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Interview With Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney – Part I

You Said It, Sister!
You Said It, Sister!

And speaking of “uneducated old women…” The following is Part I of my email interview with the gracious, intelligent, fiery and fabulous feminist, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, after reading her book: “Rumours of Our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.” Part II will be posted tomorrow.

MadamaB: Your path to politics was far from direct. Could you share some of that journey?

CM: When I was growing up, I never dreamed of going to Congress. The options for women were very limited. I thought I would be a teacher, librarian or a nurse. Politics wasn’t even a possibility. I can remember reading an interview in Life Magazine with Margaret Chase Smith, Senator from Maine, that illustrates the thinking of women in politics when I was growing up. The interviewer asked Senator Smith what she would do if she woke up in the White House one day. She answered: “I’d apologize to Bess Truman immediately and leave.” It just shows how self-effacing a female politician had to be in those days – the idea that she might want to run for higher office was just too threatening. If you asked Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi what they would do, they’d have a list. It just shows how far we’ve come but, as I show in my book, not enough.

When I left college, I came to New York and became a teacher, teaching English as a second language to immigrant women in upper Manhattan. Within a year after I started, my program lost its funding. I was nominated by my colleagues to lobby the legislature to get the funding restored. I was successful, and my success got me noticed by the Department of Education, which hired me as a lobbyist. I soon realized that you can accomplish a lot more good by working for the legislature, so I became a staffer, first for the New York State Assembly and later for the New York State Senate. While I accomplished a lot as a member of staff, it soon became clear to me that you really have power only when you actually have a seat at the table as the elected official. So I ran for the City Council in 1982.

MadamaB: You have been a Congresswoman in New York since 1992. What prompted you to write this book now?

CM: During the years of Bush I saw a rollback, a stalling of progress on women’s issues, and in many instances an effort to roll back gains we had achieved in the ‘70s. I wanted to bring attention to the problems we continue to face and the danger that we might lose some of the civil rights protections we had struggled so hard to achieve – and more than that, I wanted to get women involved, to give them ideas of how they can work for change in their own communities. I wanted the book to serve as a wake up call, to galvanize women and like-minded men to take action to address some of the problems I talk about in the book.

MadamaB: The candidacy of Senator Hillary Clinton seems to have brought out an awareness that misogyny is far from dead in our society. Yet the press, and many national figures, refuse to admit it exists at all. Is that what inspired the title of your book?

CM: Conventional wisdom about how far women have come far exceeds how far we actually have come. 2008 will go down in history as the year we finally came face to face with the level of misogyny that still persists in American society. While it was awe-inspiring to see Hillary Clinton as a major party candidate, the number of attacks on her for being a woman was simply astonishing. It came from every direction – from the hecklers at rallies who held up signs saying “Iron My Shirt” to the netroots who created a website “Make Me A Sandwich” to the politicians who compared her to the villain in the movie Fatal Attraction and vilified her for not giving up her run for the White House. Most of all, it came from the media who treated us to a nightly attack: Her supporters were called castratos in the eunich chorus; one commentator said she was scary, castrating and that he involuntarily crossed his legs when she came into the room; another said that when she spoke, men heard “Take out the garbage.” If that’s what they thought about someone as accomplished, intelligent and gracious as Hillary Clinton, what must they be thinking of us?

When I started writing the book, some people said that Hillary’s ability to run as a serious candidate would make the book seem out of touch with reality. How could I say that our progress was exaggerated when one woman was Speaker of the House and another could be the Democratic Presidential nominee? Well, not every woman is a Nancy Pelosi or a Hillary Clinton, and most women I meet are struggling because of laws that do not support work/life balance, because they do not have health care, because they’re not paid the same as their male colleagues; or because they’ve spent a lifetime with a wage gap and now have to live in old age on social security and pensions that perpetuate that gap. I wrote the book for all those struggling women – and hopefully to inspire the next Hillary Clinton to throw her hat into the ring and join me in trying to change all that.

MadamaB: Did societal resistance to acknowledging sexism help you decide to make your book so reliant on empirical data?

CM: Sometimes you have to let the numbers make the case for you; otherwise critics dismiss the argument as being merely anecdotal. Anecdotes can illustrate a point, and I tell many individual stories, but the raw numbers make the point incontrovertible.

