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Obama just can’t stop himself

Is this Presidential behavior?

Thanks to Shainzona & Ghost2. I guess it’s Movie Night.

Riverdaughter donated a link to a longer version of Obama’s crude behavior that proves it wasn’t just an accident: Continue reading

It’s like a car accident

But I can’t look away:

Addendum: Well, this is interesting.  Is there anything she can’t do (better than him)?

Afternoon Roundup: The Kids Are Not Alright

There is something seriously wrong with the Obamaphiles.  I don’t think I was too far off back in January when I said they were going all Jihad on the non-Obama supporters.  They are determined to kill us off, screaming “Die!, Die!, Die!” until we are no more.  What is fueling this is anybody’s guess.  But as far back as my early DKos days, I had the feeling that if our coalition were destroyed, it would happen from within.  Maybe the fault lines were already there: young indebted vs old entitled, libertarians vs New Dealers, educated vs working class, small town vs, urban.  But I have a sneaky suspicion that the rift was facilitated by outside forces infiltrating us and making trouble as well as entrenched party members seizing possibly their only opportunity to wrest power away from the politically strong and saddling the politically weak with their agenda.

Nevertheless, it looks like the rational bloggers are waking up to what has become a bizarre pathology in the blogosphere.  The DNC is forewarned to get control of this situation as quickly as possible.  Obama can’t win without half of the Democratic Party.  And his supporters are going to doom him, wittingly or not, if they succeed in making us politically irrelevant.  We’re not kidding, Howard.  Do something.  NOW!

Here are the dead canaries:

And now a little word to Obamaphiles.  Sometimes, people get carried away.  We understand.  We’ve had our share of that.  But there comes a time when getting carried away has real life consequences.  We are at that point now.  Now, I’m willing to get over it, because, quite frankly, I can’t take you guys seriously anymore.  The absurdity is beyond bizzare.  Of course, this blog would be nothing without you.  There’s a lot of good material.  But I’m getting off topic.  What I’m trying to say is I don’t know what’s going on in your heads but I would like to offer you a place to talk about it.  And Conflucians, if any Obama supporter takes us up on this offer, please try not to be judgmental.  Just listen.  (Of course, anything overtly negative will be deleted)  Just tell us what it is you are really thinking about us.  Because unless you can get hold of whatever has gotten out of control, you are dooming ALL of us, yourselves included.

This is an open thread.

Not the Whip! ANYTHING but the Whip!


Hunter has a silly, petulant post up this morning (sorry, no link available as we’re honoring the strike) about how the media has sunk to a low point because it is focussed on tabloid debate questions. Hunter thinks a debate on issues is devoutly to be wished:

But even slanted questions could be forgiven, of the press; what was more inexplicable was the intentional wallowing in substanceless, meaningless “gaffe” politics. It says something truly impressive about the press that a few statements by a presidential candidate’s preacher bear far more weight to the future of our nation than the challenges of terrorism or war. It is truly a celebration of our own national collapse into idiocracy that we can furrow our brows and question the patriotism of a candidate, deeply probe their patriotism based on whether or not they regularly don a made-in-China American flag pin, but a substantive discussion of energy policy, or healthcare, or the deficit, or the housing crisis, or global climate change, or the government approval of torture, or trade issues, or the plight of one-industry small American towns, or the fight over domestic espionage and FISA, or the makeup of the Supreme Court — those were of no significance, in comparison.

Rich in PA tells Hunter why he should be careful what he wishes for:

As for the debate itself, from what I’ve read, it could have been way worse for Obama…after all, they hit him with silly stuff more than policy stuff, and policy is where he is a relative know-nothing (by choice, since obviously he’s smart enough to be a wonk if he thought it were worthwhile). So I completely understand why people are up in arms about ABC’s questions…they really were stupid, at least for the first hour. But the questions that a responsible organizer would have asked, well, they would have left Obama much worse off, because he wouldn’t have the out of saying the questions are trivial.

The Whip! The Whip!

Update: Ed Rendell (God love him.) messes with Chris Bowers’ head after the debate. Chris stamps his tiny feet and demands that ABC pay for this. Too good. Damn, I wish I’d been there.

Thursday: It’s Too Bad You Saw Me Naked

I am reading all over the Obamasphere that the citizens are most seriously displeased because Obama got some gotcha questions and ABC debased itself at last night’s debates. Here’s my take, and I know you are waiting for my authoritative answer (/snark): It wasn’t the Gotchas that got him. No, my droogs. It was the policy questions. We Conflucians have been saying this for a long time now. She simply beats the pants off of him in that department. She is super smart, her positions are well-developed and detailed and she delivers it all with a fluidity that is instantly comprehensible to most viewers. You know what she’s saying, she creates a lansdcape in your mind of all of the features and obstacles and then suggests ways in which the problems may be overcome. It makes sense. You can’t do that if you don’t know your $#@^.

That quality of presentation is the thing that the Obamaphiles are pissed about. She’s got it, he doesn’t. In fact, there were very few people on the Dem side that could compete with her. And the reason most of them couldn’t compete is because most of them were legislators. Bill Richardson had a similar style of presentation but he didn’t sound as smart, Joe Biden was plenty smart but was too specialized with the foreign policy thing. John Edwards was getting close and had the right policies, but he was too focussed in only a few areas and he seemed to be always on the attack. Barack Obama is simply out of his league altogether and now we see it in all its glory. Many of them missed it before because they were gleefully distracted by the Gotchas on Hillary. Last night, there were plenty of gotchas on both sides. For me, the trickiest question for her was not the one on Bosnia, it was the one where George kept hammering her on gun control laws in DC and NYC. I think she did a pretty good job with that but it was the only time during the whole debate where I saw her break a sweat.

So, there you have it. They’re mad. The Gotchas didn’t get him. He was probably relying on them to get HER, so he didn’t study like he should have in the past 6 weeks. And she came back to trounce him with her presidential, know it all ways. DAMN the evil minx!

Update: The carnage at DailyKos is hillarious. Apparently, Pennsylvanians are so outraged by ABC New’s questions and Hillary’s overt negativity (were they watching the same debate?) that some of the prominent Clinton supporters are switching to Obama this morning in protest. Well, that’ll be the end of some promising political careers.

If it weren’t so early in the morning, I’d propose a toast to the death of the media stranglehold. The lying eyes win.

Reward Good Behavior.