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Our PUMA Anti-Convention

Lady Boomer NYC as Miss Piggy Puma, courtesy of Gary and Mawm


Our PUMA Anti-Convention

“So, how’d it go at the Democratic Convention?”

I get that a lot from my family and friends. They know I had been working the entire year to get Hillary Clinton elected President while “raging against the machine,” and that I was going to Denver to protest. I replied,

“Ummm . . . good. . . . I, I wasn’t really at The Convention.

We were like . . . the Anti-Convention!”

Post-Denver, although still mourning for what could have been, most hardcore, grassroots Hillary supporters have moved on — in one way or another. They know, or are deciding, what they will do with their votes and/or their efforts. Will they work for one campaign or other at the top, or just support down-ticket candidates? They are mulling over whether to: vote nothing on top, vote third party, write in Hillary’s name, stay home, or cast a protest vote for John McCain. For most, that would be their first Republican vote ever, and they do not take it lightly. The only reason they would do it is to protest Barack Obama and Democratic Party leaders who subverted the democratic process and 18 million voters.

But I can’t fully move on yet. This story is roiling around inside me, unwilling to be forgotten. One week plus is old news, past prime, but I keep getting these “little messages.” Last week I ran into my neighborhood Brazilian Café and struck up a conversation with husband and wife owners, Marcello and Juliet. I’d been socked away in my “Puma Den” for the last six months, making rich stove top espressos at home on the cheap.

Marcello asked, “I heaven’t seen you for a while. Where have you bean? What have you been doing?”

I hesitated protectively, having lived undercover using my handle for so long that I had to consciously produce my real name in my head before saying it. “Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of writing most of the year, political writing. Do you know what blogs are? I have a blog and contribute to other sites and efforts.”

They continued the conversation as they scurried about their business, “Oh really, and who were you supporting for President?”

My personal self gulped inside my political self having been so underground and divided, “Actually, I was supporting Hillary Clinton, working to get her elected. I still support her and believe she would make the best President.”

They both jumped to attention and gravitated back to the counter to face me, “Really? We’re for her too!”

(See why I can’t stop?) “That’s great,” I cooed, as I came clean, telling them about my blog and links to others, our efforts prior to and during Denver, and our work to ensure a roll call, a floor vote, and a record of the truth about this election.

They pointed out to me, “It’s just like 2000, Gore and Bush!”

“Right!” I answered, “and now from our own. It seems so much worse that way. Did you know that Democrats have a weird gene that makes them eat their own?”

They laughed. We talked about the delegates. They had seen the same things that Puma and Just Say No Deal Coalition members have been uncovering, observing, highlighting, and shouting about all year long: the subversion, bullying, and undemocratic processes. They could not believe when they saw the vote halted and delegates switched. “We voted. We went in and pulled the lever. Why should we even bother?”

“I KNOW. How do they do it in Brazil?”

“We vote. It gets recorded. Somebody gets elected. That’s it.”

“Wow, that simple. You mean one person one vote? I am committed to working for that in our country.  And to think that our soldiers and young people are dying in other countries to fight for a democracy that we don’t even have!”

As people began to line up, I moved to leave. They didn’t want me to go and would have continued.

Civic Center Park, Denver, CO

My Denver Surprise

The biggest revelation of my trip, despite everything we’d done all year and any possible outcomes we’d imagined, is that many people are only now becoming aware of the election. They have not heard the story of what really happened . . . or they saw something go by and didn’t quite believe their eyes . . . or they absorbed it and are slowly beginning to wake up.

To the young-looking 50 year-old Denver mom of two teens seated next to me on the outbound plane, who asked what I’d been doing there, and upon hearing it replied:

You know, my husband and I watched the Rick Warren town hall meeting with Obama and McCain. Did you see it? We heard Obama say something, and the day before he’d said the exact opposite. Well, we’re Christians, she intimated, implying they’re people of their word. I turned to my husband and said, ‘did you hear that?’

To the tattooed young performance artist, an Obama supporter, who listened respectfully as I carefully talked to him about what really happened in this election. To the young woman who listened intently, as we rode the uniquely silent electric shuttle.

To the Hillary delegate from a Hillary state, who was I “accidentally” seated next to after missing my connection due storms over Dallas. We chirped for the entire ride. She planned to cast her first ballot for Hillary, but then switch to Obama. I wonder now how she actually cast that ballot? She had a resolute personality, and, despite lots of grief from the black community, stood firm in her support of HRC. She did not agree, however, that the Superdelegates had endorsed too soon based on Party pressure. She thought they had merely done their jobs.

To the youth of all races and nationalities, whom I met traveling to Hillary events — especially the young African American women who had grown up in solidly Democratic households, their entire families dedicated to the Clintons, proudly displaying their photos on the wall. These strong young people felt bashed and abandoned by their peers and their Party, yet stood strong in their commitment, and decided to go work for McCain in early June before school started in the Fall. They did not tolerate well their heroes being thrashed.

If the media, blogs, the campaigns, and politicians have moved on, the electorate has not. The story isn’t finished — and to some, it hasn’t been told yet.

Maryland Puma and crew setting up headquarters

I’ll Meet You In Denver

I went to Denver to represent — myself, the movement, and you! Any of you who wanted to go but couldn’t for one reason or another, I was there for y-o-u. I hadn’t planned on going, but a friend encouraged me to do so, saying, “It’s an experience of a lifetime.” To tell you the truth, what with the pre-convention buzz about cages, warehouses, diarrhea-producing gas bombs, police in riot gear, and Recreate ’68, (being old enough to remember Chicago in 1968), I was scared to go.

Puma PAC‘s “Murphy” encouraged me to help with the live-blogger effort, lineup call-ins to the radio shows, protest, speak at The Beautiful Protest/The Rise, and contribute to our efforts in general — all my honor and pleasure.

No matter the immediate outcome, Pumas made a difference that is yet reverberating. We helped shape the conversation and message that played out in the media — locally, nationally, and internationally. I will continue to tell the stories that have not been told. I get why my bubbie (Yiddish grandma — yeah, Donna, I have one too), used to tell me bedtime stories of the Old Testament. Although I used to squirm like hell, by teaching them to me, they would not be lost.