MadamaB: You begin each chapter with a quote from a famous woman. Ch. 2, “The Imbalance of Power,” begins with Bella Abzug’s statement: “Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an assistant professor. It is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly promoted as a male schlemiel.” That seems exactly right to me. Despite the infamous assertions of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, an ordinary woman still has to work twice as hard as a man to get the same job; is that not the case?

CM: Men and women tend to enter the workforce in equal numbers and relatively equal salaries. It’s not until they’re five years out that the disparities start to show up. Furthermore, according to a study I commissioned from the Government Accountability Office, the wage gap hasn’t narrowed a bit over the last twenty years. That fossilized gap isn’t because women lack talent or drive, ambition or experience. The GAO, which is not exactly known for rabblerousing or militancy, suggested that one reason might be discrimination. I asked the Joint Economic Committee, of which I am Vice Chair, to do a study about job loss among women – the study came out after the book was published, so it didn’t make it into the book. We found that women have reached equality in one place – job loss during a recession. While all those magazines were talking about the ‘motherhood movement’ and telling us that modern women were making the choice to stay home with their kids, they were missing the real story. The real story was that although women supply roughly 1/3 of the family income and their earnings were needed, women were staying home because they couldn’t get jobs. There was no ‘choice’ to stay home; they were making the best of a bad situation. The only families whose incomes have risen in recent years are those where both parents are working.

MadamaB: You bring up many ways in which corporations refuse to honor the women who work for them. One point is something I’ve never considered: the inability of women to breast-feed or comfortably express milk at work. Could you discuss that issue a bit?

CM: Experts tell us that breastfeeding provides significant benefits for both mothers and infants. Breastfed children have a lower incidence of sudden infant death syndrome, are less likely to suffer from ear infections and respiratory tract infections, have fewer digestive problems, less juvenile diabetes and may score higher on intelligence tests. Women who have breastfed are less likely to develop ovarian and breast cancer, have less risk of osteoporosis, recover more quickly from childbirth, return more quickly to their pre-pregnancy weight and have less risk of long-term obesity. It’s very hard for a woman to be able to continue to generate milk for her infant if she’s not allowed to express milk at work. So a lot of women either give up breastfeeding or give up returning to work. When women are allowed to express milk, they and their children are healthier. Healthier mothers and children means less absenteeism, which is good for the bottom line. Companies that allow women to express milk benefit from less absenteeism, greater retention of valuable employees and happier workers. It should be a no-brainer. I have a package of legislation that will provide civil rights protection so that women cannot be fired for expressing milk in the work place, provide incentives to companies to build lactation rooms, provide tax deductions for breast pumps similar to those available for other medical equipment and provide government oversight of breast pumps to ensure that they are safe for women to use.

MadamaB: You also mention that even in corporations that have excellent reputations for being woman-friendly, there is still a very large and unaddressed sexual harassment problem. Millions of dollars in lawsuits are paid each year to women who complain of sexual harassment. Why do you think this type of information flies under the radar?

CM: I was shocked to find that more sexual harassment suits were filed in 2006 than in 1992, the year after the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings. It’s clearly still a pervasive problem. While many companies have adopted sexual harassment policies, they do not always take the problem seriously. In the book I tell the story of Elyse who worked at a global shipping company that frequently made the lists of best places for women to work. Even at her company, only about 1 out of every ten women lasts, and one major reason is sexual harassment. When she reported a male colleague for making lewd tongue gestures, her bosses told her they were trying to develop a “team atmosphere” and suggested that she was undermining it. Even repeat offenders aren’t fired at her firm; they’re just transferred to another area. I would suggest that another reason sexual harassment flies under the radar is that settlements often include the requirement that the employee cannot disclose the terms of the settlement. That makes it easy for companies to hide the problem.

MadamaB: It is amazing to me that so many corporations refuse to take steps that will benefit them in the long run – and we as a society refuse to force them to do so. For example, it’s been shown that giving women (and men) a flexible work schedule allows for a better work-life balance, increases productivity and slows down the rate of worker turnover. You and Ted Kennedy have sponsored the Working Families Flexibility Act. Can you describe how that would work, if implemented?

