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She can do anything better than him

It’s a Hillary Haka from Annie Get Your Gun (suggested by ghost2):

Yes, she can.

51 Responses

  1. Let’s hope after the haka she gets utu.

  2. I am laughing so hard and tears are rolling down my cheek! Where did you find this???

  3. ghost2 found it and referred me to it. Is that funny or what? It’s like the perfect campaign theme at this point in the race.

  4. I have ALWAYS loved this show. The song is dead on!!!!
    Yes she can, yes she can YES SHE CAN!

  5. Yes she WILL!

  6. Obama seems to have stepped in it (again) big time, and the story is seriously hurting him (and us Dems).

    Knowing that his lackeys in the media will become completely unhinged and go in overdrive in order to polish that turd, my question today is:

    How much more beatings will Hillary Clinton receive from MessNBC?

    For those who can bear to watch Chris Matthews and Keith Obamaman, please report back to us.

  7. MABlue: “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

    As atrios says, this has been another simple answer to a simple question.

  8. This is the highlight of my day.


  9. I love Annie Get Your Gun! Barack will rue the day he called Hillary Annie Oakley. That is exactly the kind of person she is. Charles–that cartoon version was hilarious.

  10. Thanks. Finally. I have been trying like crazy to get people to give props to this video. It’s just so perfect.

  11. This donkey’s hee-hawin’! LOVE IT!

  12. Speaking of YES SHE CAN, anyone know what happened to Taylor Marsh’s web site. NO I CAN’T get on it. I browse there and see her banner and an otherwise greyspace.

    YES SHE CAN is my preferred choice.

  13. OK, those bluish/reddish colored pictures of Obama really creep me out. (For some reason I keep wanting to call them “figures”.) I think that’s why I find this pic brilliant

  14. More mockery of Hillary from the O man. Now he’s tut tutting because she had a shot and a beer in a bar in Crown Point, IN.


    What an ass!

  15. You’re not likeable enough, Barack.

  16. What? A girl can’t have a shot and a beer in a bar anymore? What is this, Saudi Arabia? JAYsus, after all the campaigning she’s done, she deserves the whole fricking bottle.

  17. Obama is upset because Hillary was knocking back a couple with the boys the other night.

    You might say he has “bitter beer face.”

    Keystone beer is from Pennsylvania, isn’t it?

  18. There is a good picture here, with Hillary as Annie Oakley.


  19. Obama mocks Clinton as pretending she’s Annie Oakley for merely stating that she respects gun culture because even though she’s not a hunter she had been taught to shoot as a kid and went duck hunting, while Obama poses for a RollingStone cover as a modern day Jesus Christ! Seriously, this is the man who compares himself to MLK, JFK, and Lincoln and yet Clinton is the one worthy of ridicule?! Please.

    Part of me desperately wants Obama to be given the nomination so he can be destroyed. But then I remember the country will be taken out with him and our only chance is Clinton.

  20. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jay-rosen/the-uncharted-from-off-th_b_96575.html?view=screen

    Jay Rosen, “editor” of Off The Bus at HuffPo, gives some background about the writer of the Obama SF fundraiser story.

    The woman who was there, taped Obama’s remarks, and then decided that even tho’ she supported Obama what he said should be made known to voters was ignored by the MCM boys–Tim Russert used he work without identifying who did it, a Boston paper gave credit to someone else. Read not only for the political impact but for how a writer/repoter on the internet is treated by the MCMers.

  21. And, once again, I am delighted to think of Hillary Clinton in conjunction with Annie Oakley.

  22. I’d love to have a beer with Hillary. Better, a bitter ale.

    Well, actually, one of my faves if Newcastle Brown Ale. Yummmm.

  23. If you come from a small town, you know your Broadway musicals. High School musicals are an important part of the social scene. And folks enjoy Steven Sondheim’s stuff as much as they like Irving Berlin.

  24. Katie–

    Guess what? I was over at the Left Coaster and followed a link and it took me to your post on the “bitter” video. We are hitting the bigtime. A comment from Armando and links from eriposte.