Colorado State Capitol Building

Rocky Mountain High

Let me say that Denver is a beautiful city. I hadn’t been there, except to the airport hub. Well, unless I count the ride I got during the summer of 1970 when I was hitching and two cops picked me up. I  was tripping at the time, but speaking well and remember it still. They asked me to describe what LSD was, why people took it, and why some kids were jumping out of windows. I did my best to describe things from my spiritual and honest 23 year-old viewpoint. They listened with interest and respect and dropped me off at my destination.

In yet another 2008 strange twist of fate, all my fears of being caged by the cops (sounds kinky, doesn’t it?) were allayed when the headquarters that Murphy found were directly across the street from Denver’s police station complex. They became our protectors, greeting us as we walked by, immediately realizing that we were not the ones they were looking for. Cops did confront some of the militant protesters at the Pepsi Center, trapping innocent bystanders in the fray. Due to hiring so damn many just in case, they seemed to have spent many stifling hours in riot gear in the midst of a heatwave.

Puma blogger pool

Puma PAC Headquarters: From Virtual To Reality

On Sunday, August 24, we were setting up headquarters, many of us meeting for the very first time after having been an active and energized virtual community on behalf of Hillary Clinton for the last six months. It was exciting! We were a busy beehive, with a plethora of media outlets looking to harvest honey. Bloggers set up their laptops into a computer bank, people made signs, set up and bought Hillary gear including, tee shirts, buttons, stickers, bracelets, and more. We talked about our upcoming events and schedules, and our ongoing efforts to have all the delegates’ votes counted properly at the Democratic National Convention. Isn’t that just an odd thing to have to write or say?

Puma PAC founder, Darragh Murphy, being interviewed

With news being produced so quickly, we were not watching it, we were making it! At any given time there were several media outlets from anywhere in the world at headquarters. We didn’t get to see the results of our efforts, but Charles Lemos at By The Fault captured some stories here. (Readers, please add links) PUMAS were the story of the Convention. How could we NOT be? We were the unpredictable — as Murphy says, “the ones no one was expecting!”

Sunday ended with the movie premiere of “The Audacity of Democracy,” which recounts the systematic corruption of the democratic process in the 2008 Democratic primary election. This fabulous Puma PAC event was attended by local, national, and international press, and Puma/Just Say No Deal coalition members.

Puma protester being interviewed on the march

Marching To MSNBC

Monday, August 25, we held our protest march through the 16th Street Mall, a beautiful outdoor walking mall lined with restaurants and shops. It was hotter than hell in Denver, and people were in for the Convention, so the place was packed like on a weekend. We were joined all along the route by dozens and dozens of reporters, who had to keep pace with us to get their story or photos. I was joined by a well-suited young man from WA. I’d handed him a Puma HQs flier and asked him to join us after he declared he was a Hillary delegate. He stayed with us all the way, never removing his jacket and tie despite the heat.

Hundreds of people rose out of their patio chairs, ran out of restaurants, and stopped whatever they were doing to jump up and capture our protest. Professional photographers and videographers appeared out of nowhere. Cars and trucks would honk ‘n wave. We were seen and noted. My sense was that no matter which side was observing us, we appeared as a force, a committed phenomenon, as if, “there go those Pumas we’ve been hearing about.”

MSNBC’s kiosk

As we reached our destination, MSNBC’s outdoor media stage at Union Station, they were preparing for Chris Matthews and Mike Barnacle to broadcast. We Were the Action and the crew began to turn around their huge camera and 10-foot boom to capture us, as we declared,

No more bullying! Count our votes! Stop delegate intimidation!

Although they were equal in people power and had some loud guy voices, Obama supporters were no match for us as they tried to shout us down. All they could do was insert a “get over it” or “he won” on the off-beat.

Pagan Power stirs up the heavens (yes, folks, Pagan’s a guy)

Speaking Our Purpose, Envisioning the Future

That evening “The Beautiful Protest/The Rise event,” was held in Cheesman Park. Sponsored by Puma PAC, it featured speakers, including Dr. Saharra Bledsoe, riverdaughter, and many others including yours truly.

In the 1960s, I was compelled to help build a spiritual community/commune, and devote my life to a vision and mission larger than myself, for sake of creating a better world. It was the only clear path I could choose. At the time I felt, how could I not? In this 2008 election year, I was also compelled in that same way — to speak out for Hillary and our country. How could I not?

People have died for democracy, for the right to have a voice in their government. When one-half of the maternal side of my family — everyone but my grandma and her aunt — was exterminated in Nazi Germany because people stayed silent in the face of injustice, how could I not speak up in a free country? How could I witness these present day acts and remain silent? I can no more support a stolen election perpetrated by my own party than I could in 2000.

Beyond Obama & Co.’s shallow, copycat, wavering policies, demeaning primary season conduct, and perpetration of misogyny, the source of my continued protest and conscientious objection is the complete subversion of Fair Reflection.

BJ, Sheri, and Robin

You Still Have Friends?

The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us . . . that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

— President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Nov. 19, 1863

I am not equating our struggle with the brave, momentous Civil War, nor suggesting that we freed slaves, nor that death occurred — unless you count the democratic process. However, the principles of our cause are serious, and we are dedicated to preserving our government by and for the people. Families and friends are similarly, painfully divided. I basically live in the closet with my leanings, avoiding mental-emotional reprisals from family and friends. My grown kids think I’ve lost half my mind.

We were in Denver to make sure that the winning candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the 18 million voters who cast their vote for her were represented. We were there to bear witness to the way our votes had been distorted and the people’s good will had been intentionally manipulated and discarded, and the way the winning candidate was abandoned and abused by her Party. And for what? Money? Power?

Can you remember any election — and I can’t in my baby boomer lifetime — when you were afraid to walk down the street for fear of being pushed, punched, stomped, shouted at, had a finger shoved in your face, your sign torn from your hands or your front lawn? For what? Because you wore a tee shirt, button, or carried a sign in support of a political candidate? I’m undercover, but many Pumas are not, and found themselves treated thusly. Can you remember when caucuses and voter registration drives were rife with coercion and pressure from within one’s own Party? Can you remember a woman, former First Lady, sitting Senator, or Presidential candidate who was treated with such disrespect?