CM: The Working Family Flexibility Act will give working Americans the right to request flexible work options in order to balance the demands of their jobs and home life. Under the bill, an employee may request to modify his or her hours, schedule, or work location; employees and employers will engage in an interactive process to discuss the employee’s needs and how to address them with no or minimal disruption to the employer’s business; employers who deny a request must explain the grounds for the denial; employees who make requests are protected from retaliation. It’s based on a program in England and allows employers and employees to engage in constructive dialogue over modifying where and when employees work so they can find the best solutions to the work-life challenges they face.

To be continued….

74 Responses

  1. Excellent post. Bravo! I look forward to reading the next installment…

  2. First of all, what an awesome post, MadamB! I, too, am looking forward to part deux. ;o)

    Secondly, let me apologize for cross-posting this from the previous thread, but it is so bizarre that I really think you foldks need to see it:

    Screw Eleanor Roosevelt. Apparently, there’s a new archetype for American Womanhood:


    I thought it was a joke but it’s not. Click on the bust of the African statue for the full story.

  3. Julie – What. The. Fuck??? That is unintentially hilarious and quite icky. A naked Michelle Obama with a tattooed American flag on her chest?

    Good grief. What is wrong with these people?

  4. julie: I’m rarely speechless, but….

  5. And let’s not forget the Bald Eagle hair pick!

    I was literally left speechless.

  6. Julie – Do you think the Bride of Frankenstein hairdo would look good on me? I’ve already got a JewFro.

  7. madamb – work on it for Purim. ;o)

  8. Julie – LOL! I can be First Lady too!!!

  9. Excellent interview of an excellent Congresswoman!

    Congratulations for the great interview, madamab, and congratulations for the great book, Congresswoman Maloney!

  10. Thanks for the interview – great post!

    As for the MO bust, what the heck has Michelle ever done to make her the emblem of American womanhood, or even AA womanhood? I could think of a dozen better candidates right off the top of my head, starting with Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Of course, Stephanie would have likely had the head of anyone who made a nude bust of her in a bad hairdo. I miss that gutsy woman so bad.

  11. Okay, now on-topic, the Working Families Flexibility Act would be so many kinds of awesome.

    Maybe CM should be HRC’s running mate in 2012?

  12. MB – just replace the pick with a jaunty tri-cornered hat and you’re all set!

  13. Why am I in moderation — what word did I use?

  14. Sorry, this is off topic…

    but after the latest Washington Post poll has Obama up by 9 points, I think it may be neccessary to do more than just be against Obama and either not vote or tacitly vote for McCain.

    Perhaps we all (rational individuals) should be more active in our support for McCain, the only viable choice other than Obama.

    There are many reasons for doing so.

    1.) To get the real democratic party back: Not the ‘new” Obot Dem party full of hard leftist radicals (which are for some reason excited beyond their wildest dreams about Obama; or even the somewhat older ‘DLC’ type Dem party full of spineless wimps. We need the FDR, Truman, JFK, Clinton party back.

    2.) We (rational individuals) will never allow a corrupt mainstream media choose who should be president of these United States, or even let them think that they can.

    3.) We (rational individuals) believe that no one so unknown, with such a thin resume, radical associations, and lack of real legislative or executive,accomplishments should be president or even considered of being president.

    McCain may not be an idealogical soul mate, but he is a patriot who has sacrificed dearly for his nation, has fought his own party on many occasions, and does not excite the right-wing of this country.

    We (rational people) should think about this, there is a good chance that George Bush has so disappointed the American people with his corruption and incompetence, that enough will vote for whatever looks and feels the most different no matter what the unforseen consequences may be.

  15. Excellent interview with my congresswoman!
    That bad news poll – ABC/WaPo – was accomplished by oversampling African Americans (i.e – assuming 100% of them will vote). I wonder why?

  16. Repeating part of my previous comment:

    Thanks for this, madamab.

    What a great biography the congresswoman has — teacher to lobbyist to staffer to elected official.

  17. OT: I have to post this before I forget. Good article from Real Politics, “Media Campaigns Hard for Obama.” He labels him the “Man Who Never Was,” because of their fabrication of this candidate.


  18. Plural – are you out? I tried to release you….

    Folks, we should not panic about Obama. This is just a temporary bump because of the economy.

  19. ABC is absolutely horrible. Poor Peter Jennings–I hope he’s not watching.

  20. No, I am still in moderation.

    I thank the poster.

    And I compliment the congresswoman.

    And somehow I end up in moderation.