  25. “More mockery of Hillary from the O man”

    That wasn’t mockery. That was bringing us together, with hope and new politics and change you can believe in. Drinking a boilermaker is divisive. It upsets wine drinkers who want to call berr drinkers rubes. Ridiculing a member of your own party for drinking a boilermaker is unifying. If he wanted to be divisive, he’d be accusing her of murdering Vince Foster, he hasn’t done that so far, so he should be given a unity medal. Get with the program.

  26. Thank you for setting me straight, sickofthis.

  27. Big news from the Rezko trial today. Barack Obama’s name came up. Woopsie!
    When Tony Rezko held a reception at his home for Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi on April 3, 2004, White House hopeful Barack Obama and his wife were also there, Stuart Levine testified just now at Rezko’s trial.

    Auchi is the man who provided Rezko a $3.5 million loan that Rezko did not disclose to the court — resulting in his January arrest.
    “Mr. and Mrs. Obama were there, were they not?” Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy asked.
    “Yes, sir,” Levine said.
    Obama and his aides have said Obama has no recollection of ever meeting Auchi.


    Auchi also provided financial support for Saddam Hussein, and his money was probably used by Mrs. Rezko for her purchase of the land next to Obama’s house. That guy Obama has a real bad memory….

  28. Sorry–

    Forgot the link to Chicago Sun-Times.


  29. I do not know anything about this group, however I thought I would put it out here anyway ..

    American Research Group, Inc.

    “Clinton 52% 51% 45% 57%
    Obama 41% 39% 45% 37%
    Someone else 1% 2% 4% 2%
    Undecided 6% 8% 6% 4% ”

    last column is the most current – they have all the states there .

  30. Thought he was disparaging her by calling her Annie Oakley?

    Maybe he didn’t know she was a world-famous sharp-shooter?

    Oops. Just another Foot In Mouth Moment.

    Time for Barry to worry out loud about the high price of arugula . . . .

    Bwa ha ha

  31. Not Ready For Prime Time.

    End of story.

  32. Out-drink, out-shoot, and as I have ventured before … I bet she’d kick his ass on a civil rights history quiz.

  33. I was “warned” at MyDD, because I commented that they scream about the racism, but sexism falls on crickets.

    If I say another crazy thing like that I’ll be banned.

    What a joke the site has become since Armstrong went on his trip. What a bunch of lunatic fringe over there.

  34. Teresa23: Jeralyn deleted one of my comments at TalkLeft because I referred to Obama’s “skinny ass”. It was a violation of references to body parts. I don’t know whether @$$ would have passed but this is getting ridiculous. You can insult Hillary in the most outrageous way possible but you can’t refer to Obama’s skinny ass? It’s an outrage.

  35. Charlie Rose just had Sen. Casey on for over 20 minutes, fluffling Obama. Then, an excerpt from Obama talking about the Galesburg, IL Maytay plant closing on an ’04 appearance on Charlie Rose (no mention that Obama is viewed by the union at Maytag as having done zero, zip, nada for them); now on to Joe Klein and a guy whose name I’ve missed name below).

    Joe Klein thinks Obama will be OK–Dick Polman, Philly Inq. ,sees damage done by the comments. Says point can be made that Clinton can be attacked on those towns not greatly improved under her husband. But, he says, PA voters like pols they’re familiar with. Rendell very strong for ground game.

    Charlie asking Joe Klein about Obama’s patriotism perception problem (Joe vouches that Obama is very patriotic). Can be overcome by doing the hard work of showing up little town after little town, meeting with people. But , per Joe, Obama does come across as high falutin’ (“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”).

    Klein saying Obama has to get out to meet and greet, show people he can connect. His greatest strength, his oratory rally style, is also his greatest weakness.

    His problem will be if this foot in mouth statement will become more important in people’s minds than issues of substance (Iraq, climate change, economy).

    Charlie asking if Obama needs to tone down the transcendence and instead address issues and policies. (Joe–Obama’s campaign managers believe he does politics, not policies–big problem!)

    Charlie asking what BO has to do: Dick Polman says his speaking style connects best with those higher on the income scale. But BO has been trying to address some of the meat and potatoes issues. Now saying Hillary is an elite, so how can she mention that Obama sounds like an elitist. Single mother!!! Once on food stamps!!! Casey said he’s just finished paying off his student loans. Words vs. actions–last 8 years should be critiqued. (Dick–BO doesn’t criticize BushBoy v. much, and seems to luvvvvv that St. Ronnie, even Poppy.)