WomenCount.org’s Jehmu Green

Honoring Women

On Tuesday, August 26, 2008, we had to decide between several events because Hillary was scheduled to be at a few leading up to her convention speech that evening. I began with the DNC Women’s Caucus, attended by thousands of women, and heard Donna Brazile praise Obama and talk about her momma, Clinton loyalist Tina Flournoy eulogize Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Emily’s List President, Ellen Malcolm, and the Catharine Harris-like, slithering, Alice Germond also spoke.

We left after hearing that Hillary would be speaking at two luncheons that day, reasoning that she likely wouldn’t attend the praise Obama Women’s Caucus. With four events at once, instead of donning white outfits for the Rise Hillary Rise 160th Suffragette Anniversary walk, we opted for the WomenCount.org luncheon with Hillary and other Democratic women leaders. Congresswoman, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, who had died suddenly the week prior, had helped conceive of the luncheon and was to appear with Hillary. Stephanie was remembered for her strong spirit and support of women.

Chelsea Clinton appreciating her mom

We were all delighted to attend, and those of us with tickets were allowed to bring in other guests, so all were accommodated. The mood was generous. To me, this spirit was a continuation of the embodiment of Hillary’s campaign. She received resounding appreciation and expressed hers to us. Women candidates, including Jean Shaheen and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, spoke, Chelsea appeared with Hillary. I connected with Sheila Jackson Lee, met Alice Palmer who got Obama into politics before he threw her under the bus, and introduced myself to Women Count’s Jehmu Green.

Several of us then visited the “300 Petition” suite, an effort by the energetic and committed Michele Thomas and John West. On top of that petition, they were now organizing a new 20% petition, (826 of delegates), whose signatures were needed to ensure a roll call vote according to DNC rules. Several of our group hit the streets with that petition, and I returned to headquarters to blog about it.

Hillary Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention

August 26, 2008

Code Pumpkin: Hillary Makes History Again

That evening as we watched intently at Puma Headquarters, Hillary spoke eloquently and wore a pumpkin-colored silk pantsuit, the same colors as Women Count.org. It was the historic 160th  anniversary of women’s suffrage. She quoted riverdaughter’s phrase “the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits!” We delighted in that she’d been listening, and was responding and giving a h/t to our support and efforts. It was code.

On Wednesday afternoon, we ran down to the Hillary-friendly bar to watch the unexpectedly early, orchestrated, sham roll call vote on the Convention floor. We watched in amazement as CA, NM, and IL yielded, and Hillary threw her and NY State’s support to Obama. WTF? That evening, we again ran down to see Bill Clinton give his speech. My impression of the usually impassioned Bubba was that the words were there, but his characteristically pink face looked pale, his underlying demeanor was tepid.

What We Used To Call Home

Many Pumas left for home on Wednesday evening and Thursday, not wanting to subject themselves to the DNC’s Mile High spectacular embarrassment.

pieces of what

when the world has turned
paralyzed and wrong
cold blooded claws
never offered anything at all
past the point of love
shattered and untied
waiting to pick up the pieces
that make it all alright

but pieces of what
pieces of what
pieces of what
doesn’t matter any more

moonlight on my floor
shining through the roof
they got the city surrounded
as if I needed proof
i forgot my fear
feelings on the rise
burying all of the pieces
falling from the sky

but pieces of what
pieces of what
pieces of what
we used to call home
pieces of what
we used to call home

when i drank your tea
and shallow water still
at the belgian gates
i waited for my meal


On September 2, 2008, I published Null and Void, a comparison and analysis of the 2008 Presidential delegate count vs. the roll call vote at the Convention. A delegate added a comment that the vote commenced an hour earlier than planned. There were some delegations and Edwards delegates that had even tried to change their votes to Hillary but were not allowed to do so, with deadlines being constantly changed. Alegre has cross-posted Part 1 from Ricki Lieberman’s Electability Watch email accounts by delegates and others. Sheri Tag on her 9/7/08 PUR (Puma United Radio) show, “No We Won’t,” and Riverdaughter also expose more of what the delegates were subjected to by the Obama campaign.

The hollowing out of what was formerly known as the Democratic Party was as complete as that of a Halloween pumpkin. The Party we used to call home had kicked us out, and only now are they beginning to notice they miss us.

Still Here

The thing is, like Hillary, we’re a bunch of fighters! Beyond a common goal to expose the unparalleled injustice, fraud, and misogyny of the 2008 primaries starting at the top, we are committed to reforming The System and MSM. (I can’t believe how Repub that sounds, but it goes for both parties.) Our diligence in Denver of purrs, prowls, pounces, and growls left their mark on the world, and are reverberating in the difficult descent of Obama. Hillary said all along that she was the one who could win the electoral college. History will show that she was right.

I am not bitter, I am better — Bettie’s Chevie


[cross-posted from Lady Boomer NYC]

[h/t to V for his awesome audio assistance]


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  1. I hope there was lots of alcohol and profanity involved.

  2. This is why McCain/Palin need to be the winning ticket:

    Hot Off the Presses!

    CNN – “Enron investors split record $7.2B settlement
    In the largest settlement in the history of U.S. securities fraud cases, Enron shareholders and investors will split more than $7.2 billion from financial institutions accused of playing a role in the energy giant’s downfall. U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon in Houston, Texas, also granted attorneys’ fees in the amount of 9.52 percent of the recovery, or approximately $688 million, plus interest.”

  3. LBNYC- It is very hard to move on. Everybody is talking about the general, I haven’t gotten over the primary. Hillary brought the real hope for America and now I feel we are headed for another 4 years of uncertainty. It is still very hard to wrap my brain around what went on in this primary, i keep hoping to wake up from the bad dream, or the B movie says “THE END”!!!

  4. wow, thank you so much for this. very moving, wish I could have been there.

  5. Wonderful, RD. We will not be silenced. and we will stop this from happening again in our country and our party.

    We are young, but we will grow.