  21. Excellent interview madamab! I wish my congressional reps were as intelligent and unequivocal!

    great reading!

  22. Thanks for sharing this with us Madamab!

    What an shining light for all of us.

  23. Thanks Murphy! 🙂

    I think CM would be an incredible running mate for HRC. In fact, I think she has gubernatorial ambitions.

    Plural – I don’t have the ability to de-moderate you.

    BB, Gary, KB – anyone with more admin powers around?

  24. I hate it when I push submit and see an error in spelling or grammar but it is too late to fix it!!! *a shining*

  25. Governor of New York? I like it!

  26. Repeat from thread below – can’t remember which poster offered this, but it should be Slogan Of The Year:

    “Misogyny is the new black”

    Amen and amen. Where can I get the bumper sticker???

    Re that WaPo poll: it’s quite possible that the pollsters are – and have been – cooking the books in Obama’s favor. Media’s clearly in the tank for him (the Blankley piece is spot on), so why not the pollsters? I have some experience working with a NOLA pollster and it ALL hinges on how the questions are phrased and which population is sampled. That, and the humidity.

  27. Wow–what an awesome post! Thank you madamab. It makes me want to run out and buy the book. I look forward to Part II. It’s encouraging that there are other intelligent, articulate, and strong women fighting for all us, and it’s not all on Hillary’s shoulders.

  28. Correction, ahem: should read “Media are…” The singular use of ‘media’ is veddy bad English.

  29. OT fif – The media is pushing Obama just like they helped pushed the war. It worked then, I hope it doesn’t work now.

  30. Kat5 – “Misogyny is the new black”? That is excellent!

    Liberal men and women are absolutely foaming at the mouth about the fact that women are switching to McCain. They just can’t understand it, they just can’t!!!

    Of course, it would never occur to them to, you know, ASK US.


  31. Oh man, I’ve read half. This is excellent, madamab! (congrats on your success at RL and TNA, btw). I want to read the rest, but I need to digest it, and I also need sleep. Two nights of insomnia in a row. Fantastic, though, I can’t wait to read the rest.

  32. Great interview!

  33. Jmac, on September 24th, 2008 at 2:16 pm Said:
    OT fif – The media is pushing Obama just like they helped pushed the war. It worked then, I hope it doesn’t work now.

    Jmac; what I’m asking is. should we do more than just hope…

    Did hope stop the Iraq war,

    Did hope stop the press from reporting recklessly…


    So should we just hope, that hope will stop a canididate of nothing but hope (false) and change be forced on us by the media…

  34. Uh, madamb, can we start using “progressives” to describe the Dean/Obama Dems / netroots? Lets keep good ol’ fashion liberalism out of the current disaster. Maybe then we don’t have to run from the word “liberal” anymore.

  35. DRII – If you are in a swing state, your vote will count. If not, it won’t.

    There is only so much we can do, and this blog is NOT supporting John McCain. Of that I am sure.

    I know this – I’m sticking to my third-party plan, unless New York begins to look a little closer.

    Meanwhile, an NBC/Mason Dixon poll is showing McCain up 3% in Virginia. Looks like Obama won’t be able to shore up losses in Ohio and Florida with Virginia’s electoral votes. Whoooops!

  36. GQ – Sorry – I normally use “fauxgressive.” My mistake!


  37. Thanks Madamab!

  38. The media is pushing Obama just like they helped pushed the war.

    Jmac: I’ve said that many times. The far Left has become the far Right. They are mirror images. What is more frightening during this election cycle is the uniformity of coverage. It’s not just a few news sources that are deliberately promoting him–it’s almost complete, across media formats–the networks, cable, radio, newspapers, magazines, alternative periodicals, and internet. Thankfully, there are a few cable and radio outlets (FOX, Lou Dobbs) and internet sites and links that have escaped the monolithic coverage, but it’s quite surreal.

    Even driving around, there are Obama signs and bumper stickers everywhere. It’s exactly like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, and there are only a few of us on this island that have not been infected–and they are AFTER US! RUUUUUUUN!!

  39. Liberal men and women are absolutely foaming at the mouth about the fact that women are switching to McCain. They just can’t understand it, they just can’t!!!

    Of course, it would never occur to them to, you know, ASK US.