    Joe Klein says both are being diminished. Concerned about fall, that the two Dems might be pulling one another down.

    Dick sees lots of hostility toward Hillary on Obama side–guess who he’s been talking to most, hey?

    Joe Klein brings up Dems turning to Al Gore. Na ga ha pen.

    Dick POlman has blog, American Debate–Joe’s at Swampland.

  36. TR Reed (Reid?) has documentary on Frontline tomorrow night on 5 healthcare systems much better than the US’s.

    Sounds fascinating–and Charlie Rose listened to him somewhat in awe that he could say the US was all that good.

    One European country with exc. system has 3% overhead.; US around 25%. Charlie could not believe it . (Charlies should read more blogs.)

    Sounds very, very good. Tomorrow night, Frontline.

  37. Obitter is bitter, his wife Michelle is bitter, his pastor Jeremiah Wright was bitter, his friend William Ayres is bitter , his advisor Samatha Power was bitter, and his supporters are bitter….under his presidency we would have a Bitter Obama Nation

  38. Totally off topic – just had to share this, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, in the “Just the facts, ma’am” department:

    Body found at downtown construction site
    The body of a man, probably between 35 and 40 years old, was found at a construction site in downtown Seattle just before 8 a.m. Monday …

    Workers told detectives the body wasn’t there when they left the site on Sunday …

  39. Riverdaughter: I’m glad we have you to save us from the craziness around the net.

  40. Lady, you’ve got yourself a meme! I’ll be spreading around, of course with proper credit.

  41. “Jeralyn deleted one of my comments at TalkLeft because I referred to Obama’s ‘skinny ass’. . . . It’s an outrage.”

    You deleted my posts on your blog because I was being too contentious, but other blogs shouldn’t delete comments like that? How are you any better than the blogs you claim to hate, like DailyKos and in this case, TalkLeft? You make remarks about Obama that you wouldn’t find acceptable to say about Clinton and delete comments as well.

  42. justin: Jeralyn didn’t object to my *content*. She objected to the reference to a body part that was not obscene. YOU on the other hand, have been propagating Obama memes on my blog. I consider that to be a form of free negative advertising. If you want to do that, please get your own blog. I have no interest in contributing to Obama’s campaign.

  43. ronk: that’s hillarious. I suppose the workers normally just note the location of bodies before they knock off for the day.

  44. fred: Obama Nation sounds so much like Abomination. Was that intentional? Would that make the elite big boy bloggers Obamanable Knowmen? Just curious.

  45. There’s a guy who uses the category Obamanation when he posts. Perhaps there needs to be a blog by that name with all the words that Obama has actually said–all the bitter, snobby, anti-white, words. I am not sure his acolytes, the Obamanable Knowmen (I love that), have actually read them. I have and they scare me. But if you can see those Stalinist pictures and not be scared, maybe nothing moves you from that camp. He said when asked if God wanted him to be president that he was looking forward to the collaboration (Messiah College debate). Is that the most arrogant thing you have ever heard? He is equal to God?!

  46. I’d rather hang with someone like Hillary that can drink a shot and a beer then with a man who can’t seem to connect with middle America.

  47. shhquiet: Unfortunately, that was the criteria we used to get George Bush elected. Lucky for us she actually knows her $%@^.

  48. looks like a funny movie. thanks for showing me the movie.

  49. to quote my husband, after he saw this post:

    now, if I was working for her campaign, I just might adopt this little jingle – maybe just the tune when she makes entrances without the words, or even as a video backdrop to her rallies (with music of course).


  50. riverdaughter, I had nothing to do with Bush getting elected and I am so glad. Not that the alternative was much better, but we will never know.

  51. I agree with Whaleshaman’s husband. I hope the campaign uses it just as a tongue-in-cheeck opening to one of the rallies (or in a press conference, or the press section of the plane). It would be so funny!!

    Plus, Hillay IS the Annie Oakley of her generation. What the heck is he thinking?

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