    PUM HAKA 👿

  6. Shoot, I meant LadyBoomer, not RD. It’s late here, brain futz.

  7. The pic of Hillary made me misty eyed ..What you did was no less than making history …I am proud of you all so very much and grateful to have been even a small part of it in any way …


  8. Thanks for the great post.

    I was there in Dever at the Puma Den and it brought back “fond” memories.

    I complimented you on a post you made right after the suspension speech…we looked, but couldn’t find it.

    At any rate, keep up the great work. My PUMA bumper sticker is on my car alongside my Hillary sticker. Puma bracelet on the arm, and spreading the word of the JustSayNoDeal coalition to whomever will listen.

    Hillary 2012

  9. Lady Boomer, your diary makes an excellent bedtime story. The illustrations are great; and I love seeing the simple, Mission-style setting of the PUMA den in Denver.

    Much is familiar here. In fact, just the other day, after yet another mad dash to school in hopes of beating traffic and the tardy bell, I told my son that my new mantra would be “better, not bitter”. Nice to see I’m thinking like a PUMA.

    time to dream…..

  10. Thanks for the post. In a way I’m glad I wasn’t there. It was hard enough seeing it on t.v.

    I don’t have a lot of hope for the Democratic Party.

    Mountain Sage

  11. Thanks for the lengthy post of particulars, LadyBoomer. There seemed to be an assumption by PUMAs attending the convention that those of us back home knew what was being planned, who was participating, and, generally, what was going on. That was not the case. I still don’t know if PUMA and The Denver Group were allies in the roll call effort, and I’m still somewhat confused as to how delegate contacts were established between PUMAs and Hillary delegates. Still, it seems that the visibility of PUMA was an important element of the convention, and that’s a useful beginning for all of us.

  12. Thank you for the moving post. I agree, it is difficult to move on after such a trauma. It is bittersweet, isn’t it, to continue to find more and more Hillary supporters in the woodwork after we were duped to believe they were non-existent. I see it all of the time.

  13. Thanks!!

    I’ve got some photos to link…somewhere…and even most of RD’s speech at the Rise on audio, if I can figure out how to get it off my IPhone.

  14. This was wonderfully written. It was full of pain, with an undercurrent of power. That also describes the PUMA movement and each PUMA member. We have each been cut deeply by events this year, but we will not give up and we will not bow down. Each time a person says to us, “Oh, you supported her, too?”, we become stronger and more powerful. When November arrives, we will see the fruits of our labor; if Obama loses, we will have prevailed. If he wins, which isn’t likely, we will know what work lies ahead of us in the coming four years. But until that time comes, LBNYC, “PUMA Anti-Convention” has been printed out and will lay on the stand beside my bed so I can read it each night. We will come back in November, stronger than ever, and avenge the wrongs.

  15. wow!

    I thought it would be great to be in Denver with all of you. Then when the floor votes were done, I knew it would have broken my heart to be close to the crime.

    Thank you for telling your story.

  16. For months now “WKJM” has meant “whoever kidnapped Josh Marshall”

    So how do we abbreviate “Whoever kidnapped Jeralyn Merrit?”

  17. Trolls on the old threads, as usual

  18. myiq — I think we’ll just have to go with WKJM2. I was thinking about this the other day. If I knew how to make the squared character 2, I’d use that.

    It’s sad.

  19. There is going to be a women’s backlash from this that no one is going to forget any time soon.

    Thank you for the first-hand account. I want to read as many primary accounts of events as I can. I encourage all eyewitnesses to set down what they lived.

  20. LBNYC, this was a great post. I was in Denver and am SO glad I spent the money and went although I couldn’t really afford it. It was a very fun time and at the same time very serious. It meant a lot to me to be able to meet so many of you hard working and dedicated Hillary supporters. I have vowed to work hard in the years to come to preserve the democracy that our forefathers gave us through their many sacrifices.

  21. Christy Hardin Smith is a member of the “Feminism is only for Democratic women” club now too.

  22. myiq2xu said: “So how do we abbreviate “Whoever kidnapped Jeralyn Merrit?””

    Simple, WKMD. The MD is for Mommy Dearest. Or you can just call her MD. Well, she has been going after posters who say anything negative about the ONE. She may not have said not to use wire coat hangers specifically, but I think she thought it. Many of the former posters at TL have gotten together, and that’s what we’ve come up with. 🙂

    Nice article of the events, and great pictures.

  23. Grayslady: “There seemed to be an assumption by PUMAs attending the convention that those of us back home knew what was being planned, who was participating, and, generally, what was going on. That was not the case. I still don’t know if PUMA and The Denver Group were allies.”

    Grayslady, imagine the most chaotic situation you can. That is what was going on with the delegates. Our state chair (Tennessee) told us nothing. The ‘official whips’ for the Hillary delegation told us nothing. We were given mis-information and no information. Rumours were flying among the delegates. The Obama delegates from our state avoided the Hillary delegates – perhaps some have a conscience and know that a great injustice was perpetrated.

    I did go visit the PUMA den but didn’t have time to make much connection with anyone there. However, my daughter was with me and she went back to visit several times and went to the rally and bought bracelets and shirts for both of us.

    It was difficult for the PUMA leadership to make connections with the delegates because we were in hotels all over the area and spread out far and wide.

    I also visited the HRC 300 office to pick up the “300” pin. The “whips” gave us no information and one admitted BEFORE the vote at the hotel on Wednesday morning and BEFORE Hillary released her delegates, that she would be a turncoat and NOT cast her vote for Hillary. Tennessee code (Section 2-13-307) which can be found at “www.findlaw.com” requires Tennessee delegates to remain faithful to their pledged candidate through two ballots, thus several people broke the law. Mostly people who are thinking about their own political aspirations and hoping not to make enemies within the Party. I say PRINCIPLE BEFORE PARTY – the new slogan of the Denver Group.

  24. Valhalla said:

    myiq — I think we’ll just have to go with WKJM2. I was thinking about this the other day. If I knew how to make the squared character 2, I’d use that.

    It’s sad.

    Let’s see if this works: ²


  25. You use the ampersand & plus the word sup and the number 2 followed by a semicolon, all together.

  26. WKJM@+sup2;

  27. Thank you, Lady Boomer for the beautiful telling of the “Denver Story – the PUMA Anti-Convention.”

    PUMAs ARE making a DIFFERENCE!!!
    We are not just BETTER…we are AWESOME!!!