    They can’t understand it because they don’t want to. In order to understand it, they would have to conceed that their candidate is flawed and that the blowtorch of misogyny has burned a lot of butts out here.

    I think that many of them operate under the mindset that if you understand something that means you agree with it. I think it would positively blow their minds to consider that you can actually understand something without agreeing with it. I understand the anti-choice argument. I simply don’t agree with it.

  40. Julie –

    I think that many of them operate under the mindset that if you understand something that means you agree with it. I think it would positively blow their minds to consider that you can actually understand something without agreeing with it. I understand the anti-choice argument. I simply don’t agree with it.


    They also think that the other side is evil, not just wrong. So, if they even expose themselves to that evil, it might infect them too.

    I know I used to feel that way. Sigh. (I still think the Bushies are pure evil, though!)

  41. South Carolina will be red, so I don’t have to vote for BO.

    There has been so much flim-flamming from dems this year, that I have to question if they are choosing to keep the economy in a pickle. This enable them to give Obama the bounce he needs to carry him over the line in November. I can’t believe that I would even think this way about the party I loved for so long. I don’t know if I can ever return to being a Dem, maybe I am now, forever an Indie.

  42. GQM:

    Fauxgressive nutroots

  43. madamab, on September 24th, 2008 at 2:33 pm Said:
    DRII – If you are in a swing state, your vote will count. If not, it won’t.
    There is only so much we can do, and this blog is NOT supporting John McCain. Of that I am sure.
    I know this – I’m sticking to my third-party plan, unless New York begins to look a little closer.
    Meanwhile, an NBC/Mason Dixon poll is showing McCain up 3% in Virginia. Looks like Obama won’t be able to shore up losses in Ohio and Florida with Virginia’s electoral votes. Whoooops!

    CNN is saying that McCain is in trouble in Virginia. Which doesn’t make sense to me. I live in Loudoun County which, admittedly, is traditionally conservative but I’ve seen very few, if any, Obama yard signs. (Maybe I’m blocking them out.) But there are McCain yard signs. And it seems to me that there are just as many bumper stickers supporting McCain as Obama. My favorite was the car with the McCain sticker next to the Hillary sticker.

    I will be doing my PUMA part and voting McCain/Palin since they’re saying Virginia could go either way. I also want to offset any vote stealing that Obama’s Chicago Thug Machine (CTM) may try to pull off. We’ve already seen evidence of voter registration fraud in one county. And I don’t want ’em stealing Virginia’s vote!

  44. TheRealKim…

    If SC were a swing state, who would you vote for?

    I don’t understand when you say: “South Carolina will be red, so I don’t have to vote for BO. ”

    Thanks madamab, good post, perhaps I am overreacting…

    but an Obama presidency in troubled times like these does scare me…(mainly because i don’t know who the man is or what he might do)

    and sometimes I feel we (rational individuals) are being to passive…

  45. Great work madamab!!!

  46. OT – I can’t believe how many McCain ads I am seeing here in NYC. It’s shocking. I see one every 45 minutes. There are no Obama ads at all!

  47. gxm17….

    I am a Virginian too,

    and will be voting for McCain.

  48. McCain just suspended his campaign to go to Washington for the economic crisis. The debate is postponed.

  49. Breaking News on Fox:

    John McCain just suspended his campaign in order to return to Washington to get to work on the economic collapse/solutions.

    He also challenged Obama to do the same.

    Wow. He shows leadership and commitment to the country again.

  50. DRII- If you want to do something, you should listen to Puma United Radio, specifically last Saturday’s programme.
    blogtalkradio.com- search puma united.
    It was a good show done together with realdemocratsusa.org. who are organising local groups.

  51. madamb – color me jealous. Here in NC it’s all Obama all the damn time.

    DRI – I think Kim meant SC is red so she doesn’t have to vote McCain.

    As for NC, it’s really weird here. We’re totally a red state but I live on a little island of blue here in Charlotte so it’s kind of hard for me to gague. But I’m voting McCain just in case.

  52. Great interview. That’s an awesome woman right there. Is she running for reelection or anything?

  53. DRII: “and sometimes I feel we (rational individuals) are being to passive…”

    Me too. My daughter calls us the quiet ones. I think (and hope) that the DNC will have a rude awakening when we quiet ones finally get to have our say in November.

