of the Voter Fraud in the Dem Primary, see

    and also seeing the trailer for the film,
    “We Will Not Be Silenced.” at


    I became convinced that ObamaNation is capable of carrying out any and all despicable actions to win (at any cost).

    ObamaNation can only be stopped if their illegal and unethical tactics are exposed.

    PUMAs are exposing ObamaNation and so I believe that NoBama will be defeated!!

    Thanks to ALL PUMAs EVERYWHERE!!

  115. Robert,
    Welcome to the REAL WORLD!!!
    People here think for themsleves and so you just are not going to be able to understand that fact!!

    Women Empowering Democracy
    Country Over Party
    PUMAs RULE!!

  116. Completely off topic, well not completely, but not specifically on the topic of this post. 🙂

    I found this site recently, via Suburban Guerilla via a comment of myiq2xu. I’m currently residing in the east coast megalopolis, but I have small town cred, growing up in the famed “T” of Pennsylvania. I’m a registered democrat (which makes sense when you want to have a voice in a city that has an entrenched “democratic machine”) but I’ve been leaning more conservative lately, largely because of the increasing elitism (or should I call it cluelessness?) of the Democratic party. I voted Gore 2000, but Bush 2004 – god forbid that I would change horsemen mid apocalypse. Anyway, that’s who I am.

    In case you guys are interested, it appears that Obama is going to be on Letterman tomorrow (Wed) night. I find that Dave has becoming almost intolerably political lately, but I may watch anyway. Did anyone else see him interview Dr. Phil the other night? I was ready to reach through the tv and punch him. I’m not sure that I have the exact quote, but he asked something like, “why didn’t Sarah Palin talk to her daughter about sex outside of marriage”? WTF?? And now we’re assuming what Sarah did or didn’t teach her daughter? And worse yet, we’re making these assumptions because the kid didn’t necessarily follow her mom’s advice? I was so annoyed that I wrote a letter to the show. First time I ever did that, but it felt good. It also felt good when Dr. Phil gave Dave a bit of a smackdown.

    Anyway, nice to be here. This should prove to be a very interesting year.

  117. Hey, Melissa. I love Dave, have every since I was a little insomniac kid, but he’s getting on my last nerve lately. Everytime he says something about palin and experience, I want to ask, “Are you unaware of who the Democratic nominee is?” I’m glad Dr. Phil (who I’ll admit I can’t stand) smacked him down becuse I reached for the ff the minute Dave brought Palin up.

    He also pushed the idiotic “pledged delegates” talking point for months as well. One of Dave’s big lines is “I don’t know anything about politics,” and it’s like, you’re right, you don’t, so shhh. 🙂 I blame the writers! I can’t wait for Obama to lose so I can go back to watching Dave, Colbert, and Stewart.

  118. Seriously, on September 10th, 2008 at 12:53 am Said:
    Oh, no. Obama’s 14 supporters are going to sit out the election? WE’RE DOOMED!

    We’re locking you in a regular supermarket and depriving you of arugala until you shape up.


  119. alice said, “new grassroots movements grow where the lawnmower of self-absorbed arrogance passes by”

    Beautifully put.

  120. Janis @7:11 pm: I wonder if Sarah Palin is same sort of surprise on the Republican party?

  121. The New York Times is saying that Obama is hurting for money, also that he will be going to London of all places for a fundraiser. I don’t know about you but I don’t want the Brits to be running this country! Obama keeps promising all kinds of things, but never tells how he will carry out those promises. The American people will be suprized when he can not come tru with done of those promises! Obama is becoming a laugh!

  122. Poor dead donkey. It drank the kool-aid!

  123. The Dems really do prefer losers; Bill Clinton took them entirely by surprise in 1992. (He took everyone by surprise.)

    I have to agree on that one entirely. I remember when the line on Big Dawg was that he really wasn’t a small state governor, but a slick Washington insider (slick willie came from the dems first). there was an effort to knee cap him because he didn’t caucus in Iowa (now I know why) but once he got into super tuesday and the big swing state primaries the leadership knew they couldn’t really stop the juggernaut. they thought they were going to get to control him once he got in and of course that backfired on them and they have been secretly rejoicing everytime the MSM and GOP attack them. they just found another lackey to do it for them this time around.

  124. […] Whose Side Are These People On? (by myiq2xu at The Confluence ) […]

  125. you just edit people’s entries? get a life, oh my god – you people act you like want to “engage” but you just want to sit around and agree with each other. i mean, it’s fine, i don’t give a flying f*ck, but I’m surprised at the immaturity… I’m not attacking anyone, btw, I’m not that kind of person – I was just interested in some dialogue; I mean, wow – penis size? Tsk, tsk.

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