    It is very important that this story be told…it is NOT old news. What happened in the Primary and at the Convention is a burning TRUTH that must be shared!!

    PUMAs are telling the story…exposing the lies of the ObamaNAtion!!!

    Women Empowering Democracy!!

  28. WKJM@²

  29. WKJM&sup2:

  30. WKJM²

  31. We have a winner!


  32. Hee hee. Took you long enough. 🙂

  33. Well it doesn’t like my comments now.

    A list of symbols can be found here.


    I wasn’t sure if they’d work in wordpress or not.

  34. Whoa! Did the site just get displayed in a screwy way?

  35. Ha, yea, when I refresh, it displays but seems to still be loading, and when it’s done loading the page jumps. I think may be those superscripts aren’t lexicographically resolved until the very end. I think that’s the jump.

  36. http://www.americasright.com

    Philip J. Berg, Esq. filed a motion today at the US District Court in Philadelphia for expedited discovery and is seeking deposition of both Obama and Dean by the end of this month.

    “If Berg’s Motion for Extensive and Expedited Discovery, filed today, were granted, Barack Obama would be ordered to turn over the following items within ten days of the order:

    A “Genuine Certified Copy” of his “vault version” of his Birth Certificate.
    Any and all certificates or other registrations of birth from Canada, Kenya, the British Isles and the United States in the name of Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, and others.
    A “Certified Copy” of the U.S. Oath of Allegiance required to be taken in order to regain any U.S. Citizenship status.
    Any and all passport records including applications and travel logs connected with passports issued to Obama–or any previously used names–in Indonesia, Kenya, the United States and more.
    Any and all adoption records, including records detailing the adoption of Obama by his presumed Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, as well as his grandparents, the Dunhams.
    A copy of his FBI background check used in the vetting process.
    A copy of the “vault” version of his Birth Certificate from Kenya.
    Any and all applications for a social security number and replacement social security cards.
    Any and all applications and court documents detailing a name change.
    Within 20 days of the court order, should the motion be granted, Berg is also seeking other records which would provide a window into Barack Obama’s past, including but not limited to college applications and records from Occidental College, Harvard and Harvard Law School, Columbia University, the University of Chicago and any other schools to which Obama applied, as well as any applications for college grants and loans, copies of any college thesis papers or other essays written which could shed light on his life, background, heritage and childhood.”

  37. VAcardinal:

    You could be right. Those symbols were ISO code and maybe wordpress doesn’t handle them too well. When I hit the reload it looked like all the formatting was gone from the page. I shut down the browser, restarted and it came up okay.

  38. Does anyone else find it funny that there’s a Tony Stark and an Iron Man posting here?

  39. Dear Hillary Clinton,

    I am not a Democrat, I am not a Republican, I am actually for no particular party. I just vote for who my “heart” FEELS is right for our country at the moment after I hear all sides.

    HOWEVER, what I have seen in these elections has brought me to tears and distress beyond belief.

    I humbly ask you: RENOUNCE…RENOUNCE …RENOUNCE…to the principles your party has subjected you to.

    RENOUNCE…To the Sexism and Unfair treatment of qualified women.

    RENOUNCE…To the fact that they are calling us “Pigs” in a political disguise!!! When they call one woman in disguise…they are calling ALL Women!

    RENOUNCE…To the fact that they used you as the sacrificial Lamb and now “They” want you to go fight for them!!!

    I am just a simple woman, not political, not in any party BUT STILL A WOMAN…

    AND I AM HURT…and I don’t have the power that you have to “CHANGE THE WORLD VIEW”.


    YOU have fought for us and especially now….DO NOT STOP NOW!!!







    DO NOT Let these injustices go unheard or unknown in our future history books!

    OBAMA and his people are WRONG!!! And you should not be a pawn in their despicable sexist game.


    Like McCAIN SAID at the end of his RNC Speech:



    STAND UP AND FIGHT…or we are doomed!


    A woman

  40. […] [cross-posted from The Confluence] […]

  41. (I mean funny/amusing)

  42. My iq and fredster, Excuse me but why are you talking about this stuff in this thread? Sorry, but can you not?

  43. Just one comment from me – been at the blog radio station all night and also writing on my own blog since there are shakeups going on in NJ and NY and things are beginning to remind me of Jim Garrison serving people and then bad things happened to those people.

    #1 – LB thanks for the whole post, but in the whole sad scene there has to be at least one laugh, right? For me it was this:

    the Catharine Harris-like, slithering, Alice Germond also spoke.

    – Yes – that’s who she is!
    #2 – The legend on the back of the SUV about not bitter/better – I love it! All of us can say that including Hillary. We’ll always stick with her and we’ll all come back like a freight train.
    #3 – I am a teacher, and as the technology develops they offer training sessions and new programs etc. Many times I have heard the term “forever” connected with websites. But the technology changes, and it turns out that when you have been using the technology for 12 years or so you know that not only is nothing forever, but also that documentation can disappear of become inaccessible.

    It is important that all of the coalition blogs and websites be preserved and not be in danger of disappearing – for any reason – I can think of some corporate reasons why hosts might take servers down, but we are a danger to some inimical forces and should protect this whole record up here from sabotage. These blogs and websites are history now. All the bloggers and webmasters should take steps to protect and preserve this record – it is enormous and important.

    That’s all – I have to go to bed. Up at 6 and a late class tomorrow night.

  44. No problem…leaving now.

    Good bye.

  45. I’ve seen posted on a few blogs here, and I’ve posted in return, the concern that if you vote for John McCain, or abstain, you will validate the party’s platform, that by default, you support them.

    I will say it again, and I mean this sincerely because I don’t support the right wing faction of my party, if you plan to skip the top ticket, or you cast your vote for JM, write a letter to not only him, but to your local candidates saying I am PUMA, I voted for you, and I’m watching you. Copy your local candidates from State offices to your State U.S. Senator.

    Women represent 52% of the registered voters. 18,000,000 people voted for Hillary Clinton.

    Please don’t allow the extremists get full of themselves, make sure they know you are not supporting their agenda, you are voting against BO’s agenda.