    I didn’t believe that my vote would matter but now that Virginia is in play I will vote for McCain and shout PUMA HAKA… in my heart if not out loud. And I will smile quietly to myself.

  54. McCain is suspending his campaign to deal with the economic issues.

    He is going back to wasghington tomorrow to lead the negotiations and he asks obama to do the same

    ah! this is my mccain, the leader. take that obama

  55. Good for McCain. Great sign of leadership. Suspending the campaign, to help with the economic crisis. Good, Good move. Another example of “Country First.”

  56. Regency – Isn’t she great?! I think she is up for re-election this year. I don’t know if she needs our support or not, but she was very strongly for Hillary in the primaries.

    Well, a la Pat Johnson, it’s time to do some housework. Check out Gary’s new post on how Obama is throwing the GBLT community under the bus. For shame, Barack Obama!

  57. Holy cr@p! McCain’s sure to get attacked for postponing the debate, but good for him!

  58. McCain’s my guy. Go Mac!

  59. “McCain just suspended his campaign to go to Washington for the economic crisis. The debate is postponed.”

    I am sorry to hear this. Obama is gaining ground because Americans are falling for the crap that the Dems are better able to fix (Obama isn’t qualified). Mccain could use the debate to stem the flow, but instead he is going to let it get worse and may not be able to make up the losses. Too bad. I am sick at the thought of an Obama win.

  60. jonas8…

    I agree, McCain is a leader…

    thats why I will not have to hold my nose when I vote for him….

    although Hillary would have been a better choice; no question…

    I’ll betcha Hillary will also vote for McCain….and Bill too.

  61. DRII oops that is a misstatement sorry. SC is incredibly red, my vote wouldn’t mean a thing. But if there was one scintilla of thought that McCain would not or could not carry SC, I would vote McCain. Never voted republican in my life but there is a time and a place for everything.

  62. need info——does anybody remember who had the list up during the primaries of all the sexist acts/remarks? I know I read one somewhere and am trying to convience someone who thinks it was only two days of incidents. Go figure!!!!

    Please let me know which blog it was and how I can get it.

  63. Bravo MadamaB!!!

    Carolyn is AWESOME to the nth power!

    I wish my Congressperson was like her. 😦 I found out through Phillip at My Two Cents Radio that Kathy Castor endorsed Obama in February, after our Jan. 29 election.

  64. KC – go to Shakesville on the Blogroll and look for Melissa’s posts. She has it all there.

  65. Wouldn’t showing leadership in an economic crisis help McCain? Friday’s debate was supposed to deal with foreign policy. I would think, showing interest and initiative would be positive press.

  66. Thanks Kim…

    I thought that was what you meant…

  67. Country First Always!

    McCain’s my Leader!


  68. ys obama, caught by surprise:
    The Land of Lincolner’s campaign responds to McCain’s call to suspend campaigning and cancel Friday’s debate with statement:
    “At 8:30 this morning, Senator Obama called Senator McCain to ask him if he would join in issuing a joint statement outlining their shared principles and conditions for the Treasury proposal and urging Congress and the White House to act in a bipartisan manner to pass such a proposal.”
    “At 2:30 this afternoon, Senator McCain returned Senator Obama’s call and agreed to join him in issuing such a statement. The two campaigns are currently working together on the details.”

  69. Thank you madamab – great job and awesome interviewee!

  70. Obama thinks it is a political stunt. Somebody hold me back!


  71. My book was delivered this afternoon. It is a quick read that is nicely indexed so that you can go back and find things you want to read again. I especially liked the action suggestions at the end of each chapter. I’m jealous that Congresswoman Maloney doesn’t represent me directly, but it’s great to know that she is there working for all of us. Thanks, madamab for the interview. It’s great to get the updates post publishing. On another note, if Obama doesn’t feel the need to be in Washington this week and wants to still have the debate, maybe Sarah would like to take her mop to Ole Miss and do the debate for McCain.

  72. samanthasmom, on September 24th, 2008 at 6:52 pm Said:
    “If Obama doesn’t feel the need to be in Washington this week and wants to still have the debate, maybe Sarah would like to take her mop to Ole Miss and do the debate for McCain.”

    Wouldn’t that be something! I think she’d clean the floor with him, then throw him outside with the dirty mop water.

    By the way, has ANYONE seen MEchelle anywhere lately? She seems to be MIA.. . .

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