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Oh, Brother

*rolling eyes*

This is another Deep Thot from Matt Yglesias, he of the “If only voters would listen to those of us who know better, they would stop voting, volunteering for her and donating money to her campaign” schtick. Today’s Thot should be called, “How to piss off entire states so that you must travel incognito while in them”:

Chris Bowers sketches out a plausible and appealing scenario in which Barack Obama wraps up the nomination on May 6. Among other things that would be good about such a scenario, it’s worth noting that at this point the main obstacle to a satisfactory resolution of the Florida/Michigan situation is that Clinton continues to be in the race. If she drops out and endorses Obama on May 7 or shortly thereafter, it’ll be easy for Michigan and Florida to be “forgiven” in late May and allowed to fully participate in a rubber stamp convention in exchange for promising to never do it again.

This is what, I think, everyone believed would happen when the harsh sanctions were first announced. Only the fact that Hillary Clinton is trying to use the seating of the improperly selected delegates to actually overturn the results of the legitimate nominating process is creating a crisis situation that threatens Democratic prospects in the fall.

Forgiven, Matt? Florida has to be forgiven for exercising it’s right to vote? What were they supposed to do instead? Not go to the polls in January or only go to vote on the ballot resolution but refrain from the cardinal sin of voting for Hillary Clinton? I wonder, if the results had been reversed and Obama was leading Clinton by 17 points in the Florida primary, would Obama have “forgiven” them sooner? Three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and a Rosary? If only they had known in advance they wouldn’t be facing eternal damnation and hellfire.


27 Responses

  1. Note the logic: FL and MI should count if Obama wins the nomination and seats them. In other words, they should count if they don’t count.

    Once again, Blog Boyz without a mind of their own. The funny thing is, they probably think they are being profound. If Obama drops out, all the problems will go away as well. Therefore, it is he that should be the one to leave the race. Oops. I mentioned Obama and “drop out” in the same sentence. I must be racist.

  2. I listened to the imprudent opining of an Obama operative here at a DC Starbucks a couple of weeks ago. A big theme in his conversation was early May. Because of something to do with their projections on the delegate math, the Obama campaign believes they will be able to lay claim to the nomination in early May.

    I have to fess up. I hardly believe anymore that I belong to the same party as nut jobs like Markos, Chris Bowers, and Matt Yglesias. I am a traditional Democrat; they are becoming like the pigs in Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

  3. Oh brother!

    Chris Bowers: “While I agree with this perspective, I also think it would be bad for Clinton to drop out when she holds an average lead of 16% in the upcoming, major primary of Pennsylvania. Momentum in the general election is often determined by momentum in the primary campaign, and as such it is essential that Obama is not seen as “backing in” to the nomination.”

    In other words, Hillary needs to stay in the race so that it doesn’t look back for Barack at the end.

    And did you happen to see that first comment on the Yglesias post? The commenter wishes that a blood vessel would burse in Hillary’s brain??!!

  4. I don’t know about you guys but there will be no kiss and make up moment for me when this is over (whoever ends up with the nomination). I am done with the Big Boyz Blogz.

    … and faithful to my pledge… $10 in HRC’s coffers for assholish call for her to withdraw.

  5. Frenchdoc,

    Good for you! I wish I had money. I won’t be returning to the big boyz blogz and I won’t be voting for Mr. Obama in Nov.

  6. A new way of saying WWTBQ?

    *sarcasm alert*
    I’m beginning to believe that the main obstacle to the satisfactory resolution of Florida and Michigan is the fact that we even allow these two states to continue being members of these great United States.

  7. DCDemocrat: ” I am a traditional Democrat; they are becoming like the pigs in Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”


  8. The news out of Pennsylvania today was that Hillary Clinton weighed in on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy when she told a newspaper editorial board, “he would not have been my pastor … You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.” But somewhat lost in the hubbub over this latest jab at Obama was the very fact that Clinton was meeting with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board at all.
    Published by billionaire conservative activist Richard Mellon Scaife, the Tribune-Review
    who behaved like a mosquito to the Clintons investments and is now, in the great Calvinistic tradition of poetic justice getting a little of the same from his wife…. Get some gin and tonic and enjoy!

  9. His scenario sure doesn’t look “appealing” to me!!

    Furthermore, his fave has developed into an UNappealing opportunist. His crew’s personal attacks have made me wonder if the BIG O is really a Democrat. He’s so divisive that I won’t vote for him in November. I’m sick of being expected to vote for people I don’t like or trust at this point…especially inexperienced, lying showmen.

  10. Clinton’s 90-minute interview covered topics from pledged delegates to Iraq. Among her other statements this morning:
    • On superdelegates:
    “The governor from Tennessee (Phil Bredesen) suggested that there be a convention of superdelegates, and I think that it is an intriguing idea. I have not considered it long enough to have an opinion on it.”
    On seating the delegations from the Michigan and Florida primaries:
    “I don’t understand what (Obama) is afraid of, or why he has taken this hard-line stand against Michigan re-voting and Florida re-voting.”

  11. The more likely scenario would be:

    1. April 22 – Clinton wins 66% and Obama gets only 36% of the vote. Howard Dean, Pelosi and Obama gnash their teeth and Obama supporters wail to the heavens.

    2. May 6 – Clintons wins 60% of the Indiana vote and 51% of the North Carolina vote with 80% of the white vote due to more revelations about Obama’s association with other radical pastors and black extremist groups. More lamentations arise from Obama supporters.

  12. The more likely scenario would be:

    1. April 22 – Clinton wins 66% and Obama gets only 36% of the vote. Howard Dean, Pelosi and Obama gnash their teeth and Obama supporters wail to the heavens.