  46. LBNYC, this post put me back in touch with the disappointment and frustration that I felt after the roll call fiasco. I have been without a connection to any real hope since then, just feelings of amusement or stupid vindication by Palin’s appearance & dismembering of Obama’s proverbial styrofoam stage setting. Not exactly a connection to the soul.

    My paternal side of the family all worked to help against the injustices in the middle of Nazi Germany, with dire consequences for them. They’ve all been gone from me since I was in my very early 20’s, but the injustices and atrocious behaviors we have witnessed during these primaries and all the way through this Democratic convention, brought me to feel very close to all of them. I guess, strangely, that’s something I’m spiritually thankful for.

    I appreciate your post very much. Great job.

  47. #
    Lady Boomer NYC, on September 10th, 2008 at 2:07 am Said:

    My iq and fredster, Excuse me but why are you talking about this stuff in this thread? Sorry, but can you not?

    One thing LBNYC: When has anyone ever enforced a rule about staying on topic here? Huh? And by the way you left out VA Cardinal. He/she started us when Jerayln’s name came up in a post.

    I cannot recall anyone being that pedantic about staying on topic of a post with their comments, but I will refrain in the future from commenting on anything you post.

  48. Still4Hill: I agree. Was thinking earlier that should Precious win the election – through trickery, most likely – he’ll probably try to find a way to get rid of us all.

    Maybe it’s time to go take a look at savetheinternet.com. Maybe he’ll just let the service providers zero out traffic to certain websites (like the PUMA-related ones.)

  49. Fredster, I’m new here, I don’t follow all the snark that goes around the blog world, and hesitated to make the request. Guess I left out VA Cardinal. The reason I made it is that I put a very lot of time in writing this post — like a week — and creating a mood about what happened in Denver. People were commenting about their feelings about the Convention — if they were there or didn’t end up going. I wanted to preserve that safety, which perhaps was too controlling or pedantic for you or this blog. My hesitation was that it would provoke a reaction, and frankly, I was relieved when you honored my request the first time without a problem. That’s all.

  50. Republican Woman, on September 10th, 2008 at 2:11 am Said:

    Wow, Republican Woman, you have a been a PUMA much longer than the rest of us. Thanks for the advice.

  51. LadyBoomer, sorry. Usually the last post of the day becomes the Late Night Insomniac Chit Chat Thread, but yeah, it’s obvious that you put a lot of work into this post, we can move chatting to the post down below. The Late Night crowd’s usually not that big on weekdays anyway unless you count trolls. 🙂

  52. Thank you, Lady Boomer, for the detailed remembrance, and thank you for being there!

    The picture of Hillary really tugged at me….such a beautiful shot.

    “Can you remember a woman, former First Lady, sitting Senator, or Presidential candidate who was treated with such disrespect?”

    I fear that the Dem Party’s acquiescence has lead us down a most disgusting path.

    Regardless of issues and policies, both Hillary and now Sarah Palin have been attacked in the most vile of ways.

    Have you seen the latest at Salon? And places like Newser and Hinessight are not only linking to the filth, but adding their own worse images.

    Here are some excerpts….brace yourself:


    Sarah is a dominatrix

    Hey, did you check out Palin’s rack? It’s party time in America!

    For the die-hard Republicans who lusted over Palin at the convention, her whip-wielding persona was a turn-on. You could practically feel the crowd getting a collective woody as Palin bent Obama and the Democrats over, shoved a leather gag in their mouths and flogged them as un-American wimps, appeasers and losers. “Drill, baby, drill!” (We will leave it to shrinks to determine whether the GOP hardcore has the hots for Palin because she’s reaming the Democrats, or because authority-worshippers tend to have secret fantasies of being reamed themselves.)

    Palin is a weird political novelty cocktail. Her bitter reactionary taste is disguised by tasty female flavoring, but after the first few sips, you know exactly what you’re drinking.

    McCain’s Palin Pinup Ploy was a masterstroke — no pun intended. But in the end, I suspect most Americans will be driven by their pocketbooks, not their pocket rockets. That is, unless the voters of this great nation turn out to be a herd of masochistic moose, yearning to be field-dressed.

  53. Thanks, Seriously. Appreciate the tip and your consideration.

  54. The reason I made it is that I put a very lot of time in writing this post — like a week — and creating a mood about what happened in Denver.


    LadyBoomer, you have my admiration in that. I know it is no small task…and that our actions must be remembered in this way.

    And, Seriously….ummmm, some of us night owls aren’t trolls!!! lol

  55. ladyboomer,
    Thanks so much to you and all who were there to witness first hand the sham. I’m sure it was very traumatic and every PUMA and Hillary delegate had to endure more fraud. We’re all feeling PTSD from this primary and all of you who made this trip are dealing with that and fatigue (jet lag and everyday life) too.

  56. You know, that’s how they do it down here in Australia also: you vote (compulsory) and there is a winner. No primary, no obnoxious spending, no beating down a very good candidate, and on and on and on.

    The next day the winner takes over the government. Easy-peasy.

    This season has really driven home how screwed up our Yankee system really is.

    Thanks for the recollection for us, LadyBoomer.

  57. RW is correct, so listen up!

    We have a unique chance this election to perhaps clean house and take back our own party from the crazies. But for those who plan to vote McCain, we also have a unique opportunity to let him know that he is being rewarded for stepping a little to the middle, more away from the neo-cons,, with the Repub party.

    Seriously, we could shift BOTH parties, not so much to center as toward SANITY. Toward listening to the vast swath of us reasonable folks on both sides, as opposed to catering to the narrow-interest “refuse to even discuss alternatives” loonies on BOTH sides.

    If we play our cards right, we may get BOTH parties thinking that maybe catering exclusively to the fringes is not such a good idea. That there might be something in it for them if they don’t.

  58. OFF TOPIC: BUT I GAG when she stands by HIM, (today in florida)—– TOO MUCH: I sent this to THEM (DNC), on behalf of PUMA:

    WITH ALL DUE RESPECT SENATOR CLINTON, throughout this ELECTION and since PELOSI has been the Majority Leader< The DEMS are VISIBLE.!!

    DEMS are in the WHITEHOUSE, they are the MAJORITY in CONGRESS< SENATE



    Preach for him as you will, We UNEDUCATED PUMA DEMS, know,—– The REPUGS ALONE, didn’t do this,

    YOU ALL did, in our HEARTS and “MINDS” (we have brains)——- SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, would have made the right CHANGE.


  59. “Hey, did you check out Palin’s rack?”

    These people are absolutely vile. I don’t understand how we’ve made any progress at all with a “creative class” like this. Can you imagine what it must be like to work at NBC News, or on Capitol Hill, or any high powered, white collar place of employment with these noobs?

  60. Wow, thank you all for your comments. I’m glad to hear that my recounting (pun intended) provoked something — good, bad, sad, mad.

    naoko’s delegate horror story of DNC and delegate deliberate disorganization reminded me of something unrelated, but that highlights a point. Last week, before Sarah Palin’s speech, a foreign press reporter told me Sarah was supposed to speak at 9:30 or 10:30 pm, (I don’t recall.) Whichever it was, sure enough she went on at that time. It really struck me when it happened, because of all the scrambling we had to do to find out when and where all the major Dem Con events were taking place, like um, Hillary and Bill’s speeches, and yup, the roll call and floor vote times.

  61. Re: sexist pigs: I’ve started watching Katie Couric when I can.

    Boycotting MSNBC, CNN, Oprah (and anyone I’ve left out) have begun to take their ratings tolls. Well, boycotting and some ass-kicking from those Repugs. I’m liking how this can work in the positive, by upping the ratings of supportive women.

  62. “Can you imagine what it must be like to work at NBC News, or on Capitol Hill, or any high powered, white collar place of employment with these noobs?”

    Seriously, no…I mean, just this week Tweety had on two dumbass white male commentators to discuss women voting for or against a black male candidate.

    Anything wrong with this picture? The Republican just kept giggleing and the Dem…accused those against Obama of being (ta-daaaa!) racist. Then bragged “there, I said it!” As if he’d added anything new or relevant.

    I know I would break down and SAY something if I worked in such a boneheaded climate.

  63. Good idea, Lady – upping the ratings of supportive women. You may want to add Greta to your list – she was fair to Hillary the entire primary season and has a PUMA husband!

    Oprah lost my respect ages ago and I started boycotting her show and magazine and website back then.

    MSNBC doesn’t come in down here in Oz so it wasn’t hard to boycott them on television but I rapidly got rid of my msnbc.com home page. When I found The Confluence, it became my new home page.

    CNN is mostly the international version down here so it doesn’t hurt so badly watching it.

    My world turned upside down the day I realized I was agreeing with most of the Fox analysts, especially Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly.

  64. Lady Boomer, you have given us your heart, as well as speaking a record of devotion and the spirit of democracy shared by so many PUMAs. Thank you for your beautiful words.

    Movements come into being in mysterious ways. The PUMA coalition will be remembered by so many of us as a lifesaving place of reason and of comfort. My progressive friends seem not to have questioned the whole process leading to Barack Obama’s nomination. They remain faithful to the democratic party, and thus to Obama. This is something I can never do. It took me several weeks after the rules committee’s travesty to find the PUMA blogs, and to find a community of caring, intellegent people who carried around with them the same ache I did.

    All that you and so many more have done prior to Denver, in Denver and now as we think about the future is worthy of the spirit of the Lincoln quotation. We shall not have been PUMAs in vain.

    As our candidates are wont to say after almost every speech, “God bless each and every PUMA who has stood up for democracy and God bless the United States of America.”

  65. I don’t know how to link, but I’ll give it a try. Here’s a message to the DNC/Obama for America Camp… It’s one of my favorites…

  66. Off-topic: the state of Georgia is preparing to execute a man whose guilt is highly dubious. Details at


  67. Yay! It worked!

    ‘what she knows, you ain’t had time to learn’ Best lyric ever.

  68. Kamiya article is pretty sad. Whine, whine, whine, the American people are dumb, whine, complain. If he’s so concerned about these things why doesn’t he write in a serious way instead of tossing off one issue after another (such as global warming) without even bothering to think about them?

    It seems the premise of his piece is that Palin was only brought in to conjure up people’s weird fantasies, and it’s like.. paging Gary Kamiya.. YOU ARE THE ONE DOING EXACTLY THAT RIGHT NOW.

  69. Ivory Pecker,

    Off topic my ass. I have GA in my name and you bring up a death penalty case in GA and direct me to a ACLU save the prisoner/victim at the last minute website? How about direct me to the scene of the crime?
    OT indeed. You must be missing TL.

  70. LB, please excuse my language. This is your post, delete if you want to.

  71. dg, on September 10th, 2008 at 4:14 am Said:
    “Kamiya article is pretty sad. …It seems the premise of his piece is that Palin was only brought in to conjure up people’s weird fantasies. . .”

    Another scavenger rolling in the putrid rotting carcass of the Democratic party. Just when we thought they were as low and scummy as they can get – they go lower. Vanity Fair brings us this piece of trash:


  72. You exposed the truth in Denver – more will come out.
    meanwhile, in this new WSJ/NBC poll – tie – women created a 23 point swing

  73. hey confluence friends I havent forgotten you but I will be mia nxt two weeks 10 sept to 23 sept as I take mom to her 50th class reunion I am hopefule my iowa trip will show me how the state will go on nov 4th. i promise to report back as soon as possible-love you all –
    if i can find a computer with a internet connection in “hooterville” where i am going i will try to report in

  74. Thank god for your presence in Denver. At least there is a record for all of the media to look back on in circumspect when Obama loses this election. They’ll attempt to say it was racism,but your words and interviews,along with the facts of what happened or did not happen on the convention floor tells the real story. They may try to ignore us now, but they’ll have some splainin’ to do after Nov 4.

  75. Check out this audio where Mike Gravel gives Pacifica and the Democrats ‘what for’ on Palin:

    it’s well worth the 9 minutes to listen to it all!