    2. May 6 – Clintons wins 60% of the Indiana vote and 51% of the North Carolina vote with 80% of the white vote due to more revelations about Obama’s association with other radical pastors and black extremist groups. More lamentations arise from Obama supporters.

  13. I am so sick of these snotty-nose Obama supporters!

    These guys think Hillary Clinton support is made of illiterates, uneducated, unenlightened, yokels, and rubes.

    People like Matt Yglesias think he and his ilk are so much smarter and so much better than the rest of us, just because they support Obama. They always come up with some pathetic excuse to explain his vacuousness and his haziness on policy matters.

    Talk about the arrogant Liberal White Elite.

    To me personally, Obama is a guy who hasn’t done anything, who hasn’t shown any leadership potential or even a commitment to a real progressive agenda. His supporters has turned him this empty vessel where they pour anything they would like to see in a politician.

    Because of his lack of achievements, Obama’s highly smart and highly educated supporters often refer us to his 2 books.

    *I actually read them.

    The 2nd book is a well written “Vote-for-me-and-everything-will-be-better” claptrap, put out in preparation of his presidential run.
    The 1st book is also well written, halfway gripping and introspective.
    However, the combination of both books, his campaign, his speeches and his whole attitude paint a disturbing picture of a very inward looking, self involved, self absorbed, self obsessed, completely solipsistic politician.

    *Alright, I confess: An Obama supporter read the books to me.

  14. “the main obstacle to a satisfactory resolution of
    the Florida/Michigan situation is that Clinton continues to be in
    the race.”

    Haaa-hahahahaha!!! *stops to wipe eyes*

    The main obstacle to a “satisfactory resolution” — to an Obama victory, in other words — is that people keep voting for Clinton.

    Well, yeah. It’s called democracy, pal.

  15. WASHINGTON – Why wasn’t the truth good enough for Hillary Rodham Clinton?
    That’s a question worth considering as the former first lady tries to contain damage to her credibility after getting caught exaggerating the danger of her 1996 trip to Bosnia. Two others: Is there a pattern of embellishment? And is she held to a higher standard than her rival, Barack Obama?
    The answers: Yes, she’s held to a higher standard and, yes, she does exaggerate her credentials….

    Just as you predicted in your swiftboat article last night….

  16. So, Bowers wants Clinton to exit on a down-tick to give Obama’s nomination a patina of legitimacy.

    That’s good — because the real test of democracy is legitimacy, not just legalism, and if they start thinking about THAT, there’s no telling where they might end up.

  17. Some of the comments at TalkLeft about the Wright answer she gave are hillarious. They pertain to the primary season in general. Here are some examples of what she *shoule* have said:
    “Obama should be President and I’m sorry to be standing in his way.”
    “I’m quitting and giving him my campaign funds. Please forgive me.”

  18. *snort*

    “You see, children, the main problem with the election is that there is more than one candidate. If there were only one, we wouldn’t have any of this nasty voting nonsense.”

  19. One good thing will emerge from this mess. We will find that the progressive blogosphere can and will get along great without the odious:

    The Committee of Three

    If you don’t believe me just try reading a ‘Bowers Post’ if you can stomach it that is. One of the worst writers in the ‘sphere and yet people continue to quote him.


    Note: I was banned from OpenLeft because….well I never got a reason but It was crystal clear I didn’t view Bowers and his ‘creative class’ bullshit invented solely to pump up Senator SnakeOil with the proper amount of ‘belief’….

    We’ll all be a lot better off without the self-appointed ‘Big Men’ of the C of T.

  20. Don’t know if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes by being here (I support Obama), but I don’t think guys like Yglesias and Josh Marshall are doing him any favors with their constant meme of “sigh, it’s SO over, if only Hillary and those lame-ass voters knew it!” In this country especially, people don’t like being talked down to by folks pretending to elite status. Obama really hit his stride I thought when he campaigned more on bread-and-butter economics issues in WI and OH, but since then it’s the inevitability shtick and how Hillary is teh Devil. If he got back to a serious focus on our ailing economy and on drawing differences with Hillary on Iraq, it would work for him votes-wise and I think would go down better with Hillary supporters like y’all than the condescending stuff his supporters are putting out now.

  21. scottreads, I think you’re right re: the insulting and repetitious calls of the blogs and talking heads.

    The challenge here for Sen. Obama is that Sen. Clinton appears to have a great deal more depth on issues and speaks easily and knowledgeably off-the-cuff about them.

    Sen. Obama also has a serious problem in that he doesn’t have much of a difference votes-wise with Sen. Clinton over the war in Iraq.

    That’s the problem–what is his differentiator? He’s not smarter, he’s not more knowledgeable, he doesn’t reach across the aisle as often as she does. Comparing their reputations for work ethic implies she may win there, too.

    So it comes to intangibles.

  22. Florida needs to learn how to count votes..

    baby steps.

  23. […] buck the system, which was unfair to the states that did not.  This was shitty, but I agree with riverdaughter, the idea that they need to apologize is ridiculous.  She quotes Matt Yglesias (emphasis mine): […]

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  25. It’s such garbage really — we have a Republican led legislature here and those are the fine folks who chose the primary date, not the Dems, unfortunately, most people don’t consider that.
    So the national committee slaps the hand of our state’s party to teach us a lesson? Shame.

    I did my civic duty and for once I’d like it to count for something.

  26. […] down, Matthew Yglesias, you made a strong showing as usual, but you have such potential, I’m going to hold out until […]

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