  76. This is a great post. It was informative but also so moving. It’s the post I want to send to my cousin who is having a hard time understanding my position. I don’t express myself this eloquently, but also he doesn’t really want to hear. In the POWER Of The POSITIVE NO, a book I read recently, the author Ury makes it plain that when you say NO to people who haven’t heard it from you in a while, they will go through all the stages of grief: anger, denial, etc. and that getting them to acceptance can be tough. Getting the Dem Party to accept that they screwed up, that their party faithful said NO, will take a while.

  77. Your post made me tear up, Lady Boomer.

  78. A wonderful heartfelt post LBNYC. I agree about the letting go thing, it is so hard for me. I have had family members who have “forgiven obama”. I just can’t do it, I can’t vote for him with good conscience and I won’t.
    Well at least dear old hubby is still a PUMA.

    The first hand accounts in the post were great, I so wish I could have gone. This post puts me there for a little while. Thanks for this one.

  79. Lady Boomer

    Thank you so much for going to Denver and sharing your story. I’ve been firmly stuck on angry since Super Tuesday (talk about exhausting!), but I shed tears over this post. Such a wasted opportunity.

    In hindsight, (after Hillary wins in 2012) maybe we can say it was for the best. At least it brought all the sexism to everyones attention.

  80. I have had family members who have “forgiven obama”.
    They probably don’t know the whole story. One can only be forgiven if there is no malice in one’s heart – these people were wretched, mean and loathsome. They full of themselves and hurtful to others.
    Berg’s suit got me thinking – for all we know BO is part of a huge cell here in the US – one of my friends (he’s 83) said it all looks like what he witnessed pre-WWII in Germany. Man this has some really scary implications. 😦

  81. If you haven’t already, you might want to read “The End of America” by Naomi Wolf. It puts it all in perspective

  82. ladyboomerNYC – thank you so much for this post. It is all I can do to try to keep up with reading about this election year as I have no time to myself but basically lunch time. I wanted to know more about what it was like in Denver and much appreciate you sharing your experience.

  83. #
    Lady Boomer NYC, on September 10th, 2008 at 2:26 am Said:

    <blockquote?Fredster, I’m new here, I don’t follow all the snark that goes around the blog world, and hesitated to make the request. Guess I left out VA Cardinal. The reason I made it is that I put a very lot of time in writing this post — like a week — and creating a mood about what happened in Denver. People were commenting about their feelings about the Convention — if they were there or didn’t end up going. I wanted to preserve that safety, which perhaps was too controlling or pedantic for you or this blog. My hesitation was that it would provoke a reaction, and frankly, I was relieved when you honored my request the first time without a problem. That’s all.

    I understand your concern about comments going off-topic. However, it’s not really been an issue here. Someone once wrote along the lines of “Oh this is an open-thread; like that’s been not stopped anyone before”, or something to that effect. Meaning, we tend to go off-topic here.

    Your post was excellent. I cannot imagine having been there in Denver to witness the mess that went on. That would have torn me apart. At this point I cannot say I’ve forgotten or forgiven what happened to HRC. That being said, I’m now more in mode to make sure the selected candidate does not win the general. I want this entire thing to blow up in the face of the DNC, i.e. Dean, Pelosi, and especially Brazille.

    I’ll apologize for going off-topic, but it’s something I’ve noticed tends to happen here.


  84. Ah shoot. Me and my html got screwed up again.

    I’m gonna try again.

  85. Lady Boomer NYC, on September 10th, 2008 at 2:26 am Said:

    Fredster, I’m new here, I don’t follow all the snark that goes around the blog world, and hesitated to make the request. Guess I left out VA Cardinal. The reason I made it is that I put a very lot of time in writing this post — like a week — and creating a mood about what happened in Denver. People were commenting about their feelings about the Convention — if they were there or didn’t end up going. I wanted to preserve that safety, which perhaps was too controlling or pedantic for you or this blog. My hesitation was that it would provoke a reaction, and frankly, I was relieved when you honored my request the first time without a problem. That’s all.

    I understand your concern about comments going off-topic. However, it’s not really been an issue here. Someone once wrote along the lines of “Oh this is an open-thread; like that’s been not stopped anyone before”, or something to that effect. Meaning, we tend to go off-topic here.

    Your post was excellent. I cannot imagine having been there in Denver to witness the mess that went on. That would have torn me apart. At this point I cannot say I’ve forgotten or forgiven what happened to HRC. That being said, I’m now more in mode to make sure the selected candidate does not win the general. I want this entire thing to blow up in the face of the DNC, i.e. Dean, Pelosi, and especially Brazille.

    I’ll apologize for going off-topic, but it’s something I’ve noticed tends to happen here.


  86. Thanks, Fredster, I just got back here.

    I appreciate your heartfelt apology, and thank you for your kind words about my post. No harm done. I hope you will make comments on my posts in the future, and I’ll try to wield my whip gently! (smile — I don’t know how to make the code smilies.)

    I had to catch up with writing my Denver record for posterity. I think I’m done now. For a slow and steady writer like me, it’s a chore keeping up with the plethora of flying info we’ve had all year!

    That said, I agree. Warrior paint is on! Although the selected is sliding into oblivion quicker ‘n quick sand, we take nothing for-granted.

    Hee-yahhh. Here we go!

    It’s almost time for “The Lion’s Share” on PUR.

  87. I love and admire Hillary Clinton.
    I will always love her.
    But I can’t have McCain-Palin in charge of the Supreme Court.
    I am not going to vote against my self interest because I love Hillary.
    When Obama is elected Hillary will be Secretary of State…or anything she wants.
    If McCain is elected he will still be laughing when somebody in the audience calls
    Hillary a bitch.
    No How-No Way- No McCain-Palin
    That is what Hillary has asked me to do. Tell me where I am wrong?

  88. Susan, You are never wrong to cast your vote as you see it. It’s yours, and you must do as your conscience dictates. You asked, so here’s my answer:

    If we learned anything at all this year, through his words, actions, deeds, and record, Obama is not a man of integrity nor of his word. He has no compassion nor heart. He is a man of dubious associations and character. He cannot state details of anything he will do. As recently as last night’s Bill O’Reilly show, he declared he’d get back to Bill on his policies and programs. If you think Obama will do anything he promises, and you vote for him because of those false hopes, I believe that you will be voting against your self-interest.

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